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25 Jan 2023



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Comentários 3 603
STEEZY Mês atrás
loqvrr 12 dias atrás
@Anj Con kiel tutin choreographed this i’m prettt sure.
Sabawwun Djalat
Sabawwun Djalat 26 dias atrás
l love xg
ItzPrincessPlayz Mês atrás
i see you on every kpop music video
이분이 안무가입니까?
kingb youchoob
kingb youchoob Mês atrás
XG is an obsession. I'm not even into girl groups but they blow me away. Their talent and charisma is just insane. All of their MV's are so totally different.
Green Dia atrás
@Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life “goes to show you know nothing about red velvet” ☝️🤓 yet you didn’t even bother to name a single bside 💀. At the end of the day this is all opinion anyways, you can literally say anything you want and I can say anything I want.
Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life
​@Green Just shows you know nothing about Red Velvet. They have b sides that put Bad Boy and Peek-A-Boo to shame and those two track are phenomenal! No one is touching Red Velvet's discography for girl groups. Shinee, Exo, BTS, Red Velvet, and Monsta X's discography are top notch. New Jeans and XG are great as well, but the kids still have a long ways to go to be in grown folks business 😊😊😊
Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life
​​@Green Red Velvet has not fallen off. Stop tripping. Twice hasn't either. I stan so many girl groups and you can say XG is another amazing group. I'm just getting into XG and I'm obsessed, but my Red Velvet obsession is still bigger.
Arianna Sowder
Arianna Sowder 5 dias atrás
@otashu Hey, so wdym of pls keep the other ggs off of this? I'm confused and if I offended you I'm sorry I do have autism. Ik it sounds like an excuse but it isn't. I'm very sorry about the misunderstanding.
otashu 6 dias atrás
Can we please keep the other GGs off of this please. This channel is about XG, and them only. Also, you’re being disrespectful to other GGs by saying they’re “falling off” last i’ve seen they’re still thriving. Please show some respect, idols are humans with feelings. They all worked hard to get to where they are.
MarfZ TV
MarfZ TV 14 dias atrás
That’s why they are called the first Global Girl Group I’ve never seen a group doing their performance with so much passion, swag and they really love what they’re doing, I really want to see them perform in a concert. Please visit us here in the PH🇵🇭😍❤️🇯🇵
Matthew Gaither
Matthew Gaither 11 dias atrás
XG making the star formation during the 2nd chorus is living in my head rent free as an extremely cool moment.
æsh Mês atrás
These girls are such great performers. The amount of commitments they put in every of their move even the small ones so they look really synchronized deserve respect. They are the standard. No one outdancing anybody, theyre just so cohesive and such great girls put in one group. I love XG 😭💙🔥
matsuokei Mês atrás
THIS, children, is a group of all-rounders. The level of professionalism, the flawlessness... they're just jaw-dropping.
astronomy Mês atrás
I am so glad that Hinata has proper lines. she literally DESERVES IT.
Neil Almosa
Neil Almosa 6 dias atrás
​@Lexus Lee 😅😊😅
AkiraCai 20 dias atrás
@Amalio _ fr lol 😂😂
leeweinan Mês atrás
@Matt🤍I guess she is chisa
Bigger Uruha Rushia Simp Than Zero
Gerts Kook
Gerts Kook Mês atrás
I wonder why that was. I know rumor is for some idols if they aren’t too fluent in Korean or English they tend to not get many lines. It happened with Felix (stray kids) for awhile until his Korean got better. I just being here XG stan since day one like I’ve only been here for like two girls day 1 and XG is the second SKZ 1 😭 4th gens are killing me. And Hinata is my bias wrecker this era though she’s my bias ultimate 😅 cocona is up there as well
kpop667 15 dias atrás
I’m in love with their songs
Lesly Gómez
Lesly Gómez Mês atrás
they ALL got the spotlight in this comeback. I'm so so happy to see how EACH MEMBER is so mesmerizing to watch, definitely a proof that they're all rounders. My favorite girl group for SURE!
boombayuna Mês atrás
0:36 *CHISA'S PRE-CHORUS WOW >>>* ♥ her vocals are insanely beautiful, best part of the song for me! :)
FriedEggsAndSpam Mês atrás
It's refreshing to see a group where you can see their unique and individual personalities through their performance, vocals and attitude. They each bring something different to the group while harmoniously complimenting each other. I'm really glad they are popping off :')
Sonorex 15 dias atrás
I can't stop watching, their voices are addicting and soothing.
Moonlight Mês atrás
Ain’t no way you can have a bias in this group, everyone shines so damn bright and are all so talented!
