Young Thug - Wyclef Jean [Official Video]

Young Thug
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YSL x 300 x Directed by Pomp&Clout
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17 Jan 2017



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Awatey Dennis
Awatey Dennis 56 minutos atrás
Who' else came here expecting "womp womp. Jeffery "
Antonio Salazar
Antonio Salazar 3 horas atrás
yall are 100% full of shit this director was ass 100k for what lmao the song was harder then any of it .
Kwame Fordjour
Kwame Fordjour 4 horas atrás
Thug didn’t turn up on purpose so this masterpiece could be made
JoshArch 22
JoshArch 22 5 horas atrás
*_When life gives you lemons,_*
Ronaldo Hylton
Ronaldo Hylton 15 horas atrás
I’m glad this was on my recommendation
Addis 67
Addis 67 Dia atrás
2020 and this shit is still funny asf
Skittles af
Skittles af Dia atrás
Aabecee DeeEff
Aabecee DeeEff 2 dias atrás
Well, I guess the explanation is good and all. But the overall view of the artist, whoever this "Thug" is makes me want to downvote this crap.
allin Dia atrás
Who cares what you think lol
Kelphelp 2 dias atrás
It is hilarious to listen to these suits try and follow what this dude is saying. I mean really this whole video just shows how stupid and powerless these executives are to control their source of income- in this case thug
John Wang
John Wang 2 dias atrás
Anyone know the girl’s name who was smashing the police car
Giesel Beats
Giesel Beats 4 dias atrás
this is amazing tho tbh..
KoreanWetty 4 dias atrás
When i first started smoking weed i rolled up a joint and watched this and i never understood wtf was going on until now 3 years later
Aaron Enerio
Aaron Enerio 6 dias atrás
Y’all know young thug won an award for this right? He didn’t even show up to the VMAs cause he didn’t know he won it lol
SUPER TURNT 2 dias atrás
BEN BEATZ 6 dias atrás
The director took creativity to a whole other level
William Balensiefer
William Balensiefer 6 dias atrás
Jabari Jamblé
Jabari Jamblé 6 dias atrás
...consider my leg officially pulled....
Brylle Nall
Brylle Nall 7 dias atrás
The thing I love about thug that he was eating some Cheetos
5ft 8
5ft 8 7 dias atrás
would have been better if thug gave a shit and turned up for a shot
TThe Gold Standard
TThe Gold Standard 7 dias atrás
No, my name is Jeffery is thug's best according to me...
GUS 7 dias atrás
3:14 names?
Jaleah 8 dias atrás
This is actually genius
Cyris Fraser
Cyris Fraser 8 dias atrás
imagine thuggers reaction to this, I think he would of been some what impressed 💕
Nathan Hawkins
Nathan Hawkins 8 dias atrás
THE SHADE and amount of IDGAF this director was able to channel into this video is nothing short of CLASSIC.
Young Fetty
Young Fetty 9 dias atrás
Damn money is tha mathuf*cker
iluv anime
iluv anime 9 dias atrás
dis song brings back memories
irene guerrero
irene guerrero 9 dias atrás
LMFAO dope vid
tryggvi hrafn
tryggvi hrafn 10 dias atrás
Any1 else remember this being called wyclef lean not jean damn i was so sure of that for years guess im just dumb as fuck
NINJABOI1234 10 dias atrás
That was wild
I Want Money123
I Want Money123 11 dias atrás
Came back because this video funny asf to me but i see a lot of people are mad at Young Thug but this ISNT A LEAK. He obviously saw this loved it and approved it to be release on HIS channel. At the end of the day this was HIS video shoot from HIS budget so if it failed no one would have been hurt but HIM. These people did their jobs and got paid whether he showed up or not
Definitely Kori
Definitely Kori 12 dias atrás
wow the background music he picked for the video is really good
kinggg 13 dias atrás
plost twist maybe thug wanted all of this to happen so ppl could see the editn nd director’s side
KIL OW G 13 dias atrás
jsly 414
jsly 414 13 dias atrás
This shit a group project where one guy did all the work.
