Worst Effort Plays in US Sports Compilation

Highlight Heaven
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19 Mai 2018



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Comentários 100
Brooks Carlson
Brooks Carlson 11 horas atrás
Ahh... heck with it.
C Connors
C Connors 15 horas atrás
Lebron is no MJ
Bimmer Huncho
Bimmer Huncho 22 horas atrás
Cam Newton is a pussy... get upset for being sacked...uh well your the quarterback with the BALL and the defensive line wants that ball and if they can't have the ball they will tackle the one with the ball, don't get upset that you get hit, that' the quarterback's job to avoid, blame your offensive line you whiny baby.
sir stephen
sir stephen Dia atrás
Why were the pacers not called for the kicked ball at 5:40? A clear penalty.
Kermit Dia atrás
2:07 is the whole bengals franchise in one play
Nathan Harer
Nathan Harer Dia atrás
the newton one is ok, he like has no pads and probably didn’t want to get on a dog pile
Neechie18 Dia atrás
Nathan Harer but that play was in the super bowl, I feel like he should have done something.
Steve Libby
Steve Libby Dia atrás
Last one should be called back for too many men on field.
Brandon Rexrode
Brandon Rexrode Dia atrás
After so much James Harden footage, you really should just include him in the title. C’mon, man.
Kevin Elam
Kevin Elam Dia atrás
ok that last play was just so freakin hilarious.
Ebon Kim
Ebon Kim 2 dias atrás
I haven't watched sports in years, yet, watching players who makes millions not even give an effort seems both entertaining, and depressing at the same time.
Braddah NUI
Braddah NUI 2 dias atrás
1:41 the oline did his job, he was pass blocking. He blocked his man so he was just sitting and watching that’s why he hit the linebacker/D end coming in, that was pure effort
Charlie and Matt Backyard edition
Who’s faster like Lamar Jackson comment michal Vick
Emilios Alexiou
Emilios Alexiou 2 dias atrás
I’m showing more effort while taking the garbage out. Jeez guyz...
kaimakani13 2 dias atrás
Guy shots bricks but says lack of effort lmao
ucf2015 3 dias atrás
If i put this much effort at my job I'd surely get fired
AGRForReal 3 dias atrás
James harden needs his own compilation
jameson helsaple
jameson helsaple 4 dias atrás
The one with cam after that game I was crying like bruh it was the superbowl and cam is like my inspiration u know
Barry McCool
Barry McCool 4 dias atrás
James Harden is a sorry piece of shit.
Cravingz ROBLOX
Cravingz ROBLOX 4 dias atrás
The first I dont think he was being lazy he tought the ball went over the wall after it hit his glove
Jeffrey G
Jeffrey G 5 dias atrás
Is it still counted as a home run if its an error?
G S 5 dias atrás
Take a knee. They all suck.
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 7 dias atrás
last one is possibly the best turnover ever
Greg Harte
Greg Harte 7 dias atrás
I was hoping to see the Ovechekin disconnected controller meme.
Scooter _
Scooter _ 7 dias atrás
When you haven't played a game of basketball in your life but you're still better than harden on defense
Rqlk 7 dias atrás
Disliked, don’t include cam Newton’s game where he didn’t go into the pile he has made it very clear why he did this multiple times
pappa zmurf
pappa zmurf 7 dias atrás
That's why Lebron isn't the greatest. I've never seen Jordan just give up and not try. Trash.
Machete420 Blunt
Machete420 Blunt 8 dias atrás
Carolina/Denver's Super Bowl. Where Cam Newton didn't jump on the ball!!! That still makes cringe😬😬
Dr Nooby Noob
Dr Nooby Noob 8 dias atrás
he took 2 steps before the layup. that is a walk, anyone but me notice?
CoolMan Yes
CoolMan Yes 8 dias atrás
2:19 why are they blaming evans? they should be blaming jackson (22)
Wh1sper_Chop 6 dias atrás
Id rather keep money if i was 22
iZezzi 8 dias atrás
Wow James harden look in like my 2k20 defence
shereeka burnett
shereeka burnett 8 dias atrás
The first one makes me laugh, misses the ball and just loses his shit and walks away.
Jessica P.
Jessica P. 9 dias atrás Just trying to help by getting the word out for them!
Doncarlos Music
Doncarlos Music 9 dias atrás
At 1:34, idk if y’all heard that, but I heard a couple whistles. And at the same time, 92 looked like he thought the play was over. So maybe he thought the play was over 🤷🏻
Kyle 9 dias atrás
Cam newton was playing with an Injured shoulder and didn't want 300+ landing on it
Adam Martinez
Adam Martinez 9 dias atrás
The last clip is priceless!
