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12 Jun 2020



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@MrBeast 3 anos atrás
Subscribe and you could possibly be invited to the next one!!
@mitzalmanza25 3 anos atrás
Lol ok
@zachmerwin1240 3 anos atrás
@FireAlley 3 anos atrás
@sheepymendez6187 3 anos atrás
I already am but my parents wouldn’t let me
@MrBeast 3 anos atrás
We put tons of time and planning into this! I genuinely hope you enjoyed :)))
@pingpalabrica 3 anos atrás
*Hey MrBeast! You should rent a private Island and play a real-life Minecraft. That would be Epic!*
@ThisGuyDannyyy 3 anos atrás
Can I have some money plz?!
@duj3016 3 anos atrás
@rainsonofargus6070 3 anos atrás
Cool :)
@Michael-pg2vb Anos atrás
Jimmy, you have the best job ever. Love how you turned this onto something worthwhile. Keep it up.
@greenwave819 Anos atrás
My prediction is that he has 100million followers on YT by summer of 2022
@zakir00798 Anos atrás
@@greenwave819 oh really
@richardmincer613 Anos atrás
@@greenwave819 I predict he will have 3 million more followers than pewdiepie by Christmas '22
@memesshorts1616 11 meses atrás
@@greenwave819 126 in jan 2023 dude
@TheHampter1021 10 meses atrás
@@memesshorts1616 129*
@The_void4004 5 meses atrás
The fact that he has all this money to the point where he can give $40,000 away and still is a generous guy is astounding
@lamp2461 2 meses atrás
The money is from his sponsors...
@user-de7ws8me7n 2 meses atrás
Con todo ese dinero comprara un 350z❤
@SunBane67 2 meses atrás
@@lamp2461 and?
@mattwillcocks456 26 dias atrás
He always puts a smile on everyone's face ❤
@hidraw2670 Anos atrás
The way Mr beast spends money and help people is just so heart warming! I don’t know what I would do if I was ever invited!
@tumayamakhooe Anos atrás
I swear I'd cry
Hey same here 😮
@amandacarter2048 Anos atrás
As hard up as I am right now, I would probably pass out! My landlord sold my house & I have to move in 30 days. I'm a waitress & work very hard. I would feel beyond blessed!!
@ProfessorPrel Anos atrás
@@amandacarter2048 Hope you are doing ok
@amandacarter2048 Anos atrás
@@ProfessorPrel I'm ok. Doing the best I can. Thanks for the comment!
@oniol967 15 dias atrás
Я счастлив за таких людей от всей души!
@OkKo-vo8zz 3 anos atrás
This needs to be a Game show series and MrBeast is the perfect host.
@veryboredman6364 3 anos atrás
I agree
@rainydollies7493 3 anos atrás
@ForgottenTaleO 3 anos atrás
@Minkxmoskov 7 meses atrás
Let's just appreciate how much time effort he puts in these videos to make our day huge respect!!🤞❤️
@Chiefrocka. 3 meses atrás
If I ever lost a Mr Beast game I would genuinely never get over it. The act would haunt me for the rest of my entire life.
@kainawsome 9 meses atrás
@Quincy_Morris 8 meses atrás
Your existence now is the same as if you lost. So don’t let failed opportunity change you.
@carlospalma8782 14 dias atrás
Tus videos son de lo mejor te admiro a ti y a tu equipo muchisimas felizidades. Aqui de monterrey mexico algun dia me tomare una fito contigo
He never fails to make the best content. He is always so consistent. One of the best youtubers out there.
@thercl 2 meses atrás
No matter what kind of day I'm having, Jimmy makes me feel good! ❤️❤️🙂 ❤😊
@alisonmckenzie8920 2 meses atrás
good agree
@mrheck2997 Anos atrás
Thanks for giving your best in keeping us entertained and putting a smile on our faces :)
@ginatowne8891 10 meses atrás
What a genuinely great guy and friend crew! Love the positivity his videos give 💕
@austinevans_03 10 meses atrás
@sofiaalejo8365 2 meses atrás
Que dios los bendiga por ayudar a mucha gente y que siga teniendo mucho éxito en sus programas y videos😊
@maxrole-playz 22 dias atrás
@GaneseX111 Anos atrás
Love your content man. Much respect. Giving back to the community is noble. Hope i get called one of these days cause id drop what i was doing to be there and win whatever event your running
@user-zu4ll1we6c Mês atrás
@ALDC_shorts. 2 anos atrás
Can we appreciate how much time and effort he puts into this to make people happy
@renzogamer3946 2 anos atrás
@markellhubbard4001 2 anos atrás
Really inspiring
@jsjakaibsbshs1732 2 anos atrás
It’s his job? Hes a millionaee
@the-venon3051 2 anos atrás
And monet💵💵
@rokeshp2638 Anos atrás
Unlike others he does know what to do with his money. You are an inspiration man.
