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Why Michigan Voters Voted for Trump
3 anos atrás
Many voters in blue-collar, traditionally Democratic counties responded to Trump's message of bringing jobs back to the Rust Belt.
N.H. Voter: I Voted For Sanders Because Of Media's ‘Cynical’ Coverage Of Him | MSNBC
11 dias atrás
Ari Melber speaks with voters in New Hampshire, asking them who they voted for in Tuesday's primary and why. One voter shares ...
THEY ALL VOTED FOR ME!! (Roblox Survivor S3)
Anos atrás
Welcome back to the SECOND EPISODE OF ROBLOX SURVIVOR SEASON 3!! Wanna see more POKE? Check out my OTHER ...
Obama voter: This is why I voted for Trump
8 meses atrás
CNN's Alisyn Camerota sits down with a group of Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 to discuss where they stand on ...
Survivor Winners at War: Amber Voted Out
10 dias atrás
Ugh this vote was really sad. I'm surprisingly liking rob a lot this season and i feel bad that his wife already went, and I was really ...
This Democrat voted for Trump. Hear what he'd say to Trump now
5 meses atrás
President Donald Trump made the steel industry a key focus of his 2016 campaign, but the struggling steel town of Monessen, ...
Skip Bayless: "I voted for Zion" over Ja Morant for Rookie of the Year
4 dias atrás
Skip Bayless: "I voted for Zion" over Ja Morant for Rookie of the Year.
What comes next after Senate voted to block witnesses in impeachment trial?
21 dia atrás
A slim Republican majority voted to block witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Trump. Politico Whtie House ...
5 meses atrás
Today I play A LONG game of Roblox survivor... I go against all the odds, winning challenges, making enemies, being ugly.
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Amanda Voted Out
3 anos atrás
Amanda Kimmel: 9th place, Season 20.
He voted for Obama and Trump. Here's where he's at today
Mês atrás
Voters in Arizona discuss with CNN's Miguel Marquez how they've been keeping up with President Trump's impeachment and ...
Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm not going to be quiet
9 meses atrás
Christopher Gibbs, an Ohio farmer who voted for President Donald Trump, tells CNN's Kate Bolduan he doesn't understand why ...
Survivor Winners at War: Third Vote Out
3 dias atrás
Robbed, but this showed how great of a player Parvati is. Danni came for her, 8-1 gone. I like that they're not blindsiding the ...
"I Voted for Mr. Trump... I'll Have to Follow You Now." | Andrew Yang for President
Anos atrás
A trucker in Iowa who voted for Trump gave Andrew his support because he felt like Andrew cared about listening to people like ...
Changing my ROBLOX name to theirs to get them VOTED OUT...
4 meses atrás
Today I play Survivor on Roblox and I actually paid 1000 robux to change my username to someone in the servers and see if I can ...
Farmer who voted for Trump: I'm angry at him
5 meses atrás
Three experienced farmers in Pennsylvania voted for Trump in 2016, but as the trade war continues to cut their profits, the Telesz ...
Mês atrás
Little Kelly and Sofia vote drift the worst kisser in Fortnite. Drift does not take the news well and eventually raptor and John Wick ...
Ex-GM worker who voted for Trump had this to say
Anos atrás
A GM worker of 40 years and Trump voter, Carmela Denno, tells CNN's Poppy Harlow she finds the President's comments on ...
Farmer who voted for Trump: He's backstabbing us
2 meses atrás
CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich takes a closer look at how the US-China trade wars are negatively impacting farmers in Pennsylvania, ...
We made Roblox noobs SCARED then VOTED THEM OFF...
3 meses atrás
merch E: Today I play Roblox Survivor with Kaden and get people voted off!!