Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2 [Audio] | Trunk Muzik 3

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Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2
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22 Mar 2019



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Comentários 3 662
Dan Ban
Dan Ban 7 horas atrás
Hey yela wolf.I wanted to tell you to read 1Corinthians 15:1-4,and Ephesians 2:8,9.Saved by grace,and not by works.Jesus is the only way to eternal life,but ask yourself do you truly know what that even means,because it appears that you love sins more than true spiritual change by a good God.How now do you want life when your works prove you want death by a good God.King James Bible 1611.The word of God! I am a prophet of the LORD,so be you warned before it may be to late.
Spoolin Turbos
Spoolin Turbos 9 horas atrás
Glad he does this style
Rush1D 17 horas atrás
Buzi vagyok
G. W. Stephens
G. W. Stephens 21 hora atrás
I'm picking up some Caskey style flows.
Slim-So-Nasty Dia atrás
Second one way harder than the first don't @me if you disagree
biggest waffle
biggest waffle Dia atrás
smilinbeats Dia atrás
Dewillis Sandifer
since pop the trunk
Efraim Alves
Efraim Alves 2 dias atrás
we gote a new rapper. Yelawolf Cat Fish Billy
ChaseKa 2 dias atrás
You don't know how good of an artist he is until you see him live and realize it's possible for him to make is greatest hits hit even harder live.
456 789
456 789 2 dias atrás
Check out my music if you rock with yela. This one a slapper
Tommy C
Tommy C 3 dias atrás
catfish billy
Mango Haze
Mango Haze 3 dias atrás
Don't make me go pop the trunk, on you!!!
tysdaddy970 NTBFW
tysdaddy970 NTBFW 3 dias atrás
My mouth is motorola in the anal log of some type of interference. But I know how to make Bruce my transmission to have some parts changed to probably work out the same. She winks she fucks is what my friend said. He asked if I want ed to grow up a junky and new I was the shit in the field of being worked but I think he new I was special. And if not he caught the golf shot in life. I'll pull it all day if I want but want to see my trophies of the type of girls I used to be driven by? The driver is a word that has many. Meaning and is gonna be dewalt
tysdaddy970 NTBFW
tysdaddy970 NTBFW 3 dias atrás
Ace who gets a guitar at ace hardware? What a retard I dont get it
tysdaddy970 NTBFW
tysdaddy970 NTBFW 3 dias atrás
Me walking through Chicago metra!!!!ya never back up when you can choo choo my team is not scared 9th ward,d.c,getting sign languages of the finest and now years later is not the same. It's me who supplied you the films that turn out some lights But not the one to know how that shit near Florida street goes....dead man cut in half by the window of the energy I go in a film crew that sees right through with with out you know 60 70 you cant be caged in a rage the truth is more than some words yo go solo and so you know the ace is the place where a hero of your and mine of kids grow! The truest thing I ever wrote. Scramble them eggs and make it hear in my note no need for me to vote or get the rope when your just me and a piece of D.O. P.E.D....NO PRETENDOR NOT A VENDOR NOT SCARRYING KIDS WITH THAT SLENDER MAN THAT HAS THE MARKS OF NO QUESTIONS LETA SEE JOHHNY WASNT ABOUT THE CASH. BONAFIED BY MY WORDS TO THE MOTHER
Dakota Judd
Dakota Judd 3 dias atrás
I love you yela but your lookin like Lord Farquad from shrek 😂
LoafOvBread Gaming
LoafOvBread Gaming 4 dias atrás
"Lord farquad" would beat yall to a pulp though💁‍♂️ Shut your asses up 😏
Artyom LaBeau
Artyom LaBeau 4 dias atrás
Where's fast music 2?
Alex King
Alex King 4 dias atrás
Omg this song is the old Yelawolf getting me hyped up! King of alabama there aint ever been a doubt just bounce!
Dufiz 4 dias atrás
I played this in a ford with subs. It turned into a slammed Silverado
WØKEN DIMEZ 4 dias atrás
That dropped hard af at 1:47
AC-130 Tha Melodical SoulJuh.
4 New Rappers - Don't Think Profanity Is Cool - B.Cuz Im'ma Rip Them Barz. BOY. YelaWolf Sick Though. I Like This , HollyWood & Bloody Sunday - I Gotta Go Bak N Listen 2 Tha Other Song$ Again. " Do WhatEver Makes You Though ". Have Fun.
chance 5 dias atrás
Didn’t even know this guy still made music, but this shit *SLAPS*
Juice Mane
Juice Mane 5 dias atrás
Yela, Ritz, n9ne, best in the world..
