Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2 [Audio] | Trunk Muzik 3

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Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2
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22 Mar 2019

yelawolftrunk muzikeminemtravis barkerpop the trunkway outhip-hoprapmusicslumericanshady recordsinterscope records



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Comentários 3 593
Toni Jo Mundy
Toni Jo Mundy 4 horas atrás
Dude I'm HOOKED 😝
Jacob Bronson
Jacob Bronson 10 horas atrás
What is he chained to????
Bronson Asher
Bronson Asher 13 horas atrás
Thank you
PathHits 17 horas atrás
Pa said .....
Sig Croan
Sig Croan Dia atrás
Whats up with this "turning water into wine" heard it also in daddy lambo and few others???
Rick Wolfe
Rick Wolfe 2 dias atrás
Can't dig with a flat shovel!
DRKD3S7ROY3R 2 dias atrás
Did nobody catch the "me, myself and irene" reference?
Political Warfare
Political Warfare 3 dias atrás
Y'all deleted this shit the day it was uploaded. The government needs to get slapped silly it's about that time to pop the trunk with a .45 caliber strap it's Catfish Billy releasin'info on the kakistockracy this is for the Monk in Saigon 1963 it's what pushed Kennedy to pull the troops out Richard sent them back to Vietnam! Henry Kissinger the goblin playing the China slave game when the summit was dealt with 49 years ago! Richard is dead even that Watergate bitch would'nt be this much of a trump shill.
Thug Love
Thug Love 3 dias atrás
Coming with the school boi q flow on this one.
Lbcnu24 5 dias atrás
Thanks yelawolf for your time and patience with the lyrics that were supplied to you... it helps me for my story building
Skull_Shot17 5 dias atrás
Lookin like farquaad from shrek😅😂, no hate. Love your music❤🔥
Alexander Despotovic
Alexander Despotovic 5 dias atrás
Saddens me that old boy will never get the recognition he deserves unless eminem logic or joyner start taking an interest in him.
Ella Vadner
Ella Vadner 6 dias atrás
How ever disliked yelawolf are butholes
Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson 6 dias atrás
Whole trunk 3 dope af
Kellzz 87
Kellzz 87 6 dias atrás
masta yoda
masta yoda 7 dias atrás
100k to 3m in one night
... 8 dias atrás
Trunk Muzik but he is sitting on a bus :-|
Nunchuk Steev
Nunchuk Steev 8 dias atrás
Its the hottest shit of all time. It created a wormhole
Christy Cable
Christy Cable 9 dias atrás
Mixed Magical
Mixed Magical 10 dias atrás
Dude you can do so much better than this bragging shit, not hating I love your music but this wasn't even near good copared to 95% of your other songs
Aaron Newman
Aaron Newman 10 dias atrás
Underrated #1 mc
tony ba fungul
tony ba fungul 10 dias atrás
Dumb hard!!
Vivek Thakur
Vivek Thakur 11 dias atrás
Luv from India yelaa😎🤘🤘
mckilla kudi
mckilla kudi 11 dias atrás
Dope yet again i keep waiting for something you make i dont slap ......not gonna happen
상혁구 11 dias atrás
Can you do singing rap? If you can do it, Please play it.
Need catfish billy 3! Would love to see what would happen there and love it help it up
Manager Hum Ripple
Manager Hum Ripple 14 dias atrás
If you never made a bong out of a 2 liter your not a real hippie
Lizzy Gilmore
Lizzy Gilmore 15 dias atrás
Fuuuuck I came here after the first one and this one is legitimately fire.
Brandon Hammock
Brandon Hammock 15 dias atrás
Sitting on the couch scraping up dope ,ain't never seen a drought CATFISH BILLYYYYY 💯👏
EEkO 16 dias atrás
Yela wolf you lack the love of God. That's why you need rock and roll women and Weed bro. I once was married to those too. There is no peace greater than the peace Jesus Christ gives when you walk with him. It's a long and hard road, but it is the truth and I hope someday you can find it. Jesus says "I am the truth, the way, and the life." God said "draw Nye to me, and I will dry Nye to you". Try it out friend :) You have a talent and it could be being used for love and peace rather than chaos and hate. He loves you (everyone reading this :)!
Mr.O  G
Mr.O G 16 dias atrás
"Catfish billy .. the motherfucker billy in the house!!" 👑🔥🎤
Nesian Red
Nesian Red 16 dias atrás
Played this to my cousin We married now
Ray Jay
Ray Jay 16 dias atrás
No good
Атом 17 dias atrás
Напоминает эминема
gwendolyn 17 dias atrás
catfish billy: 📧 am RAIN KING fef📧: R📧IGN
into minto
into minto 17 dias atrás
YelaWolf you are the best!
automatic slim1027
automatic slim1027 18 dias atrás
My 5 year old son makes me play this song a million times a day lol he said he catfish Billy
ROSSONERI 108 18 dias atrás
needs a music video man
gwendolyn 19 dias atrás
⬛📧She eyes me like a Pisces when 😖I am weak 😖I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks😖😖😖😖😖 😖I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap⬛ 📧I *wish 📧I could eat your cancer when 😖you turn black *sarcasm, poepee
brad ley
brad ley 20 dias atrás
remember listening to yela when he had no tatts on show and he has not changed fucking living legend, underrated well if it was me i would rate him top 5 living top 15 ever too
William Walker
William Walker 21 dia atrás
Josh Lanier
Josh Lanier 22 dias atrás
Long hair don't care
Chris Springs
Chris Springs 23 dias atrás
