Zion Williamson | Before They Were Famous | NCAA March Madness

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Zion Williamson | Before They Were Famous | DUKE to NBA
Before he would be the projected number one pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Before he would sign with Duke and would make headlines for his injury.At the time of upload you guys are probably watching north Carolina vs duke. Zion grew up with parents who were both former college athletes and had dreams of being the best player in the world from a young age. But he wasn’t just a dreamer, he was willing to put in the work, waking up at 5am every morning at the age of 9 to work on his skills. Although he was overlooked early on in his career, after hitting a growth spurt in the 9th grade, there wasn’t an important person in the basketball world that didn’t make a trip down to see Zion play live. Famous rappers and athletes started posting pics in his jerseys, but it was one person in particular who came to watch Zion, that left a lasting impression.
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23 Mar 2019



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it's zextiyyy
it's zextiyyy 3 dias atrás
Thats my home school
it's zextiyyy
it's zextiyyy 3 dias atrás
Yo i live in Darlington
TKJtv 3 dias atrás
This should’ve been done by someone who’s from the south or east coast
Swaggy Muffin
Swaggy Muffin 4 dias atrás
1:43 lol, I wake up at 5 am to go to school 🤣
G Ada
G Ada 4 dias atrás
3:53 Greenville is a city in SC what are you talking about bruh
gdlywom 5 dias atrás
If I was his mom, I'd be VERY concerned about Dwight Howard "reaching out" to my son. I'm just saying...😳
Raged Kyng_ Zae2
Raged Kyng_ Zae2 5 dias atrás
We not going to skip over the fact that he from Florence 843🙌🏽
Perry Tomczyk
Perry Tomczyk 7 dias atrás
GG Allin before they were gone and Rowan Atkinson before they were famous.
wavy siah
wavy siah 12 dias atrás
Do Jeremy hect
gabriel denis
gabriel denis 12 dias atrás
Stop talking about yourself. Nobody cares.
Doe-Z 13 dias atrás
Thank his family doctor!
X Untitled
X Untitled 13 dias atrás
Who df is this guy
DropshoT Snippy
DropshoT Snippy 14 dias atrás
Do Russel Westbrook
blackballer 213
blackballer 213 14 dias atrás
Do blackballer213
Adam Ficzeri
Adam Ficzeri 14 dias atrás
Did he really say “goat?” Maybe he’s never heard of an ok player named Michael Jordan🤔
D W 15 dias atrás
This host is the worst
Ethan_ 54
Ethan_ 54 15 dias atrás
It’s Lime Stone 😂😂😂
Naruto #1
Naruto #1 16 dias atrás
MusicTube 16 dias atrás
3:50 He said they moved from Greenville to SC, yet Greenville is in SC. 🤣🤣🤣
Josh Goldstein
Josh Goldstein 16 dias atrás
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez 16 dias atrás
Boring presenter....😴
Brayan Sandoval
Brayan Sandoval 17 dias atrás
Do Ty Jones Washington football
William Newton
William Newton 17 dias atrás
Zion was famous like 2 years ago
$crappy $erkity $urpp$
$crappy $erkity $urpp$ 17 dias atrás
Amir Thompson
Amir Thompson 17 dias atrás
Jevale magee
Raheem Rollins
Raheem Rollins 18 dias atrás
Nba youngboy
DJShawtySwagVEVO 18 dias atrás
Lebron James Just Asked You Hey Do Not Like To Undo Right There
aaronsohard 18 dias atrás
You should do Darius garland
spaidify 18 dias atrás
Anybody else see that crazy photoshopped arm on the thumbnail?
Tejas Singh Bhandari
Tejas Singh Bhandari 18 dias atrás
Our boy watches Naruto ......
Kam Walters
Kam Walters 18 dias atrás
Do Anthony rizzo
Marcos Molina
Marcos Molina 18 dias atrás
Lamelo ball
Tee Roll
Tee Roll 18 dias atrás
Cassius Winston Michigan St
Jaxon 19 dias atrás
Dwight Howard be like This is a sexy man ima wear his jersey
Nicholas Law
Nicholas Law 19 dias atrás
my friend at 13 years old is taller than zion williamson
Donovan ballinas
Donovan ballinas 19 dias atrás
This guy tells the Before they were famous so boring
crazy couger
crazy couger 19 dias atrás
they all said this about andew wiggins
George Rope
George Rope 19 dias atrás
Rj Kogan
Rj Kogan 19 dias atrás
Can you make an episode on sosmula?
Sung Han
Sung Han 19 dias atrás
trae young
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews 19 dias atrás
I bet Dwight Howard did get in contact with him lmaoooo
Stagey Cosine
Stagey Cosine 19 dias atrás
Strong enough to do what with a basket. Ball
Sweswio 19 dias atrás
He’s the next goat damn he’s a legend boys
Dechaun Simmons
Dechaun Simmons 19 dias atrás
Do a before they famous segment on Hassan Reddick, he plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL
Derrick Lee
Derrick Lee 19 dias atrás
We need micheal back
SaucyBoy Joshua
SaucyBoy Joshua 19 dias atrás
So he broke his wrist and grew 5 inch, should I break my wrist so I can grow taller.