LABRA979 8 dias atrás
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 14 dias atrás
Yo the editor was salty as fuck with subliminal haha
Dhanu Parwito
Dhanu Parwito 14 dias atrás
when he said: disisdjdehhqqlspzkxnnxgdhsaiUakqlqnsbgzusjrnrndbdjdtjdjnrbrhwkwk imrnsnseidneidsddorbedifbdm i felt that
Lance Comia
Lance Comia 14 dias atrás
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper 14 dias atrás
Young Thug seems a little unprofessional
Bob Melvin
Bob Melvin 15 dias atrás
Somg is coop remimds my jr year in high school good times
Bob Melvin
Bob Melvin 14 dias atrás
Edgar Alvarez apperntly u commented
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez 14 dias atrás
No one cares
Nick C.
Nick C. 15 dias atrás
this video is on crack in 2020
Kenk Beats
Kenk Beats 15 dias atrás
‪‬ ‪Just sampled on old friend from the three 6 mafia crew 🤷🏻‍♂️ Check the link if you wanna know 🚀 R.i.P‬ ‪~‬ ‪~‬ ‪#drake #champagnepapi #trapbeats #rapbeats #threesixmafia ‬ ‪~‬
TSG I’m Toxic
TSG I’m Toxic 15 dias atrás
Watching this on acid rn lmao
Marlon Nelson
Marlon Nelson 15 dias atrás
This vid is so creative, why does it have so many dislikes?
Instazome ASMR
Instazome ASMR 15 dias atrás
requiem for a motherfucking dream
guess who i am〈3
guess who i am〈3 15 dias atrás
This flow is harder than anything on datpiff
Ricardo Quinones
Ricardo Quinones 15 dias atrás
Wheres the director @ ?!!!
johnieamca 16 dias atrás
Biggest bullshit ive ever seen
Troy Friday
Troy Friday 16 dias atrás
Young thug who? Lmao
Fabian 16 dias atrás
This Director is a genius, at a point I totally forgot I was listening to this song that's how much I was captivated by the story of the video haha and I watched it all lol
Ryan R
Ryan R 16 dias atrás
this reminds me of the zeze music vid
Kobie Khan
Kobie Khan 16 dias atrás
requiem for a dream ref is gold
chester 16 dias atrás
I don't even like young thug but this is one of the greatest music video's i've ever seen, lmfao
chester 14 dias atrás
@Edgar Alvarez bruh its a youtube comment section am i not allowed to discuss the video?
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez 14 dias atrás
No one cares
kelb 16 dias atrás
who tf dislikes this masterpiece
Zachary Cooper
Zachary Cooper 16 dias atrás
Fucking genius
Rainsfort Mohlahlana
Rainsfort Mohlahlana 17 dias atrás
The director took Young Thug's spot light bcoz the song felt like background music
Cade Arnason
Cade Arnason 17 dias atrás
Thug dont even know this vid on his channel
JoesDogsa WebSlinger
JoesDogsa WebSlinger 17 dias atrás
The originality here is astounding, i'm still impressed 3 years later at a music video the artist isn't even in.
JoesDogsa WebSlinger
JoesDogsa WebSlinger 4 horas atrás
@Irshaad Shaikh Lmao the dude who produced the video isn't in the video either so my point stands 😂
Irshaad Shaikh
Irshaad Shaikh Dia atrás
Thug isn't the real artist It's the guy who made the vid that's the real artist
Sinister Games
Sinister Games 17 dias atrás
Re4p_zoom 18 dias atrás
This is beautiful
Théo Davanture
Théo Davanture 18 dias atrás
Ironically that's just the best clip i've ever seen tho.
Sam Hayslip
Sam Hayslip 18 dias atrás
Imagine being a cop Helping a rapper disrespect them
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