Young Thug - Hot ft. Gunna & Travis Scott [Official Music Video]

Young Thug
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Young Thug - Hot ft. Gunna & Travis Scott [Official Video]
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Concept by Young Thug
A Psycho Films Production @PsychoFilms
Directed by Christian Sutton @ShowMeSutton
Exec. Producer: Sam Canter
Producer: Tyler Sobel-Mason
Co-Producers: Rio Mario Onoh & Vladimir Samedi
DP: Doug Porter
Prod. Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Editor/VFX: Tyler Sobel-Mason
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Video Commissioner: Lucas Prevost

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℗ 2019 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Recording Corporation


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1 Nov 2019



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Comentários 21 723
Young Thug
Young Thug Mês atrás
Supreme Diety
Supreme Diety 17 horas atrás
Listen to the new group young thug signed
Sade Felton
Sade Felton 19 horas atrás
🔥 hot I. Like. Your. Music
Y T Dia atrás
Akai Johnson
Akai Johnson Dia atrás
Man oh man I'm so in love with this video it's whet whet
Young Landscape
Young Landscape Dia atrás
Give this song a chance. 🌊
Samir Beldjoudi
Samir Beldjoudi 58 minutos atrás
High level 👍
19 84
19 84 Hora atrás
Niggas been counting me up..... hold up wrong beat
rajinbin Hora atrás
The beat is so sick, I don't care who you are you feel like you want to move to it.
E 23
E 23 2 horas atrás
Song slaps like a mf
Omogolo Mashinyana
Omogolo Mashinyana 2 horas atrás
i love when it hot
Steam Xion
Steam Xion 2 horas atrás
Dr fate gang signs
Minty Guy
Minty Guy 2 horas atrás
Will Young Thug change his name to Old Thug when he gets old?
Тимур Ахмадуллин
Rest In Peace, Juice
Rafael monteiro
Rafael monteiro 3 horas atrás
I'm here bc of the doctor fate memes
SCREWSTON TEXAS 3 horas atrás
O ooowwwie
Nibbas Norman
Nibbas Norman 3 horas atrás
song :exist tik tok:Let make 3 word challenge
bintang wiguna
bintang wiguna 3 horas atrás
"how hot you're?" young thug:yes
Elijah Barnes
Elijah Barnes 4 horas atrás
0:59 that stuff go hard no kap !
Michel Ortiz
Michel Ortiz 4 horas atrás
Terrible video , horrible
Gawzing 5 horas atrás
1:22 he's not even writing anything
TRAVISSCOTTfan 5 horas atrás
pop soul
pop soul 6 horas atrás
Am I the only person that noticed the devil in the mirror at 1:16 and then gunna signs a contract. The devil wants to exploit us and destroy us at the same time.. Wake up my people..
Jorag 08o0
Jorag 08o0 6 horas atrás
So nobody came here from Dr Fate?
Amin Amin
Amin Amin 7 horas atrás
Everything litty, I love when it's hot Turned up the city, I broke off the notch Got some more milli's, I keep me a knot I created history and made me a lot He tried to diss me and ended on Fox We call them chopsticks 'cause they gonna chop Took her out of Follies 'cause her pussy pop I run it like Nike, we got it on lock Cartier eye I'm the bossman in the suit with no tie I can't be sober, I gotta stay high Pour me some syrup in a Canada Dry Ridin' in the spaceship like Bonnie and Clyde Don't worry, baby, I keep me some fire Shenenehs and Birkins, she cannot decide The latest Mercedes, her go-to surprise Don't sleep on miss lady, her pussy a prize Diggin' her back while I'm grippin' her sides Bigger Maybach, this ain't regular size We really fly, we like pelican glide Bitch, you ain't slick, I can tell the disguise Upgraded my wrist, put baguettes in that Sky She sing, I might sign her and change her whole life I told her to gargle and work on her highs Everything litty, I love when it's hot Turned up the city, I broke off the notch Got some more milli's, I keep me a knot I created history and made me a lot He tried to diss me and ended on Fox We call them chopsticks 'cause they gonna chop Took her out of Follies 'cause her pussy pop I run it like Nike, we got it on lock Cash, money, checks, cash Addy, Birkin, bring the bitch sandals I just wanna fuck the bitch by myself I just passed her to the dawg like my Sprite I took the Bentley coupe back, then I hopped in a Cayenne (skrrt) I put the bitch in the front of the Bentley, in front of the driver (skrrt) Haven't had a sip, that there weed you can't smoke in the Rolls Royce, whoa, whoa (yeah, yeah) I'm strapped up, I'm cupped up, I'm drinkin', I shoot off your tires, huh (doo-doo-doo-doo) I'm in the coupe by myself I had to kick a door when I was five Keep the old ones on the shelf Whole sixteen round in the fire I'm sick and tired of these young niggas act like they firin', they tellin' these lies Actin' like they the ones created this and they get all the drip from my guys Yeah, Cartier eyes, Cartier coat, Cartiers the watch Cartier love, Cartier the thot Cartier spread, buffalo on the side Princess cut diamonds, they Cartier, yeah Cartier bag for the Cartier thot Sky Wrangler coupe with two hundred the dash Cartier jeans, ain't no way I can sag Ain't no way I'ma ever gon' go out bad I can't go out, no way I'ma go out I just grip on her ass and I show out I sit like a champ and I wait on a whole lot I can whip up a new Chanel Patek I whip with the wrist and I don't break the door out Turn the whole top floor to a whorehouse Hundreds racks in ones, dude brought the flood
ThieFF Gamer
ThieFF Gamer 7 horas atrás
Who's here from dr fate meme?
LukaGaming 10 horas atrás
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 if ya know what i mean
Next super bowl we need this halftime.
TeNtyy 11 horas atrás
did anyone watched the video where a dude gets out of the car and dances ?
CHULO QUADA 11 horas atrás
who came here for travis scottt whhhooooooooooa.straight up voice.
Brian Baxter
Brian Baxter 11 horas atrás
was here 436
Vinny Morreale
Vinny Morreale 12 horas atrás
Awesome, finess, talent, natural
Sinisa Mccatty
Sinisa Mccatty 13 horas atrás
Jay Novis Official
Jay Novis Official 13 horas atrás
"Had some Goodyears ain't no way i get TIRED". -Travis Scott🔥🔥
Rich Nana
Rich Nana 13 horas atrás
HE said Weezy outta here!!! ...........
JustABadGamer 14 horas atrás
Someone give the thirsty guy in the background something to drink.
RAWtv 14 horas atrás
Slowed down version here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lanier LyMotions Grady
Lanier LyMotions Grady 14 horas atrás
thought this was jcole by the beat
It's Mr. All My Friends Are Dead
Young thug Gunna and Travis Scott is a great combo 🔥🔥
Allen Badillo
Allen Badillo 16 horas atrás
Make another remix with doctor fate
Ghray 17 horas atrás
I'm obsessed with the beat but are they in hell and that's why there's fire everywhere or.....🤔
Big H
Big H 17 horas atrás
Travis said ' Had some Goodyears no way I get tired.' I see you Trav.
Supreme Diety
Supreme Diety 18 horas atrás
Listen to the group YSL FENNA SIGN
Josette Ramirez Martinez
Josette Ramirez Martinez 18 horas atrás
Here for Travis 🤷🏼‍♀️
ii_Kvng_ish_ii 18 horas atrás
Omg your breath is so Hot hot hot hot...
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