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All 5 parts of Epic History TV's history of World War One in one place (re-edited in 2021). From the Schlieffen Plan to the Versailles Treaty, a global history of the entire conflict.

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Recommended books on WW1 (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
Hew Strachan, The First World War: A New History
Gary Sheffield, A Short History of the First World War
Lyn MacDonald, To the Last Man: Spring 1918
Peter Hart, The Great War: 1914-1918
A J P Taylor, The First World War: An Illustrated History

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Henry Gunther Memorial, Concord via Wikipedia Commons

Kevin MacLeod ( Faceoff; Interloper; Invariance; Oppressive Gloom; Stormfront; The Descent; Prelude & Action; All This;
'The Conspirators' by Haim Mazar; Audio Blocks

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30 Jun 2021



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Epic History TV
Epic History TV Anos atrás
This is our WW1 compilation video, originally released in 2016. Unfortunately, the original was demonetized and made 18+ by BRvid, presumably because of the very few (and carefully chosen) photographs of war dead (no actual reason was given). This was frustrating not only for the obvious financial reasons, but because the video was intended as an educational resource. The video has now been re-edited to remove some of the more explicit photographs. Hopefully BRvid will allow this version to remain available to those of all ages seeking to learn more about this important episode of history. For those wishing to support the channel you can find out more at
simonjamesd 2 dias atrás
@sam reynolds I certainly wasn't blaming the channel!
sam reynolds
sam reynolds 2 dias atrás
@simonjamesd I'm not saying that's not reality and it is regrettable that he has been forced to censor it. But from a business viewpoint and to maximise the amount of people this channel is able to educate, it makes sense to censore it so it is more accessible (eventhough I would prefer if they didn't have to). Blame youtube, not this channel.
simonjamesd 2 dias atrás
@sam reynolds Not really understandable in my view - people die in war, war is hell - we shouldn't be censoring realities.
MOtivational Quest
MOtivational Quest 2 dias atrás
How to get the original video.
nitrorabbit 5 meses atrás
The most amazing thing is that basically you're looking at a map the whole entire time, but the animations, music, sound effects and pictures make it feel like you're watching a movie. And the narration is my favorite type (accent, voice, tone, pace). Thank you for these great videos!
Domino 7 dias atrás
Most of the animation is from a Total War video game.
Janks Sentient
Janks Sentient 7 dias atrás
It really helped me visualize everything. Especially if your that kind of learner. There were some parts I had to replay. I wish they would've explain the motive behind the assassination, and the proof which country had aided the assassination
कश्प रैना।
11th_defender 26 dias atrás
@Jack Mountain what is bs about the video?
Sujit Suman
Sujit Suman Mês atrás
You said it👍
Eric Mês atrás
This is the best way to really understand any wars in our history, showing what actually happened in a sequence one can visually see. Reading it in a textbook is nothing compared to this. Thank you
Guido Dia atrás
Hmmm I'd say it's more like one half of the coin. These visuals do not get into the core underlying motives of war. They do not elaborate on the politics and religious aspects involved. That's the other half of the coin, for which this format is less suited
Tomas Gogashvily
Tomas Gogashvily 2 dias atrás
@Captain Ron Russian Imperial army is the perfect example of German multi-kills and heroism, 100 million Russians against a single German
Phillip Leng
Phillip Leng 4 dias atrás
@Colin Mcclymont Hello. Signed Vietnam.
Zanenoth 15 dias atrás
Little brain eh
Shane Harboun
Shane Harboun 2 meses atrás
I can't get over how well the music accompanies the storytelling. If this isn't quality content I don't know what is.