Haywire Nightingale
Haywire Nightingale 9 dias atrás
A no effort play is probably $30,000.....
official havok L.A.M.E music
IDC what nobody says they paid cam newton to do that
rudy melgar
rudy melgar 10 dias atrás
Jeez louise , that Morgan nationals player really has anger issues ! Showed not just poor effort but typical of people who make a little mistake not on purpose but contribute more to the mess he already made. Can't control his anger!
Robert Young
Robert Young 10 dias atrás
Scam newton is not the guy u want on your team.
Robbie Streitz
Robbie Streitz 10 dias atrás
Morgan, has always been a lazy, selfish piece of crap!
Cody F
Cody F 10 dias atrás
Lazy ass upton
IrishNordicBasqueSamurai of Mexico.
anyone know which player is at 2:21? number 22
chuck rutkowski
chuck rutkowski 11 dias atrás
Morgan didn't give up on that ball. He thought he pushed it over the fence trying to catch it. He didn't know it fell back onto the field. Turned out to be a home run anyway.
Jason 11 dias atrás
Newtons was the worst. Down 10-16 in the superbowl and you don't dive on the ball
Corey Schwarz
Corey Schwarz 11 dias atrás
Lebron James being Lebron James
k c
k c 11 dias atrás
This makes me not want to watch pro sports
String Bean
String Bean 11 dias atrás
Everyday, one of them validate why the cops hate them. BJ Upton lazy ass, then violent behavior.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 11 dias atrás
I would've benched Harden because of that
Chris Vickers
Chris Vickers 11 dias atrás
This is the sole reason I am glad scam newton is gone from Carolina. Biggest bitch an there is.. doesn’t get his way and he cries about it.. awful qb
Love to All
Love to All 12 dias atrás
This is why I can't watch sports anymore. Just hi priced cry babies everywhere.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer 12 dias atrás
Play the Anthem and they'll break a leg trying to take a knee as their limos run all game long in the parking deck.
bkanders1 12 dias atrás
Nigel thought it went over the fence..
Anthony Bergeron
Anthony Bergeron 12 dias atrás
And of course, none of them are hockey players because they're the most hard working athletes in sports
Josh Tourtellott
Josh Tourtellott 12 dias atrás
The first one was a HR and not an E8? Who taught you how to keep score?
Retro Toy Pile
Retro Toy Pile 12 dias atrás
Some of these bozos wonder why their contracts don't get renewed.
brandon242 12 dias atrás
The l bell one is the result of the NFL constantly handing out late hit penalties and out of bounds hits. Just the result of the game becoming weaker and weaker.That play would not have happened two decades ago. Players scared to get a 15 yard penalty, which is also how they control the games today. It sure ain't your dad's NFL anymore that's for sure. Mine would roll over seeing all these girls more worried about if the next player is going to kneel with them during the anthem than anything else. Lol the NFL is done.
The garbage you put in your couch
When you already have millions. Why bother?
Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin 13 dias atrás
I love how they knock harden but he still drops 50 on their favorite player
Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin 13 dias atrás
I think the first guy thought the ball was gone
Matthew Laatsch
Matthew Laatsch 13 dias atrás
When you realize these people are paid tens of millions...
Combat x
Combat x 10 dias atrás
Lol not everyone is paid tens of millions
Nick Grove
Nick Grove 13 dias atrás
The best ones are where them not trying doesnt affect anything lol. Like the Jason Lee one or the Dolphins player
Al Czervik
Al Czervik 12 dias atrás
3:28 The QB Cutler was told by coaching staff, "don't move." Cutler was just a decoy to get a defensive player out of the middle which is where the play was going.
Jacob Scotti
Jacob Scotti 13 dias atrás
Love how some of the best athletes in the world are so egotistical and immature that they just get payed millions to have a temper tantrum and walk around
Shardul Joglekar
Shardul Joglekar 13 dias atrás
Still can't believe cam Newton decided to do that in the super bowl of all games smh
Nathan Busch
Nathan Busch 13 dias atrás
I bet he was bribed for the first one
It's rich Bichhh
It's rich Bichhh 14 dias atrás
Ah yes, when cam almost solo lost Super Bowl 50 because of that play
Unisis 14 dias atrás
Wasn't Cam Newton injured in that Super Bowl?
how to wrestleing
how to wrestleing 14 dias atrás
On the first one he thought the ball bounced off him and over the fence
Build da Wall
Build da Wall 14 dias atrás
Best millions spent on lazy people ever!...wot a joke
Harry Ampatzides
Harry Ampatzides 14 dias atrás
Just watch Todays NBA or Nascar...and you will see everything.
ashton capolot
ashton capolot 14 dias atrás
i was at that rays game lmao i remember longo going off
Boy Dingo
Boy Dingo 15 dias atrás
James harden is such a bum
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez 15 dias atrás
I really hate when players do dumb shit and can’t take responsibility or find fault in what they did ! Like why do you think they yelling at you ! Like Lindalof from Manchester United who did some dumb shit and couldn’t take fault !
