Young Ronaldinho Substituted and Changed The Game !!!

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Ronaldinho vs Australian Socceroos - 1999
Goal + Assist

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25 Mai 2020



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Ronaldinho vs Australian Socceroos - 1999
Malek Sarray
The most beautiful thing about him is that he is extremely humble, all he wanted to do was to enjoy himself and let people around him enjoy...he didn't play like that to show off it was so natural and perfect...Ronalidnho the joy of football.
Til this day, I still see him to be the most gifted and talented player to ever play the game. Had he taken the career aspect more seriously he'd be unmatched. But that's part of what made him such a special player and person, he enjoyed it. I felt lucky and was very privileged to watch him develop and play. Absolute artist.
Eric Gisore
Ronaldinho is, to me, the GOAT. This man made the ball obey him. The most gifted and electrifying man to even touch a ball. The world will never see a man close to his qualities
Julius Sidete
If you didn't enjoy Ronaldhino, you didn't enjoy football. He was the greatest player of all time his skills were stupendous
The ball is just a part of his body... No one can control the ball like this Legend..🔥
AR Gallardo
Let's remember, when Messi arrived for first time to Barsa and was confused about how he should play one of the biggest international teams. Ronaldinho told him: Play the kind of football that you enjoy playing. Play as you played in the street when you were a kid.
Yute Hube
Ronaldinho was simply incredible. One of the best players I have ever seen. The goal I remember most was the one against Chelsea (for Barca, Champions League 2005). I saw it live and was just flabbergasted/speechless.
Sebs The Servant
The only player who is the best footballer in the world after retirement !
Kindness Ogedegbe
His style of play was so exciting to watch, his body movements and how he ran. This man actually made me fall in love with football.
Abebe Desta
The most skillful player I ever see in my time.
Tom S
He always had a smile. I remember when he got a red card. No attack on the judge or swearing or any anger. Just his normal big smile. Cause that red card was accurate and he knew it.
Daniel Aboh
I just can't get enough of this player. Amazing chip for the second goal just world class at his young age 👏
Chema Jiménez
Denilson 😍 cuanto te queremos en Sevilla!!! Ronaldinho es como si pudieses meter toda la alegría que sienten los niños de todo el mundo cuando juegan al fútbol y la convirtieras en un futbolista. Ronaldinho es MAGIA.
Godspower Ikponmwen
He's my greatest ever. I became interested in watching football because of him. How will I ever forget such a legend. I am so privilege to watch him, during his playing days...
Seeing Alex de Souza and Ronaldinho side by side... That gave me goosebumps, i miss watching both of them so much.
mylico FF
Simplesmente o Brasil jogando essa partida como se estivesse no modo ⭐⭐⭐ três estrelas
A player with zero haters ❤️
John Doe
As a Real Madrid fan I could never hate this guy, in fact the opposite, it was a joy to watch him play. Even with all the galacticos, for me he was always the best player in the world.
Jack Brennan
Back when the Socceroos could field a quality team. Amazing how far they fell after their “Golden Generation” retired in 2007
Legendary Trash Talk
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