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Jim Kwik Shares how to never be lazy again. STOP DOING THIS IN THE MORNING!
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21 Mar 2019



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Comentários 8 740
Be Inspired
Be Inspired 2 anos atrás
Jeff yniguez
Jeff yniguez 13 dias atrás
Brad Asbury
Brad Asbury 19 dias atrás
@JM 23 the theme song from Halloween 😂
Jaiden Arias
Jaiden Arias 22 dias atrás
Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!
Y. 28 dias atrás
Feiry Noerlita
Feiry Noerlita Mês atrás
Now i know what the different between the thermometer and the thermostat. Suddenly my son said it was in the Spongebob 🤭
NJC Dia atrás
How does Michael Jackson know Joe Biden is the president?
Emon Maitra
Emon Maitra 2 dias atrás
Congratulations! if you watched the video then you were in Alpha State .
tadzik713 5 dias atrás
"Average person opsens up instagram 150 times a day" Who tf does that? If you're awake for 18 hours, it means opening instagram every 7 minutes and that's AVERAGE, so there are people who do it more often???
iOS_ VENOM 5 dias atrás
Does anyone know the name of that music used in the start throughout the cideo
george onwugbufor
george onwugbufor 7 dias atrás
10minutes and it's basically storytelling😢
Edward God’s son
Edward God’s son 7 dias atrás
in a few months or no time people we definitely be kicking themselves regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency
Melissa Carroll
Melissa Carroll 7 dias atrás
when someone is straight forward and good at what he does people will always speak for them due to the nice work they kept on doing for people
karina Rendon
karina Rendon 7 dias atrás
most people stay poor only because they got discouraged by friend's and relatives who stopped them against investing and trading crypto currency while the wise ones kept on investing in cryptocurrency and growing higher financially
Richard Duinmaijer
Richard Duinmaijer 7 dias atrás
People aren't in trance they just choose to ignore others
George Tashjian
George Tashjian 7 dias atrás
The spotless regret spontaneously intend because james fortuitously save abaft a pink denim. vacuous, sore century
Hussain Zaid
Hussain Zaid 7 dias atrás
Just pray fajr prayer
george georg
george georg 7 dias atrás
the thermometre and thermostat example was absolutely genius and so true
Dison Ëláñgbãm
Dison Ëláñgbãm 7 dias atrás
I realised 😭
Creative Kids
Creative Kids 8 dias atrás
Hmm watching this right after waking up. Think I’ll switch off my phone now.
brn_ hrd
brn_ hrd 8 dias atrás
such an inspiring person ❤️
player0wning 8 dias atrás
I started losing interest after like 50 seconds in 😂 sorry
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 8 dias atrás
The average person doesn’t open insta 150 times a day
Ryan T
Ryan T 8 dias atrás
How do we get this guy on the joe rogan experience
encryptor 9 dias atrás
I really dont touch my phone much. Im also still super lazy. Im so lazy that I dont even touch my phone.
Tobias Steffens
Tobias Steffens 9 dias atrás
Gonna watch this later
Dr. O
Dr. O 10 dias atrás
I didn’t have Instagram but I just signed up now just so I can prove it won’t be the first thing I check in the morning.
Terry Garibaldi
Terry Garibaldi 11 dias atrás
Big Facts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this
piyush kumar
piyush kumar 11 dias atrás
There are no class for how to read faster or how to remember is because if there was such class then we will just follow predefined methods. These are something we should learn on our own like how you have done.
