WWE 2K23 First Look: John Cena Showcase - Big E, Kai, Baszler & Creed take on The Cenation Leader! 

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2 Fev 2023



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@Stumme-40203 Anos atrás
I love how you play as Cena’s opponents. I never had a problem in 2k16 playing as Austin 20 times, but playing as the opponents keeps it feeling fresh each match.
@thegamingzone5963 Anos atrás
keeps it fresh until u complete it .then offf to gm mode or universe mode ,the two modes that will gave wwe 2k games a long givity.wish in showcase mode they let us choose to play as john cena or his opponants.
@UltimateRealness Anos atrás
“How did that happen?” “He’s John Cena” “How did he reverse that?” “It’s John Cena” “How did he get up and he’s stunned?” “He’s John Cena” Moral of the story is………he’s John Cena 😂
@6mile440 Anos atrás
I’m for sure hoping for Carlito vs Cena for the US Championship in 04.
@yuenyuen175 Anos atrás
Carlito was so talented
me too because this whole showcase is about Cena opponents defeating him over his 20 year career
@jaredcho9498 Anos atrás
He is in the game along with edge and Lita from new years revolution
@@jaredcho9498 do you have confirmed info?
@theprince09 Anos atrás
I hope they cover Cena getting stabbed by Carlito’s muscle Jesus.
@legendofold101 Anos atrás
Love this showcase mode and as AJ perfectly put it "Beat up John Cena" !!!
Lol but you can't see him
@legendofold101 Anos atrás
@@ABrandnewhighlightshow just use heat vision and your good shout out to the predator 🤣🤣🤣
@@legendofold101 okay 😂
@bigdonald123 Anos atrás
Didn't cems bury styles and became a 16x champion at the end of their rivary?
@mypal1990 Anos atrás
That match with RVD was so fun to watch. The different highlights on the matches here made it awe-inspiring!
@LYE333 Anos atrás
John Cena should have really defeated RVD if it wasn’t for the fans
@Bindingofdead 10 meses atrás
@@LYE333 nah rvd was so over at the time it’s wouldn’t make sense for crab to win
@QuackMamba34 Anos atrás
Watching that RVD match and how Cena acted and the things he did, just reminded me how great of a heel John Cena could of been. Such a missed opportunity to not have him go heel it would of been gold.
@Tere999 Anos atrás
Cena was the biggest star at that time. There was no way for Cena to become heel.
@YamatODEN424 Anos atrás
Cena was heel when he was basic thuganomics
@QuackMamba34 Anos atrás
@red dragon EMPEROR Yeah when he was a mid carder.
@theashenogre8948 Anos atrás
​@@YamatODEN424 that was before he started getting his main event push.
@Norami4U Anos atrás
Kinda wished if he won, he would attack RVD after the match. Really would've pissed the crowd off.
@navtektv Anos atrás
Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Those were the three words.
@Jipjert Anos atrás
That's what I thought
@cliffordjackson3 Anos atrás
@TherealRNOwwfpooh Anos atrás
The thing is, when he was the "Dr. of Thugonomics" (and also a mid-card heel, to boot), he only had hustle. He had no loyalty nor respect. In fact, the Underbiker (Biker Taker) had to beat some respect into him & Eddie Guererro won a Parking Lot Brawl against him after Cena had carjacked Eddie's Low Rider by stealing hubcabs & tires off of the car.
@LYE333 Anos atrás
The goat 🐐 john Cena
@navtektv Anos atrás
@@LYE333 Bing Chilling.
@duanedotson6379 Anos atrás
9:06 Big E: the ole ab stretch got me 💀💀
@corybye5958 Anos atrás
I’m glad to see cena is the showcase story for the game this year!!! A legend in his own right, a future WWE hall of famer, and now taking his talents to do movies, which are amazing, and he’s becoming an amazing actor. Way to go Cena!!!! Never give up!!!
@DjsWorldTV Anos atrás
Big E and Xavier Woods were hilarious at the end when they were giggling about seeing John Cena 🤣 😂 😆 😭 😄
Love the crowd joining in on the RVD pose. Such a fun little detail 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@The_Drifter_13 Anos atrás
Always interesting to hear the reaction from people who know what it’s like to take these moves.
