Young Dolph - Major (Official Music Video) ft. Key Glock

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Download the single, "MAJOR". Out Now!
Music video by Young Dolph feat. Key Glock performing Major (Official Video). © 2018 Paper Route Empire
#YoungDolph #Major #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #KeyGlock


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31 Ago 2018



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Comentários 7 534
im not here anymore
im not here anymore 21 minuto atrás
Sold a 100 lbs and Sent 10 % to the pastor 💸🧱⛪
Jonathan Zepeda
Jonathan Zepeda 57 minutos atrás
Lmfao last night in denver free chips! Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa
Z R 14 horas atrás
Dolph pulled off that leopard no lie
Am Cok
Am Cok 22 horas atrás
Dolph your videos Have the funniest comedy a real treat to watch -Ayyye silver back turtle 🔥🔥🌇
Shon De'Niro Don
Shon De'Niro Don Dia atrás
He ain have to cook yah like dat Bruh hahaha 😆💀that nigga grove crazy
asKf432 2 dias atrás
amazing song!! Real SLAPPER
Kidd keo Kain
Kidd keo Kain 5 dias atrás
Sub Español??🇲🇽💜
money_man_a_ 7 dias atrás
That's major
alex jasper
alex jasper 8 dias atrás
Seriously how the fuck is there a ho Gotti ad for this song. I'm calling the fuckin cops
GMB Money
GMB Money 8 dias atrás
Lmao the part when he walked out an saw the whip started talkin more shit 😂😂
Jeffery Yearby
Jeffery Yearby 10 dias atrás
That Camoflouge Wrap insane on all his Cars in the Major Music Video
Jack Maville
Jack Maville 11 dias atrás
1:37 is dat fluffy man
Chadric Robertson
Chadric Robertson 11 dias atrás
Paid ties off yea yea,,,DOLPH
Christian Robinson
Christian Robinson 12 dias atrás
“All my old bitches feelin saltyyyyyyy yeah yeah “🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
Curtis Oti
Curtis Oti 14 dias atrás
How do yous like this crap🤔😂 love my rap/hip hop n rnb USA set the bar with this shit now it's just shit
Curtis Oti
Curtis Oti 14 dias atrás
Brahh yous all rap the same mumble rap sounds like your just talking 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ farkken rubbish
Savage Steve413
Savage Steve413 14 dias atrás
Swear Dolph and Moneybagg yo are the same person
4KT LEAKY 15 dias atrás
Soo this where @funnycam got this roasting part in his song.
Ilia Io
Ilia Io 15 dias atrás
Why does this sound like Rover from Blocboy jb at the beginning?! 1:40
DaXsツ 11 dias atrás
Ilia Io its just because of the beat
MAKK MAYNE 15 dias atrás
Car got day i got a Benz #Truestory Keep climbing up the ladder..they mad mak3em madder 💯💯💯🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿
Dee Redan
Dee Redan 15 dias atrás
Dolph stole my song!! Type in Dee Redan “ juice “ !! My song came out a year before his song “juicy”!! I promise I’m not clout chasing ‼️✅✅
Chadric Robertson
Chadric Robertson 15 dias atrás
IF A braud with me,,Dolph want her,,,she gotta go,,,YOURS TOO😱😱😱...ITS DOLFFFFFF!!!!!!
Chadric Robertson
Chadric Robertson 15 dias atrás
KN W 16 dias atrás
I don't even know which part to talk about 😂😂 he WAY UP THERE though 😝
brockjms1 16 dias atrás
"Free Chips"
FBI 16 dias atrás
Bruh the cars are fucking perfect
Nick Daddysouag
Nick Daddysouag 16 dias atrás
vzpza 17 dias atrás
my barber showed me this song
Brandy Crystal
Brandy Crystal 17 dias atrás
😭😭why he was cooking dolph in the beginning!!! Those who believe Yound Dolph is better than Lil Pump while Lil Pump went viral using *AUTHENT!C* *V!EWS* *D0T* *C0M*
Victor Diaz De Leon
Victor Diaz De Leon 19 dias atrás
I only come to watch Dolph get roasted 🤣🤣
Christine Noyes
Christine Noyes 21 dia atrás
There's only one who can make dirt into ur favorite chocolate diamond! Last King!
Harrison Jackson
Harrison Jackson 21 dia atrás
To still be living,healthy in my right mind in a evil world in 2020!! That's MAJOR!!🙏🙏..blessed😏
Harrison Jackson
Harrison Jackson 21 dia atrás
2020 ..that's major!!
grayson kirby
grayson kirby 21 dia atrás
@YoungDolph yo katie noel copy cat your car on this song and the scene in her music video camo challenger other rappers to fake to make they own shit gotta steal from the King a Memphis PRE fo life
grayson kirby
grayson kirby 21 dia atrás
Her song called deal with it
Equabolt 22 dias atrás
Miami Mike
Miami Mike 22 dias atrás
I'm 42 years old and white and from the West coast and I bump the shit out of young Dolph ... Hi is music is the truth ...that's major
Eesa Mohhamed
Eesa Mohhamed 23 dias atrás
DatGooz 23 dias atrás
Who was brought here by the twerking soldier girl get this to 1000 likes
Anthony Mills
Anthony Mills 25 dias atrás
Much love to ya Dolph you change the game up and if you would check out my boy Freeza Boy he go wild on that mic
Svn Yea
Svn Yea 25 dias atrás
The beginning was a just a tumor. Songs not very impressive either
Geng Geng
Geng Geng 26 dias atrás
He said. Alligator Skin eating ass nigga..lmao
tonya jay
tonya jay 27 dias atrás
Dolph looks like Jerrod Carmichael
foxredimpala 29 dias atrás
Twinz 🤞🏾
Tyler Frosst
Tyler Frosst Mês atrás
You can't really appreciate Young Dolph's music if you don't have good speakers. #Amazin
theycallmeken Mês atrás
Didn't even notice that hand until now 😂
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams Mês atrás
You coming from point too Point five me and aye Do we have some more Cran blunted apple in this
spustise Mês atrás
@Young Dolph ive been listening to your music since moxtape days and i gotta say this is my favorite. goes so hard inlisten to it for inspirati9n
Milton K
Milton K Mês atrás
ffreeee cchhiippssss
BoluBalla Mês atrás
I need dolph and glock to stop rapping independently and to start rapping as a duo. I wish they both were like how suicideboys or rae sremmurd,you know as a group cuz they are 2 fire🔥🔥🔥. They can cause global warming and I'll be fine with it 💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌
david estrada
david estrada Mês atrás
Key block fucked up the song tbh..
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell Mês atrás
Bruh Dolph and Nip was the same person when it comes to the motivation, get money and stunt shit!
SHAZ TX Mês atrás
The intro
vzpza Mês atrás
my barber showed me this song
Johnny Slade
Johnny Slade Mês atrás
"Sold a 100 pounds, gave 10% to my pastor". = good carma
Renee Lemke
Renee Lemke Mês atrás
She ain't never listened to Insane Clown Posse. She wouldnt like it.
Zion Almaria
Zion Almaria Mês atrás
Free chiiiippps🤣
Jeffery Yearby
Jeffery Yearby Mês atrás
Datt Camo Wrap is hard on Young Dolph car's
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker Mês atrás
They mad? Make em madder ☝️
Blaze Mês atrás
WidmoCiała Mês atrás
Jenuary 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥
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