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Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)
9 dias atrás
"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?" Stock up on Holo Tacos with code ONECOATBLACK19 for 15% off!
IT Inspired Halloween Nail Art
Mês atrás
Hi guys It's spooky month and in this video we're going to do IT inspired nails - it might get scary. I'm going to start by wiping over ...
Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic
3 anos atrás
Suzie takes Grant's badly bitten short nails, and transforms them with Acrylic into a beautiful set of nails with style. Products used ...
Spring Nails 3D Acrylic Flowers  - Complete Nail Build Tutorial - Prep to Top Coat
9 meses atrás
Suzie creates a gorgeous set of 3D Acrylic Flowers in this Step by Step Tutorial that covers everything from Prep and Acrylic ...
Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails
Anos atrás
Suzie creates a stunning set of Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails using Alcohol Ink and Steampunk bits in this detailed step by step ...
How to GROW YOUR NAILS FAST*!!! (actually helpful information)
2 anos atrás
So ya wanna know the secret eh? Let's hope I don't break my nails after this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My HOW TO ACTUALLY GROW YOUR ...
Meet The Long Nail Goddesses
Anos atrás
The Long Nail Goddesses are a group of women who bond over their extremely long nails. According to nail technician, Maria ...
Doing My Nails In Reverse | esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD
2 meses atrás
sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟᴉ ǝqᴉɹɔsqnsun~*~ Add a nice thicc coat of *NEW* Glossy Taco Available now➡️ ...
The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions
Anos atrás
The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing ...
MY LIFE IS OVER I AM BROKEN / Fixing my broken nail
2 anos atrás
Time to pick up the pieces and move on with life. YOLO cause HOLO! ♡ Subscribe to never miss new nail art tutorials!
The Scariest Nails On the Internet (Simply Review)
Mês atrás
Don't peel your nails off this Holoween... just your polish peelies! We just dropped the base... NEW Peely Base coat out now ...
Snake Skin Effect - Bubble Nails
4 dias atrás
Suzie demonstrates how to use the popular 'bubble nail' technique to create a beautiful Snake Skin Gel Polish Nail.  ...
Using Fiberglass Wrap to Build Nail Extension
8 meses atrás
Suzie uses a Fiberglass Wrap to build a nail extension in this step by step tutorial. She also compares Fiberglass to Silk Wrap.
Client Glued Her Lifted Nails😱 Suzie to the Rescue!
Mês atrás
Suzie's client used Nail Glue to keep her Nails from Lifting, having gone 5 weeks without a Nail Fill. Suzie demonstrates in detail ...
💅🏾10 Year Old Attempts Her Own Nails Using Acrygel💅🏾
7 meses atrás
Hi everyone It's Cassidy and I'm going to be doing my own nails using Acrygel I'm going to start by removing my nail polish.
Cardi B's Nail Artist Did Our Nails
Anos atrás
"You're gonna need an assistant to go to the bathroom." Special thanks to: LeChat ...
Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System
5 meses atrás
Suzie creates long Coffin Nails using the Aprés Gel-X Nail Extension Kit. Suzie demonstrates the steps to apply the tips, and ...
Repainting my Toe Nails After 1 Year of Growing Them Out
2 meses atrás
You will either be extremely satisfied or extremely unsatisfied after this video, there is no in between. CoMmEnT bELoW wHiCh ...