WrestleMania 37 - Night 1 Highlights (WWE Network Exclusive)

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Relive the historic first night of WrestleMania 37 with epic championship battles and jaw-dropping moments presented by Old Spice. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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10 Abr 2021



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Comentários 100
TheOutsidersPost 11 horas atrás
If this is the future of WWE I’d rather just relive the past. The attitude era was the peak and ever since then it has just been snowballing downhill. I know they want to cater to children now but seriously. You go with I got you popular in the first place
Ian Morales
Ian Morales 2 dias atrás
Bad bunnyyyyyyyyyy
Cyrus Dirk Pineda
Cyrus Dirk Pineda 2 dias atrás
The Wrestlemania without the Undertaker
Lux A
Lux A 2 dias atrás
Sooo bad
Roblox Dean Ambrose
Roblox Dean Ambrose 3 dias atrás
I think Bad Bunny's move was called "The Bunny Crash"
Jann Daniel
Jann Daniel 3 dias atrás
José TC
José TC 3 dias atrás
ese es bad bonny ...
ICE RBLX 4 dias atrás
8:34 why do they call Big show “Braun Strowman”? 🤔??
Quincy Ingram
Quincy Ingram 5 dias atrás
Anyone else peep Edge and Randy standing next to each other @ 1:10 👀 Ya cant split up Rated-RKO lol
Wwe is my favourite show
I like wwe
Mysterio TV
Mysterio TV 5 dias atrás
Corona virus 😱😷
Gabriel Ambo
Gabriel Ambo 6 dias atrás
Slide with Titus.
Chaser547 6 dias atrás
shame they didn't include Bunny's canadian destroyer on Morrison it was amazing
Igor Gawryszewski
Igor Gawryszewski 7 dias atrás
Ale rozebał polak rodak
Igor Gawryszewski
Igor Gawryszewski 3 dias atrás
Ekrem2323 8 dias atrás
Im so confused i Think this wrestlemania was in 2019 hahaha
busiswa khumalo
busiswa khumalo 8 dias atrás
can i get a message from bad bunny i like him
busiswa khumalo
busiswa khumalo 8 dias atrás
want to seebad bunny in real life
Glenys Aponte
Glenys Aponte 9 dias atrás
WWE already at 70 mil subs bruh
Rodrigo Natalino da Silva
Este wrestlemania é em 2021 ???... se for em 2021 eu fiquei arrepiado por ver publico nos estádios de novo!. Parabéns aos americanos !. Agora eu vejo que moro no inferno !. Voce sabe onde é o inferno ??.. INFERNO = BRAZIL!.
Jahir 10 dias atrás
What about covid
Nathaniel Mapa
Nathaniel Mapa 11 dias atrás
2:25 wth otis
Xavier Marzette
Xavier Marzette 11 dias atrás
WWE Sucks Take This Off
Manuela Melo
Manuela Melo 11 dias atrás
Scott Hall looks already deceased
BadVic Boy
BadVic Boy 11 dias atrás
The fact the all of this was fake
Exotics 10 dias atrás
ikr but i still watched it
Carisa Monteilh
Carisa Monteilh 11 dias atrás
Niino G
Niino G 12 dias atrás
Can Vince stop getting plastic surgery? he looks like joan rivers now.
wahwahgaboor 12 dias atrás
really the whole bloody anthem... ? jeebooze save us
wahwahgaboor 12 dias atrás
sounds like Yoda on helium
Andrew2980 12 dias atrás
I can't believe it's already been two freaking weeks
Amy Santos
Amy Santos 13 dias atrás
Goooooo bad bunny
RagingUtai 13 dias atrás
Haven't watched wwe in a year. How is it doing compared to AEW?
Percy Quea orcopaza
Percy Quea orcopaza 13 dias atrás
Arni Garcíaa
Arni Garcíaa 14 dias atrás
miko foin
miko foin 14 dias atrás
Sasha vs Bianca was the highlight of the night, incredible work!
Cycling CMDR
Cycling CMDR 14 dias atrás
4:40 Man, Razor Ramon didn't age well. He looks 90.
