Young Thug - Halftime [Official Video]

Young Thug
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Music video from Young Thug "Halftime"
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8 Jun 2015



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Comentários 80
Lorenzo Cereceres
Lorenzo Cereceres 11 horas atrás
Well im bak... dang thugger virus has me back every other week. 🐐 🐍
Peter Arellano
Peter Arellano 14 horas atrás
Ahead of his time Fr
Chino Ching
Chino Ching Dia atrás
This track tight fosho slapin it
Tayblit Baby
Tayblit Baby 2 dias atrás
My fav song of all time cuz he let these mfs know he ain’t gay at all🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾
BionicallyAComputer 2 dias atrás
Colin Larson
Colin Larson 2 dias atrás
Halfway through 2020 still bumping. HALFTIME
Joseph Gilbert
Joseph Gilbert 2 dias atrás
I feel baby used thugga to stay relevant, just think if thugga would of done songs with each other.... Or they would box for an all expense paid vacation with BRRRRR Birdman!
vlon3 2 dias atrás
who’s hear after seeing that airport scene on twitter 😂
Ahmed ali
Ahmed ali 2 dias atrás
I hate how MF say 2015 Thug was the greatest which he was, but be the ones that hatted on him like damn we get you ain’t enjoy the moment or his raw talent at the time but don’t say it know 🤦
Yh Nate
Yh Nate 2 dias atrás
Mike Boileau
Mike Boileau 5 dias atrás
"Scurhheeerrrrrrrrrreehhherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrugherrrrreehheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" -Young Thug
Emily Bratz
Emily Bratz 5 dias atrás
I miss when young thug was comin out with the slappers . (:
Lay Z
Lay Z 5 dias atrás
Lay-Z Here 👁️💯
Jn_Sosa 5 dias atrás
Came here for the memories and 11 second skrrrr😭😭😭😎😎
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 6 dias atrás
2:49 when your down on plates so you tell your boy “ON ME”
TRHenry Vlogs
TRHenry Vlogs 6 dias atrás
This one of them songs that doesn’t age, this could drop today and would still be topping the charts.
Thugger NBA
Thugger NBA 6 dias atrás
First time i listened to thugger I was like this dude 🗣🔥🔥🔥 but wtf he's talmbout ??🤔
Wayne Dambreville
Wayne Dambreville 6 dias atrás
Please bringing back the old young thug
Tony Ng
Tony Ng 7 dias atrás
dont forget Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, and Young Thug were all on tour for days before rodeo. It was the fucking triangle offense
davis 8 dias atrás
"*Pew Pew Pew Pew* bitch I got water on me like im fresh from Hawaii" That part hits my soul 😂
Sam Hoke
Sam Hoke 9 dias atrás
This my shit fo sho
Lost Sol
Lost Sol 10 dias atrás
He said all his diamonds black you could mofuckin light em Mama told me not sell wurrk 175 same color t shirt Young thug hard ION CARE
Ssoaka 7
Ssoaka 7 10 dias atrás
2:45 👌
530 AM
530 AM 10 dias atrás
0:29 wtf thug 🤦🏾‍♂️
Sindisiwe Sithole
Sindisiwe Sithole 11 dias atrás
Man I miss the days when artists were hungry cause that made their music bang different cause they were out for blood 😭
SBDukes51 11 dias atrás
him speaking cursive on this track still blows my mind. barter 6 changed the game.
Sindisiwe Sithole
Sindisiwe Sithole 11 dias atrás
Can we get this type of thugger again>>>>> 😭
We Hot Box 918
We Hot Box 918 11 dias atrás
ill always listen to his music that he first started dropping when he came up. SOLID.
