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DIY Testing Dip Powder Nail Kit from Kiara Sky
8 meses atrás
In this video I'm testing out the Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit. I also attempt to do ombre nails using dip powder. Check out the ...
💅🏼Acrylic Nail Tutorial - How To Apply Acrylic For Beginners 🎉📚
Anos atrás
New to Acrylic or need a refresher? 🤓 Here at Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits, we love to educate on the products and industry we ...
Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Update (is it still better than apres?)
2 dias atrás
In this video I'm doing a 3 week update and fill in on the Kiara Sky Gelly Tips nail kit. Kiara Sky Gelly Tips review video: ...
Testing Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Starter Kit (so much better than apres!!!)
23 dias atrás
In this video I'm testing out the new Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Starter kit and Nail Drill. Use my coupon code ...
💅How to apply gel extension nails!😱 | Kiara Sky Nails Gelly Tips! Fast and easy nails,no acrylic🙅‍♀️
2 dias atrás
Introducing Kiara Sky Nails "Gelly Tips"!!🤩The fastest & easiest gel nail extension, at your fingertips! Our innovative gel-extensions ...
DIY DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME | Kiara Sky dip powder tutorial
3 meses atrás
Today I will be trying to do a glitter gradient using dip powder! I used the Kiara Sky dip powder starter kit which I seriously love!
💅🏼How to do Dip Powder for Beginners ✨  Nail Tutorial ⚬ Dip Powder 101 📚✅
10 meses atrás
If you are new to Dip Powder or aren't sure what it even is, you have come to the right place! This in depth tutorial will teach ...
How to avoid lifting!🙅🏻‍♀️ Nail Prep for Beginners 💅🏻How to Prep Nails for Acrylic, Gel, and Dip
6 meses atrás
Today's video is all about prep! We'll be showing you all of our prepping tips and tricks to ensure your nails last with no lifting.
How to Shape and File your Nails 💕 Almond, Stilletto, Coffin and Square look
2 anos atrás
This in-depth video goes over how to create the perfect shape for your nail enhancements. Everything you need to know from ...
Kiara Sky Gelly Tips Unboxing
Dia atrás
Hey everyone! During this video i'll be doing an unboxing of the new Kiara Sky Gelly Tips kit.
Testing Kiara Sky Gelly Tips (NEW full cover gel tip system)
17 dias atrás
Trying out these new full cover gel tips from kiara sky! Are they better than the apres system? Lets find out! ♡ The codes and ...
How to Apply Dip Powder with Nail Tips | Step by Step
2 anos atrás
This tutorial will walk you through the process of dip powder nails and show you how to use clear dip powder to protect the layers ...
21 dia atrás
Hey Lovlies! In this video I'm unboxing a doing a full set using Kiara Sky's new GELLY tips starter kit. I'm giving my honest opinion ...
✨Dip French Tip Tutorial on Natural Nail 💅🏽
Anos atrás
Who knew getting a French Tip on Natural Nails could be so easy?!? Follow this step-by-step video with Kiara Sky Dip Powder ...
💅🏼How to do your own nails at home! 😍Fake Nails at home💅🏼 - No E-File Needed😱 ✅
11 meses atrás
Hey Besties! You can become a professional at-home nail tech with this easy how to video on how to a Dip Powder mani with ...
Testing the New Kiara Sky Gelly Tips | Unboxing | Gelly tip application | DIY
8 dias atrás
So excited to bring this video to y'all! Thank you to Kiara sky for these amazing products, Use code VEE10 at Checkout for ...
😍 Ombre Nail Tutorial For Beginners 💅🏼 l  Easiest Baby Boomer Using Dip Powder 🎉
Anos atrás
EASIEST OMBRÉ NAIL TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS EVER with Kiara Sky Dip Powder!! Who's trying this out?! Hack by ...
French Tip Nail Tutorial Using Dip Powder
3 anos atrás
This new video from Kiara Sky Professional Nails, featuring Our Special Guest Nail Tech @Asian_Nail_Lady, will be your ...
hermoso drill de Kiara sky por fin ya me llegó 💅🏼
Mês atrás
Donde compre mi drill de Kiara sky Página oficial de ellos aquí ...
French Ombre Nail Tutorial Using Dip Powder
2 anos atrás
Looking for an elegant and simple manicure? The French ombre is perfect! This look is full of class and is still stunning on ...
💅🏼 How to Build An Apex on Your Nail Using Dip Powder ✨ Nail Tutorial 💕
11 meses atrás
You've been asking for it Besties! If you have been struggling to get that perfect arch using dip, watch and see how to build an ...
Trying Kiara Sky Gelly Nail Tips For the first time | Prep Work | Unboxing
Dia atrás
Hey loves hope you enjoy Gelly Tips #gellytips #kiaraskygellytips #coffintips #firsrtimpression ...
3 anos atrás
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In-Depth Dip Powder Nail Application Tutorial
3 anos atrás
In depth and with detailed descriptions, this video will walk you through each step of the dip powder process and explain why it's ...
KiaraSky Gelly Tip System Review And Demo
6 dias atrás
Hey everyone so I was very generously sent this kit to try from The little lamp is superrrrr cute 🥰 I ...
12 dias atrás
Testing out the kiara sky gelly tips stater kit.
How to use an E-file Nail Drill on Acrylic Nails
2 anos atrás
This video goes over the fundamentals of e-filing! We often get questions as to what file and bits we use in our videos, so this ...
How To Apply Dip Powder on Natural Nails | Step by Step
2 anos atrás
Applying dip powder on natural nails is super easy! This in-depth video explains step by step how to apply dip powder on natural ...
Dip Ombre with Chrome Design 💅🏻Watch Me Work 💕Velvet Matte 🖤
6 meses atrás
Watch me create a beautiful chrome design for my client using ombre, chrome and velvet all over dip powder. ♡PRODUCTS ...
15 dias atrás
Unboxing of kiara sky gelly tips starter kit.
Kiara Sky Gelly Tips |  Medium Almond
11 dias atrás
Quickie video on how I did my nails most recently. I love this new kit. I may upload the longer version...I recorded it on my phone ...
Kiara Sky Gelly Tips
20 dias atrás
Kiara Sky Gelly tips starter kit.
✅ How to Apply Gel Top Coat on Dip Powder ✨ - Quick Nail Hack 💅🏼
Anos atrás
Have you always wanted to apply Gel Top Coat on your Dip Powder? Watch this quick tip video and follow these steps for ...
Tips & Polygel Nails Removal | Kiara Sky Drill Review
2 dias atrás
Tips & Polygel Nails Removal | Kiara Sky Drill Review In this video I will show you how to remove full size tips and polygel nails ...
Sugar Nail Art Tutorial with Dip Powder
3 anos atrás
Kiara Sky Dip Powder is so versatile! With a little creativity, the dip powder can be used for more than just a regular manicure.
Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit - A Pro Review
3 anos atrás
Suzie tests the Kiara Sky Dip Powder System, and even tries Pouring as well as Dipping to compare the results. This is not a ...
Testing the Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit
10 meses atrás
In this video I'm finally trying the Kiara Sky dip nails kit! I (try) to do a gold glitter ombre and talk about this kit vs some of the others ...
6 meses atrás
Did you know you don't have to completely remove dip powder when you need a new set or color change? Here's how to do a ...