Airalyn Choco-Espineda
Airalyn Choco-Espineda 14 dias atrás
I have miss the crown thank you Vince
Travis Terlecki
Travis Terlecki 14 dias atrás
Doe anyone know where u can find the full show at
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 15 dias atrás
Vince's "Wrestlemaniaaaa" shout is just iconic
Jesus Buenrostro •
Jesus Buenrostro • 15 dias atrás
Hello COVID? 😂
LayZEE 777
LayZEE 777 15 dias atrás
2:16 otis do be vibin tho
Adam Hamdan
Adam Hamdan 16 dias atrás
Finally my favorite wrestler is smiling (Roman reigns) lol he is a very kind guy kind guy but in wwe he is the complete opposite.
Jordan Blackwell
Jordan Blackwell 16 dias atrás
Vince has had some work done haha.
Munyaradzi Mangwiro
Munyaradzi Mangwiro 16 dias atrás
Wrestling brings joy to the soul
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 16 dias atrás
Vince's "Wrestlemaniaaaa" shout is just iconic
Jamesen 17 dias atrás
I dont watch wwe much anymore but I had to come and see whats been going on lately
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 17 dias atrás
‘SASHA KICKED OUT!” Michael Cole, Wrestlemania 37
PJ Leon
PJ Leon 17 dias atrás
The People are back! Fun Fact: Hogan was carrying the original nWo strap, the leather is as stiff as him 🙏 lol. The EST paid tribute to Chyna, & Bad Bunny has the Latino Heat 🔥
ISCO YT 17 dias atrás
I wish that the weeknd was here
Tommyboy Raider
Tommyboy Raider 17 dias atrás
Think Hogan leaving n with the black guy was planned out considering how he got banned for 5 years?
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera 17 dias atrás
Sergio Ducuara
Sergio Ducuara 17 dias atrás
Algún colombiano?
Randy Fernández
Randy Fernández 17 dias atrás
y el alfa 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
x MANTEQUILLA24 18 dias atrás
But yet who was the singer performinggg ?
Justin Lien
Justin Lien 18 dias atrás
Word for word, Vinces opening speech: “Throughout this past year, our WEUB supstars perform tirdlessly for alluv you. Week after week. Month after month, but we all knew there was something missing. Something very important, THE most important, that would be all of you, our fans. The WWUB universe. And as we emerge from this dreadfrul pundemic, on behalf of our entirant WB family, we wud simfily like to say thank you, N welcome you to....WRESTLEMAYYYNNNEEEEUUUUHHHHLLLLLL!” Jesus Christ, let this man retire. He looks like he was in the morgue getting his make up on for his funeral when he remembered he had Wrestlemania to do and ran to the stadium. Seriously, he looks a like a mannequin.
Geovanni Campos
Geovanni Campos 18 dias atrás
Go reign
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 18 dias atrás
Los tiene en tendencia Latino Bad Bunny 🐇🔥
Dariell Jones
Dariell Jones 18 dias atrás
Vince looks good
JoeyBananas 19 dias atrás
Great show. We did an awesome video for wrestlemania with makeup and everything. Look forward to no Covid next year so we can go back to events.
TeEzY Da BeAsT
TeEzY Da BeAsT 19 dias atrás
11:26 How can you not love Scott Hall🤘🏽
TeEzY Da BeAsT
TeEzY Da BeAsT 19 dias atrás
The only moment where All heels broke character was the beginning...
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 19 dias atrás
Vince's "Wrestlemaniaaaa" shout is just iconic
Jeymin Yohana
Jeymin Yohana 19 dias atrás
Bad bunny Guatemala
Jeymin Yohana
Jeymin Yohana 19 dias atrás
Bad bunny
Miz and John Morrison stacked bad bunny
Javier Quinones
Javier Quinones 20 dias atrás
Mis respeto hacia Benito les callo la boca a muchos que lo criticaron y Lucio muy bien junto a otro orgullo latino Damián prist boricua de pura cepa hacia adelante guerreros y mis felicitaciones.
Yahkil Pursem
Yahkil Pursem 20 dias atrás
Xpac was just a part-time peripheral member of the NWO. Just got into the Hall of Fame as part of the NWO because of the political influence of the Kliq. How can he have been an iconic member of both the NWO and DX when they competed on two different promotions at the same time??
Super Gogeta
Super Gogeta 20 dias atrás
Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs. Miz and Morrison was actually a good match! Bad Bunny hitting that Canadian Destroyer was AWESOME. EDIT: Glad to see the crowd is back...somewhat.
