Your Mom's House Podcast w/ Jo Koy - Ep. 514

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If you were about to get out of jail, what meal would you fantasize about? Who is Randy? These questions are all answered, and more, right off the bat! The Mommies are back from vacation, they are wondering why they took their children. Good thing they could put on "The Perfect Smile." Do you pee in the pool? Are you racist in parking lots? The fattest comedian working today just put out a dancing video, some people loved it - one person did not. We also get an update about Josh Potter's new business and, of course, TikToks.
Jo Koy is a great stand-up comedian, who is known all over the world. He discusses his recent successes in Hawaii and elsewhere, performing in arenas. He also tells the Mommies about HIS Mommy not believing in him. Bidets, Japanese accents and Horrible or Hilarious are all discussed, plus TikToks... More TikToks.


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29 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 974
Pearce Cooper
Pearce Cooper Hora atrás
Is Christine laughing at a TikTok with a dude with downs? Wat
J Canines
J Canines 8 horas atrás
If you don’t like JoKoy - you’re just not a good person
Kyle Danielson
Kyle Danielson 3 dias atrás
Please get rid of the tik tok segment. It is the fucking worst and grinds the show to a halt. It's cancer. Cut it out.
Mike Herring
Mike Herring 9 dias atrás
can anyone tell me why Jo Koy is playing up his queer lisp accent? he doesnt normally talk like this? like what the fuck?
Mike Soriano
Mike Soriano 12 dias atrás
This is the best YMH I’ve seen
Space Monkey
Space Monkey 14 dias atrás
What he's complaining about, mediocrity, not being good, that's why it's on the show. It sucks. And so does this p.c.
TheGraybolini 15 dias atrás
I have a theory that Tina enjoy the more TikTokked videos because her mother gave her experience with mental illness firsthand. Tbunz on the the other hand is just a normal guy, idk where the confusion lies.
Matt Nara
Matt Nara 18 dias atrás
Jo joy said it Christina needs to lay off tick toc they are awful
Zach Tell
Zach Tell 19 dias atrás
Christanya’s tiktoks seem kinda cruel.
Marinated Cured
Marinated Cured 19 dias atrás
#1 reason you’ll never catch me in a swimming pool 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Thanato phoric
Thanato phoric 20 dias atrás
scape211 20 dias atrás
@1:05:41 grats to caroline for kindof making it on ymh. It’s her audio with some Mac and cheese wanna be.
Annie Heartsong
Annie Heartsong 21 dia atrás
2:13:20 Joe Koy - “What is Tick Tock?” - that needs to be used in a song next to “Who is Randy?”
sarcasm22 21 dia atrás
Yay you got the city name right, Bensalem!! I mentioned how to say it on your awesome podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave!!
Samantha Lopez
Samantha Lopez 21 dia atrás
I picture sushi in jail is a dude's dick wrapped in blades of grass.
Johnny Booney
Johnny Booney 22 dias atrás
Peeing in the pool is the move, never have I ever gotten out of a pool to piss. Idc who’s pool I’m at. If I’m at a friends house I just don’t tell em. But if any of my friends happen to read this, I’ve definitely peed in ur pool
phuc huynh
phuc huynh 22 dias atrás
Christina is crazy if this tik tok is her entertainment lol the phuc
Rabbitstick 23 dias atrás
holy fuck she is so fucking unfunny
Molly Hier
Molly Hier 23 dias atrás
Favorite Podcast yet lol
Matthew Boutwell
Matthew Boutwell 23 dias atrás
1:05:40 LMBO!!!!
M S 23 dias atrás
That body fluid phobia guys can pee on my any day. Damn he is cute
Melanie Rogers
Melanie Rogers 23 dias atrás
I'm dying!! Found my way here because I love Jo Koy and am so glad I did!! I mean, his face with the TikTok shit has my sides hurting. Add to that the dudes cracking up off screen? Oh my God this is gold!!!
cjtodeschi1 24 dias atrás
God entered my body as a horny demon his body was the same size
cjtodeschi1 24 dias atrás
Q 26 dias atrás
how dare you make cry laughing on your tiki tons
Anthony snapfingerstwice
" oh I'm on tik tok"
Emily Koch
Emily Koch 28 dias atrás
Outro song, anyone? Great episode and love that ending jam.
MRBURNSEYBOY 29 dias atrás
1:14:40 OMG HAHAHA I requested this guy ages ago because I was getting these videos as BRvid ads so I sent them to the sub reddit
Malachi Bain
Malachi Bain 29 dias atrás
Do celebrities get free medical??? 🤔
Mario Molina
Mario Molina Mês atrás
I can stop listening from 1'56 fuck the bidet,the chant and the redshirt guy i piseed my self went and sat in my bidet and said on the way down dont sit completely
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall Mês atrás
Hey Tom you said that you paid off someone's loan? Well just wondering.....