@TheArcticFloof Anos atrás
People talk about Cena and how rough that night was for him, how he had never had the crowd against him like that... but on the opposite end, I bet RVD was on top of the world that night
@kingsylvester6337 Anos atrás
Really hope Big E comes back to wrestle in the WWE soon + am happy to see him looking well here.
@ItzzDyno Anos atrás
The dude is looking great after his accident and made a fast recovery so we can hope soon. Edge couldn’t wrestle for years after his tho remmeber
@theashenogre8948 Anos atrás
​@@ItzzDyno Edges wasn't a broken neck. His was just an injury that happened in 2003 and he continued wrestling until 2011
@theashenogre8948 Anos atrás
​@@ItzzDyno The wrestlers that had a real broken neck were Stone Cold, Drew McIntyre, Hardcore Holly, etc Edges was minor compared the ones above
@ItzzDyno Anos atrás
@@theashenogre8948 ooh my bad my bad 🤣 thought he broke his neck this whole time ngl lmao
@mmiles1274 Anos atrás
@@theashenogre8948 Austin bruised his spinal cord. He says in that newer A&E doc that he never actually broke it. Still a horrible injury though
I always loved the way Santino Marella pronounced John Cena's name as John Che-nah 😂🤣😂🤣
@corybye5958 Anos atrás
I love how cena helps you and talks from his perspective through these matches.
John Cena making RVD tap out 2 min. in to the abdominal stretch would’ve been a sight to see
@grdluc Anos atrás
"how did he get up?" "he's john cena" 😂😂😂
@KingMePlz94 Anos atrás
Damn this is gonna make me rewatch all these matches
@burgerwiticeboi Anos atrás
We need John Cena v Shawn Michaels the night after WM 23
@evolution1709 Anos atrás
I’m glad he finally got this. He deserves this.
@LYE333 Anos atrás
I grew up watching this man john Cena literally take over wrestling and destroy people Cena is just elite legend the goat 🐐
@terrellpeyton5161 Anos atrás
Hopefully The Parking Lot Brawl is in it with Eddie Guerrero
@TooFurious4 Anos atrás
Okay, but what if John Cena did his whole monologue while wearing his Peacemaker costume? 😂😂
@getdowncrazy1999 Anos atrás
“I told you, now take my shirt” idk why but that made me hella crack up
@linkin0983 Anos atrás
25:53 I just love there was a Puerto Rican flag, and fans that day in the match lol
@CriticalMrs Anos atrás
I still do the RVD thumbs when I stretch sometimes
@fernandoleon3423 Anos atrás
20:26 Ok, Game of the year.
@736-osutin3 Anos atrás
So, do I have to wait all the way to the release date to play it? Because I pre-ordered it but it's saying that I'm too early to play
Can you do the bloodline next and for the one see about the double entrance
Man as a ECW Fan I just love we are getting the ONS 06 Arena with the Original Beat up John Cena crowd. I just personally hope Carlito is in one of the matches hopefully!
@bilinasmini3480 Anos atrás
I really love the Showcase Story Mode of John Cena in the WWE2K23 game, the match between Cena & RVD was super good and awesome!!!! Again congrats to John Cena
@armon2727 Anos atrás
We getting long hair edge it's 4 awards John Cena , rvd ,ecw one night stand and edge young edge.
@jeremy19175 Anos atrás
i remember one night stand 05 because that's the place where paul heyman went in on the ecw crusaders
@davidhall2569 Anos atrás
I think Dakota Kai needs a cold glass of ice water after sweating over John Cena 😂
@lazyspacecat2143 Anos atrás
Man, the transition to live footage is amazing! Smoother than it was in WW2K22.
@Chris_Da_Prince Anos atrás
I look at it this way. You had 2k23 sports cover athletes that were goats this year: John Madden in Madden 23 (even though that game was 🗑️) nba 2k23 with Jordan MLB THE Show with Derek Jeter and WWE 2k23 with Cena. 2k did right this year with hosting their cover athletes as GOATS
@MistahCaliJ Anos atrás
Naw madden 23 🔥 you just trash 😂
@Triple-Four Anos atrás
2K didn't make Madden or MLB...
dakota kai has that expression on her face of a high school student watching a crush on the screen. 😂
@mylesmohammed901 Anos atrás
as someone who wasn't a big big showcase guy, my main gripe with this one is the same as rey's the use of WWE footage in cutscenes. 1) it's harder for content creators to show those cutscenes with fear of being copyright struck and 2) Makes ppl just wanna watch the matches instead
@Cyrribrae Anos atrás
To be fair, I imagine that's less of a concern for them than that people enjoy the mode (especially if it gets them to watch the matches instead haha). But oh well. Maybe if people make enough noise they can do a streamer mode.
