Zendaya Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure 

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Our December cover star, Zendaya, tries nine things she's never done before. For a woman who is always traveling for work, can she pack a suitcase in 15 seconds? Can she master a bassoon on the first try? Will she nail parallel parking a barbie car?
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Zendaya Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure

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20 Nov 2019



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Comentários : 7 mil   
@marleywilson2148 3 anos atrás
why is zendaya one of the very few celebrities who didn’t go crazy after disney channel, she is literally so amazing
@starrycactusx5978 4 anos atrás
She’s someone who is actually a good role model.
@priyaljain7902 3 anos atrás
Why no one's talking about how beautiful her hair looks?!
@colbymenck Anos atrás
As a bassoon player, watching Zendaya play one was both incredible and painful! I love that they included bassoon since it is not a very common instrument, and I love that one of my fav celebrities has played one! But the way she held the bassoon, the reed placement, and of course the pitch, kinda made me want to scream. I loved it though!!🤣
@sreeja7337 3 anos atrás
“So you ever parallel-parked a Barbie jeep?”
@takemeseriouslynt Anos atrás
Every single thing she did I felt it could have been in a fashion magazine, especially when she played the instruments its crazy. Everyday, models all around the world make a prayer that Zendaya doesn't get interested in becoming a full time model
@heavenlyhecate5317 4 anos atrás
I love Zendaya,she's so polite and her personality is just so friendly and it's so easy to like her
@memealicious787 3 anos atrás
This should be called "Try not to smile at Zendaya being her charming self"
@shuddupnow4733 3 anos atrás
@cowboyliket 2 anos atrás
can we all take a moment to acknowledge that she did all of this in high heels?
@adonissorto4627 3 anos atrás
She's honestly such a perfect human being it scares me.
@b.a.n.z.a8091 2 anos atrás
She’s so playful and childish sometimes I love her!😭❤️❤️
@residentevil4life 4 anos atrás
i love how she's dressed like she's ready to walk down the runway
@deemaaltheebah7355 3 anos atrás
Is no one going to talk how PERFECT her body is
@autumnanderson9102 3 anos atrás
Zendaya is literally perfect,she is a model!she is a good singer!she is a amazing actor and dancer plus she is smart!
“My hair is not letting me LIVE!!!!” She’s too hilarious. 😂😂 But honestly, I was pretty impressed by the parallel parking and the self portrait.
@dri1739 2 anos atrás
I literally love Zendaya, she seems so nice and goofy and seems like she would be such an amazing friend
@ThisIsTheWay05 Anos atrás
Her attempt at the bassoon was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
@user-kf7yj5jv4c 4 anos atrás
zendaya’s the type of person who doesn’t even need to try because she looks perfect in everything
@isabella08 3 anos atrás
I love Zendaya. She’s a great actress and person