Marshall Bigley
Marshall Bigley Mês atrás
David Powers
David Powers Mês atrás
You know how when you make a copy of a copy there is always some replicative fading? The lines get blurry and start to run off the page, the music doesn't sound as crisp? The black dude with the teeth mumbling into the camera is what happens when you're the thousanth copy of Tupac.
David Powers
David Powers Mês atrás
The problem with having inside jokes that span multiple podcasts is that they aren't filmed week to week. Did they film this before or after the 2B1C ep where they talk about this?
T3HT0RCH Mês atrás
Insta-tard 😂😂😂 they can’t get licenses, what are they gonna bring your groceries on the fuckin bus?! Hahahaha
Jason Showalter
Jason Showalter Mês atrás
Honestly can not stand the TikToks that Christiana keeps shoving down our throats “just one more” said 50 times. She’s just not funny, my opinion of course
Mr.Mannie Mês atrás
Christine has gone full titrated, the tiktok segments are the worst
Krisna Mês atrás
Honestly, 5 REALLY GOOD tiktok videos is better than sitting through mediocre ones back to back to back. I couldn't keep watching after the first few. Otherwise, once Jo was in the podcast I was howling so loud. Great episode!
Bryan Walsh
Bryan Walsh Mês atrás
Shmegadildos. I am beginning to like the main mommy more than Tommy. Quite the turn of events
Allen A
Allen A Mês atrás
These TikToks are deeply upsetting (though some are funny... prolly Tony's reaction)
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Mês atrás
tik tok segment garbage
JoJos HoHo
JoJos HoHo Mês atrás
I think you might need to consider letting that Kirsten chick go. Her "tick tock" obsession really slows the show down.
Alex Tyre
Alex Tyre Mês atrás
When Kristine said my heart hurts when Tom plays his videos- comin from the psycho path who laughs at the special tik tokkers of the world. Shame on you Khristina, shame on you
Tim Todd
Tim Todd Mês atrás
“Comedian” with no material equals tik tok curator
Nikka Gypsy
Nikka Gypsy Mês atrás
Given Christina's maternal age, I'm surprised she hasn't had one with Downs Syndrome. I wish she did, so she would stop bashing people with disabilities, it's getting as old as she is.
Seth Burro
Seth Burro Mês atrás
That water buffalo or yak or whatever the fauna it is was the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. I laughed so hard at how fast that table flipped over. That poor lady and the unknowing bystander it all happened so fast.
LightSystem Mês atrás
Love the song at the end. What is it?
xtriple0000 Mês atrás
One more. One more. One more. No more, ever.
Ulirb Mês atrás
I agree with jo koy. Like its one thing to laugh at people who hurt themselves n stuff. But its a completely other thing to laugh at retards who arent funny
Jon Haymaker
Jon Haymaker Mês atrás
I'm glad that Atlanta Braves fan fell out of the chopper 2:02:20
CheapTricked Mês atrás
Holy fuck, these tik toks need to end.
Baby StreetLace
Baby StreetLace Mês atrás
Is there a video anywhere of Tom dancing? Because I think he needs to prove that he can actually dance, I believe him and I'm confident that he does have the skills, but where's the proof I'm just asking for at least 10 seconds of uninterrupted dancing no cut shots like Burt's video. And I agree that Burt's dancing was not good. Anyone can film a million shots of them trying to do one or two moves, and cut it together into a video where the shot constantly changes like a bad kung fu movie. I say Tom should do the video, dance for a couple seconds and prove that it would be a thousand times better than Burt's video. JS #TeamSegura
MaryAnn Cann
MaryAnn Cann Mês atrás
Shot in Richmond British Columbia Canada a block from where I work. It's a city with a 99% asian population. I think shes probably dead by now
TheCrippledDonkey Mês atrás
"I love the Nebraska corn-huskers"
8Bit Mês atrás
I actually cannot watch the tiktok shit, its the only time I ever skip through the video. I hate it.
Kenan Philips
Kenan Philips Mês atrás
That racist tiktard was in Richmond, BC Canada
Jesse Canavan
Jesse Canavan Mês atrás
Pretty pretty please no more tick tocks
Mikkahlicious Mês atrás
Heart burn lady is the best, I’m crying I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!! 😂
stenbak88 Mês atrás
Christina has the most intoxicating smile ever
Jazzido Alvarez
Jazzido Alvarez Mês atrás
1:45:03 Christine's mom was a savage
H0BO HUNTER Mês atrás
she has such a fucked up sense of humor I love it!
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