Thomas Kim
Thomas Kim Mês atrás
@nirvana Twice has 2 Japanese albums are they considered j-pop or k-pop? BTS has English songs are they J-pop artists? XG is all Japanese group formed in Japan and produced by Japanese company. Does that mean we can call Taylor swift j-pop artist?
nirvana Mês atrás
@Thomas Kim it's literally just pop music in different languages
Aael R.
Aael R. Mês atrás
You're right! All of them are so charismatic in their own way~
Éclair Ecsposura
Éclair Ecsposura Mês atrás
@Thomas Kim And?
Thomas Kim
Thomas Kim Mês atrás
J-Pop over K-Pop? Puhahahahahaha
twi_yie 5 dias atrás
Siendo unas estrellas realmente ♡︎★
princesszsay 3 dias atrás
Juria's vocals are insanity. Jurin's stage presence is fire. Cocona eats the rap. Hinata is so cute. I just..I love them all so much.
BGrey! Mês atrás
oh my god jurin's voice🥵 Definitely the most beautiful and powerful sound in the industry!!!
SKD Mês atrás
It's not just a synchronized dance. Their vibes really work together well. Appreciate their hard work!
dai1 Mês atrás
Honestly, they deserve the best in dance performance awards.
Nasrun Sj
Nasrun Sj Mês atrás
imagine being XG... LITERALLY a triple threat. this idol is so talented
Burban Mês atrás
@ㅇyou don’t know what live means or sum?? Also a few of the members are singing live.
Trooth Mês atrás
@vell愛 ***they’re***
Trooth Mês atrás
***these idols***
alvareo92 Mês atrás
Autogenerated bot comment you can find being equally successful in any other idol video
tagaISLA ako
tagaISLA ako Mês atrás
They move as one, smoothly synchronized cute but not cringey...refreshing to watch!
Ardyn 17 dias atrás
except Harvet, she is hard to watch
bidney Mês atrás
They r all so in their element idk how to describe it lol but like everything from the styling to the way they do their own versions of the choreography like it’s all different but it still looks so natural omg
bidney Mês atrás
Like the way their fits are all kinda different aesthetics when u rlly think abt it (besides the blue) it’s giving spice girls
Vibhi Solanki
Vibhi Solanki Mês atrás
chisa and hinata stood out so much in this comeback i absolutely loved this
super mayora
super mayora Mês atrás
i'm obsessed with this song
C Mês atrás
omg juria’s vocals are so good
Gonzalo Martinez
Gonzalo Martinez Mês atrás
LuvMinji ☆
LuvMinji ☆ Mês atrás
But what about newjeans,IVE,le sserafim and other girl groups??
hazel Mês atrás
@mina ri search the meaning of MAMA award
rnzz218 Mês atrás
Yass they shouldd
hazel Mês atrás
MAMA means Mnet ASIAN Music Awards.... So it means should not only for Koreans
Bunny 🐰
Bunny 🐰 Mês atrás
They can’t win in Korea music show bc all the member are Japan they are promoting in Korea
Brina Mês atrás
Holy sh!t their vocal flow from one member to another is NEXT LEVEL 😱🔥🔥 they are so harmonious and balanced, the next big thing!!🖤🖤🖤🖤
TheNewNormal1000 Mês atrás
Their songs are so addicting. I can't stop listening! I just became a fan today! Rap, dance moves, and vocals are insane!!! Very very talented ladies.
twi_yie 5 dias atrás
XG ES 7 !! 💗
They look very young but they do it perfectly!!
Erna Tabitha
Erna Tabitha Mês atrás
Dear ALPHAZ, let’s stop arguing about if they’re Kpop or Jpop. The group it self wanted the listener to not care about all the stereotypes and categories, they wanted to bring DIVERSITY, LOVE, PEACE, JOY, INSPIRATION, ENERGY, & CONFIDENCE. (it is the meaning behind Shooting Star) They knew that they are arriving in this industry like a shooting star, it is sudden, unexpected, they knew there’s will be arguments about the where they came from and about them being in Korea but being fully Japanese nationality girlgroup as well as being the first to do so. But I think their hope & goal is like what I mentioned above, it’s for people who can take a side of those negativity and crossing genre Kpop/Jpop/Western/RnB/Hiphop music.