@John-dz2vk 9 meses atrás
Would've betted $10,000 that Chandler would miss the freethrow lmao.
@user-oz5vu2oj8c 2 meses atrás
жаль что,у нас нет таких замечательных блогеров! Счастья тебе во всех твоих делах.
@relaxingmusic1894 2 meses atrás
Якубович на поле чудес
@user-cm2gh7xc6q 2 meses atrás
@smalik4181 Mês atrás
да жаль очень ;[
@KingSultan-mc4pg 29 dias atrás
English please Punk 😂😂😂😂😂
@user-sl7lv1gy9k 18 dias atrás
@@KingSultan-mc4pg hey sultana punk why no other languages⁉❓❌✖❓❔
@gregmartin7526 Anos atrás
Truly awesome , you guys are changing lives in an incredible way 🤘 love you MrBeast
@GiaMisfit 2 meses atrás
I’m literally binge watching lol these videos are beyond awesome!!
@alymationz7908 3 anos atrás
*Being Mr beast's friend is a prestigious career and can set you for life, especially if you are Chandler or Chris*
@matthewnegrete6230 3 anos atrás
They are absolutely set, they lost nothing.
@thingstodo5966 3 anos atrás
Sushant Singh Rajput passes away at 34, no suicide note recovered from Mumbai residence
@dysoo_is_better515 3 anos atrás
True trur
@Grahm1 3 anos atrás
@CycloopsDBD 3 anos atrás
Hope he wins something next time
@jonjamie6 Anos atrás
Such a fun channel to watch. Thanks for the awesome content. :)
@hilarytorres6546 10 meses atrás
@NippyNep 7 meses atrás
@vishnuchavan5371 4 meses atrás
yea [no]
@WildRabiea Anos atrás
I'm binge watching all of the videos and feel overwhelmed with emotions This is the best way to spend money - helping people and with a interesting take.
@alexandredaoeste6023 3 meses atrás
Cara sabe o que é vc vere todo esse dinheiro e passar perto de um sacolão com vontade de comer uma fruta e não ter dinheiro 😊
@alexandredaoeste6023 3 meses atrás
Estou trabalhando até agora com uma fome danada
@alexandredaoeste6023 3 meses atrás
Gente boa fazer um pix de 10 reais pra comprar a torta da tia que é uma delícia
@alexandredaoeste6023 3 meses atrás
Gente boa fazer um pix de 10 reais pra comprar a torta da tia que é uma delícia
Jimmy needs to give Mack another chance, he deserves it
❤ nos encanta sus videos yo con 5.000.00 dolares seria feliz asi ayudaria a mi familia a salir de los problemas y tristesas me alegro mucho por esos afortunados que lo consiguen y asi cumplen sus sueños
@lindas42961 Anos atrás
I'm sooo freakin jealous of all the people that Mr. Beast just gives mass amounts of money to! Its amazing 👏
@RohitPant04 Anos atrás
Man i love Karl's weird energy in this one. Lmao! 🤣
@user-nj3dv4be7p 12 dias atrás
Q bonito y q bueno q regalen dinero a los q nesecitan. Ya quisiera yo q m inviten y ganarme una casita para vivir con mi hija.
@bruhlol1418 Anos atrás
One of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us the audience and his teem, and he is polite in all his video's
@WalnutAnimations Anos atrás
That’s because they do all the work
@bff458 Anos atrás
​@@WalnutAnimations that's because he has all the money
@WalnutAnimations Anos atrás
@@bff458 he gets the money from the videos
@gaflsi 24 dias atrás
I'm 3 years to late.....but I'm loving all these great videos and you making people happy!
@bre_yd4556 3 anos atrás
I’m happy for that guy who won the Tesla but I feel bad for Chris.