@wwffigurefed7130 Anos atrás
Cena vs Umaga should also be in cena lost to Umaga
@HygorBH Anos atrás
"The hate I received at One Night Stand is something I never experienced after that" MITB 2011: Am I a joke to you?
@clovur- Anos atrás
I hope Big E’s recovery is going good ❤️
@RandomBurner Anos atrás
Lol at them being referred to just by last name in the title (“Kai”, “Baszler” and “Creed”) 😂
@TherealRNOwwfpooh Anos atrás
Shouldn't it be Kai, Baszler, and Woods (Austin Creed is him outside of kayfabe & UpUpDownDown is authorized by WWE's social media department for promotional reasons)?
@Yaqob-wk7pi Anos atrás
fun fact Kevin Owens was in the crowd and he was wearing a PWG shirt
@knightkarma296 Anos atrás
Always great to see big e miss seeing him on tv
@Yunglex313 Anos atrás
Man I remember this match back in the day. I had to find it on the internet years after since I wasn't watching at the time it happened. Crazy atmosphere, rabid ECW fans going nuts, and a really good story, Cena having to work heel a little bit to give RVD that shine. Probably still stands the test of time compared to todays matches.
@AwkwardLoser Anos atrás
I can’t figure out what Shayna said that got her bleeped? Loved the Call of Juarezesque moments where Cena won.
@RandomEye1131 Anos atrás
Hammerstein looks so good! Obviously the rest of the game looks good too. I'm extremely excited to play this.
@GeniuzProductions 11 meses atrás
Is the big gold title an unlockable? It doesnt seem to be in the game anywhere
@soumyaroy9211 Anos atrás
Even i miss big e
@RileyAiC Anos atrás
Big E looking good. Hope he will comeback again
That was awesome I can’t wait to be able to play! Thanks for the show!
@Sting96 Anos atrás
Long time to see Big E in the ring!
@michaelvin8632 Anos atrás
This actually looks like the first showcase that I will play all the way through. Looks dope.
@corybye5958 Anos atrás
Woods, sacrificing the coccyx for the people 😂😂😂
@ChrisEvans66 Anos atrás
The Cena and RVD showcase looks amazing! 🤘👏👏
@High2GetBy Anos atrás
Hey can I ask how are they playing the game so early?
@ChrisEvans66 Anos atrás
@@High2GetBy I'm guessing because he has a working relationship with WWE and 2K. It's his job to promote the game
@High2GetBy Anos atrás
@@ChrisEvans66 pretty stupid question huh 😂 I am just making sure I'm not missing out on something lol thanks for replying 😎
@ChrisEvans66 Anos atrás
@csws hahah its all good! 😅
@LYE333 Anos atrás
Cena should have won against RVD
@MrJamess1982 Anos atrás
The first video is basically the entire commercial spots. That dialogue is taken from that movie.
@dame4990 Anos atrás
We need a series of y'all finishing this thing
@marcincywil7745 Anos atrás
Good to see Big E.
@YamatODEN424 Anos atrás
Big man bumpin meat
@@YamatODEN424 Like Booker T says: He don't want no water, he don't want no bread, all he wants is meat.
@bwernard Anos atrás
You just know the table did something bizarre at 28:40. But the game *does* look awesome. Thanks for the vid.
@MikeHenry3280 Anos atrás
i know u can only do so much with a video game but i wish all the matches played like the first 3 seconds, so smooth and clean looking and not all janky and sloppy but i understand its just a game,
@silky55mooth3 Anos atrás
I love how they are voicing over on what's happening on the screen
@dmag2734 Anos atrás
Can you share if the MyCareer mode isin't crap this year?
@roodypoodood4564 Anos atrás
Cena would kill it playing Vince McMahon in a movie about him.