King Karma
King Karma 11 dias atrás
He said three R's: reading, writing, and arithmetic 😂😂😂📖😭🤣
Troy David Cook
Troy David Cook 10 dias atrás
Taught "three hours"
Cowllum 11 dias atrás
hunny 11 dias atrás
The gist of it is: 1. Don't use your phone first thing in the morning 2. Meditate
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma 11 dias atrás
Krodence 11 dias atrás
Remember this is a Motivational video meaning if you’re feeling motivated your just all talk but those who take the motivation and Turns it into Discipline means you’ve taken action. Successful people are not those who are motivated but those who work to be Disciplined. Ps: I’m still working on being disciplined as well so you’re not alone 😭
Ivan f
Ivan f 12 dias atrás
10 minutes to suggest not looking at your phone right after you wake up.. I don't see the usability in those motivational videos...
snorlax 12 dias atrás
im too lazy to watch this video
jonathan Grieves
jonathan Grieves 12 dias atrás
*wakes up* *watches video on how not to be lazy on my phone* *falls back to sleep and is late for work*
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown 12 dias atrás
in a few months or no time people we definitely be kicking themselves regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.
Bruna Borges
Bruna Borges 6 dias atrás
WTF are these comments??? 🤣🤣🤣
nfsdude0125 9 dias atrás
@Brandon Bessenyei dude right lmao, do they actually think this shit works?
Brandon Bessenyei
Brandon Bessenyei 12 dias atrás
@Jared Honus Ankrom Dude look at all these bot replies... It's like a WHOLE family tree of Bots. Everyone saying this "James Lucas" like hes the God of cryptocurrency.
Jared Honus Ankrom
Jared Honus Ankrom 12 dias atrás
Emily Steve
Emily Steve 12 dias atrás
most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them investing and trading forex while the wise one's kept investing and growing higher financially.
Azametsi Mensah
Azametsi Mensah 12 dias atrás
This man is a blessing to humanity.
Fahd Ben Messaoud
Fahd Ben Messaoud 13 dias atrás
Inspiring! Great techniques.
Hillary Page
Hillary Page 13 dias atrás
*I was having some trouble recently calming **** the voices in my mind during my morning meditation. him has a wonderful Scottish accent and a very calming voice. Thanks to his meditation CD's I have gotten back on track and feel a big difference in my meditation practice.*
Odell S
Odell S 13 dias atrás
I think it depends on what you’re doing on your phone
Fishstix 13 dias atrás
I’m watching this while in the bathroom instead of Instagram 👍🏽
Caroline C
Caroline C 13 dias atrás
Visualize your dream life. In that life, what do you do? Whatever you see yourself doing in your dream life, start adopting those things for your life now.
Captain's LogC
Captain's LogC 13 dias atrás
Be inspired
Guerson Joseph
Guerson Joseph 13 dias atrás
I wish I'd discovered this ten years before.
S A N C H I T 13 dias atrás
"taking nouns and turning into verbs" It is a deep line with great meaning.
Arun Kranthi
Arun Kranthi 13 dias atrás
Yes , genius leaves clues..whoever focus on that clues they will be definitely successful
Lidio Braimllari
Lidio Braimllari 13 dias atrás
all brainwashed watch tv
OG Olly
OG Olly 13 dias atrás
Wow great listenning thanks
D.O.T. Marceo
D.O.T. Marceo 13 dias atrás
Great advice.
J 14 dias atrás
now all i gotta do is remember this video 48 hours from now
Blacklyon Dreams
Blacklyon Dreams 14 dias atrás
If your masterbate when you wake up and scream money you'll be in the money mind state if you pick your nose after fingering your but whole,,, trust me it works it puts you in a alpha mega state
Aron Moon
Aron Moon 14 dias atrás
Talking a lot but saying nothing... Hmm, for me personally it doesn't help
zmanzcw 14 dias atrás
XD the start of this video said the average person opens instagram 150 times a day... I don't have instagram.
Shawn Hollahan
Shawn Hollahan 14 dias atrás
Brian rose is a con man - beware - great info in this post but never ever give Brian money
kurd product
kurd product 14 dias atrás
This is straight bull$hit 😂
Hayden 15 dias atrás
I can’t be the only one that struggles to get to sleep without watching BRvid or Netflix it always confuses me when people bring up that point about blue light in the screens akin it harder for you to get to sleep because it doesn’t affect e if anything it makes sleeping easier for me
Julien Myst
Julien Myst 15 dias atrás
If you research his stats you can't find them anywhere. He makes them all up.