Bryan Simmons
Bryan Simmons 15 dias atrás
Theme song should be "I'm A Loser."
Doug Lawrence
Doug Lawrence 15 dias atrás
That's why I said who the f*** were paid LeBron James what he wants to walk down there just cuz his name for LeBron James I wouldn't f****** have him on my f****** team should be fired from any team
seanster_94 15 dias atrás
The cutler one in the wildcat isn't really low wasn't to his side, and he's a QB, he shouldn't be blocking anyone
Ray Caster
Ray Caster 15 dias atrás
Morgon showed everyone what's wrong with sports now. When he missed a catch he should have made he quit, because in his mind the game isn't about the team it's about him. Basketball is all about showboating or the big dunk.
Johnny Sullivan
Johnny Sullivan 15 dias atrás
James Harden has defensive narcolepsy
Mike England
Mike England 15 dias atrás
It is funny 😂🤣🤣
Pam Botts
Pam Botts 16 dias atrás
James harden was that one in athletic kid in school that joined a sport and thinks he's good
scott maroney
scott maroney 16 dias atrás
to who ever pays the Pacers players...they are fun to watch they are winning. Pay the money!!!
Brett Engel
Brett Engel 16 dias atrás
Leave Cam alone
m Robs
m Robs 16 dias atrás
y they gottabe black tho? god is racist AF nigga
mostly true
mostly true 16 dias atrás
Morgan wasn't really a lack of effort it was more stupidity/anger lol
RaPZaD 16 dias atrás
First play isn’t really low effort, he put a lot of effort he was just steamed that he didn’t make it
Oogey 17 dias atrás
These are things you just dont see in college sports. You know, where players still put in 100% effort game in and game out. You would think that getting millions of dollars would be enough encentive to get pros to play as hard as possible, but those days are long gone.
Weedz420 17 dias atrás
Everybody talking shit about James Harden, meanwhile Lebron is standing on the opposite side of the court just watching the game from afar.
Lonzell Cash
Lonzell Cash 17 dias atrás
Cam newton threw that Super Bowl
Andres Chavez
Andres Chavez 17 dias atrás
Jay Cutler is such a baby.
Daniel Rauch
Daniel Rauch 17 dias atrás
The Bengals play wasn't low effort it was not trying to get a penalty for hitting a player after they go out of bounds.
Zac Austin
Zac Austin 18 dias atrás
Cliff lee made me laugh
Lucas C
Lucas C 18 dias atrás
First clip with the O’s I was at that game laughing soooooo hard
Metal Mentality
Metal Mentality 18 dias atrás
For millions of dollars I’d try hard!
Rivalz 18 dias atrás
Upton just jogging to the ball, gets paid millions to play and can’t even be bothered to run
k c
k c 11 dias atrás
@Into the Mild lmao doesnt matter what it was lukely ti be you try your hardest no matter what. Its like when guys hit a ground ball for a likely force out and the batter is just jogging
Alec Shunnarah
Alec Shunnarah 13 dias atrás
@Into the Mild even if it was going to be a triple, you don't give up on the play. not when you're a professional. Ain't no way I'm resigning that contract.
Catharsis 13 dias atrás
@Into the Mild - That's a 2B hit all the way - the fact the score was tied at zero should have had Upton running full-tilt boogie.
Into the Mild
Into the Mild 15 dias atrás
Honestly, that was going to be a triple regardless. It was heading straight for the deepest part of the wall. Pretty sure the professional who plays that outfield all season knows the alleys. That was the least bothersome one of the whole video.
Zach Conant
Zach Conant 16 dias atrás
For real, modern ‘professional’ sports suck ass and is full of pampered rich people who don’t actually care about the sport. I think UFC is the exception.
immortal scurds
immortal scurds 18 dias atrás
the nfl is dead: murdered by Burn Loot Murder
Jersey Walcott
Jersey Walcott 18 dias atrás
James Harden is far from a complete player. I would never vote for him as MVP.
Jersey Walcott
Jersey Walcott 16 dias atrás
Soft and over rated.
Soda King
Soda King 16 dias atrás
Can you imagine if he played in the 90s my god he'd be embarrassed
marie hendrix
marie hendrix 18 dias atrás
I've seen 10 year olds hustle harder.. and do it only for a slice of pizza after the game..
Mando 18 dias atrás
One week til football starts, I'll never make it
Luciano Simmons
Luciano Simmons 18 dias atrás
That first one... OMFG I'm crying lol. Dude just says "FUCK THIS" and throws his glove and walks away... catcher just says fuck it too (though he had no chance on the play at that point" haha! ty for this gem of an upload
alan30189 18 dias atrás
And they pay these dimwits how much?
Cameron Harvey
Cameron Harvey 19 dias atrás
I can't even blame the guy on the Redskins. Just being on that team man.
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