You Can't Fix Stupid (Closing My Car Repair Business?)

Scotty Kilmer
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You Can't Fix Stupid (Closing My Car Repair Business?), DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car repair fails. Stupid people doing stupid things to cars. Stupid car designs that should end. Stupid things on cars and how to fix them. Auto repair shop closing. How not to fix a car. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.
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This is the people's automotive channel! The most honest and funniest car channel on BRvid. Never any sponsored content, just the truth about everything! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. Get a chance to show off your own car on Sundays. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Tool giveaways every Monday to help you with your own car projects. We have a new video every day! I've been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I'm here to share my knowledge with you.
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Comentários 1 933
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Mês atrás
6 Worst SUVs Only Stupid People Buy: ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool: 3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool: 4. Cheap Scan Tool: 5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 6. Professional Socket Set: 7. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►
David T.
David T. 29 dias atrás
Scotty, I'm not sure if you think about doing this or not in the past. But have you ever tried to write to all these car companies about doing stupid things and have some of them change some off or all of the stupid things that they do? If so, do some of them listen to what you have to say about this topic? Such as putting fuel pumps in fuel tanks,etc..
Dave Davis
Dave Davis Mês atrás
had a 1970 Cadillac , easy to work on . Fuel pump went out , two bolts easy fix :)
Thomas Michael
Thomas Michael Mês atrás
Mr. Kilmer. I have been watching your videos for some time now and find you to have the years experience of a mechanic behind you to take your words as education. Myself I am a veteran auto body tech who restores classics for a living and I know my old carburetor cars very well. But we get into this fuel injection vehicles even as older as 90s I have some issues. I have been looking for a way to find your actual email info but as I said fuel injection stumps me as does technology with electronics so this computer stuff isn't a strong point either. I am in middle of an issue with my work vehicle which is 91 s10 4.3. I would like to ask a few questions if I could so I can confirm my hunches that I have a failing fuel pump. Thanks and love the channel.
Aye Bee
Aye Bee Mês atrás
Revell, Monogram and Tamiya. Auto engineers sniffed to much glue.
Chris Sheridan
Chris Sheridan Mês atrás
Scotty you a motoring legend . Love from southern england .. Wish you had a garage around here
dandandatreeman 17 horas atrás
I'm looking for a 70s Ford pickup. I'm done with this plastic crap! Love the videos.
LazyGeekgamer HD is dead channel
3:38 false information about plastic its made in 1858 lmfao.
John Molloy
John Molloy Dia atrás
The man speaks truth.
milowagon 4 dias atrás
In this " green " world we now live in, we are bombarded with messages of the evil of plastic. Yet, car makers are turning their back on metal components. Not very " green " and stupid.
edward thor
edward thor 4 dias atrás
But you can organize and stand in the face of it.
Effiong Mbom
Effiong Mbom 7 dias atrás
Just cleaned and re-assembled my original starter motor on my deere lawn tractor.. The new chinese $40 one (ebay) lasted 24 hours...What fun making a rig to hold the brushes for reassembly...Its a phd subject on its own but great fun when it works.... Come on Scotty, you can do it !
spruceguitar 7 dias atrás
SCOTTY language: 1. Rolling pile of junk 2. Fiat-Chrystler joke 3. 51 years! 4. You can’t fix stupid 5. Go see a psychiatrist 6. Cheap plastic 7. Fancy Scan tool 8. Will run forever / I know what you’re thinking 9. Look at my ‘94 Celica, shiny as the day it was made (and the AC still blows cold) 10. The 2004 Lexus I got for my wife 11. Plastic piece of crap / It was a tragic day 12. Stupid plastic headlamps that fade away 13. Stupid plastic painted bumpers 14. Ugly black stuff sticking out 15. Endless money pit 16. Just Empty Every Pocket 17. I was wrong about Mazda 18. Revv up your engines 19. If you never wanna miss one of my videos 20. The way I see it Subaru is full of hot air! 21. I’m lucky I’m not sitting in a death trap! 22. Yr car has a turbo, yr transmission goes pop 23. A customer who’s kind of a loser 24. He fell for an auto industry trick 25. They rust like crazy! 26. This is a Nissan: what a pile of junk! 27. A tiny leak like that on the Celica is no big deal
bbaaspencer1 9 dias atrás
I’m always replacing the Power window motor assemblies!