Erna Tabitha
Erna Tabitha 26 dias atrás
@Winter I know right…. why can’t people just enjoy music and talents. I’m tired arguing with them, I think I’ll stop replying those stupid comments that trying to so hard to ‘CATEGORIZE’ these amazing and talented XG girls. I’m tired 😴
Winter 28 dias atrás
I don't even know why fans (not just xg but a lot of groups/idols) fight over Japan on Korea like it's not that big of a deal they care more to fight over where they come from then to support them
MyNameIsHaruto Mês atrás
Their movement is so swag and their facial expression is not cringey... They are not boring to watch.. I think they are the only GG I can watch on replay.. Their live performance is fun to watch..
Luden's Echo
Luden's Echo Mês atrás
@Nick okay kid
BloonsTDpro4 Mês atrás
youre so swag... pal
Andcris Bitancor
Andcris Bitancor Mês atrás
ikr!! I've seen their relay dance on mascara and I swear its too good! plus I think they're the most balanced GG out there
MyNameIsHaruto Mês atrás
@Nick use google translate.. It might help you..🤣🤣
Nick Mês atrás
@MyNameIsHaruto wdym?????????? The hell?
Jussy Mês atrás
ALL MEMBERS ARE UNIQUE! I love them bcs all of them are visuals and stans out on their own! A on fire stage!
Zii Moves and Grooves
This group is soooo talented
Joshua Pingley
Joshua Pingley Mês atrás
Harvey's visual is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD. Chisa also blew me away here.
Clydee Borrel
Clydee Borrel Mês atrás
I’m freaking out everything is perfect, visuals, dance, rap and the vocals omggg they sound so good Cocona I swear this kid is an ace
moon Mês atrás
Están catando en vivo queeeeeee locura la estabilidad vocal y el rap queeee omg de los grupos que debutan ahora si estabilidad vocal cuando cantan en vivo y bailando se les dificulta un poco pero XG ya es otro nivel
• monty •
• monty • Mês atrás
XG is gonna be on top of the world. How can they stand out as a group but also as individuals? They’re amazing! You can see how confident they are.
Lambert Torres
Lambert Torres Mês atrás
@You and me 2023 where exactly did they say this?
k k
k k Mês atrás
Interview with JAKOPS, the producer of XG and representative of the office "XGALX" New genre "X-POP" I didn't have a conventional word that XG was aiming for, so I was worried about how to define it. Our music is a new attempt in 'J-POP', and when we say 'K-POP' strongly, there may be some inconvenient eyes. Therefore, although it is a little bold, we used the expression "X-POP" to create our own music and genre. The letter "X" has the concept of "mix", but it has the meaning of being mixed without various prejudices. I want you to look at it with an unbiased eye.
You and me 2023
You and me 2023 Mês atrás
@Christopher Riley well they recently said they want to represent Japanese idols and show the world what they are capable of. I would say they're jpop. Kpop idols promote in Japan with whole Japanese albums and promotions, promote songs in English and are still considered kpop.
Christopher Riley
Christopher Riley Mês atrás
@Jae Hyun Lee I agree, but if you really were to categorize their music I don't think it would be Kpop either. They are an international group (per their own statement) therefore I feel they would literally just fall under pop as a whole and not be region based since they sing in all 3 languages (Korean, Japanese and English)
Jae Hyun Lee
Jae Hyun Lee Mês atrás
@Thomas Kim This is neither kpop or jpop?? also the CEO of their company is Simon from DMNT (Korean) Avex maybe a Japanese company, but essentially they don't categorize under either, a quick google search however states they are based in Korea so if you had to categorize their genre it would be kpop
mutiyaya Mês atrás
their smile just melted me
n e w j e a n s
n e w j e a n s Mês atrás
*guys im addicted with this songgg, i stream this on spotify for almost 50 times*
Daniela Gil
Daniela Gil 23 dias atrás
La voz de cocona 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫💓💓💓
Kelly Rey
Kelly Rey 7 dias atrás
Their stylists never miss!
Riverside 10 dias atrás
Nisk kuis
Nisk kuis Mês atrás
Que decirles, nuestras niñas se merecen todo! Vamos ALPHAZ
◡̈ 𝔸𝕤𝕞𝕒𝕙𝕒𝕟◡̈
@𓏲 ִ⁠˖ 𝐊𝐢𝐦 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧 yes they are😊
Nana Aïchatou Cissé
new band in the town
𓏲 ִ˖ 𝐊𝐢𝐦 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧
¿Disculpa sus fans de xg se llaman así?
