Young Dolph, Snupe Bandz, PaperRoute Woo - Nothing To Me (Official Video)

Young Dolph
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Listen to the single "Nothing To Me". Out now!

Official Video by Young Dolph, Snupe Bandz & PaperRoute Woo - Nothing To Me © 2021 Paper Route EMPIRE

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16 Jun 2021



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Comentários 1 463
Addam OConnor
Addam OConnor 6 horas atrás
Dolph is my favorite rapper. Definitely one of the best if not the best in my eyes
juanito Dia atrás
that nigga woo just slid on this btich so crazy
2TRILL4TV.COM 2 dias atrás
Brice Korinek
Brice Korinek 2 dias atrás
Come on now Dolph you know you ain't busted at shit so just stop it
Gustavo Barcelo
Gustavo Barcelo 3 dias atrás
Youngkutta 3 dias atrás
🔥 af let’s go...
נתי ג׳ו
נתי ג׳ו 3 dias atrás
Sir SwayZee
Sir SwayZee 4 dias atrás
This shit crazy!!
Popop 757
Popop 757 6 dias atrás
Like dat nigga paperroutewoo
R Smith
R Smith 6 dias atrás
We got everybody throwing 4z 🐝
Poofer the Puffin
Poofer the Puffin 6 dias atrás
all these rappers out here all trying to sound like DaBaby is so stupid yall need to find your own damn wave stop flow jackin you lil goofy ass clowns.
M M 6 dias atrás
Danarius Sykes
Danarius Sykes 7 dias atrás
BIG JON JON 7 dias atrás
Alfonz Reizenburg
Alfonz Reizenburg 7 dias atrás
Dolph done snapped on this one🔥🔥👌🏾
Rendon Auzenne
Rendon Auzenne 7 dias atrás
Dolph was number 1 , independent and a baller till he gave in a became a follower and gave his shit to the devil . You fucked up dolph
WakeZox 8 dias atrás
Really sold his soul🤦🏾‍♂️
7ev Muzik
7ev Muzik 8 dias atrás
woo went in
Gene Alfred
Gene Alfred 8 dias atrás
Jay Berto
Jay Berto 8 dias atrás
That money is prop or not hmmmm
Grand Recordz
Grand Recordz 9 dias atrás
King Ghost
King Ghost 9 dias atrás
This shit go stupid!!! 🔥🔥🔥 YEEEE!!!
Savii Sports
Savii Sports 10 dias atrás
Dumb Slap
BillIe Boy G
BillIe Boy G 10 dias atrás💲🎯📈
James Jones
James Jones 11 dias atrás
Stupid ass neighbors ain't fucking wid me lol 🧯
Andre Milbry
Andre Milbry 12 dias atrás
PRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐬
Terrance Goldsborough
Terrance Goldsborough 12 dias atrás
Carolina Kingpin
Carolina Kingpin 14 dias atrás
Mom: Go outside and play with the other kids Dolph: These niggas ain’t fuckin wit me !!!
Grace LaFromboise
Grace LaFromboise 14 dias atrás
Look out dolf this T-real out of Monroe la.and I got these cuzin that rap,but they here twist I'm getting at they both cold with it both they don't wanna rap well one of them will trust me one this the swag if I can just get you take a chance and some how fuck with me
trevor wessol
trevor wessol 14 dias atrás
i wana pay for concert
heyjuly92 15 dias atrás
Fire. And Bandplay is fire. ❤️
Damon Weathers
Damon Weathers 15 dias atrás
Been rolling with dolph since the underground he need to come to Ft worth or Dallas !!!