Michael Dufoe
Michael Dufoe 15 dias atrás
"The average person opens Instagram 150 times per day" - this is a completely made-up statistic. Not only does it sound like bullshit, it actually is. Can't find this data anywhere. The only real statistic I've found on this is '63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day, and 42% open the app multiple times within the same day.' Meaning the average INSTAGRAM USER (not entire population like this guy claims) uses it only ONCE per day. Less than half of users open it multiple times per day, and I doubt it's 150 times..
himanshi 15 dias atrás
Jesse Aryee
Jesse Aryee 15 dias atrás
Where from these stats man? 150 times daily? That person probably has no life
Imani Thomas
Imani Thomas 16 dias atrás
"there's a process for doing focus" okay whats the process? tell us.
N M 16 dias atrás
"i don't look at screen cuz it has screen" world at 2021: online class/office corona: lmao
Nimyron 16 dias atrás
Cool and all but 10 min vid to say "don't touch your phone when you wake up" is a bit much
David Simms
David Simms 16 dias atrás
'Trust yourself as the expert and not somebody else'. When I don't know something my instinct is to immediately head to google instead of trust in myself to work it out. My brain tells me I need to be efficient as possible, but unfortunately, that means finding answers online rather than trust in my own intuition. I should really put my phone down and live a little more.
dankscythe ok
dankscythe ok 16 dias atrás
I totally agree with this because one person early can turn my day around. But i push threw and make my day nice. Every1 should realize 99% of people always have something negative to say. They r just saying it. Dont take it to heart. Its just a hurdle u have to jump but not to make others happy. But to help urself
Joseph Gagaridis
Joseph Gagaridis 16 dias atrás
Well said
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy 16 dias atrás
Never watch a clickbait shit video. Got it.
Wyatt.J 16 dias atrás
I'm too tired to listen to this rn
Aryeh ofstein
Aryeh ofstein 16 dias atrás
לייק אם ראיתם את ירושלים
Tristan Vermeulen
Tristan Vermeulen 16 dias atrás
No truly lazy person will watch a 10 minute video, is there a 60 second version?
wiel pro
wiel pro 17 dias atrás
Why is coronavirus variants named after these waves at the moment; alpha, beta, delta, gamma, theta..?
Renegade Willow
Renegade Willow 17 dias atrás
Step 1.dont watch pointless youtube videos
tNuOcCaFrUmS 17 dias atrás
too bad i forgot 80% of what he said.
i candy
i candy 17 dias atrás
This is true. Since the lockdown last year i realized i have accomplished more when i open my phone in the afternoon. Compare to when i open it first thing in the morning.
i candy
i candy 17 dias atrás
Who opens their instagram 50 times a day? That is not normal😐
Same Thing
Same Thing 17 dias atrás
Millie Lender
Millie Lender 17 dias atrás
I’m trying to stop procrastination and focus on school, cut off toxic friends, be more productive and do more things, keep family close, be more free, become happy, get out of anxiety, stop thinking I am ugly.
David Anthony
David Anthony 17 dias atrás
i am too lazy to watch a 10 minute video
86niisan8686 17 dias atrás
im glad i dont give a fuck about my phone unless im trying to read a news article in the bathroom or when im checking sports news twice a day or when i pick up one or two private phonecalls a day MAX. someone that walks around HIS OWN HOUSE with a cellphone in HAND or IN POCKET but checks it everytime it vibrates or beeps is addicted. someone that walks or rides a bike or a motorised vehicle and holds his/her phone or is on a private call 10% or more of their daily travels is addicted. someone at work who doesnt get work calls on his private phone, who checks their phone every beep or vibration is also addicted. someone doing manual labor that grabs his phone 10 or more times just to CHECK stuff or even text friends outside break times is addicted.
thinkwhatsyourlife 18 dias atrás
I thought he was gonna say "a big part of my work is taking showers "
Amritanshu Singh Airy
Amritanshu Singh Airy 18 dias atrás
Let me save you 10 minutes of your life. The useful thing he said in this video was: 1- Make some goals for the next day before you go to sleep, preferably 3 to 6 goals. Start with easier ones, but fulfill them positively. 2- Don't touch your phone the next day before at least 1 of those goals is completed. 3- If 2 seems too hard, at the very least, do not touch your phone 1 hour after you wake up.
