Young Thug - Relationship (feat. Future) [Official Music Video]

Young Thug
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Director: Young Thug and The Rite Brothers
Director - Young Thug & The RiTE Brothers
Video Commissioner/VP Video Production - Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
Executive Producer - Sam Green & Paris Schulman
Producer - Kareem Johnson & Bruno Briel
Creative Consultant - Lucas Prevost
Associate Director, Video Administration - Lily F Thrall
Manager, Video Production - Joseph Boyd
Assistant, Video Content - Austin Gomez
Assistant, Video Production - Trevor Joseph Newton


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28 Set 2017



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Comentários 11 218
Marwae Bouchrich
Marwae Bouchrich 19 horas atrás
Tiktok tooks me to this
dose talon
dose talon 19 horas atrás
terbiyesiz uyaqwqww
Matteo Sevilla
Matteo Sevilla 23 horas atrás
Wanna tell you something young thug. Someone stole your beat in this song. The name of the song is LEXI please report it or sue the artist
Percilla Love
Percilla Love Dia atrás
Love this song I get in my feelings lol
gianna brusco
gianna brusco Dia atrás
this song still still hits different in 2020
Lydivine Dia atrás
Marwae Bouchrich
Marwae Bouchrich 19 horas atrás
Lydivine 🙋🏻‍♀️
Dexter Dia atrás
Kids these days won’t understand the girls gone wild infomercial reference. Damn those were the good old days!
BoluBalla 2 dias atrás
Im gonna tell my kids that this was the Christopher Columbus voyage
SUN KISSED BY GOD 2 dias atrás
SUN KISSED BY GOD 2 dias atrás
adilio m
adilio m 3 dias atrás
NO F WAY THIS 3 years old almost damn brooooo
Timon Fischer
Timon Fischer 3 dias atrás
1:26 I'm hiding in the closet???
Vincent Carrier
Vincent Carrier Dia atrás
Timon Fischer yee he’s bi
Darell Wright
Darell Wright 3 dias atrás
This man is definitely influenced by Wayne
SneakerHead6one9 4 dias atrás
Assjuice jr
Assjuice jr 4 dias atrás
Back when these 2 used to speak English
katuno ngunaihe
katuno ngunaihe 4 dias atrás
*2020* who is year ?
KGotRacks 5 dias atrás
Pete Peter
Pete Peter 5 dias atrás
Why I'm I blasting this at 3 am ???
Mats Finckenhagen
Mats Finckenhagen 5 dias atrás
This finna be me in 10 years
ENK Productions
ENK Productions 5 dias atrás
2020 big mood
Qacti 5 dias atrás
Rayyan Tirmizi
Rayyan Tirmizi 6 dias atrás
God I pray that I have a son
Jason Seif
Jason Seif 6 dias atrás
1:35 peep gunna
Ube Bar
Ube Bar 7 dias atrás
That chic sa tabi is so sexy~
Toya M.
Toya M. 7 dias atrás
All them hoes left pregnant
Jud Judersawn
Jud Judersawn 7 dias atrás
This song is about Future. He’s had six babies with six different women. He is being sued by two women for emotional damages and failure to pay child support. This is what happens when a 36 year old man acts like a middle schooler. Future is a complete piece of shit human.
Adam 7 dias atrás
My sister is on this video...Alexis IMMA TELL MOM & DAD!!!
Hakim TV
Hakim TV 7 dias atrás
This perfect break up song😂
Michael Afonso
Michael Afonso 7 dias atrás
Gonna blow up in 2020 just to meet future fuc da oops
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Who here 2020 .. subscribe my channel
Fabrice De L’Orient
Fabrice De L’Orient 8 dias atrás
Senna Baker
Senna Baker 9 dias atrás
Young thug is my fav rapper
Jacky W
Jacky W 10 dias atrás
2020 still here✋🏻
LUIZY GAMEPLAYS 10 dias atrás
Who have noticed gunna in this?
carl 11 dias atrás
Greatest song of all time. Period.
Flicksea 11 dias atrás
2020 anyone 😂
Ken Boyd
Ken Boyd 11 dias atrás
This still my shit in 2020
Joseph Greer
Joseph Greer 11 dias atrás
The energy in this song is great and much needed.
Nebia Chopu
Nebia Chopu 11 dias atrás
Beat is sick 🥶
Emilio Montero Garcia
Emilio Montero Garcia 11 dias atrás
gunna at 1:35 ! patience is key
Antwon Bazz776_xx51
Antwon Bazz776_xx51 11 dias atrás
Too good
Twon Thomas
Twon Thomas 11 dias atrás
I apologize BRvid I truly do
Jesus Becerra
Jesus Becerra 12 dias atrás
Starting 2020 wit tis here
Bloody Valentine
Bloody Valentine 12 dias atrás
1:28 what's her name?
Hunter Wade
Hunter Wade 13 dias atrás
So many white girls...
Hunter Wade
Hunter Wade 13 dias atrás
Still cant believe this is all it takes to make it in industry now a days.
Jkasetura Kasetura
Jkasetura Kasetura 14 dias atrás
2020 any1
Bradley Stephen
Bradley Stephen 14 dias atrás
I would die for this song, on the dead dead dead homies
Stephen Mutuku
Stephen Mutuku 14 dias atrás
Who is not in a relationship 2020
SickDave Beats
SickDave Beats 15 dias atrás
So dope to see Gunna and Wheezy in video
Jalan.loading 15 dias atrás
Pushämere 15 dias atrás
2020 someone here????
dammit you
dammit you 16 dias atrás
Oh how I wish I was on the boat 😂
cookie Kin
cookie Kin 16 dias atrás
Jerry love
Jerry love 17 dias atrás
Good viber 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👉👀🇭🇹
Leonardo Maciel
Leonardo Maciel 17 dias atrás
Jonathan Paul
Jonathan Paul 17 dias atrás
2020 and this shit still slaps 🔥
Abdul 18 dias atrás
2020 any one?
Joshua Witherson
Joshua Witherson 18 dias atrás
First one in 2020!!🏄
Gallows 619
Gallows 619 18 dias atrás
Gallows 619
Gallows 619 17 dias atrás
@PetroTA It's a number I saw alot as a child so I use it in all my names
PetroTA 17 dias atrás
whats 619 mean to you to me its life i see it everywhere....
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