Jeffrey Gicharu
Jeffrey Gicharu 11 dias atrás
@James E Honestly those numbers are mind boggling. The human capacity for war knows no bounds
James E
James E Mês atrás
It really is amazing. But every time he mentions the number of dead after a battle i get shivers. It really is incredible that people allowed this style of warfare to happen. It's not even fighting anymore its just throwing each other into a hale of bullets, hoping for the best.
groovejet77 7 dias atrás
This was the most amazing history lesson I've seen. Sad that BRvid would do this. Also it's awful to imagine so many young men's lives lost. The incredible sacrifices. I wish we could have built a land fit for heroes.
Eric Henry
Eric Henry 28 dias atrás
I learned more about WW1 in this hour than I had in my 47 years of life. This was amazing. Please tell me you guys plan on a full year by year just like this of WW2 and maybe Vietnam? Thanks so much for the knowledge.
Lijep Hrvastka
Lijep Hrvastka 2 dias atrás
@Olivier B well yeah it’s pretty obvious in a English bias but also a French bias too
Olivier B
Olivier B 26 dias atrás
be carefull, it's not completly accurate and with an anglo saxon bias (and i have a french bias)
Brandon Armienti
Brandon Armienti Anos atrás
It made no sense why BRvid demonetized the original video. It's like they are afraid of history and don't want people to be offended. We need to learn of our past in order to not make the same mistakes again. Either way this is the best WW1 documentary on BRvid and any history buffs should check it out.
Dylan Osborne
Dylan Osborne 13 horas atrás
@Muhammad Nursyahmi BRvid is political now everything is if you don't go along with their agenda they don't like it
GutenTag 5 dias atrás
@Khe paso máster Jews?😂
sebby the hyperspider
sebby the hyperspider 6 dias atrás
Also security stuff
sebby the hyperspider
sebby the hyperspider 6 dias atrás
We need to look at privacy and anonymity stuff
stoic 20 dias atrás
The amount of people dying in each battle was mind blowing... imagine being that last soldier who died in ww1 when 5 mins later the war ended
N P 2 dias atrás
@stoic This is a bit of an over generalized statement, but for the most part, WW1 was more brutal for its soldiers than WW2. But WW2 was far worse for civilians, and not just the Jews. Poles, Chinese, Belorussians... not to mention the Allies' air raids on Germany and Japan.
jibberjabberman 3 dias atrás
My great grandad was killed two weeks before the end
stoic 10 dias atrás
@S C in my opinion other than what they did to the jews ww1 looks worse... I mean no general knew what they where doing in this new type of warfare it was an actual meat grinder of trying to cross the trench and getting killed by machine guns. Ww2 was in a way a bit more honorable than being eaten alive in trenches by rats or your toes falling off . Just my opinion if I had a choice to live trough one I would chose ww2 a thousand times
S C 10 dias atrás
@stoic WW2 made this one look like a boy scout camp.9 million German and 22 million Soviet fatalities in That one.
stoic 18 dias atrás
@vincent mwahu even then the death toll was still massive
Glasgow187 16 dias atrás
Been listening about military history all day. Crazy to me that the first 5 months of WWI had more dead than Alexander the Great's entire campaign
Captain Nathan
Captain Nathan 12 dias atrás
I’ve always been a great lover of history, and while I had a basic understanding of WW1, watching this made me realize that understanding was seriously deficient! This was so well done. As others have said, you were just looking at maps (which fascinates me anyway) but it feels like you’re watching a movie! Strange but fabulous. I truly applaud the people making this very, very important vids. These important facts are no longer taught in our schools, including universities, and it is a travesty. When people on Twitter & other social media attack current political situations, I have to laugh. They write with such “authority” while knowing absolutely nothing and telling you that you’re ignorant! If it wasn’t so sad it would be very funny. Anyhow, thank. you again. I hit subscribe and notifications bell and look forward to more of these kinds of wonderful presentations. THANK. YOU!
Omar Carranza
Omar Carranza 2 meses atrás
As someone who is considerably knowledgeable and familiar with different conflicts across the world including WW1, this video made me feel like a student on the first day of school again, I learned so much more in one hour than months of studying. Magnificent job to the creators, I cannot wait for the WW2 video.