Karri Walker
Karri Walker 5 dias atrás
Ian McNabb
Ian McNabb 5 dias atrás
Been waiting for this since trunk Muzik 0-60
J Golden
J Golden 5 dias atrás
U can only hear the real sound quality in a CHEVY
william shackleford
william shackleford 6 dias atrás
"Lace up and then take a hike" "You gonna know how I feel about mgk" *Rowdy They were homies all along
V ForVendetta
V ForVendetta 6 dias atrás
tre whittaker
tre whittaker 6 dias atrás
Still got the bottom beating like gorrlias chick in my truck like a killer bitch go to sleep grab a pillow bitch go to sleep with your stanking ass
Tyler Wheeless
Tyler Wheeless 6 dias atrás
Hell yea been hoping he would make a part 2 this song I loved the first one reppin the 334 from Crenshaw county
Leo Roth
Leo Roth 6 dias atrás
This one of them tunes where you keep trying to turn it up but it’s on max
Leo Roth
Leo Roth 6 dias atrás
Really like I’m really on the couch, cat fish billy in the house!
Gabe Moler
Gabe Moler 6 dias atrás
Everyone scream Yela 🔥🔥
Shorty Kush
Shorty Kush 6 dias atrás
My husband
Frank Arrietta
Frank Arrietta 6 dias atrás
Yelawolf FINALLY gonna get his with this album. Rap game needs lube after this album.
Saucekilla 21
Saucekilla 21 7 dias atrás
Rap game lord farquad
Tara Champa
Tara Champa 7 dias atrás
Dayum!!!! This shit goes HARD
Matt Price
Matt Price 7 dias atrás
A picture says a 1000 words.. That dam Yelawolf takin them boyz to school.
Dirty904South 7 dias atrás
Song is hard as fuck!!!
Victor Jzuaum
Victor Jzuaum 7 dias atrás
your voice sound like eminIGGA
Brent S. N
Brent S. N 7 dias atrás
It's from jackass 2 😂😂😂😂😂
CastleReserve LP
CastleReserve LP 7 dias atrás
Catfishbilly = Boss = Rapgod
tactic559 7 dias atrás
My Honda Civic wishes it was a box Chevy
justcredible9 8 dias atrás
Victor Muchui
Victor Muchui 8 dias atrás
TM3 👌👌👌
GrU Sam
GrU Sam 8 dias atrás
The wolf is ill as fuck no doubt the tongue is lit
*Patches O'houlihan*
*Patches O'houlihan* 8 dias atrás
Long live Yela! Ive seen him in multiple concerts and he keeps getting better & better. This dude knows how to put on a show! *FUN FACT* Yelawolf is who sings the chorus on Slim Thug - I Run. And his singing on Outlaw Shit ft. Struggle Jennings is mindblowing. Yela can fucking sing!!! Edit: almost forgot his song best friend with eminem he kills the singing but i dont think any of them can touch devil in my veins. I get goosebumps from that song. *SLuMeRiCaN*
Aaron Littlecreek
Aaron Littlecreek 8 dias atrás
I wanna fight the people that don't like this. This records gonna get ma in trouble.
Nicole Penny
Nicole Penny 8 dias atrás
I can’t get enough of any of this whole damn album 😍🤘🏻🖤🔥🔥🔥
RacksOnRacks 1000
RacksOnRacks 1000 8 dias atrás
Bumping dis in London 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Shibashiba a
Shibashiba a 8 dias atrás
Why does my man look like farquaad?
Christopher Rock
Christopher Rock 8 dias atrás
Wow this song never gets old don’t know how many times I’ve listened to the last three weeks
Skwwow 9 dias atrás
That’s the shit I like to hear from you Yelawolf keep up beat is cake and EM style cherry on top of it
Anthony Fornof
Anthony Fornof 9 dias atrás
Eminem who?
sross86 w
sross86 w 9 dias atrás
Tbh...this album don't surprise underrated...ALBUM IS FIRE....KING OF ALABAMA
jay Faulk
jay Faulk 9 dias atrás
Kill dat gottdam
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 9 dias atrás
Beginning of the track sounds like brotha lynch hung boutta hop on this beat
Extended Sex
Extended Sex 10 dias atrás
My older brother used to jam this while i was listening to people like drake. My mistake
tre whittaker
tre whittaker 6 dias atrás
+Brett Shaw he probably meant catfish billy the first one
Extended Sex
Extended Sex 8 dias atrás
+Brett Shaw the artist himself.