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson 9 dias atrás
It always seems like the fuel pump goes out when your tank is full'
Marzan 9 dias atrás
I here you.Nice to know there is someone else out there that feels the same.
WantCoffee99 11 dias atrás
Plastic clips! -fuel line clips, door panel clips, etc. Designed by Satan himself. They get brittle, some require a special tools. They are hard to find replacements for. Dealers charge more per ounce for than the going rate for gold.
snowblind5151 11 dias atrás
My neighbor backed into my 99 Cadillac and pushed in the front right about two inches. After further investigation that car has a front shock built into the cross member that was a little rusted .I got under there with a sledge and tapped it a couple of times and it popped right back.A little paint smear was all I was left with.
Tailong 11 dias atrás
Dafuq was with this clicmbait video.... Why??? Just why??
Erich Mais
Erich Mais 12 dias atrás
Vw: brass syncros/wax based glue that smells like crayons/plastic-allofit
Dewayne Thomas
Dewayne Thomas 12 dias atrás
No restarted
Demetrio V Morales
Demetrio V Morales 12 dias atrás
Words that you will hear in every Scotty's video: When I was a young mechanic or I was a mechanic for 52 years...
Gábor Érdi
Gábor Érdi 12 dias atrás
plastic, plastic, plastic everywhere...
William Jeffrey
William Jeffrey 13 dias atrás
Scotty I agree with you 100 %
Wallace Durango
Wallace Durango 13 dias atrás
Are u closing this youtube channel ?
04dram04 13 dias atrás
Scotty your celica pump may still be good, but I guarantee you, the filter is bad
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 13 dias atrás
Not alot of people know that inside the bumper is Styrofoam. Thats it
D.David Winters
D.David Winters 14 dias atrás
Please don't stop making videos
Barnabas Kim
Barnabas Kim 14 dias atrás
Toyotas with plastic oil filter housing they break easily. The plastick oil filter housings stuck so bad sometimes unscrewing them can break them. The aftermarket metal oil filter housings had no problem busting them off at all.
tim ahlf
tim ahlf 15 dias atrás
All the cheap ideas sure don't show up in the price of the car.
audio links
audio links 15 dias atrás
Soooooo, ur closing or what?
Mark Remmington
Mark Remmington 15 dias atrás
clayton jones
clayton jones 15 dias atrás
scotty i want to see your eyes , remove the glasses , what are u hiding
Ray crazyraysplace
Ray crazyraysplace 15 dias atrás
Designers don't know a dam thing about repairs.
dexter lovejoy
dexter lovejoy 15 dias atrás
dopiaza2006 15 dias atrás
Plastic water pump impellers aren't as stupid as they sound. They are a form of mechanical fuse. Virtually all these days are driven by the timing belt, and if your coolant freezes then the water pump pulley will strip the teeth off your timing belt risking severe engine damage. By having a plastic impeller, the timing belt won't be damaged as the water pump pulley can continue to run.
Man of Many Trade's Master Of None
this is the whole reason I still drive the 3800 GM cars and Right know I have a 2006 Grand Prix Fun fact you have to drop the gas tank yep it sucks but I made mine better I used the access door from a 2004 Grand Prix LMFAO so I never have to drop that tank Again
iskandartaib 16 dias atrás
Isn't there still a law in the US that says bumpers had to withstand a 10mph collision? I remember it came in in 1974, that year all cars started sporting these ugly blocky bumpers and all the car magazines were complaining about how stupid the government was for passing this law. Before that, bumpers were just heavy gauge sheet metal, a 10mph collision would result in deformed bumpers and a large repair bill. I believe the law was watered down somewhat (probably during Reagan's or the first Bush's presidency) to 5mph or something of the sort. Sounds like they actually got rid of the law altogether if the bumpers are as bad as he says they are now.
F is for Fish
F is for Fish 16 dias atrás
When he was a young mechanic if something went wrong with your ride you would just shoot it in the head 🐎
David Neal
David Neal 17 dias atrás
Well, I watched until the first commercial. I didn't get to finish your video. Oh-well
Motorcitymadman 17 dias atrás
The goal is to make it so expensive to drive a car that no one but the rich will be able to do it. Then they can control where, when and if you get to travel.
