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HOW TO CUT CUTICLES AT HOME | How I Use Cuticle Nippers!
7 meses atrás
have a lot of dead skin or cuticle but not confident in using nippers? here's how I do it! Get 2 months free of Skillshare ...
NAIL CARE ♥ PERFECT CUTICLES || New Words, Cuticle Care & WHY?
3 anos atrás
I love doing nail care videos, even if they do take AGES to edit omg. This has been requested so much since my last video on ...
He stored too much cuticle  under his toenail
6 meses atrás
Incredible amount of toenail removal. He stored too much cuticle under his toenail.
ASMR Cuticle/Nail Prep | EXTREMELY Satisfying
6 meses atrás
Rose Quartz Watch Me Work: 🤑For my pricing guide, email me at ...
4 anos atrás
I often get asked how to remove the cuticle.This is a fool proof way to NOT bleed all over your manicure table! PRODUCTS ...
So many cuticle under the toenails
5 meses atrás
So many cuticle under the toenails,It feels so good after removed. Just tell me your choice Thank you guys.
How I Saved My Cuticles (Nail Care Routine) Nail Polish 101 || KELLI MARISSA
Anos atrás
JOIN THE GALAXY GANG!!! HEY GALAXY GANG! Today I'm doing a video on how I saved my cuticles ...
Cuticles & Nail Anatomy
Anos atrás
What's the cuticle and how much can you trim? In this video we review the parts of the nail, and also identify what areas can be ...
Deep clean for nails
3 meses atrás
Pedicure knife (Amazon): Deep clean for toenail.
Infected Cuticle Pop
8 meses atrás
This had been growing for a week and hurt like the dickens. I finally popped it with a fresh hypodermic needle. Sorry for the focus.
Applying Gel Polish CLOSE to the Cuticle with 30 Day Mani
3 anos atrás
Find out when and why to use Options Crystal Clear as your base gel for a 30 day manicure. Then learn how to apply your gel ...
NAILS Troubleshooter: Using A Cuticle Nipper Correctly
7 anos atrás
In this video from the NAILS Troubleshooter series, Thao Nguyen gives some tips on cleaning the nail plate before a service and ...
5 Ways To Get PERFECT Cuticles!
3 anos atrás
In today's nail care tutorial, I'll be showing you the 5 steps I take to getting my cuticles looking their best. Having great looking ...
Nails: Removing Fingernail Cuticles
10 anos atrás
Nails: Removing Fingernail Cuticles.
Easy Glitter Cuticle Manicure
3 anos atrás
OPEN FOR PRODUCT INFO & MORE! Glitter cuticle nail art! Magical manicure! DIY nail tutorial! This is video 1 of 3 for my Sally ...
Cuticle Bits & E-File Nail Prep
Anos atrás
You can use specialty bits to safely and efficiently prep both the cuticle area and the nail plate! ❤❤❤Products Used In This ...
Cuticle Care Routine by The Crafty Ninja
6 anos atrás Hey loves check out my cuticle care routine. It is important to take good care of ...
My Nail & Cuticle Care Routine by Peachy Polish
4 anos atrás
Music: • Blue Cross Cuticle remover: ...
How to properly & safely remove the Cuticle + Intensive Hydration Treatment to make nails stronger
Anos atrás
In this episode of Ask Ana Live, she shows and explains how to properly & safely remove the cuticle. The cuticle is the dead skin ...