RIP MATMAT every time I hear this I think of you big homie gone too soon
Jacob Levens
Jacob Levens 23 dias atrás
Killed it like its sum a new age eminem shit
robertav3 23 dias atrás
Song is blazn
Beau Bessette
Beau Bessette 25 dias atrás
Dat Wakarusa car pass though!
countrylife productionz
this shit goes hard
gwendolyn 25 dias atrás
ok, i totally rocked tight jordache jeans too, umm this *might b getting creepy!!? *not for this freaky makeup gallery ho!ho!
gwendolyn 25 dias atrás
wtf? i totally smoked banana peels too... this is tote strange 🐙🐙🐞🐞🐝🐝🐛🐛🐜🐜🐬🐬🐠🐠
Smooth Chazzz
Smooth Chazzz 25 dias atrás
I’m getting totally stocked Sippin creek water WiTh Me AnD mY GOATz
Queen Beckman
Queen Beckman 26 dias atrás
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 26 dias atrás
Production on this album is lit. My phone caught fire 3 tracks in.
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer 27 dias atrás
So glad Theo von is a fan
Tomáš Hájek
Tomáš Hájek 28 dias atrás
That hair ? :-) Jaromír Jágr use to wear this after me ofcourse ;-)
Joesph DeBarge
Joesph DeBarge 29 dias atrás
This shit is legendary! Good God, I got it on repeat. That is the sickest beat of 2019
Michael Garza
Michael Garza 29 dias atrás
Full support
Josh Lanier
Josh Lanier 29 dias atrás
This song hit so hard it made my friends Co2 turn into NOS
z .clark
z .clark 29 dias atrás
Why the fuck he look like lord farquaad?
christopher thompson
Finally Catfish Billy 2, this is 🔥 🔥🔥!
Zala Mês atrás
yow is this on vinyl?
justin cherlet
justin cherlet Mês atrás
Aden Valento
Aden Valento Mês atrás
Slumerican 2020 !!
OG Smoke Bomb
OG Smoke Bomb Mês atrás
Shot my pillow after hearing this..for being so soft.
Aiden Arcand
Aiden Arcand Mês atrás
This shit was fire but the fist catfish Billy flow was a bit better
Nothing for Granted
I still bump all 3 Trunk Music albums.
Shiz is a snitch. A DEA confidential informant. I got paperwork. To prove it... HMU
HMU on messenger. I'll lace u up. Seth Overson
Truth is truth. dude is a puke... ... ...
John Fitzpatrick
John Fitzpatrick Mês atrás
City Public
City Public Mês atrás
so underated
I fuck with slumerica style 😎🤘
Mr. Feeny
Mr. Feeny Mês atrás
The beats dope he’s good but it’s aight he’s been rapping for a long time he should be able to sound aight
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams Mês atrás
Been a fan since box Chevy ft Rittz. Yela is too dope!!
ToroidalVortexLove Mês atrás
Yelawolf is better than Eminem right now.
Sanity Is Radical
Sanity Is Radical 23 dias atrás
His beat selection definitely is but theres far more than great beats that goes into who I consider goat status. In fact, at least for me, beats are pretty much the least important aspect. Imo Em is still pretty unparalleled in his unique flows and ability to rhyme literally anything and have it mean 3 things that make sense, but Yela is definitely in the same pantheon as him
Mando Lo
Mando Lo Mês atrás
Definitely not better than the first but tight as fuck none the less. Yella you go hard homie
daniel gomez
daniel gomez Mês atrás
i love yellow wolf
Jerett Franklin
Jerett Franklin Mês atrás
I'd like to hear pouya and Yelawolf do a collab
Avery Veber
Avery Veber Mês atrás
All these pussies bumping old town road... this is REAL country rap
Em M
Em M Mês atrás
Lord farquad
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson Mês atrás
My dad really loves this song hr said when he dies he wants this played at his funeral. Lol
The AfroPlaylist(Fro-Tho)
Its been a min since I peeped yela but this is hard!
Luigi Rosania
Luigi Rosania Mês atrás
Fucking Dope!!!🔥🔥🔥
ToroidalVortexLove Mês atrás
Flows 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
FoxyPlayzGaming Mês atrás
stephen h
stephen h Mês atrás
Like how this mother fucker just dont..... care.....
Billy Gaffin
Billy Gaffin Mês atrás
Follow me on insta @sk8livid
nawal10 Mês atrás
Eminem would be proud
Bryan Alfaro
Bryan Alfaro Mês atrás
Lyrics and mixing on point!
Albert Rojas
Albert Rojas Mês atrás
Goat Vodka
Goat Vodka Mês atrás
Sounds the same as all garbage chasing the same dream.
A. THOMPSVN Mês atrás
I’m very happy for yela for getting through his situation and coming out stronger 💪💪 keep grinding yela, your music motivates the fuck outta me
NERO Mês atrás
Hairstyle almost like Yolandi :D
Mastermind Mike
Mastermind Mike Mês atrás
This song is the shit🔊🔊🔊👍
Midnight Fire
Midnight Fire Mês atrás
So good I watched Shrek.
Karri Walker
Karri Walker Mês atrás
I’ve definitely seen catfish billy before 😘
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels Mês atrás
Larry W
Larry W Mês atrás
Love your shit boy!
Micheal Simonson
Micheal Simonson Mês atrás
I like scarying the nabiors to this song watch out lol
Nerd Of The North
Nerd Of The North Mês atrás
So dam dope 💖
Shawn Hounschell
Shawn Hounschell Mês atrás
Landlord called the cops on me because the music was loud She got evicted
nathaniel donovan
nathaniel donovan 12 dias atrás
Shawn Hounschell lol
KOBZ-2902 CUNT Mês atrás
Who ever doesn't like this song your a gay cunt
Robert Shaffer
Robert Shaffer Mês atrás
God damn this beat hits harder than Chris brown hit Rihanna
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