YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Solar Eclipse [Official Music Video]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Solar Eclipse
Still Flexin, Still Steppin OUT NOW!
"Until Death Call My Name Reloaded" OUT NOW!
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13 Dez 2017



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Comentários 80
victor pipes
victor pipes 2 horas atrás
YoutubeStormz —
YoutubeStormz — 17 horas atrás
Who listening 2020 👀
Excite 18 horas atrás
Bruh this is the only good NBA Youngboy song
Just SweetyY
Just SweetyY Dia atrás
I'mtheboss boss
I'mtheboss boss Dia atrás
Yo this brings memories back me and my 2 best friends.
trevor eaton
trevor eaton Dia atrás
32k people suck
TSM Austin
TSM Austin Dia atrás
Back in they grave , Corona chasing me today.
Void _Sway
Void _Sway Dia atrás
Me watchin this in 2020 but it came out 2018🤟🏽
Shaheed Aleem
Shaheed Aleem Dia atrás
I love this song I’m your big fan I listened to your song sense 2016
wuvboosie 2 dias atrás
I still listen to.this shit ,🖤
Julian Savage
Julian Savage 2 dias atrás
Who bumbin cuz dey got nothin else to do
Dwayne Wyatt
Dwayne Wyatt 2 dias atrás
Good looking gang on the xlll
Leonard Halton
Leonard Halton 2 dias atrás
I feel this song if I grow up I feel same youngboy everybody said I just like youngboy by we got same outfit and I have same haircut I was 3 year old I still got same hair if I turn 19 I feel same youngboy
Tohri Smith
Tohri Smith 3 dias atrás
Let’s Make This The Most Liked Comment 💯🤞🏿
Jayden p _
Jayden p _ 3 dias atrás
Young boys songs never get old
Shreeta Tatum
Shreeta Tatum 3 dias atrás
My name kaka 😍😍😍💋
Maduwa Sinera
Maduwa Sinera 3 dias atrás
Damn so young
Ginuwine Bavis
Ginuwine Bavis 4 dias atrás
How about 2020
Jamarcus Morton
Jamarcus Morton 4 dias atrás
Listening to this in recovery 🙏🙏
S.vRaymond Life
S.vRaymond Life 4 dias atrás
Was here 07/01/2020
jose miguel
jose miguel 5 dias atrás
I_am_her 1993
I_am_her 1993 5 dias atrás
diane long
diane long 5 dias atrás
This record is one. Of the hardest songs her ever made
Benjamin Mercier
Benjamin Mercier 2 dias atrás
bruh im gay
bruh im gay 5 dias atrás
who listening to this July 2020
D'Mariyah Williams
D'Mariyah Williams 6 dias atrás
Still listen to this till this day
Jj Johnson
Jj Johnson 6 dias atrás
This song hit still in 2020
Shannon Pendleton
Shannon Pendleton 7 dias atrás
hey who still listens to dis ? 2020
K3 yt
K3 yt 7 dias atrás
BMS Productions
BMS Productions 7 dias atrás
He sounds like fetty wap @ 0:53
Jamel Holoman
Jamel Holoman 5 dias atrás
No he don't
Rashaud Peebles
Rashaud Peebles 7 dias atrás
I sing this song to my girlfriend
Doris Bradford
Doris Bradford 7 dias atrás
Me too
Kåmâl Älëxäñdër
I still listen this up to today💚🍃
ChapSzn 7 dias atrás
June 2020? song still fye 🗣
Eddie Medina
Eddie Medina 7 dias atrás
Bro dis song will neva get old
twisted gamingYt
twisted gamingYt 7 dias atrás
I can't afford his concert
Ciara Renee’
Ciara Renee’ 8 dias atrás
I swear this bring back memories. A lot happened/changed so fast 😭
Ventura Family's CEO of general
Brings hella memories 💔💯bring those days back god
Kai Davis
Kai Davis 8 dias atrás
Me:😰😰😰 DONT die man
Kai Davis
Kai Davis 8 dias atrás
Yb:So many times I coulda Died But y’all ___ Blew it
Prince H
Prince H 8 dias atrás
who bumpin dis in summer
Peel 9 dias atrás
Aww little draco
SpideFire 9 dias atrás
Am I the only one that thinks nba Youngboy fans only listen to his music on BRvid like on BRvid it's got whole Lotta views but spotify not that many like it should so much more.