John Paul Quema
John Paul Quema 20 dias atrás
I think we can all agree this was the worst commentary Michael Cole has ever produced
teehbobbbbyyy 20 dias atrás
And Ontario, Canada is going full Police shutdown state. Gotta love America! 🇺🇸
J Ives
J Ives 20 dias atrás
Absolute garbage now
senni bgon
senni bgon 20 dias atrás
Me seeing people, I had to look at todays date
Dragon's Exile
Dragon's Exile 20 dias atrás
At least the WWE does it right. America First.
Temptation Fragancias
Temptation Fragancias 20 dias atrás
Djayrazor 21 dia atrás
Bailey was cringy
KosenJD 21 dia atrás
I personally don't like Bad Bunny's music, or the genre itself...but man I gotta give it to him the guy knows his wrestling pretty well and he executed it clean AF.
Sagittarius1500 21 dia atrás
WWE needs to stop with all the playing they do with GOD and religion as well as all the satanic mess! When forming the New Day, they had the members doing promos with church choirs and still to this day has Big E talking like a preacher. Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” theme entrance had too much of a “sent from Heaven vibe”. They had Seth Rollins LITERALLY acting like GOD. Alexa Bliss had a satanic witchcraft promo with candles while sitting on the floor in the middle of the satanic star. Bray Wyatt was just acting like a preacher in the firefly funhouse on the Raw after Wrestlemania, as if the whole “Fiend” character wasn’t more than demonic enough, not to mention the fact that when he had the last gimmick in the Wyatt Family, he once said in a promo that he doesn’t believe in wizards in the sky. Wrestlers like Randy Orton have entrance music with lyrics disrespectful to religion. The Street Prophets’ name is wrong in general. They had the word “Almighty” used in reference to Bobby Lashley. I mean, this stuff goes as far back as Brother Love’s gimmick as well as DeVon’s (from Dudley Boyz) preacher gimmick when they first brought in Batista. Who is approving all of this?! Vince?! Stephanie?! Talent relations?! Who??? It is all wrong and needs to come to a stop! I said what I said and honestly don’t care who doesn’t like it.
Robert Padua
Robert Padua 21 dia atrás
Lol look at the crowd
Jon A
Jon A 21 dia atrás
Hulk hogan is back ? I thought he was booted out
Jon A
Jon A 21 dia atrás
Vince seems off. His speech seemed a little messed up
Melanie Clarke
Melanie Clarke 21 dia atrás
Heart and passion right there Bad Bunny!! 🔥
Paul 21 dia atrás
This is sad to watch.
Alessandra Guarinon
Alessandra Guarinon 21 dia atrás
Edge looked so happy at the start of the video
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 21 dia atrás
Me seeing people, I had to look at todays date
Deadpool316 21 dia atrás
That NWO segment was so horrible it's sad now it's not even cool anymore
Johannes Kepler
Johannes Kepler 21 dia atrás
Titus O’Neal in Hall Of Fame??? Are they kidding us?
Fred Barron
Fred Barron 21 dia atrás
What's Double U E?
Fred Barron
Fred Barron 21 dia atrás
And I guess that means now its time for your annual spring cleanout?
Alec Jahr
Alec Jahr 21 dia atrás
he is a lizard person for sure
Don't Look At Me
Don't Look At Me 21 dia atrás
Bunny is boring
duncan39 21 dia atrás
I love Shane tho one of the greats to me
Sebastian Muñoz
Sebastian Muñoz 21 dia atrás
Ese estupid Bab Bunny cuánto no pago para que lo dejarán ganar
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 21 dia atrás
Los tiene en tendencia Latino Bad Bunny 🐇🔥
SlipStreamTV 21 dia atrás
Bad Bunny is really living his dream 🔥 that’s wats up
Mister Richard Allen Jensen
Can we please NOT mention the weather delay and the memes that came along with it?,... And I did NOT even bother with watching that "PG puppet show" at all.
Canon Theory
Canon Theory 22 dias atrás
Why did we get the crowd at mania but they remove the crowd the next night at raw? If someone had covid at mania then it already spread to everyone in the arena.. Covid is done with at this point.
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok 22 dias atrás
Manoooooos el Benito, donde están los latinos?
Laura Ines Irurzun
Laura Ines Irurzun 22 dias atrás
Canción bonita pero después a pelearse y luchar
Lala C
Lala C 22 dias atrás
Hugo Dias
Hugo Dias 22 dias atrás
I need the Canadian destroyer in the highlights
Chris LaPan
Chris LaPan 22 dias atrás
Shame on the WWE for putting on this match! Strowman is a legit pro wrestler who happens to be HUGE and Shane is in his 50"s. How stupid!
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