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Young Thug
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Young Thug films latest visual for new single "Best Friend". Coming off of the new Slim Season mixtape being released in September of 2015.
Video Directed by Be EL Be


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14 Set 2015



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World Music
World Music 10 horas atrás #Young #Thug
WhoDat DieHard
WhoDat DieHard 15 horas atrás
Sxprxmekingjj Dia atrás
0:41 when you step on a thumbtack
Artur Larkin
Artur Larkin Dia atrás
So guys, we did it. We found the founder of swagonometry.
DIX aka DINO Dia atrás
big thug
Ilham Snap Digits_15
Le virus
The black mystery
The black mystery 2 dias atrás
Honestly i can hear every word he says.. Its annoying that everyone actin like he speak another language or sumthin fucc all yall thugger a goat
Titanic Dia atrás
Rs bro slime shit all day. Them weirdos rather listen to wack niggas like lil yachty or tyga smh
Brown Nino 30
Brown Nino 30 2 dias atrás
2020 am i the only one in dis biaaaaaaaaatch
Envylos 2 dias atrás
Only real young thug fans will know this where Chanel go get it ft gunna and lil baby was filmed
wepush foru
wepush foru 3 dias atrás
Bird man is fuckin all his artists out of Royalties, Publishing, Live performance revenue, Digital download revenue, Streaming, Licensing revenue & BRvid monetization revenue Fuck Bird Man’s gay ass...If your a human being leave a like 👍🏽
Manky Media
Manky Media 3 dias atrás
Yung thug Ugly jesus 😂😂😂
Manky Media
Manky Media 3 dias atrás
You like Yung thug give me like
Nredup 82
Nredup 82 3 dias atrás
10% of views by me
El Pinche Edwin
El Pinche Edwin 3 dias atrás
When he said trrrrrrrr I felt that
chrisxxxcross 4 dias atrás
This is the same woods as the ChAnEL ViDeO.
Israel Vinicius
Israel Vinicius 4 dias atrás
aqui é BR CARAIO
Bristian Melz
Bristian Melz 4 dias atrás
2020 5:42PM
xela 4 dias atrás
y'all completely miss the point. his best friend is himself.
allin Dia atrás
Turns out you're the only who missed and just realized that lol
allin Dia atrás
No sh*t Sherlock
Ricardo Villa
Ricardo Villa Dia atrás
Nah you're just late
waddup sup
waddup sup 4 dias atrás
Seems like this song is from 2030
Titanes Juego
Titanes Juego 5 dias atrás
2020 🔥🔥🔥
Lo 5 dias atrás
Life was good when this dropped
REIGN's World
REIGN's World 5 dias atrás
anybody here the pads from michael jacksons dirty diana, nah?
King JA
King JA 6 dias atrás
Forever a banger 🔥 thugger a GOAT 🐐💯
unicorn sqaud
unicorn sqaud 6 dias atrás
Aye Brooke
Aye Brooke 6 dias atrás
Still cranks...
Ali Eynulla
Ali Eynulla 6 dias atrás
مصطفى عبدالله
George N.
George N. 6 dias atrás
I swear Thugga tha truth!
omar moon121
omar moon121 7 dias atrás
Whats the @ for the girl
Nredup 82
Nredup 82 3 dias atrás
IG @suckherdick667
travis11 7 dias atrás
2020 Sunday, January 19th anyone???
the exile
the exile 7 dias atrás
HOLE it...! nigga, proCEEEEED!!!
acesse jxcxb
acesse jxcxb 7 dias atrás
velho hino kkk
Mete Salun
Mete Salun 7 dias atrás
the beat reminds me to the samsung alarm...
Nredup 82
Nredup 82 3 dias atrás
dude, you dumb af
yonathan erwan
yonathan erwan 7 dias atrás
2020 ??
Richard Hoppie
Richard Hoppie 7 dias atrás
2015 was the best year of my life
EZ Snags
EZ Snags 8 dias atrás
*damn this brings back memories*
Jeremiah Martin
Jeremiah Martin 8 dias atrás
xdxdxdxd 8 dias atrás
i don't know why i like this lol
the exile
the exile 8 dias atrás
shout out to Thugga Jackson, MOOOOOONWalkin'...!!!
Decoach Sumbata
Decoach Sumbata 8 dias atrás
Yeah the best friends always
RJ JR1604
RJ JR1604 8 dias atrás
Lil Wayne and young thug is why all these rappers sound like they do
Tray G
Tray G 6 dias atrás
lil wayne-2003-2015 influencer future -2010-2020 influencer waka flocka-2007-2012 influence dreads,banging blood & being a savage before thugga-21-nudy young thug-2012-2020 migos -2011-2020 -influence rap style, lingo n trends.
Lvrd Rocky
Lvrd Rocky 8 dias atrás
this in my recommended?
marcar37 9 dias atrás
2020 bumpin HOT
Jaylen Pollard
Jaylen Pollard 9 dias atrás
2020 anyone?
Vocuhh 9 dias atrás
When you realise your friend can do anything for you.
Dylan Benjamin
Dylan Benjamin 9 dias atrás
Please tell me whose banging this song in 2020👌🙏🏼🎶🤔
Nunu Sixay
Nunu Sixay 9 dias atrás
Best friend
Jordan Morris
Jordan Morris 9 dias atrás
2020 who here
A Ganondorf Main
A Ganondorf Main 10 dias atrás
God I feel old
A1 SMOOK 10 dias atrás
Man this is still one of the hardest beats I ever heard
Supreme Music Selection
CY Writers
CY Writers 10 dias atrás
Still knocks
maxino nani
maxino nani 10 dias atrás
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 10 dias atrás
Steal you can't skirt trap Hey you got mad I A rich nigga hey thugging To the end like aye
Diesel Hayes
Diesel Hayes 10 dias atrás
who here in 2020
Laioung 11 dias atrás
Check my new video out “CHASE THE MONEY” 💰🏃🏾‍♂️💨
allin Dia atrás
Bro you're like kinda known in italy and stuff why are you begging for views in a youtube comment section lol
itsAaronSpeaking 11 dias atrás
Kendrajanaee Powellniblet
Estar he a 🌟 moon denison vs oakcliff dad son venus ♈ 😆 mone 🃏 aj 🎶 🌙 crips against bloods night mercury pluto childhood friend madre bipolar madre fine 👑 midget 👶 mama promise mars χ ron rahu con ustedes +12144551055 +12144556715 +19034217503
FULD DAKKE DAK 11 dias atrás
Dreamcars Daily old as gallardo haha
Ian Getto El nene de tu barrio
God bless him doing the good 🎶🎶👟
Shooda Wyman
Shooda Wyman 11 dias atrás
lay that bih down like less do it
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