bleach 15 dias atrás
they wanna dig they own grave today
bleach 15 dias atrás
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
bleach 15 dias atrás
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
Bill Derrick
Bill Derrick 15 dias atrás
Let the band play..Dolph the Don
Lowkey Drew
Lowkey Drew 15 dias atrás
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
bleach 16 dias atrás
Frank 100
bleach 16 dias atrás
get em just to bring me 8 million dollars 🇦🇶🤣
bleach 16 dias atrás
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
bleach 16 dias atrás
get the lawyers
Brandon White
Brandon White 16 dias atrás
Dolph swimmin on the beat...🐬🐬🐬🛑🧢💪💪🐬🐬🐬💸💸📈📈
bleach 16 dias atrás
church music
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
A5 16 dias atrás
This shit hard Glock ✍🏾
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
jbmp1390 16 dias atrás
I swear Dolph one of the realest in the game man. He's been one of the hardest rappers out the South for YEARS now and he's dropped so much incredible music, but he always has his own style and sound. And now he's developing his own artists on some big boss level type shit. Dolph is gonna be remembered as one of the dopest in the game, he's following the footsteps of people like Jay Z, Three Six, Snoop, the list goes on. My point is that he's a legend and he's gonna be remembered as one of the most important talents in Hip Hop of all time. Let's remember to give him his flowers while he's HERE💯
da chica
da chica 16 dias atrás
Get your lawyers together they unsubscribing followers for PRE
Yamil Hare
Yamil Hare 17 dias atrás
Bro you n key got wack af.... John cena? 🤦🏽‍♂️💩
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
Alberto L
Alberto L 17 dias atrás
Key Glock was missing.. But still 🔥🔥🔥
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 18 dias atrás
So I’m not her but she tells me a lot about her childhood often I continue to convince her she made the memory up to protect her not condition her
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 18 dias atrás
You never know what life will hit u with. I was working so hard And such a sweet fun person. I didn’t grow up around such sneaky people. I was never judge mental too nice more helpful u told me I needed to say no more to people. I remember that. Damn. They wanted to teach me a lesson for being who she is or was I don’t even know if she is alive cause I’m the new her now and we don’t like each other anyway.
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 18 dias atrás
Always had money conversation I was like college.... u said fuck that. ;) I still went... had to say fuck that too
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 15 dias atrás
See he wants to scare me
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 15 dias atrás
I cant watch this cause it’s just a trigger. Damn... no one in the world loves me. I loved so much but never got it back. It’s the hardest pain to bare but I can’t wait o be pain free
Lord Sign
Lord Sign 15 dias atrás
Kristen Carson
Kristen Carson 18 dias atrás
Still another big brother to me.
Jeffery Haley
Jeffery Haley 18 dias atrás
The beat sounds like 21 Bank Acct slowed down
wiz sharif
wiz sharif 18 dias atrás
Dolph is built different. Dawg needs his respect
S T 18 dias atrás
Even after all the newest hottest shii the entire PRE Fam been droppin.. ya boi still ready n need a new Dolph ablum ayee ayee!!
Natural Alisa Crafts & IDBL
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
business king Pin
business king Pin 18 dias atrás
187 Brooklyn
aq aq
aq aq 19 dias atrás
Justin Rode
Justin Rode 19 dias atrás
Ain't sayin he don't miss but he sure does hit alot of home runs
Gene Alfred
Gene Alfred 18 dias atrás
C Leeroy2k
C Leeroy2k 19 dias atrás
Snupe Bandz Need More Shine He Hard Asf No Cap 🔥🔥🔥
C Leeroy2k
C Leeroy2k 14 dias atrás
@Gene Alfred can't wait
Gene Alfred
Gene Alfred 18 dias atrás
His album on the way
Dolph is the best out of Memphis period someone tell me when he ever put out weak shit??? I worry I’ll wait lol he is the best from his section can’t deny that
King James Mayo
King James Mayo 19 dias atrás
🔥 🔥 🔥
Black Royal MG
Black Royal MG 19 dias atrás
Paper Route Woo aint it on this one.....