Patrick Dorval
Patrick Dorval Anos atrás
We lost History Channel to stupid pawn and lumber shows, but we have you. I'm speechless, this is truly an internet treasure.
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez 9 dias atrás
Dont forget the idiot drama shows like gold mining ect. Always one crisis or another.
NTL 99
NTL 99 2 meses atrás
Ray 3 meses atrás
The History channel was never about real History !
AlbertvonBismark 5 meses atrás
Don't forget conspiracy theories, Patrick!
CHARITO GASPI 17 dias atrás
The best WWI presentation I've seen so far. Thank you so much.
Bernard Regier
Bernard Regier 2 meses atrás
Extremely informative; a much needed breakdown of geopolitical events spanning a timeline that had been, in my mind, at least, previously distorted.
George Earst
George Earst 25 dias atrás
Great job guys. I served in Europe and many other places around the world. Unless you were there, you cannot even begin to grasp the details of this material. Reading about it, and studying to make a grade cannot prepare you for war or training to fight a war. I'm grateful for this material.
Danny Chu
Danny Chu 19 dias atrás
I am shocked that I spent an hour mainly looking at a world map and was enthralled by what it was just saying while moving flags and ship images back and forth. Background music was pretty much the same throughout and was captivating.
Christopher 66
Christopher 66 6 meses atrás
I've always been more interested in WW2 history but this really opened my eyes to the massive scope of WW1, it's no wonder they call it The Great War.
wranglerboi 10 dias atrás
@someone That is true. But if one looks at the tide of history, every one of those have their roots in WWI. The basic model is always about power--what can my country get before your country gets it. Just look at Ukraine, for example.
Pyrrhus Nikomedes
Pyrrhus Nikomedes 21 dia atrás
@Adora What drugs are you taking, and may I buy some off ya?? They seem pretty powerful...
Adora 21 dia atrás
@Pyrrhus Nikomedes you just completely made this up. Did the Greeks want the Turks there for hundreds of years? You should think things through before you post them
Ken Fryer
Ken Fryer Mês atrás
This is brilliant. I've learned so much so easily. All history should be presented like this.
tom feathers
tom feathers Mês atrás
Amazingly done. Without doubt, the most informative documentary I’ve seen on the great war
Chance 3 dias atrás
The reach that all these powerful nations had across the world is incredible!
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 19 horas atrás
The fact that enemies were really playing a game with each other in Christmas despite them being in a war against each other really shows that soldiers dont want to fight unnecessarily and die, they just have to cuz of their superiors
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter 11 meses atrás
The casualties are hard to wrap your head around some times, imagine losing nearly 200k men in a day across all allies 8n a single charge, all to capture 10 miles of's insane
Micromy Mario
Micromy Mario 2 meses atrás
In fact, in the "Battle of Vittorio Veneto" instead of killing 700K, the army surrendered and 500K prisoners were made ... most of the time the great loss of life is caused by the obstinacy of the commanders.
Pen 4 meses atrás
Leaders play with these troops like a game, what matters is winning.
A Smith
A Smith Mês atrás
Thank you for this thorough and comprehensive documentary. It really brings across the totality, the cost and the world scale of this brutal war.
Abel Pérez Vargas
Abel Pérez Vargas 18 dias atrás
This is easily the best video I have seen regarding WWI, the narration and music make you feel excitement and amusement. I learnt plenty of things I didnt know by watching it.
The Kingdom of Massakrush
This is amazing! It’s very well explained and I like that I can see the map at the whole time! Good job!
seaandstorm 10 dias atrás
I grew up in a town of 16,000. I can't even wrap my head around casualties of 100x that in a single day.
Zmaj od Nocaja
Zmaj od Nocaja 22 horas atrás
1.6 million? in one day? wtf?