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 17 dias atrás
engineers...educated idiots
Erik Blazer
Erik Blazer 17 dias atrás
Truth! Plastic radiators are junk. I've replaced mine in my 02 S10 3 times in the past 4 years due to the plastic tanks cracking
mark N
mark N 17 dias atrás
scotty, you don't have a business to close, you have a back alley garage.
XA351GT 17 dias atrás
The most stupid thing I've had to fix was the turn signal flasher on the 1988 Taurus wagon I had. The old can flasher that cost about a buck . Was clipped to the dash and all you did was disconnect the wire connector . Well this electronic flasher fails, I had to reach up to the top of the dash between the steering column and braces . ripped up arm just trying to reach it. I needed a ratchet to remove the screws try to disconnect the connector with one hand . Then go to the store for a new one and told it would cost $75 .
Cancel19 18 dias atrás
I bet also most of this plastic mania is to reduce weight cuz the govmint imposes ridiculous MPG demands on the automakers . Yea, oh I'm $aving in fuel. Then comes the repair bill$ for all the plastic crap that breaks. Oops, guess I didn't save much.
Brad c
Brad c 18 dias atrás
So true Scotty
GLEN Dooer
GLEN Dooer 18 dias atrás
I had a car that would not move at night Put in D works well... put in in N for night Nothing
Thomas Fx
Thomas Fx 18 dias atrás
Scotty I think you're just angry with automotive innovation. I've been wrenching on cars for 40 years and the new models are way better than the domestic crap my parents had in the 80's. We've driven Volvo and Nissan my entire adult life, but I spend my weekends fixing pieces of crap from Detroit. Sometimes newer, lighter designs are more efficient and last longer, get better fuel economy. If everyone listened to you we'd all have to drive '87 Tercels with stick shifts. The world has moved on.
Lloyd Varner
Lloyd Varner 18 dias atrás
Thank you Scotty. I always love your video's.
RV NATION 18 dias atrás
We had a storm recently and a tree branch fell on my car barley leaving a scuff but the plastic handle broke off and flew 30 feet. I took in for repair, 1900 for repair because the inside mechanics broke. Couldn’t believe the cost. When I found out the cost, I got my insurance involved. They covered the cost. Really dumb...plastic. But it’s everywhere now. Can’t really buy a newer car now days that is designed for decades of use. Planned obsolescence.
baron von chickenpants
baron von chickenpants 18 dias atrás
Love your videos so funny
Frank De Ruiter
Frank De Ruiter 18 dias atrás
Car manufacturers make very little money on the cars they make. The only real profit is in the maintenance. Now, what's your solution for that? Making the cars perfect and sell them for twice the price? Nobody is going to buy it.
Wayout West
Wayout West 18 dias atrás
I take it that you will still share some of your extensive automobile wisdom with your viewers? By the way, I think we are about the same age, and I to, although not a automotive mechanic do from time to time make some car repairs, I agree with you whole heartedly about the use of plastics in cars.
Fighting For England
Fighting For England 19 dias atrás
plastic is lighter than metal - save weight increasing fuel economy... or so the argument goes!
Alexander Chavez
Alexander Chavez 19 dias atrás
Ok boomer
DimitriLozoya 19 dias atrás
Had one of those plastic hose connections break on my bmw last year wasnt to hard to replace but not fun to get stranded in subfreezing temperatures
panzerabwerkanone 19 dias atrás
My 1978 Ford F100. Four inch drill pipe for bumpers.
the mac
the mac 19 dias atrás
They don't use metal and glass on the front of cars anymore.because impact on pedestrians is less lethal.crumple zones etc
easterncommand1 20 dias atrás
what ever happened to opening the radiator cap and looking to see if it is flowing internally ???
RellyOhBoy 20 dias atrás
For the record: I've never been "rear-ended" by a girl.
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros 20 dias atrás
The headlamp thing gets me so upset! I think headlights look great new.
Mrdubomb 20 dias atrás
I would like to see scotty design his own car
Frank De Ruiter
Frank De Ruiter 18 dias atrás
It would be something like the Peel 50 I guess, otherwise he isn't able to fix it himself.
Larry Watkins
Larry Watkins 20 dias atrás
Scotty, were you an Airborne Ranger?
Ronaldo Susa
Ronaldo Susa 21 dia atrás
Cmon Scotty!!!! You don't have to lie, your better than that.
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