Ginger Coffee
Ginger Coffee 18 dias atrás
Rubbish guy. When I bathe, i dont think about anything. When the TV is on, I can't even focus on it, and 150x checking Instagram? Lol. Guess he's just talking about himself. I didn't even finish watching the clip.
Reggie Gutierrez
Reggie Gutierrez 18 dias atrás
RIP Betterhelp
Alexey Kuznetsov
Alexey Kuznetsov 18 dias atrás
DallasTechie 18 dias atrás
Mr Kwik, you are the man.
Souxz 18 dias atrás
I'm gonna try not to forget 80% of this video in the next 48 hours
Jane Harris
Jane Harris 18 dias atrás
How can I apply this in my life when I work as youtuber n my tools are laptop and smartphone?
Anthony Huerta
Anthony Huerta 18 dias atrás
Students: “This is true. I won’t open my email in the morning because I don’t want to see the grade my professor gave me. If it’s bad, it might ruin my day.” 💀
Drogenfeld 18 dias atrás
The problem with school is that it's not made to actually teach you anything these days. It just makes you into this supersoldier of regularity, where you aren't anything special.
MaziMax 19 dias atrás
7:20 is that Nathalie from Mat D'Avella?
That Photo Guy
That Photo Guy 19 dias atrás
"You will never be lazy again." Challenge accepted
Ryan Greenwood
Ryan Greenwood 19 dias atrás
Maybe I can take it one step further and say, I AM.
Nickolas Bananto
Nickolas Bananto 19 dias atrás
They assume we already now how to do those things so they don’t teach them
Nameless 19 dias atrás
I’m sorry but this guy doesn’t make sense. Focus is something that you have, not something that you do. Memory is something that you have, not something that you do. It’s about eating well, sleeping well, lowering stress levels, and exercising. It doesn’t need to be scientific, just common sense. This guy and many others will come out with theories but fundamentally everyone is different.
Antonella Huron
Antonella Huron 19 dias atrás
I get tired of hearing so-called mentors say school doesn't teach anything important. Without reading or writing or maths skills where would your business be? Also, I've taught critical thinking / how to learn for the past 15 years in public high schools and started even before BRvid existed. I'm sorry these guys had a poor experience in school (I'm in Europe, maybe it's different here) but maybe they should just become teachers, get up at 5:30 every morning for a small salary, deal with real people (not remote clients) and show us how to do it. :)
Malachi107 19 dias atrás
This is dumb. Lost me with the three “R’s” buddy. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Darts Gondel
Darts Gondel 20 dias atrás
Essence: don't open Instagram when you wake up. Or ever.
Tom Reinfjell
Tom Reinfjell 20 dias atrás
A quick google search debunked most to everything this "brain performance expert" said. Seriously people, these kind of videos are two-faced traps.
Wiktory 20 dias atrás
“Don’t look at your phone right when you wake up” PPL who set Alarm clock on their phones are doomed forever :D
Panashe S
Panashe S 19 dias atrás
THE BOOK WIZARDSS 20 dias atrás
Loved this so much❤️
Giovanni De Maio Langella
10 minutes to say do not touch your phone after you woke up. He should improve his communication skills, like most of the managers on this planet.
1234 20 dias atrás
yeeeeaaah…. I don’t really feel like watching this
Ka Li
Ka Li 20 dias atrás
But you need to turn on the phone to watch this video.
SyN Survival
SyN Survival 20 dias atrás
Is it weird I enter my theta state when doing dishes
John Morris
John Morris 20 dias atrás
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