Chris Blake
Chris Blake 9 dias atrás
I didn’t mean to break yo heart but baby that’s what thugs do💯
Richard-Mekhi Brown
Richard-Mekhi Brown 10 dias atrás
Mannn it’s sad cuz it seems like yb acts and his music better wit nene
Tia Yummy
Tia Yummy 10 dias atrás
Who still bumping this in 2920
Shadowblade 10 dias atrás
Zyon to Juicy
Zyon to Juicy 11 dias atrás
Anyone listening in June 2020?
Just SweetyY
Just SweetyY 11 dias atrás
Slime life 💚🐐
Nasean Williams
Nasean Williams 11 dias atrás
Replay All Day !!
3 11 dias atrás
I blast this everyday 💚
QveenQT TV
QveenQT TV 11 dias atrás
1:40 - 1:42 issa girl singing listen widd ear phones bruh she can sing
Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor 11 dias atrás
June 2020✊🏾
Ramon Davila
Ramon Davila 11 dias atrás
Still playing this banger
Peso Kris
Peso Kris 11 dias atrás
Top 5 Outta All His Song For Me❗️
O3 Mxttz
O3 Mxttz 12 dias atrás
Listen to this almost erryday 💯
Kk Gang
Kk Gang 12 dias atrás
Periodt ima 38 baby 💚💚💚💚💚💚
Adrian Fernandez
Adrian Fernandez 13 dias atrás
People who dislike this video just don’t have a good taste in music
Adengmajok0 13 dias atrás
Youngboy on top
DrippinX 14 dias atrás
This song bops
Mckenzie Jenkins
Mckenzie Jenkins 14 dias atrás
Word! Me 2 frfr
I noble
I noble 14 dias atrás
I ain't mean to break ur heart but baby that's what thugs dooo
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 14 dias atrás
People who been through shit know YoungBoy ain’t trash
Jay Banks
Jay Banks 14 dias atrás
Baby Gurl Skye
Baby Gurl Skye 14 dias atrás
I still love this💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Small Town Dom
Small Town Dom 14 dias atrás
June 21 2020 who listening for the eclipse?
Bring Heat
Bring Heat 15 dias atrás
as i ride on the city lightS i wonder who gon ride for me IF IT GOOO DOWNNNN an i start to get this feeling like WHO GON BE THERE FO MY SONS BACK WHEN IM NOT AROUNDDDD
badkid _money
badkid _money 15 dias atrás
I'm still banging this in 2020
Dead 15 dias atrás
Pml to the real 🙏
Just Rey
Just Rey 15 dias atrás
Yo who listening during the solar eclipse
Savage 15 dias atrás
I still bump this everyday
Disa 23
Disa 23 15 dias atrás
u will win for the fans coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Leonard AbougyeNketiah
Leonard AbougyeNketiah 16 dias atrás
i still listen to this sonng in 2020 its the best
Charles Nketiah
Charles Nketiah 2 dias atrás
Three Jix
Three Jix 16 dias atrás
Why does this song have 23K disliked y'all are haters GO LIKE THE SONG AND STREAM UNTIL DEATH
Rich Daesean
Rich Daesean 16 dias atrás
Nigga the goat on god
Apollosgotwrinkles Gaming
2:10 run my likes
Exotic Beamz
Exotic Beamz 17 dias atrás
Waiting on him to post more music
Cozy Boy-Kyrie
Cozy Boy-Kyrie 17 dias atrás
This Song in his Top Ten No Cap this is my favourite song by him no cap
Chef Guapooo
Chef Guapooo 17 dias atrás
2020 anyone 😭😎
Zay 17 dias atrás
when the solar eclipse is coming and you type up “solar eclipse” 😂😂
Nazzy Nixon
Nazzy Nixon 17 dias atrás
“I hope you love me as much as I love you” 💕🔥
Tiffany Bass
Tiffany Bass 17 dias atrás
Tha coast fuck wit that boy youngboy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥⭐️
random lol
random lol 17 dias atrás
The fact that I liked this video and it randomly keeps unliking is annoying 😭
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