Young Thug - Halftime [Official Video]

Young Thug
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Music video from Young Thug "Halftime" coming off of the Barter 6 mixtape.



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Comentários 80
Corleone 3 horas atrás
RESPAWN ! 4 horas atrás
11-Sec Skrr Thugger really was ahead of his time 🐍🐍🐍
DAM 4216-8
DAM 4216-8 11 horas atrás
Thug did the 11 second skrt 5 years ago and people just saw it now?
DH Essay
DH Essay 21 hora atrás
2:47 was he talking about UZI? 😂😂
3rd World-Witch
3rd World-Witch Dia atrás
this nigga really the greatest thing we got
Carl Baggins
Carl Baggins 2 dias atrás
I fuc with blood real shit too hard still
leanderson de freitas gonzaga
Brian Polanco
Brian Polanco 2 dias atrás
How many people popped a half a xan and half a perc cuz this song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Brosnan
Michael Brosnan 2 dias atrás
Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6 Barter 6
Antony Eno
Antony Eno 3 dias atrás
That ad lib was so chill
Jacob Lubic
Jacob Lubic 3 dias atrás
S/O to the people that heard this deep ago!
Ocho 3 dias atrás
Bruh 2:47 was dope af
Clitz XXIII 3 dias atrás
When he said "I don't play gaylo" he didn't mean Halo did he? If yes then :(
lil woady Sacghanistan
Young thug do I have about 5,888,574,888,688,578,996,558,163,526,852,754 amount in your bank account
lil woady Sacghanistan
I ment to ask if do I have that much money haha
i cant even describe how the end of this song makes me feel. euphoric is prob the closest
Ernest Montana
Ernest Montana 4 dias atrás
Young thug always going to be da 🐐
gruchaysl 4 dias atrás
2020 and this shit still fresher than a anything
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore 4 dias atrás
Did he say I can any woman he wants why have a wife 🤣🤪 am I tripping
Joshua Robles-Carrizoza
2015 was prime Thugger
Der Anal General
Der Anal General 6 dias atrás
0-28 my favorit part wish that was the Hook🔥👌
Roderick Bowden
Roderick Bowden 6 dias atrás
It’s a virus!!!
Sidd Pendse
Sidd Pendse 6 dias atrás
thug's best song
Synced Wiseman
Synced Wiseman 5 dias atrás
It's up there.
PHIX O DeniX 6 dias atrás
01:00 BadlandsChugs?😂
promet 6 dias atrás
Ollie TG
Ollie TG 7 dias atrás
Thug was feeling generous when he decided to throw that effect on in the second half
Jack Daniells
Jack Daniells 7 dias atrás
Young thug R.I.P 2022
Jayson Gore
Jayson Gore 7 dias atrás
There can be only 1. This guy is it.
Slatt Business
Slatt Business 5 dias atrás
He is
True Hebrew
True Hebrew 7 dias atrás
“I like fish and water I’m a bear “ 👀🔥
Lilboi Carti
Lilboi Carti 8 dias atrás
0:47 don't cry babe It's just a 11 seconds skrt adlib by young thug
Jameel Atwell
Jameel Atwell 8 dias atrás
this never age
Jameel Atwell
Jameel Atwell 8 dias atrás
quarantine have me listening to old Young Thug
Luxomontanna 8 dias atrás
Thugger top ten dead or alive 2020
TyLouie🔴 8 dias atrás
2:46 was lit asf
Suelin Garcia
Suelin Garcia 9 dias atrás
"Half time half a perk& half xan half time" best damm line. Thuggrr you the 🐐😍
Giovanni Soto
Giovanni Soto 9 dias atrás
Got my motor out a viper 🐍🔥🔥🔥
shnoople shapoopi
shnoople shapoopi 9 dias atrás
Thugga was ahead of his time
4000Gianni 9 dias atrás
Beatles type shit praise thugga
caleb willoughby
caleb willoughby 10 dias atrás
my surname willoughby. lol
Heartbreak Kid
Heartbreak Kid 10 dias atrás
People stay saying Thug was ahead of his time. That's not the case. He just created the sound you hear rappers use today 💯💯💯🐐
Heartbreak Kid
Heartbreak Kid 10 dias atrás
I miss this Young Thug 😥
HB 10 dias atrás
That 11 second ad-lib hits different
Moncler Supreme
Moncler Supreme 10 dias atrás
Half a perky half a xan
Radwane 10 dias atrás
still here in 2020, he was really ahead of his time 🐐
Levi 11 dias atrás
Mathu 11 dias atrás
one of the best rap albums of the 2010s
Eli Ellis_ aka Mr. D
Eli Ellis_ aka Mr. D 12 dias atrás
the man said no teacher but i'm " chalking " shit
Eli Ellis_ aka Mr. D
Eli Ellis_ aka Mr. D 12 dias atrás
who here after seein the insta meme for him holding a 11 second skkkkkrt adlib ? not only for that reason bc thugga been that nigga .