BIAYUQI Mês atrás
Emanuely Estevam
Emanuely Estevam Mês atrás
A parte da Juria simplesmente não sai da minha cabeça. A Chisa não sai da minha cabeça!! E a Hinata a cada minuto me encanta mais
Juh calva
Juh calva Mês atrás
A Chisa é minha, vai procurar a sua😭😭😭😭
U H Mês atrás
dude that star move was everything...i felt genuine joy. Their choreo is amazing
Ablao Jenniejoy
Ablao Jenniejoy 15 dias atrás
I love this group and support them and I love my bias in xg jurin Harvey Cocona and maya
Tajamal S7 Edge
Tajamal S7 Edge Mês atrás
First time watching mv without skipping ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THEY DESERVE WINNNNNN
THE NORTHSTARS 14 dias atrás
Underrated song of the year.
Leila A.
Leila A. Mês atrás
I seriously didn't feel that way towards a girl group for a while, XG literally made me overwhelmed, lost for words and mindblown in a good way. The song, the concept (alien-universe-icy? Please that's so unique, I loooove it), the girls being highlighted all the time (Hinata and Maya being highlighted here more than Mascara), the dance, the outfits, THE BLUE HAIR OMG, the budget for the music video Their synergy as a group is top notch, really one of the best comebacks I had in a long time! XG are different and we live for it! 💜
Loremae Tuvilleja
Loremae Tuvilleja Mês atrás
I love Jurin's Charisma
•°Mari°• Mês atrás
Este grupo se merece el cielo entero por su talento y perfección!!! Las voz de Harvey es súper adorable :3 es mi favorita del grupo 🤩🤩
Arziana Azis
Arziana Azis Mês atrás
My God they Sing so Good❤❤❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Talampas Maria Sheena R.
I love their outfits here! Each of their outfit is giving!
gongzhu Mês atrás
These girls are phenomenal. I adore how serious and passionate they are with their chosen craft. You could feel their deep understanding to what they got themselves into thus they are such a delight to watch. Their synchronicity is flawless yet you won’t find them robotic, you can feel their genuine joy with what they do hence they were never boring to watch over and over again. Their charisma is overflowing and so innate that they don't need to try hard looking fierce yet you can still feel their strong presence. I just love them so much to the moon and back. Huge kudos to Simon for forming this incredible lovely team! Looking forward to their further success in their career!!!
Pat R
Pat R Mês atrás
Well pointed out! XG may still be in their rookie year, but they definitely have “IT” from the get go to make it big! Excited to witness how they continue to flourish as more people begin to appreciate and support these talented ladies. Alphaz, we gonna ride or die! 💙💫
twi_yie 5 dias atrás
Muy geniales ♡︎
Đồng Nguyễn
Đồng Nguyễn Mês atrás
It was so wholesome how the episode ended and then seeing the restaurant was closed was like someone threw me a bucket of cold water
Aael R.
Aael R. Mês atrás
My new favorite girl group ♡
Bianco Mês atrás
Each strong individual, bonded, synchronized, harmony, music, so much fun, joyful, attractive choreo, face expression, dance, rap, vocal, everithing💕
jelly Mês atrás
The choreography is just perfect I'm going to cry
Bernalieths Mês atrás
XG son lo mejor, está es la definición de talento, rap, vocal, baile, visual y mucho mas. Amo a estás chicas
Léo Benevides
Léo Benevides Mês atrás
Synshar Pyrbot
Synshar Pyrbot Mês atrás
Oh my gosh their live and raw vocals give me goose bumps
deza Mês atrás
A Jurin cantando mds que perfeição
Mês atrás
Es que la coreografía va tan bien con la canción que lo hace perfecto. Felicidades por su regreso chicas, espero sea exitoso.
sumi sum
sumi sum Mês atrás
Born to be STARS! Wow what a Beautiful Catchy performance they are sooo Charismatic! Each one of em have an appeal wow !!
MINA Mês atrás
SO ICONIC LIKE....i can't get this song out of my head it's just too good
PRod Mês atrás
Estoy tan feliz de que Hinata haya mostrado más el nivel vocal que tieneeee 😭 no pense que superaría a MASCARA pero superó mis espectativas!!!!!!
Carla G. Lara
Carla G. Lara Mês atrás
Son muy buenas !
Gian Pieer
Gian Pieer Mês atrás
HCMstyle Mês atrás
The energy, lyrics and dance choreography is out of this world. XG to the moon! This song will be on repeat for a long time.