Pictura Musica - Musical Paintings
36:34 The Allies have advanced 10 miles at the cost of 600,000 casualties. German losses are about 450,000. The Allies reassure themselves that this is a winning strategy, because at this rate, Germany will run out of men first. INSANITY
Adora 21 dia atrás
@No Bull With Steven Mark Tobin there is no human race
Drahko12 Mês atrás
PwnStarsProduction 2 meses atrás
Sitting down and watching this teaches more than a semester of history in school 😅 the format is beyond amazing man, the visuals, the narration, etc 😍
Peyton Nash
Peyton Nash Mês atrás
This channel continues to capture my attention. This is so well done. This and the Napoleon one has got to be my favorite two! Would love to see a world war II and a Revolutionary War one too
Darrell Dailey
Darrell Dailey Mês atrás
Agreed. Either one would be seen by hundreds/thousands and want more!
adam Mês atrás
Fun fact: There is a city in Canada, Ontario that was called "New Berlin" but during the first world war, it was seen as odd to have that as a name.. and upon hearing of the death of Lord Kitchener, took up the name Kitchener as a sign of British patriotism and anti-German sentiment.
Xaviar 77versus99
Xaviar 77versus99 3 dias atrás
That's the shitty part they call themselves canadians then move here ? I'm Canandaigua, there's a good place place nuke
Canadian MMA Guy
Canadian MMA Guy 27 dias atrás
@nolanone soon we will have new beijing, hongcouver, comgary, sumtingwong, and a bunch of diverse city names.
nolanone Mês atrás
@Emily We literally just looked at a map of the UK and copied every name lol
nolanone Mês atrás
The British Royal Family also switched their name of their house from “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" to “Windsor” for exactly the same reason.
Emily Mês atrás
Love looking at the name list for kitchener, the submitted new names weren't exactly inventive
Anamul Haque Jasim
Anamul Haque Jasim Mês atrás
This is the best "World War 1" documentary on BRvid. Please make a "World War 2" documentary as detailed as this❤️
Eve Alc
Eve Alc 9 meses atrás
Time Stamps- 0:06 July 1914 EUROPE GOES TO WAR 3:16 August 1914 OPENING MOVES 5:12 1914 The War at Sea 6:21 1914 The Eastern Front 8:09 The World at War 10:17 Winter 1914 11:44 1915 13:00 Total War 15:23 Trench Deadlock 17:39 German Advances in the East 19:33 Italy Enters War 21:20 The Great Autumn Offence 24:19 1916 25:06 War of Attrition 27:44 Verdun “The Mill on the Meuse” 30:00 The Arab Revolt 31:43 The Big Push 34:05 Romania Joins the War 37:58 1917 38:33 1917: Breaking Point 40:01 Russian Revolution 42:22 The Nivelle Offensive 46:46 Middle East 1917 48:26 Caporetto 51:20 1918 52:19 Kaiserschlacht ‘The Kaiser’s Battle’ 54:27 The Dawn of Air Power 57:20 Collapse
Maryam Alsuhail
Maryam Alsuhail 3 meses atrás
You're the besttt!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Tsukushi Makino
Tsukushi Makino 3 meses atrás
bra1n.r0t 3 meses atrás
@𓀐𓂸 it helps people who are looking for something specific, keep your opinions to yourself
WarVanEagle TV
WarVanEagle TV Mês atrás
Amazing production. Very well done and meticulous. While there’s no quantifiable way to measure this, I feel like WWI had more geopolitical repercussions than any other conflict in history…including WW2. Keep up the excellent material.
wranglerboi 10 dias atrás
@WarVanEagle TV - More true in many more ways than most people realize. In fact, it is a MAJOR reason why WWII happened (it led Hitler to decry the "unfairness" of the Allied "punishment" of Germany for their part in WWI and his vengeful desire to retaliate), why much of what is going on in the Middle East is still happening (due the "promises" that the British made to the Turks and Palestinians that were never kept), and the breakup and eventual rise of African countries (which at the time were colonies of the various European countries that, due to the financial disastermath of WWI, were no longer able to maintain them and led to their long struggle to rise out of subservience into nationalism). Those who would deny history will only see humanity repeating the same mistakes. All we have to do is look around our so-call "modern" world and see how that is still being played today. The question is who will become the new rivals striving for power and conquest.