@chrisdanger5426 Anos atrás
fun fact kevin owens was in that ppv as a fan wearing a pwg shirt
@Rayne35 Anos atrás
When big E said sir I was like he knows
@molejam8166 Anos atrás
I can't wait for this it's going to be awesome! happy early Friday y'all see you in 12 hours Let's gooooooo!!!!💯
@TheArcticFloof Anos atrás
This was like the pro wrestling version of MST 3000 LOL
This game is about to be Goated for real ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
@Game-zb4yk Anos atrás
Malaysia can buy already ?
@kenanlynch6943 Anos atrás
So is RVD not go be in exhibition or we just have to play that match on showcase mode to unlock him ?
@800jay3 Anos atrás
Is he gonna have a match with edge and will an old edge attire be unlockable?!
@loganosborne9907 Anos atrás
I would hope
@Deedric_Kee Anos atrás
This is great guys. I'm happy to see more "Dakota as well. I can't wait to this woo woo! 👏🏼
@J2Jin_Youtube Anos atrás
Brother, please... I've been under stress for years because of the wwe2k series!
I love this channel more and more Amazing
@Docfriday97 Anos atrás
i like the transition from gameplay to irl footage but they should have an option to turn it off. i got multiple copyrights last year
@Immy_Islam786 Anos atrás
For those unaware,the game is still in final development. Xavier most likely is playing the beta version of the game.
@exitttlife Mês atrás
Would be a whole lot cooler with a bigger monitor Them tiny visuals can sure grind ya gears 😅
@CjEasyAlt Anos atrás
28:18 this move ''alabama slam'' is rhodes wwe 2k15
@Tictactut99 11 meses atrás
After hearing Cena reminiscing on a 20+ year career I’m really hoping for a Randy Orton showcase at some point since he’s one of the only ones from his era that has stayed there pretty much full time
@amazo667 11 meses atrás
I was just thinking this the other day. Orton has had such a great career, from legend killer to rkbro to evolution, he’s always been great.
@user-rl8gs3nl8g 11 meses atrás
More like a HHH showcase
@RonaldDorsinator Anos atrás
WWE 2K15 remaster is lit lol 🤣🤣🤣
@High2GetBy Anos atrás
Last 2 games look like 2k15 to me and I ain't even played that game 😂 very similar look unless you mean the showcase content. I just hope it's better than the last game.
@Ad-zu8bt Anos atrás
I hope this showcase mode is as good as the one in 2k15
@stevekasan1575 Anos atrás
i can only imagine with Big E is thinking during this Cena intro. He can and SHOULD be on that high level WOW that Hammerstein Ballroom arena and Crowd animations are amazing, they really nailed how it looks in that place.
@davegrams1438 Anos atrás
Awesome show. Love ya all.
@Sasukew390 Anos atrás
If u pre order the game will u get it on the same day wwe2k23
@TheBluePhenom Anos atrás
Not gonna lie, at 2:34 Cena might be right about him being in the most celebrated WWE class. That group he came in with was STACKED
@bryanhill4446 Anos atrás
i never noticed they threw the shirt back lmao
@High2GetBy Anos atrás
E.C.W fans were different.
@TherealRNOwwfpooh Anos atrás
@@High2GetBy *Male fans over the age of 12 in general* were different. FIXED.
@Deedric_Kee Anos atrás
11:25 . Dakota: Yes it has to be like a sack of potatoes
@lilruedi3598 Anos atrás
a whole 30 min video for one match is crazy lmao
@juliotorres3147 Anos atrás
Is it really though?
ps5 and pad xbox??
@DjsWorldTV Anos atrás
So can't wait for this to come out LFG!
@josephalford3912 Anos atrás
Lol I can't see who's talking 🤣
@RealAaron317 Anos atrás
They should have added the vengeance match against Taker in 2003
@Mike00000 Anos atrás
Can’t wait to get this on p5 for march 14💯💯
@neosrkh6173 Anos atrás
@UpUpDownDown when big e will return at WWE?
@footballicons2475 Anos atrás
John cena showed me the example of hard work no matter what lies on your way💪💪💪 he was really in god mode thanks john
@bv6592 Anos atrás
Is there a chance we get the 2k15 attire?
@corybye5958 Anos atrás
This is the one match I remember where cena was full on heel, and the only time I remember that he knocked out a ref
@carbsandcurbs Anos atrás
Can't wait to play this game! 🎮
@JH.012 Anos atrás
What level you playing I will play on legendary
@Emteavlogs Anos atrás
We need more of this storyline
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