Dj psycho kid
Dj psycho kid 14 dias atrás
this young thug is just as good as the french young thug
Camari M
Camari M 14 dias atrás
ygt er1
ygt er1 14 dias atrás
this beat not from earth
Martin Seint
Martin Seint 10 dias atrás
I make beats on my chanel
industry newz
industry newz 15 dias atrás
This could drop now and still be ahead of time
Tshiamo Tolamo
Tshiamo Tolamo 16 dias atrás
Peak Thugger
LeBeautiful 16 dias atrás
Aging like fine wine..the Skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr will be here today, tomorrow, the future. 🐍 🍷
Maxwell Owens
Maxwell Owens 17 dias atrás
Thug was really before his time
Dylan Hay
Dylan Hay 17 dias atrás
Rip tires
Mohammed Elmabrouk
Mohammed Elmabrouk 18 dias atrás
venant 18 dias atrás
Tunechi's son
Colton Peterson
Colton Peterson 18 dias atrás
I can’t believe this is 5 years old now. I remember when it dropped. 🔥🔥♿️♿️🐍🐍💯💯
Louis Cendejas
Louis Cendejas 18 dias atrás
This a vibe
Lost Sol
Lost Sol 19 dias atrás
Every time I dress myself it go mofuckin VIRAL YUNG THUG IS FUCKN GOAT 🐐!!!!! His beats are straight heat sizzling 🥵
Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson 20 dias atrás
Who here in June 2020?
невен 20 dias atrás
sponce 21 dia atrás
00:47 the most beautiful “skrrrt” ad-lib the world has ever heard.
Aaron Abstract
Aaron Abstract 20 dias atrás
Noooo cappp its beautifullll
Ashley Valentine
Ashley Valentine 22 dias atrás
Maybe not the most popular, but definitely the coolest thing on BRvid 🤤
-.--.- 22 dias atrás
2015 was prime thugger musically imo. but he seems like he’s in a better place now
flax95 23 dias atrás
Lowkey one of Thugga's best songs.Sounds like a symphony.
WormsInMySoup 24 dias atrás
5 years ago
Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols 24 dias atrás
Amazing song
Jeffery Hayes II
Jeffery Hayes II 26 dias atrás
I think he broke a world record with that skrrt
Aaron Abstract
Aaron Abstract 20 dias atrás
Elijah Markes
Elijah Markes 26 dias atrás
Have a very good time
Derrick Barnes
Derrick Barnes 26 dias atrás
savage montana
savage montana 27 dias atrás
Good time 2020🤍
Pia Molina
Pia Molina 27 dias atrás
Hola, soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas:) y sí es un temon
Wil bert wiz
Wil bert wiz 27 dias atrás
Wil bert wiz
Wil bert wiz 27 dias atrás
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez 27 dias atrás
When he crys go hard
dannyboy768 Mês atrás
If you like this one you’ll probably like blanguage
Lul Jaysmoov
Lul Jaysmoov Mês atrás
Migos and thugger was the best in 2015
SuperCake 22
SuperCake 22 Mês atrás
Top 10 Thugga this. Don't care where you place it
shawn shelton
shawn shelton Mês atrás
Turn up, Thugger, Thugger, ayy, let's go Halftime, half a Perc' and half a Xanny, nigga, halftime Half a pint, pour up an eight, my nigga, halftime Tryna rob, that stick turn his body to halftime (Yeah) [Verse 1] Hit the streets and tear this bitch up like I'm Willie B No Tennessee, but the chain on my neck is a T No Memph' Bleek, bitch, I own the Roc, not Jay Z, ya dig? War Ready like Tracy T, ya dig? Racks on racks on racks, just might pull up on my Spider (Skrrt) All my diamonds black, you can motherfuckin' knight 'em All these pussy niggas wack, I'm a murk 'em every night'll Pull up screamin' "blatt," got my motor out a Viper Got 100 million flat like my motherfuckin' idol I might eat it, I might lick it but I swear I'll never bite 'em Every time I dress myself, it go motherfuckin' viral Pussy niggas stealin' swag, bring my shit back like recycles I might ask her for some head I don't know that ho, I act like she dead Insurance on my money like a wreck Every time I see her, she lick the cleavage Fuck her on a $10,000 