Aadil Sultan
Aadil Sultan Mês atrás
Reading hundreds of pages, painstaking misconceptions, smarting tragedies and time consuming process are done with super speciality and ease with every minute details. Thanks a lot!
Nexus3132 Mês atrás
very well done...amazing to see what it was all about....the horror of so many had to perrish.....they should learn more more about this in see how history repeats itself
Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser 2 meses atrás
Wow you guys did an amazing job covering ww1 especially by giving details while showing them as they happened geographically. 👍🏼
Charles B
Charles B 9 meses atrás
The fact that there were numerous battles where BOTH sides lost 250 thousand people in a matter of days is staggering. Thats such an incomprehensible level of human misery that we just look at it like a statistic and cant even relate to what it means. An entire war fought over essentially nothing
Adora 21 dia atrás
@Teth unfortunately it was not defeated
Good Ol' Schumann
Good Ol' Schumann 2 meses atrás
@CLOWN OF KYYIIEEEV Two sides of the same coin.
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 2 meses atrás
@Marcus Aurelius great insights thanks!
CLOWN OF KYYIIEEEV 2 meses atrás
@Teth true. Capitalism and comunism had to be defeated, sadly they won .
Richard Schneider
Richard Schneider 3 dias atrás
The Triple entente was more than Britain, France and Russia. It also included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India, any countries that had English citizens and of course Belgium and later the United States. Britain could count of huge support where Germany could not. This, of course in time, resulted in Germany's defeat in the First World War as The Second.
ewitz 21 dia atrás
I’d actually pay for a WW2 all parts vid!! Amazing work my friend.
Dan Masters
Dan Masters 15 dias atrás
This is an epic documentary. Beautifully presented. It reminds me of how the History Channel used to be before stupid shows like Pawn Stars.
Meil Nartin
Meil Nartin 15 dias atrás
Excellent job Epic History TV.... This was absolutely fantastic work. Thank you.
Helli Mancini
Helli Mancini 2 meses atrás
Thanks for a very enjoyable and extremely well put together potted history of WW1.
Mikkel Hansen
Mikkel Hansen 11 dias atrás
Crazy how ww1 paved the way for most future wars. WW2, Sino Japanese war, Cold War, most wars in Middle East and many other smaller conflicts
ckr1011 2 meses atrás
An excellent presentation, concise and informative. Well done.
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 25 dias atrás
I love this video, and I'm hearing that the og video was deleted? Why would they delete such a great video? This taught me so much from African fronts to Italy staying neutral. This video was insanely amazing to watch and you deserve more credit. I love this video so much, so thank you for giving me all the info I needed.
Muad'Dib 5 meses atrás
It is absolutely amazing how much detail you managed to pack into just over an hour. The pace of this was incredible and I loved it.
ANIME Mon 21 dia atrás
Can't wait for alein war
Rob Rak
Rob Rak Mês atrás
Why the is no mention of the pandemic … Spanish flu
Rob Rak
Rob Rak Mês atrás
When a war breaks out no sides win
Icon Davon Mizrahi Prince Terrell Jordan
Very informative video, we often heard of this in Elementary, however taking it upon myself, I did come to see and understand somewhat of a bit more as to what actually the World War was about, who it involved, the casualties and the devastations that was bestowed because of it. May God hear this word today that he might know then of his mercy, love and loving kindness. Thanks! 🙏 😊
Goose801 17 dias atrás
Better than most multi million dollar production companies and networks. Fantastic educational content. Thank you for all the hard work!
alberto Mês atrás
53:32 I like how the German successful offensive on March 21, 1918 is described to "catch the allies off guard". It is exactly what happened a few months earlier at Caporetto, which is usually described by English historians as an “unprecedented catastrophe” or “the greatest defeat”. Double standards much?
