Young Dolph - Juicy (Official Video)

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From the album "Dum and Dummer". Out now!
#YoungDolph #Juicy #DumAndDummer
Official music video by Young Dolph performing "Juicy" (Official Video) © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE


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7 Jan 2020



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Comentários 1 998
SDE Byrd
SDE Byrd 23 horas atrás
Dude with the lil arm can hoop like fuck he from Memphis
Ghetto baby Jimmie jane
Song starts @ 1:57
ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou
Songs Called "Big Booty Judy" bruh Change my mind
SmallBikeMike 3 dias atrás
im just saying on the ae86 !! fire doph with the drifter pack
Stuart Little
Stuart Little 3 dias atrás
Shit sounding hard , I’m in Mexico City right *now getting Litt to this joint my Niggaaa* 🇲🇽🤘🏾
Dustin j
Dustin j 3 dias atrás
Sht slapping no kap
Natethegreat 3 dias atrás
I thought it was haha Davis lol
Tk Ross
Tk Ross 3 dias atrás
My nigha Mario out here doing it big 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Alex Kettinger
Alex Kettinger 4 dias atrás
I wish dolph would let me ride with him for a day 😂
Jermaine L Shaw
Jermaine L Shaw 4 dias atrás
Fwm dolph.....
azhash 5 dias atrás
Why does the taxis and the fire on it looks soooooooooooooooooo much like the gta 4 taxis and fire... hmmm
money_man_a_ 6 dias atrás
6 DEEP 6 dias atrás
D Will
D Will 7 dias atrás
Is det da same dude that was roasting him at da store ?
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 4 dias atrás
D Will look like it
Chad Huggins
Chad Huggins 7 dias atrás
Karina P
Karina P 7 dias atrás
Doja cat who
N.W.A. 7 dias atrás
Who's the girl at 3:15?
Chick-n-Tater Melt
Chick-n-Tater Melt 7 dias atrás
This the cat from major lol edit: he could act tho
WeirdassNigga 7 dias atrás
The way he says whyyy at 0:13 🤓😂😂
ForFearItself 7 dias atrás
his name is Adolf lmao
Royal Royal
Royal Royal 9 dias atrás
Ruben Ambriz Marquez
Ruben Ambriz Marquez 9 dias atrás
I just saw the ass of the ae86 trueno lol
Swift Musicz
Swift Musicz 10 dias atrás
We slamming shi this 2020 I'm SwiftMusicZ and I got real Trap Music Beats
T.K Jenkins
T.K Jenkins 10 dias atrás
Video was ok!!! I would have recreated Nelly's tip drill video!!!! Str8 strip club anthem!!!
Ali Alnaseri
Ali Alnaseri 11 dias atrás
Cool song 3 star
Mr Murray
Mr Murray 11 dias atrás
EURK 11 dias atrás
SANDINISTA !!!!!!! 12 dias atrás
baseem carroll
baseem carroll 12 dias atrás
This video along with the water on water and the by mistake remix video solidifies dolph as having the best videos in trap rap.
Kwame kwame
Kwame kwame 13 dias atrás
I plead guilty i killed that P*** your honor
Kwame kwame
Kwame kwame 13 dias atrás
I plead guilty i killed that P*** your honor
Amber Woodby
Amber Woodby 13 dias atrás
MCortezE🐉 14 dias atrás
This that club DOLPH flow! Shit SLAAAPPPPPP! Juicy! 🍑
Ray Booze
Ray Booze 14 dias atrás
Flow sound close to Gucci 911 emergency
Dee Redan
Dee Redan 14 dias atrás
Dolph stole my song!! Type in Dee Redan “ juice “ !! My song came out a year before his song “juicy”!! I promise I’m not clout chasing ‼️✅✅
Dee Redan
Dee Redan 14 dias atrás
Dolph stole my song!! Type in Dee Redan “ juice “ !! My song came out a year before his song “juicy”!! I promise I’m not clout chasing ‼️✅✅
Ralph Moore
Ralph Moore 15 dias atrás
Bro I'm so undiscovered
trillest kf
trillest kf 15 dias atrás
dOnT bE tHe gUy oN tHe bEnCh, fOucs oN tHe bAg AnD nOt eMotiOns aLL 2020💯
star fox
star fox 16 dias atrás
Boy got the 86 he dont need a bitch.
David A
David A 16 dias atrás
your killin me bae
Jamie 16 dias atrás
Ifw dolph
Marvin Seals
Marvin Seals 17 dias atrás
Nina 9 aka Alana put me on this song
Mi Chele
Mi Chele 17 dias atrás
What the hell is this garbage????
David Hoard
David Hoard 17 dias atrás
🐀 rating 🐀 Dolph
Kaitlyn Harwood
Kaitlyn Harwood 19 dias atrás
I love this video and song so much yasss
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 19 dias atrás
Choppa on the couch and what's poppin those are my shit!!!! High class street music 4 his dopest sh!+ deadass!
toya babi
toya babi 19 dias atrás
sup dolph its me kira cuzen
Omuzi Rodney
Omuzi Rodney 19 dias atrás
Ban Yahawadah
Ban Yahawadah 20 dias atrás
The guy on the bench biting SLIMEBALL MK !!!
KozyXZoe TV
KozyXZoe TV 20 dias atrás
Flipper don't never disappoint🔥🎬
Danny sauce mane
Danny sauce mane 20 dias atrás
Erbody looking at the girls I'm looking at that 86 *\0/*
anthonydrill119 21 dia atrás
Has a project Pat flow to it, I like it!!
nehem firesauce
nehem firesauce 21 dia atrás
Why does money bagg sound like him
nehem firesauce
nehem firesauce 17 dias atrás
Yes he does
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran 17 dias atrás
He doesn't lol
Aaron Abrahamer
Aaron Abrahamer 22 dias atrás
Juicy womens rockin' juicy linens, Juicy jewels worn by juicy jews. Juicy paperclip chains, Juicy motorbike gangs. Juicy flesh lights, Juicy dust mites, Juicy loves & juicy hates Juicy pills & juicy crepes. Thank you & have a juicy day!
Dejuan Oneal
Dejuan Oneal 22 dias atrás
Jiggz James
Jiggz James 22 dias atrás
Real Recognize Real... Dolph sitting on that classic AE86
Jr James
Jr James 22 dias atrás
Bro Navajo Nation AZ Rez got u lol even in Phoenix AZ lok
Prince Big YOG - First Tru King
It's Dolph
Shotby City
Shotby City 23 dias atrás
These visuals are fucking perfect
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