@kingschuyler3890 3 anos atrás
I think chris is gonna get a new specced out tesla anyways
@thurgeshgesh8318 3 anos atrás
@motoo1779 3 anos atrás
That was a greedy bastard
@GodKoalaa 3 anos atrás
Remember Chris has 2 Tesla's.
@killua6861 3 anos atrás
I feel bad for Chandler more
@lancegould9256 Anos atrás
Love these videos. What a humble and good hearted individual
@Aaron-hx1dx Anos atrás
Imagine getting picked for one, but just watching his videos just give you happiness
@richardavellaneda3717 17 dias atrás
Ojalá lo conociera así me presta para completar y comprarme mi casa 😢 pero que dios lo bendiga y siga ayudando a toda la gente posible.
@levleofabdullah 3 meses atrás
Jimmy knows how to entertain people❤
@y-bthekinglyon7228 29 dias atrás
On vous attend aussi au Cameroun 🇨🇲 pour des kiff de malades. J'ai grave envie de participer à vos jeux 😘
@yeetdawgy2678 3 anos atrás
Being Jimmy’s friend could be a literal career path for me
@ThaJoeski 3 anos atrás
Lmao did you just change your profile pic
@aro4322 3 anos atrás
*Loses 10,000 dollars*
@yeetdawgy2678 3 anos atrás
*Loses Tesla* btw rip chris
Would be so much fun to be one of his friends man. Wow. You are an amazing person surrounded by good people. Thank you for all you do.....
@18u. 9 dias atrás
it is really impressive how much the quality improved over 3 years
@robertthomas3862 Anos atrás
I’ve always loved your videos and the things you do bro 👍🏼 now I subscribed and can’t wait for more. Keep it the awesome work 👏
@brikfanz Anos atrás
@stephp7778 7 dias atrás
This guy is awesome...another happy fan
@senoreg 11 meses atrás
Respect to Tim for inviting his friend who won a tesla
@Viralbutnotyet Anos atrás
I would drop this sandwich right now for a chance to go on Jimmy's show.
@user-Varyag777 2 meses atrás
Чувак, я недавно увидел тебя в ютуб и ты сразу охрененно вкатил мне, я не мог не подписаться на тебя, блин, на самом деле ты лучший. Ты помогаешь многим своим соотечественникам, прикалываешься от души и это очень круто. Оставайся таким. P.s. твоя команда огонь. Привет из России.
@Murzik723 Mês atrás
Привет, пиши на английском с помошью переводчика, чтобы тебя заметили
@Murzik723 Mês atrás
Ты из какого города?
@user-Varyag777 Mês atrás
@@Murzik723 Челябинск
@Murzik723 Mês atrás
@@user-Varyag777 Пермь
@cadeteugene8319 Anos atrás
I am new to this channel and I am enjoying the contents. Great job guys!
@veronicanoble5520 27 dias atrás
Q lastima q no tenemos un jimmy en Argentina, igualmente me encantan sus videos
Everybody: wins something Chandler:loses 10 grand Chris:loses his Tesla
@cardcaptains4321 3 anos atrás
@fyzan24 3 anos atrás
@BegulaBoi 3 anos atrás
Dont really care
@moisesgodinez6672 3 anos atrás
I wish life was this easy
@Grahm1 3 anos atrás
@alfieasuncion8581 Anos atrás
this episode is epic... chris is so kind to give his tesla and 1.9k this
@Tarwhan003 8 meses atrás
Such a fun channel to watch. Thanks for the awesome content. :)🥰🥰
@samobabokorisos1278 4 meses atrás
@juancarlospastor518 28 dias atrás
Ojalá algún día eligiera a alguien de México y ese fuera yo 😅
Eres genial mister beast...saludos desde Cuba🇨🇺....bendiciones para ti y tu equipo....y un besote para nolan 💋😜
@ryanp3602 3 anos atrás
I love how Chris doesn’t even care that he is destroying a laptop that is worth hundreds of dollars
@peytonmiller4145 3 anos atrás
Ryan P lol he just lost a Tesla I don’t think he cares about the computer
@gronscott3220 3 anos atrás
Its mr. Beast what do you expect
@abdelrahmanhamdy2426 3 anos atrás
They also have a history with destroying laptops
@raiven6085 3 anos atrás
fifty yes
@arnoldmandahuyan3559 3 anos atrás
With Mr.Beast Hakuna Mutata
This is so awesome!! I would love to be picked to be on one of these shows.