Gio Ice
Gio Ice Mês atrás
...and btw there were 2 resistance lines ready back. One on Tagliamento River, which was not chosen, one on Piave River, where austro hungarians and germans were stopped. So It was somehow a controlled collapse.
Roice 8888
Roice 8888 2 meses atrás
WW2 may be the war always talked about and by this point have tons of movies, games and others inspired by it and how it was also brutal and terrifying but WW1 was even more terrifying despite WW2's atrocities. Most soldiers thought it was the end of times or the apocalypse, seeing those clouds of mustard gas, artillery obliteration of places, first time that technology later to be developed in WW2 was used, the horrifying scenes at the trenches, unaware of the U-Boats on the seas. Everything was still so raw it makes WW1 just more eerie and darker.
Christian Peralta
Christian Peralta 18 dias atrás
What an amazing experience you have taken us, to see how the world changed course. But sad to see the lost of life.
lmaodead Mês atrás
The details, music, narrator, visuals are amazing
Пётр Троян
Пётр Троян 5 dias atrás
Very interesting! Thanks! Make the same in 30 minutes about history of Ireland during 19-20 centuries .
Vah Geuvje
Vah Geuvje 2 meses atrás
Brother, I just fell in love with your channel and the writer(narrator as well). Keep up the hard work, truth must be told, so history doesn’t repeat itself. Kudos 👏
Geoff Anos atrás
Wow man watching this was a way more emotional experience than I expected. No wonder everyone was sick of war by the 70's.
worlddd777 4 meses atrás
US is founded 350 years ago, out of that 320 they were in war
Said Alsaidi
Said Alsaidi 5 meses atrás
Ok, ww3🙄
Cactus McCoy
Cactus McCoy 6 meses atrás
war is worse than hell
Jake Holland
Jake Holland 6 meses atrás
@IRON FIST OV WUDANG I would put my life on the line to protect my country nothin would stop me if i died in the war atleast i died for my country
Mat Journeaux
Mat Journeaux 2 meses atrás
Absolutely fantastic video! Could you do a similar one for WW2?
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan 2 meses atrás
It would be a pleasure to watch a series on World War II by the years when Hitler came to power to the end of 1945. I know it will take a while because these videos are of the highest quality. It would be one to remember. Thanks to all who make these possible!
HID Heaven
HID Heaven Mês atrás
This was beyond amazing! Great job!
alberto Mês atrás
59:46 The German general Erich Ludendorff wrote that, without the Italian victory at the battle of Vittorio Veneto, the Central Powers could have resisted until the spring of 1919.
benkillrobot 5 meses atrás
Um, that was fantastic. That was the most comprehensive and detail oriented overview of world war I ever. The visuals were so helpful. Wow. This is the kind of content that actually matters to people. Thank you for your thoughtful and well executed video.
Magnus Storm
Magnus Storm Mês atrás
There is an entire channel called “the Great War”, though. I mean, if you want detail. :)
Magnus Storm
Magnus Storm Mês atrás
@Pax Gamer dude!!! Yes. It’s amazing… Dan really makes you feel the human element. Just just maps and battle summaries.
Pax Gamer
Pax Gamer 2 meses atrás
I recommend listening to "Blueprint for Armageddon" by Dan Carlin (free podcast available everywhere)
张宇 2 meses atrás
Susanna Bonke
Susanna Bonke 2 meses atrás
hoots mon
hoots mon 2 meses atrás
I think I have watched this about 3 times so far, so much to take in . Excellent content. 👍👍
Elbereth Varda
Elbereth Varda 24 dias atrás
Informative, thorough, precise. Thank you.