east_coast_ceo 19 dias atrás
Anyone see that Polo G and Fredo Bang mix straight 🔥
Jerod Phinney-Roland
Jerod Phinney-Roland 19 dias atrás
Dolph got me in my bag right now as I’m typing this 💰
EnigMa AGODAMi 20 dias atrás
😒 *ReaL iMaGiNaTiVe hooK you had on heRe.! BuT on anoTheR noTe PapeRRouTe Woo muRdeRed boTh oF theM on this unMeMoRabLe sonG.!!* 💯
bleach 20 dias atrás
Inlovewitstarr Tv
Inlovewitstarr Tv 20 dias atrás
Sound just like my brother song
Boo 20 dias atrás
King Dubie
King Dubie 20 dias atrás
Fire dolph 🐬 💯
Rasheem Foster
Rasheem Foster 20 dias atrás
midwestRacingTv 21 dia atrás
Hood classic
Brandon White
Brandon White 21 dia atrás
Another one like the other ones.... out the park....
Papi Mauri
Papi Mauri 21 dia atrás
Dolph the only real trapper since Nipsey Hussle
Papi Mauri
Papi Mauri 21 dia atrás
Dolph my nigga you be bumping in the streets of LA my g wish I can meet you can hope out the double R with fat ass blunt
young blizzy
young blizzy 21 dia atrás
Dat shit stupid 🔥
Geovanny Gonzalez
Geovanny Gonzalez 21 dia atrás
Hey. Whatever.i.say. parade. Hits Gatorade. Wat day. Who say. Daly. I. Fucking. Ray. I sell that snow like. Like sting ray hit u. Come l
Geovanny Gonzalez
Geovanny Gonzalez 21 dia atrás
Hey yo. figaz. Making. Bank. Transporting in tank. No1 .tha rank. Farmink my clothing not a thing. Can u wing.
Thomas Oropeza
Thomas Oropeza 21 dia atrás
Hi 5
mrtrevor12127 21 dia atrás
Know that airplane was rocking, pilot prob shaking
TYMO BENZ 22 dias atrás
Snupe Bandz is pichon
Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson 22 dias atrás
00. .
Sudath de Groot
Sudath de Groot 22 dias atrás
John Doe
John Doe 23 dias atrás
San Angelo, Texas here 🍾🍾🍾 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Royal Visions
Royal Visions 23 dias atrás
Hard 100
Tim 33
Tim 33 23 dias atrás
This beat sounds similar to that 21 Savage song, I can't remember which one though
dyblifestyle 23 dias atrás
This shit too hard. #305
ShaloneC13 23 dias atrás
Yea Snupe Bandz hard 🤧
ShaloneC13 23 dias atrás
Shoulda threw Glock on dis too foo 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥
Kнαямα Ðσll
Kнαямα Ðσll 23 dias atrás
King of south
Evan _
Evan _ 24 dias atrás
Paper route frank
c . p.
c . p. 24 dias atrás
Gary Gooden
Gary Gooden 24 dias atrás
Hmm ? This is absolute crap. So you are on a commercial private jet dancing on the wings with the plane on the ground and then trying to offer liquor to the pilots (who obviously can't drink while flying), so you are messing with their livelihood and then include them in a nonsense video clearly without consent. :(
Da Mindsetta
Da Mindsetta 24 dias atrás
Poe Up. But sleep. 🔥. Brody. 🤘🏾
Coach Hustle
Coach Hustle 25 dias atrás
The dopest part is the Dolph is one hell of a business man. Using what you use to transport you to shoot the video. 2 for 1 Genius.
Gene Alfred
Gene Alfred 25 dias atrás
Independent shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🏃🏾‍♂️🆙🌪🗣🐐🐬pre album on the way
Taylor Hood
Taylor Hood 25 dias atrás
Love u tf this my nigga period 😍😌
Benjamin M.V.
Benjamin M.V. 25 dias atrás
He was offering the pilot some!!👌👌👌
DaVinci Green
DaVinci Green 26 dias atrás
Dolph went hard on the verse and hook... Sick AF
Mike Tabbi
Mike Tabbi 26 dias atrás
Great jam
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador 26 dias atrás
This nigha hard 🔥🔥
Haven O'Brien
Haven O'Brien 26 dias atrás
Shit hard asf idc idccccccc
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