I love that Karl called a trombone a trumpet 😂
@GiovaniiRocha Mês atrás
Buenos videos hermano saludos desde México 🎉😊😅
@bobby-8904 Anos atrás
"let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us".. ❤
@user-sk8ml8wp9l Anos atrás
👆Thanks for watching 🤗🤗 And commenting Send a direct massage right away🆙 You have just won a gift 🎁✅.
@curtishewitt5937 19 dias atrás
He should come to England and do this 😂
@icyrice4572 3 anos atrás
A moment of silence for the people who didn’t win anything
@cap9352 3 anos atrás
Something's fishy...its just too fast
@rosemary3631 3 anos atrás
178 likes in 30min ! Wtf
@fractionyt2691 3 anos atrás
So sad
@tdh1038 3 anos atrás
Relying on other people’s money must feel great...
@Grahm1 3 anos atrás
@yxdag33 Anos atrás
Karl is lowkey savage Chris: The most important thing you got out of this; friendship Karl: Until you leave, then, its over
@Ryizhaua 2 meses atrás
Ты очень добрый и отзывчивый парень, меня ничье видео так не трогало..могу только мечтать о таком, но я понимаю что это нереально...плачу.😢😢😢продолжай радовать людей!!!
@macemario253 11 meses atrás
This quickly turned into “ Watching Chandler miss a free throw hundreds of times!!!”
@jorgekhalifa750 24 dias atrás
soy nuevo seguidor me encantan sus videos
@arandomuser21 3 anos atrás
Everybody: *Win a bunch of money* Chandler: *Get huggies*
@EnbyAxolotlOfficial 3 anos atrás
Don't forget, he also won debt 3 times
@bettytriplin3693 Anos atrás
That is so awesome! May all your steps be graced! You help so many people it's awesome to see! That's glee!
@alwilk2607 Anos atrás
I've forgotten how enjoyable these clips are... glad I came for a smile today.
Ofrecerme $10.000 que los tomaré sin pensarlo te lo aseguró jimmy
@sarahsilverman451 Anos atrás
Mr.Beast is so kind and loving he deserves so much more than he gets.
@audreyk2913 Mês atrás
this was one of your best videos. this was awesome
@blainejensen8570 3 anos atrás
ZHC: spends lots of time, money, and effort making the Tesla MrBeast: gives it away twice
@charlottelieu5840 3 anos atrás
I know right? It is kinda disrespectful.
@glukoidnoneya6228 3 anos atrás
Charlotte Lieu Mr beast is the guy that gives away things, I find it kinda hard to believe zhc didn’t think he would give it away.
@reesesmith4812 3 anos atrás
He made it just so mr beast could whatever he wants with it
@Purueditor 3 anos atrás
Charlotte Lieu Just paying it forward.
@lillrascalgaming2437 3 anos atrás
Charlotte Lieu zhc was there when he gave it to chandler. Mr beast couldn’t drive it due to stalkers
@thunderboltbro568 5 meses atrás
Chandler's luck is on another level
@locllooc1784 3 meses atrás
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 كريس
@micleagabriel4602 Anos atrás
youre a very good man and kind... you made allot of people happy and that is clasicaly saying ''pure love''
@ImHarryPottah 2 meses atrás
You know, the MYSTERY KEY could actually unlock the cage for the money
I wish Jimmy and the crew would come to Sydney Australia and do some videos. It would be so cool to be in one of these
@AfricaLinda-mz Mês atrás
O mundo 🌍 ama este canal
@alexc.5139 3 anos atrás
if i had a dollar every time they played the clip of Chandler missing the throw, I'd have enough to buy myself a laptop lol
@blg.07 3 anos atrás
only a laptop, wow
@rosiepinder3922 3 anos atrás
@rolandacosta7865 3 anos atrás
I could buy a gaming pc with that
@roch0814 3 anos atrás
@@rllc5904 I dont think you dont know what a joke is. I'll give you the definition Joke:Your Comment
@Youtube_fly0989 9 meses atrás
I love how Karl stood there with his monster can and said “I’m handsome” 🤣🤣🤣
@rogerwooten7392 Anos atrás
Most insane videos ever. Surprising people with life changing gifts and opportunity.