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly 6 dias atrás
For those out there never forget Remembrance Day, Poppy day. I'll think of this excellent documentary.
Jimmy Chan In Japan
Best hands down documentary I have ever watched on WW1. So clear and well explained. Narrator did an excellent job.
BOBONOPOLI opoli 12 dias atrás
My great grandad, was in the Bore war, before ww1, was in the battle of mons, the retreat and reinforce at marne, the battle Ypres(1 and 2) and many of the well known trench battles, before the restructuring of the british army he was 1 of only 10 men to survive in his batallion, in ww2, his sons were in the Navy and armed forces and his youngest (my grandad) was barely a few months old when a bomb exploded outside the family home sending a 1 foot shard of glass hurtling towards his Cot just as his aunty picked him up a few seconds too late it would have gone through his head whilst my G.G.grand contunied to serve as a air Raid Warden. Im honestly so lucky to even exist and im so grateful for their bravery and it blows my mind that from the age he could join the forces my G.grandad was tempered by war its all he witnessed across africa and in 2 world wars.
isshyboy Mês atrás
Love the way the narrator starts talking about the Armenians immediately after referring to the allies defeat at Gallipol,i as if trying to distract the viewer away from this embarrassing defeat.
steven parima
steven parima 2 meses atrás
This is absolutely OUTSTANDING!! Well done!! 👏👏
Ron Simons
Ron Simons 2 meses atrás
Amazing historical video. I knew the basics of the war, but seeing this video makes the whole conflict understandable. Many why questions answered. Thank you so much for the hard work making this gift to us all.
iBot 2 meses atrás
You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Killcycle 29 dias atrás
Can you please do ww2 like this? I've watched this countless times and love the way it's explained not to mention how great the music fits too.
Jackcrest Mês atrás
I've tried to understand WW1 for my entire life but have never got the information in the way you have done it in this video. Fantastic
Peter J
Peter J 2 meses atrás
The fact that the Germans and Russians were killing each other is something I don't lose sleep over. The real tragedy here is that the Poles, whose country was wiped off the map of Europe for 123 years, had to fight for the three belligerents in essence shooting and killing their own brethren. I've always said that Poland has one of the worst geographic locations in the world.
The Beany Mac
The Beany Mac 2 meses atrás
Good job on the video! I liked it very much! Thank you. _Ausblutung:_ bleeding; bleeding out; exsanguination. Apparently there is no evidence Falkenhayn wrote "bleed France white" in his Christmas memorandum that no-one saw. Indy Neidell goes into another level of detail than here in this far briefer but really very nice (haha, considering the topic) account of the First World War. Justifying The Failure At Verdun? - The Falkenhayn Controversy I THE GREAT WAR Special Apr 17, 2016
Jake Mitchell
Jake Mitchell 8 meses atrás
It’s honestly impressive how well the Germans were able to fight this war. For much of the war, 2-3 Allies fighting Germany were lost for every German soldier.
Leonardo Spumeggiante
Leonardo Spumeggiante 3 dias atrás
@Alaric Exactly. But who is it that said Russia 400 million 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tommi Heuni
Tommi Heuni Mês atrás
@J H France and Great Britain. And why did the Americans have to be brought on board first? Stupid for the British that they stopped being a world power at this point at the latest.
J H Mês atrás
@Tommi Heuni Fair enough. I'm basing my argument on the conditions on the west front where fairly matched opponents faced off. I am far less educated on the east front but from what I understand, the dynamic that created trench warfare were not as prevalent in the east. Instead you have one opponent that massively outclassed the other in terms of materials, training, logistics and leadership. And (going back to the west), of course the French and British were dug in. The point is, that the germans played a defensive game in the west, a game that they kept winning for a long time until France and Britain developed tactics that the germans could no longer defend against.
on the Western front is was much nearer to 1, and it vastly depended on the battle. They had a lot of men in Germany and lots of iron too so that helped
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz Mês atrás
The stories behind the Red Baron always fascinated me. That man, what a pilot. I always think about him when I think about World War I.
sifridbassoon Mês atrás
I'm surprised you didn't mention the affect of the influenza pandemic at the end of the war. It especially reduced the ability of the German army to fight.