JoshWest MackWest
JoshWest MackWest 12 dias atrás
I want on this beat. .
Sherlin 12 dias atrás
I lost breath during the 11 sec skrttt @ 00:47
Clapzy 12 dias atrás
Nobody: My annoying ass dog at 4am: 0:47
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2 dias atrás
this comment needs to be on that top LMAO
Kiandra Grove
Kiandra Grove 9 dias atrás
Felipe Oporto mitsubichi
Vibes Manu
Vibes Manu 13 dias atrás
Faz anos que sou viciada nesse som! Nunca perde a graça
King Ryan
King Ryan 13 dias atrás
he’s goated 🐐🐍💚
WesHoeee _
WesHoeee _ 13 dias atrás
Nigga made a banger frl 😭 you can play this every year and still go crazy
Raymond Adams
Raymond Adams 13 dias atrás
No I’m not gay I fucc bitches on bitches I whip she succ on my private🤣🤧
shane sigala
shane sigala 14 dias atrás
This has been a religious experience👐🙏
yellow kush
yellow kush 14 dias atrás
11 second SKRRRT ad lib at 0:48
meat killer
meat killer 14 dias atrás
Fun fact; Thug held on a “skrt” adlib for 11 seconds straight 2015 Thug was a 99 ovr and the mainstream didn’t even know it
Dc Herbb
Dc Herbb 2 dias atrás
And 2014 thug was 98.5
Charvess YT
Charvess YT 3 dias atrás
Hyper Helix you crazy he want double hard on that album look up on SS3 you will see your self
ozkii 4 dias atrás
@Hyper Helix yes it is
Hyper Helix
Hyper Helix 5 dias atrás
Charvess YT SS3 was not one of his best projects
Charvess YT
Charvess YT 13 dias atrás
meat killer 2016 thug was almost 99 overall he was nearly 96 then he made that slime season 3 98 overall
Milos Miric
Milos Miric 14 dias atrás
0:47 when Thugger said: "Skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt"
Isaac 14 dias atrás
This mixtape is so fucking good and ahead of its time. I hate how it’s just remembered for all the media hype and Lil Wayne drama, because the music on this mixtape, start to finish is genius.
3ally 14 dias atrás
What drama?
farhan khan
farhan khan 14 dias atrás
This thug’s best song
AibekGUF337 14 dias atrás
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 14 dias atrás
I randomly had “every time I dress myself it go mf viral” stuck in my head today and I had to come back to this classic
Z 14 dias atrás
0:46 SsSSsSSSSSSSSKKKKKKkkkKkkkKkccccckkKKkkkkKkkKkEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrTtttttttttttttTtttTTTTT
Vladimir Trukhaev
Vladimir Trukhaev 14 dias atrás
The 11s skrt 😇
Nick Panetta
Nick Panetta 14 dias atrás
only thug can start rapping off beat and make it sound like the beat running back to catch up with him
Rohan Arora
Rohan Arora 14 dias atrás
this dude really did an 11-second ad lib. GOAT
R P 6 dias atrás
Rohan arora he did a burn out for 11 seconds in his spider 🏎💨
Life’s Short
Life’s Short 12 dias atrás
Rohan Arora lol from Instagram too
X X 15 dias atrás
Who’s here after hoodville’s post?😂
Life’s Short
Life’s Short 12 dias atrás
dead man man down
dead man man down 13 dias atrás
Wu-Tang 13 dias atrás
Gang 😂
Maxim Maliouga
Maxim Maliouga 15 dias atrás
'my swag is a virus' corona type way...
Loner Sins 。
Loner Sins 。 15 dias atrás
Never realized he held a skrrrt for 11 seconds until now 。 ( 0:47 ー 0:58 ) ー Loner Sins 。( 2020 )
Unwritten_Zephyr 15 dias atrás
0:47 that skrr was 11 seconds long. Legend
govinda season ///
govinda season /// 14 dias atrás
unwrittenZephyr just a friendly reminder
Loner Sins 。
Loner Sins 。 15 dias atrás
Swag 。
Altair 15 dias atrás
Rip rich gang
Hugo Cardelle
Hugo Cardelle 15 dias atrás
dat legendary 11second skrt
Adrian Vargas
Adrian Vargas 16 dias atrás
No one gives credit to young many kids in the rap game and not a single one credits their maker.😪 still the goat tho👑🐐🐍
theory theory
theory theory 18 dias atrás
0:47 skruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Astro Mida
Astro Mida 18 dias atrás
every time I dress myself, it goes mo'fuckin viral 🚫
Nyengo Banda
Nyengo Banda 19 dias atrás
Young ak
Young ak 19 dias atrás
Young Thug I know you try to kill Lil Wayne
demario bean
demario bean 20 dias atrás
I might ask her for some head
BigTKB 20 dias atrás
turn up... 🔥
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