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Pipa: “White Snow in Spring,” performed by Wu Man
2 anos atrás
Recognized as the world's premier pipa virtuoso and leading ambassador of Chinese music, Grammy Award-nominated musician ...
pristin/ioi kyulkyung playing the pipa; a compilation
2 anos atrás
you can find full episodes for these shows on sites like kshow123! also please stan pristin (not just for jieqiong and nayoung the ...
No meio do FESTIVAL de PIPA fiz essa doideira - GERAL CORRENDO
Dia atrás
Ai do nada no meio do festival de pipas o Chefão resolve aparecer com um Spray e sai atingindo geral kkk.
Liu Fang pipa solo  "The Ambush", traditional Chinese music
11 anos atrás
powerful playing, excellent musicality - dramatic and emotional: "The Ambush from all sides" (中国传统音乐经典琵琶名曲《十面 ...
Traditional Chinese Music (Pipa):  陽春白雪 - White Snow in the Spring Sunlight
9 anos atrás
The popular Pipa solo piece 陽春白雪(White Snow in the Spring Sunlight can be dated back to the early Ming dynasty (14th ...
The Pipa - A Closer Look
4 anos atrás
Shen Yun pipa player Miao-tzu Chiu gives us a royal tour of 'the King of Chinese instruments.'
Peppa Pig Official Channel | Peppa Pig's Best Moments
Anos atrás
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Pipa pig cartoon compilation English
2 anos atrás
via BRvid Capture.
Impressionante o que fizeram por essa PIPA
8 dias atrás
Não existe um limite, aliás...o CÉU é o limite. Vídeo espetacular de um dia de chepa!
Pipa Language, Relaxing music for sleeping, Peaceful chinese music (kalimba cover)
Mês atrás
Pipa Language is created by Mr. Lin Hai, it is a very chinese style music, when i played this music with kalimba, i can feel the ...
2 anos atrás
Parabéns da Pipa , Festa de aniversário de cachorro ! Mais Videos : FESTA DE ANIVERSÁRIO DA GALINHA PINTADINHA ...
Chinese Classical Music【2】《煙雨江南》Chinese Pipa+Bambo Fluteo-720p
4 anos atrás
Chinese Classical Music Chinese ...
An Introduction to the Pipa
3 anos atrás The Pipa is an instrument with a rich heritage and is perhaps one of the most complicated ...
Peppa Pig Français | Compilation d'épisodes | 1 Heure - 4K! | Dessin Animé Pour Enfant #PPFR2018
Anos atrás
Abonnez-vous à la chaîne BRvid de Peppa Pig! ▻ #PeppaPig #PeppaPigenFrancais ...
Peppa Pig Official Channel | Peppa Pig's Best Halloween Party!
Anos atrás
Halloween is upon us and Peppa and friends are all dressed up and ready for the party! What will you dress up as? ☆ Subscribe ...
Wu Man Discusses Playing the Pipa
5 anos atrás
Wu Man talks about the pipa including its history, how it's played and the many sounds of the ancient plucked instrument. She will ...
Chinese music -  traditional pipa solo  by Liu Fang 霸王卸甲 劉芳琵琶
12 anos atrás
[new version] - It's very emotional and powerful playing - a pipa solo style par excellence, by the ...