Brett Shaw
Brett Shaw 8 dias atrás
Used too ? Bruh song came out 2 weeks ago
Dorothy Ann Harris
Dorothy Ann Harris 10 dias atrás
YES!!!!! HOT
The Suaves
The Suaves 10 dias atrás
wow wow
Drama 10 dias atrás
This boy is soooo dope I'm a fucken Stan for yellowwolf lol
B.M.G. BlueMafiaGang
B.M.G. BlueMafiaGang 10 dias atrás
Catfish Billlllllyyyyyyy
[ iTrY ] Diamond Wolf32
Em and Yela are BACK!!
YoungSaam 11 dias atrás
travis Scott
travis Scott 11 dias atrás
Catfish billy 3? Somehow yall got him to do a part 2 so lets get him to do a part 3
Frederick Ormsby
Frederick Ormsby 12 dias atrás
One of the best deliveries in the game.
Jeremiah Pulley
Jeremiah Pulley 12 dias atrás
I remember bumpin yelawolf and rittz in 2009-2010 and no one knew who he was. Not soon after everyone in my HS was fuckin w them.
DylanGLEEbold 12 dias atrás
fuck I wish I was redneck so bad
Ashton Lee
Ashton Lee 12 dias atrás
It's funny that the video recommendations are aliens because he said aliens in his video, fucking BRvid lol
KadeRBLX 13 dias atrás
why is that thing bleeding
Russ Hart
Russ Hart 13 dias atrás
What does this song mean?
Daniel Fischer
Daniel Fischer 14 dias atrás
This is fucking 🔥FIRE🔥
Ragnar TheBat
Ragnar TheBat 14 dias atrás
Sickest beat ive heard in a min
BlazedRzr 14 dias atrás
Can we all just agree that the first bass drop into the first hook is just absolutely disgusting? Best shit I've heard on my subs in a long time.
TRIPPY CITYS 14 dias atrás
ROCK AND ROLL PUSSY!!!!CANNOT TURN DOWN DOWN^^^ Even though she a lier a thief and a cheater!!!
Bat Man
Bat Man 14 dias atrás
This is dope
867diesel 14 dias atrás
shit im choppin up that dope right now . I aint seen a drought in years
Shay Fitzgerald
Shay Fitzgerald 14 dias atrás
Go to sleep with yo stankin ass
kalash 13/11
kalash 13/11 14 dias atrás
I'm in love with the hook
Steve Russell
Steve Russell 14 dias atrás
Anybody else try smoking banana peels when they was a kid?? I laughed my ass off when he started off with that!! Lol
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 12 dias atrás
Steve Russell yep
Gretchen Andruszkiewicz
I'm obsessed with this song!!! #salute 👌❤️🙌
Solomon Huntley
Solomon Huntley 14 dias atrás
Lace up and then take a hike! He really doesn't like that mgk trash.
TheSean202020 14 dias atrás
How is that.the next song is with mgk on the album.
Conroy G Milner
Conroy G Milner 14 dias atrás
Yela hard as shit with these words. Dudes wicked man. I hope he blows up. I hope everyone hears what real music sounds like. He deserves it.
Sanity 15 dias atrás
Lord Farquaad?
Hate Socializing
Hate Socializing 15 dias atrás
Zack LeBlanc
Zack LeBlanc 15 dias atrás
Last album with shady records and not even a song with eminem
Ancy Blackburn
Ancy Blackburn 15 dias atrás
I love this song! haha it reminds me of my friend. Youre long hair dont cover that red neck boooi!!
Face B.A.
Face B.A. 15 dias atrás
Country black boi aka graham cracker bumpN catfish Billy... yes sir
Briar Moshier
Briar Moshier 15 dias atrás
Yelawolf. ft. rittz. and . r.a rugged. and tech 9.
Briar Moshier
Briar Moshier 15 dias atrás
I would absolutely shit if yela got with r.a. rugged man.
Jeremy Tucker
Jeremy Tucker 15 dias atrás
Yeah watching the neighbors 😎
Duke Clemmons
Duke Clemmons 15 dias atrás
The king of Alabama 😂 he switched up on us just like jelly did to Tennessee Doe B is the king of Alabama fuck what any of you rednecks say bc I dont see country wearing skinny Jean's and nose ring you uncultured fucks
Cosmic Dimensional
Cosmic Dimensional 15 dias atrás
334! 231 shit!
Even Best
Even Best 15 dias atrás
just started with yelawolf, damn!!!....dude is raaaaaawwww !!!!!
Bernard Bruinsma
Bernard Bruinsma 15 dias atrás
He looks like Lord Farquaad
Jose torres Jr.
Jose torres Jr. 15 dias atrás
This beat and flow is wild
Stop Lying
Stop Lying 15 dias atrás
Second yella song ever heard first was the mgk one off the same mixtape. But this shit fire
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