bed I could never love her, fuck her head Suck my dick like Beavis, no Butthead Cocaine white like Justin Bieber, bitch I might show the racks and tease the bitch I might want it but I don't need the bitch I been flooded out by Jesus, bitch I want your pizza, Little Caesar's, bitch Ninth Ward, I buy my diesel, bitch I don't wanna talk or see a snitch No teacher, we chalkin' shit I passed school, I'm passin' all the staffs I just want that neck like a giraffe I like fish in water, I'm a bear 17.5, I shave it like it's Nair Lay out, watch the kids like a daycare I don't play games, no, I'm not the fair I got Hot Wheels like a motherfuckin' chariot (Skrrt) Chanel Vintage, boy, this shit is rare [Chorus] Hey, a good time, hey, let's have a good time Hey, a very good ti-i-ime Hey, let's have a very good time, hey, a very good time Hey, ooh, let's have a very good ti-i-ime [Verse 2] I done figured this shit out, if you think you gone bite on my swag, it's a virus I don the swag and I pull up on bitches dressed in all white like Miley Cyrus No, I'm not gay, I fuck bitches on bitches, I whip out, she suck on my private (Suck it) Lil nigga play, I'ma catch him down bad and then stick 'em fold 'em like a wallet (Ooh) I swear to God there's only one of me and these bitches three-deep like a trident (Ooh) I’m walkin' through it like tons of the ones and these bitches grabbin', I'm at Follies (Ooh) Fucknigga, try me, I swear to God, lil whoadie done pull up and pop at his noggin' (Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew) Bitch, I got water, I look like I'm fresh from Hawaii [Bridge] Havin' the time of my motherfuckin' life I'm gonna buy everything I want, I can't think twice You can turn the ice tray off, baby, I'm havin' ice As long as I live, wouldn't want a wife [Chorus] Hey, a good time, hey, let's have a good time Hey, a very good ti-i-ime Hey, let's have a very good time, hey, a very good time Hey, ooh, let's have a very good ti-i-ime SHARE THE LYRICS “HALFTIME” TRACK INFO Produced ByKip Hilson Written ByAntoine Kearney, Young Thug & Kip Hilson Release DateApril 17, 2015 EXPAND TRACK INFO MUSIC VIDEO  GENIUS VIDEO  Why Does Everyone Sound Like Young Thug? HOW LONG IS YOUNG THUG'S ICONIC "SKRRT" IN THE FIRST VERSE OF THE SONG? NEXT UP Amazing YOUNG THUG  Barter 6 (2015)YOUNG THUG 1. Constantly Hating 2. With That 3. Can't Tell 4. Check 5. Never Had It 6. Dream 7. Dome 8. Halftime 9. Amazing 10. Knocked Off 11. OD 12. Numbers 13. Just Might Be COMMENTS QueenOfCoplaints 453,630 5 years ago i lub u thuggy 💝💝💝
Brotherly Lov.2
Brotherly Lov.2 Mês atrás
Sheesh them bars 🐍🔥😤
Kaue Souza
Kaue Souza Mês atrás
Josue Santos
Josue Santos Mês atrás
Teyana Parker
Teyana Parker Mês atrás
Ta Mês atrás
Prozuh Mês atrás
Picture Picture
Picture Picture Mês atrás
whos listening while fishing in animal crossing
Frank U.
Frank U. Mês atrás
Quarantine been real different since I decided to listen to thug again
Ken March
Ken March Mês atrás
Thug Snapped on here
celeste perry
celeste perry Mês atrás
leif poulsen
leif poulsen Mês atrás
why aint nobody talking bout the 0:12 move?
Baga Waga
Baga Waga Mês atrás
His best song on god 💯💯
William Olinger
William Olinger Mês atrás
On God my brother Rodriguez bruddaha and jamica only soil. 87
Bastien R
Bastien R Mês atrás
Still a masterpiece
Valepescarese Mês atrás
Thug the Goat
Anish Gurung
Anish Gurung Mês atrás
underrated ,maybe cause of promotions ,this shoulda hit 1 billion views by now ,,nocap
ROSEGOLD Mês atrás
still relevant this man a living goat
Allissa Drake
Allissa Drake Mês atrás
One of my faves 💯🖤
Vit Gud
Vit Gud Mês atrás
Top 3 Thug song
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