@user-vi7ot4wn2y 2 meses atrás
Было бы здорово, если бы Mr Bist снял 24 часа в цирке,и жил бы по цирковым правилам.
@bobagacha000 3 meses atrás
at this point being Jimmy’s friend is better than winning the lottery
@roquemarcos4659 2 meses atrás
Quero ver um brasileiro ganhar alguma grana deste cara
swear, chandler is the only person that's ever lost money from being friends with mr beast
@Nathan47824 3 anos atrás
Chris lost some too from the "24 hours in bunker challenge"He lost $8000
@ZaidFootball-op3jq 3 anos atrás
@stranger342 3 anos atrás
Mr Beast so legit man. Would be so cool to be in his presence and feel that abundance
@irmas6802 Anos atrás
I wonder how much money jimmy wastes on briefcases🤣
@MuhammadJanyusaf Mês atrás
Beast is sooo humble ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@isaacrista Anos atrás
Jimmy: don't worry guys I give my friends loads of money. Chandler: :/
Крис конечно рисковый человек!) 😂 Всё видео за него переживала.
@binasco3914 3 anos atrás
Everyone: *wins money* Chandler: *manages to lose $10,000 in less than 2 mins*
@turtlely1217 3 anos atrás
I kinda felt bad for ZHC .....
@binasco3914 3 anos atrás
@@turtlely1217 yea
@jslover761 3 anos atrás
@@turtlely1217 Same here. Chris kind of seemed a little disappointed as well. I think it would've been better if they just bought the guy a new tesla
@DT-dv5pn 3 anos atrás
@@turtlely1217 same
@taibolding7648 3 anos atrás
@BRONsON_47 10 meses atrás
Просто что то нереальное Позитивный контент вашей команды Продолжайте в том же духе😁😎
@user-mg3xr1xo6m 3 meses atrás
@susieslunch1 Anos atrás
I love giving and so much fun to see you give!!!! All the people look so happy :)
@death-wl4mm Mês atrás
If they gave my mother a suitcase with 10,000 dollars, then my mother would be happy with the suitcase
@fiebigysgames4444 Anos atrás
Chris needs to join a band. He has a bright future ahead of him 🎉
@sabrinapilares6117 13 dias atrás
Si me preguntarán eso a mí, yo elegiría los dólares, pero no sé si en Lima Perú habrá ese tipo de reto por así decirlo, por favor quiero saber si hay? Si alguien sabe dígame.
@awesomesause1116 3 anos atrás
Changing people’s lives is a daily routine for him at this point
@DarinCates 3 anos atrás
You seriously think this is real? Star wars isnt real either
@skydemongaming 3 anos atrás
Its a daily thing for a lot of people. You just don't hear about the silent ones.
@soyeljr550 3 anos atrás
childofgod † y comment this on a random comment 🙄
@hanhong2267 3 anos atrás
@childofgod † Wait what does Jesus coming back have to do with this comment
@jamesdanny3137 Anos atrás
I've been around the market long enough to know that these ups and downs can still prove to be highly beneficial, time and again I've seen people use these windows of opportunities to make millions and set up for retirement, I just don't know how they did it.
@matthew4648 Anos atrás
Investing in crypto and stock market is a good idea, a good trading system would put you through many days of success.
@rickieleigh5694 Anos atrás
It is possible to produce superior performance provided you do something different from the majority. However, most of us tend to pay more attention to the shiniest position in the market to the cost of proper diversification.
@Stephanie-lm4kt Anos atrás
I have been researching all this while for a digital asset to invest in and I found the crypto market to be the most profiting of them all, I'm definitely bouncing on it.
@abigailangle8564 Anos atrás
Wow. I'm a bit perplexed seeing Jeff O'Reilly been mentioned here also. Didn't know he has been good to so many people.
@danielcurtis9926 Anos atrás
Wow I just made my first withdrawal, trading with Jeff O'Reilly.
@michaelmessenger2024 3 meses atrás
An imaginative and artistic fellow isn't he
@user-uu1xv3dl1q 16 dias atrás
Еслиб я выиграл миллион долларов, я купил бы себе новые носки.
@najialjabali 15 dias atrás
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