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Worlds Greatest Kiting 176 - Kite Plans
Anos atrás
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The Best Box Kite Ever - Build Your Own Everlasting Easy Flyer - How to Make and Fly
Anos atrás
Two years ago I built an awesome Box Kite... and it's survived the worst of times and still held up great. So now I'm going to build ...
Super Simple Sled Kite (plans)
Anos atrás
Plan, Photos: There are some corrections under the plan!
Free Box Kite Plans
Anos atrás Free Box Kite Patterns and Plans. How to build or make a box kite. Free design plan for your ...
Essence STD Beach Session | IckyTV
3 anos atrás
Montage of a very nice evening at Scheveningen beach in moderate wind flying the Essence STD. Enjoy in HD! Plans are ...
Magnet Sardegna | IckyTV
2 anos atrás
Just some footage of the Magnet kite shot during our holiday on the lovely Sardinia island in Italy. Winds were challenging but it ...
OSTK Episode 1: Le Quartz | IckyTV
4 anos atrás
First Episode of OSTK (Open Source Trickkites). A series about flying kites which have plans available in the public domain.
OSTK Episode 17: Mini Fluid | IckyTV
2 anos atrás
For the 17th episode of Open Source Trickkites i borrowed Krijn's Mini Fluid: a scaled down version of the Fluid precision/trickkite ...
How To Make A Helicopter Kite Wind Powered Gyrocopter - Flying Toy
Anos atrás
For people who are searching for " How To Make A Helicopter Kite Wind Powered Gyrocopter " , you are landing on the right place ...
NKOTB Sunday Afternoon | IckyTV
3 anos atrás
Sunday afternoon session with the open source NKOTB (design by Fred Blok) in rather warm yet bumpy wind. Watch in HD! Enjoy ...
How to make a traditional Kite
11 anos atrás
Support Will: This is a very traditional kite you can make. Takes a couple of sticks and ...
OSTK Episode 16: Day & Night | IckyTV
2 anos atrás
Open Source Trickkites Episode 16 features the Day & Night, a small and light kite design by David Rüger. This my own build, ...
OSTK Episode 15: l'Organic 108% | IckyTV
2 anos atrás
Open Source Trickkites episode 15 features l'Organic, a trickkite design by Christian Derefat. This is the scaled up 108% version ...
Helicopter Kite Info Video
11 anos atrás
The Gyro-Kite is sold on eBay! This video provides information about the product known as the GyroKite, SkyChopper, Windcopter ...
OSTK Episode 7: Magnet | IckyTV
3 anos atrás
Episode 7 of Open Source Trickkites features the Magnet designed by David Rüger. Flown in variable wind at Haarzuilens near ...
OSTK Episode 23: [Return] P200 | IckyTV
Anos atrás
A new kite design by Birger Garbe (Ulzburger Kites) called [Return] is featured in episode 23 of Open Source Trickkites. Flown in ...
Centipede Kite.  Palpus
11 meses atrás
Delta Kite - Homemade ripstop kite
2 anos atrás
This kite was built while i was at school approximately 40 years ago. I had bought a bag of Ripstop nylon off cuts at the Old ...