Reine Roque
Reine Roque Mês atrás
that maya & coco chorus is sooooo nice, the whole song is a bop but something about that chorus!!! 🥰
Sukuna’s Waifu
Sukuna’s Waifu Mês atrás
Discovered this group few minutes ago, and y’all I’m OBSESSED !! Voices, visuals, dance, cuteness, charisma ?! Girl whaaat?? Stan XG 💃🏾✨
Yuri Babe
Yuri Babe Mês atrás
choreo look so chill and cool and same with the music. love this group
nina Mês atrás
they are amazing
mi ni
mi ni Mês atrás
Estefany milagros Choquepata Andres
xg es un gran grupo de chicas, es super completo son increíblemente talentosas, deberían ser mas reconocidas espero que lleguen a alcanzar el éxito se lo merecen realmente.
Melissa Berg
Melissa Berg Mês atrás
Love XG. Great songs, vibe, all of it. And, on top of it, they look healthy and aren’t scary THIN look so many female kpop idols.
Aldi Saputra
Aldi Saputra Mês atrás
I addicted to Chisa's voice
Mamta singh
Mamta singh Mês atrás
My girls always SLAY this is too awesome hinata vocals here are too impressive :)
Chinito Pinoy
Chinito Pinoy Mês atrás
Really rooting for them! Hope they blow up.
Min Min
Min Min Mês atrás
You just can feel their synergy, no one is outshining anyone, all members shine equally ✨
Margault C.
Margault C. Mês atrás
The production is masterclass.They’re step by step giving the band a unique sound and vibe, and I cant be more happy with it 🙏
Арайлым Куангали
I don't have words to describe how this comeback is underrated
Love this group so much
W Mês atrás
This is better than usual stage performance in my oppinon.
Lala Mês atrás
The song is a bop and this perf is just 💯✨️😭
しゃけ茶漬け Mês atrás
ただ上手いんじゃなくて、皆んな本当に楽しそうにパフォーマンスするところが大好き💕 早く色んな音楽番組で観たい〜 CDTVとか出てくれないかな🥺🥺
LA Rio
LA Rio Mês atrás
one word from me "PERFECT!", like everything. From vocals to visuals to choreography!!!
J Mês atrás
Isso tá incrível 😍😍😍😍😍😍 os visuais, vocais estão perfeitos. A Hinata finalmente está tendo mais linhas. Aí simmmmmm🥳🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷
Cebu Videos
Cebu Videos Mês atrás
How to just pop into the kpop music scene and make a big splash? Amazing songs and excellent performance. These girls have been amazing so far. I wish they'd make it big one of these days. They're now part of my Top 5 kpop faves together with Blackpink, NewJeans, Treasure, and Exo.
Minji Mês atrás
Já tem 1 milhão aaaa minhas mulheres arrasam p crlh
leyla zhane
leyla zhane Mês atrás
These girls on their way to becoming global superSTARS!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
S𝒊𝒍𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒖𝒅 ♡
*They totally slayed and ate !!!* Their stage presence, face expression, vocals, rap oh my gosh everything's p✨e✨r✨f✨e✨c✨t !!!!
laughingfox26 Mês atrás
xg is really giving me the 2nd gen vibe when they perform its all or nothing. when given the stage they just killed it like there's no tomorrow at the same time they are enjoying the stage.
ian Mês atrás
ang ganda ng lyrics 👏🏼😭
Mmila 2828
Mmila 2828 Mês atrás
Ustedes son las mejores chicas, siempre las apoyaremos
Vicky Mizzi
Vicky Mizzi Mês atrás
I love XG, everything form the wardobe to the choreography, the vocals, everything is amazing and extremely well put together. The only problem I have found is the lyrics of their songs. I just feel like whoever is writing their songs is just trying too hard, or not trying hard enough. The lyrics of every song up until now is "wow look at me I'm great, I'm expensive, I'm great" and I think they are, but I feel like the songs lack essence, it feels way too superficial and I think that, because of the amont of raw talent and potential all of these girls have, any song with a slightly more serious tone or a concise theme would just blow up (even more lol). I love literally everything else , and I hope they are actually letting these girls rest and have fun, not just exploiting them like the industry tends to do.
Carlo Muñoz
Carlo Muñoz Mês atrás
Juria's vocals, aww loving it
straight to the moon
Absolutely proud of these girls. 1M followers on YT milestone. Can’t wait to see what XG Files have in store for us in years to come. The only way is up for such talented girls with the best team. I feel like a proud mom watching them shine! ❤💙💫🔥✨
BloonsTDpro4 Mês atrás
dude. this is my band. stop.
Intan Nurhasanah
Intan Nurhasanah Mês atrás
Woah, why this group underrated???? This is so good actually
Mayssam Mandhouj
Mayssam Mandhouj Mês atrás
that star formationnn!!! in love with this song
Hermione 11 dias atrás
I love a good live vocal. 😌
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