Treyvon Flores
Treyvon Flores 19 dias atrás
Dumb as said nurato rong
Tracey Joyner
Tracey Joyner 19 dias atrás
Why did you show a pic of both of his dad's, step dad and biological dad can we get that pic
Fang CD
Fang CD 19 dias atrás
Luke Maye or Cobey White
Tyler Duncan
Tyler Duncan 20 dias atrás
do Ja Morant
Katharine Monaco
Katharine Monaco 20 dias atrás
Do Paul rabil
oleblack13 20 dias atrás
I live in Spartanburg
SoccerGeeks 20 dias atrás
Can u please make one on Quadeca
Sandy Sunrise
Sandy Sunrise 20 dias atrás
Zion! Zion! Zuper Zensational Zion!! Love this 18 year old gift!! He's the MAN!!!
Brady Griffin
Brady Griffin 20 dias atrás
Do Danny Duncan
AUCH7 20 dias atrás
Do ryan Cline
Zage IQ
Zage IQ 20 dias atrás
From Greenville to South Carolina Greenville is in South Carolina
Adham Isa
Adham Isa 20 dias atrás
If Lebron said he would be really good then he would be a goat
IPillowTalk 20 dias atrás
Going to break my wrist on purpose to grow.
Jax Cabe
Jax Cabe 20 dias atrás
FACT CHECK: Zion did not hit his growth spurt till sophomore year he said in a interview with ball is life or some other youtube accounts
SPANISH STOUT 20 dias atrás
Where to I mcrudden
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 20 dias atrás
Do Caleb Swanigan
Saul Canseco
Saul Canseco 20 dias atrás
Before they were famous Lil Baby
Jack Joiner
Jack Joiner 20 dias atrás
Couch k is my cousin
mikey Tsiolas
mikey Tsiolas 20 dias atrás
Gohst25 GG
Gohst25 GG 20 dias atrás
Do Derwin james
Immanuel Anderson
Immanuel Anderson 20 dias atrás
Do one about Mac McClung
Hayden Hild
Hayden Hild 20 dias atrás
Do Kobe Bryant
Dylan P
Dylan P 20 dias atrás
Na-rú-to please dont pronounce it wierd.
savagethe master
savagethe master 20 dias atrás
Do Zion Willamson Before They Were Famous
NSG Void
NSG Void 21 dia atrás
R.J. Barret
James B
James B 21 dia atrás
Lil skies
The top hat
The top hat 21 dia atrás
Jamal Adams
Gabriel Harris Jr.
Gabriel Harris Jr. 21 dia atrás
RJ Barrett !
Snipe ONcrack
Snipe ONcrack 21 dia atrás
Why would they get this bum to do the video🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂
deathstorm 13
deathstorm 13 21 dia atrás
Do zach lavine
Ismael Hounnou
Ismael Hounnou 21 dia atrás
Where tf is Michael???
Joey Kenna
Joey Kenna 21 dia atrás
James Charles ballsack has just rubbed against your forehead. Like to undo
B Reed
B Reed 13 dias atrás
That's nasty
SoldOut TyGuy
SoldOut TyGuy 21 dia atrás
Andrew White
Andrew White 21 dia atrás
Hope this is copyrighted
Gaming DAP05
Gaming DAP05 21 dia atrás
Do ja morant
J_ Saucy
J_ Saucy 21 dia atrás
Do Giannis Auntekoupo
They love Jazz
They love Jazz 21 dia atrás
xwolfvideos 1
xwolfvideos 1 21 dia atrás
Aye somone from spartanburg is famous
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen 21 dia atrás
Devin booker pls
Vsgsgs Shshxh
Vsgsgs Shshxh 21 dia atrás
who is this imposter weres the real guy
K&k Gaming
K&k Gaming 21 dia atrás
Do one on Allen iverson and Michael Jordan
FweyboyLJ 21 dia atrás
Ion even wna watch this channel anymore
LolTrolololol 21 dia atrás
Is this his kid? Talking about zion
lord sushi890
lord sushi890 21 dia atrás
I'm still wondering who this is
DoubleTT Games
DoubleTT Games 21 dia atrás
Giannis Atetacompo
Shawn Chaneyfield
Shawn Chaneyfield 21 dia atrás
Where tf is Michael
The Tantastic
The Tantastic 21 dia atrás
Who is a Duke fan
Kendrick Jones24
Kendrick Jones24 21 dia atrás
Johnakin middle school that zion Williamson middle school
Kendrick Jones24
Kendrick Jones24 21 dia atrás
He was number 10
YPK DaDream
YPK DaDream 21 dia atrás
Ja Morant
YPK DaDream
YPK DaDream 21 dia atrás
Ja morant
Just Gingy
Just Gingy 21 dia atrás
I just posted a video on highlights of Zion Williamson then I see this. He clearly going to be 1st pick
mr pimp
mr pimp 21 dia atrás
Where is michael McCrudden? I dont likd this gay person now
Aiden Doodledoo
Aiden Doodledoo 21 dia atrás
Saw Jordan nhoara 1:15 ( don’t know. If i spelled his name right)I am a Louisville fan please send out prayers
Dane Ibsen
Dane Ibsen 21 dia atrás
who this
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