ShuTenDoJi 2 meses atrás
The type of narration that you can listen to and understand without needing subtitles or rewinding, excellent
Joshua Swift
Joshua Swift 2 meses atrás
Can we please have the WW2 one now? Fantastic video by the way thank you, very well put together.
Devon Chin
Devon Chin 11 meses atrás
You are the reason my love for History flourished even more as a younger lad. First Alexander the Great, then the Russian Revolution*, the Napoleonic Wars, and now World War 1. Some of the most significant events in world history, told with absolute beautiful writing and quality. Not all Hero's wear capes. Some just make damn good educational videos for all. Keep doing what you do! Edit: Forgot to add another insanely impactful historical event that you covered amazingly.
mariano bosch04
mariano bosch04 Mês atrás
@Epic History TV You forgot to mention the German siege in Papua New Guinea, the siege lasted for a long time, even after the first world war ended in 1918.
Jay Odinson
Jay Odinson 2 meses atrás
@Archives of Fantasy enormous armies fought face to face, with swords and shields and spears, on horses, elephants, used fire and catapults. You fought, you killed people by impaling them with your weapon, and did so until you were dead, or until all your enemiws were dead or retreating. Then they would saxk the nearest towns or xities, taking things for themselves, raping, enslaving, and destroying everything in their paths. Such was the way of warfare. It was a savage time inhabited by savage people. The weak were enslaved and the strong conquered. The way of the world since the first fight in human history.
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Undefined ƒ(x) ❶ 4 meses atrás
@Forever Marked Alexander probably won't be there buddy, he will be too busy trying to conquer all 7 circles of Hell
LyeErin Amaro
LyeErin Amaro 4 meses atrás
@Epic History TV Can I buy this WW1 Documentary anywhere Region 1. It is a brilliant way to give a visual look at all countries involved. Thanks for posting it❗🌎
Archives of Fantasy
Archives of Fantasy 7 meses atrás
@Forever Marked he’s impressive no doubt but you know he did a lot of fkdup sh1t too right ?
Paul Stuart
Paul Stuart Mês atrás
absolutely brilliant - well done producers. Take note teachers, this is an excellent resource for your students
sussy baka x nerd
sussy baka x nerd 2 meses atrás
Thank you so much for creating this video. It will be extremely helpful for a test I have on this in a few days.
David Logan
David Logan Mês atrás
Just watched the clip from you guys on 1st crusades and now I am HOOKED just brewing a large pot of coffee and settling in to enjoy this Thank u guys for ya hard work on making this all more 'easier to understand ' Please keep up tge good work guys
Jere616 20 dias atrás
This is such a great production! Had to subscribe.
SunnyDronesGreece 2 meses atrás
Amazing! Keep up the good work!
darknightskys666 12 horas atrás
brilliant I loved it!! learned so much about WW1
MrPotatoHead 2 dias atrás
this is so interesting. My history teacher in middle school went over WWl backwards because he thought we would understand the events better. Idek how he thought that would be easier
Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly 6 dias atrás
This is the best documentary summary I have seen of this sad drawn out war. I have a personal interest in this war as my great uncle's from SA were involved, collecting all the medals, VC included. A book written in his honor, The Bravest Man in the British Army, as he was known. Jack Kelly VC. Excellent comments.
James Lachance
James Lachance Anos atrás
Just imagine almost an entire generation of men wiped out both sides.
Catzor Mês atrás
@Don C-M 15 years tops. Stare at Taiwan.
joximus 5 meses atrás
Serbia lost one third of population in war, half of male population. Crazy
Don C-M
Don C-M 6 meses atrás
Hey, lets Do this again in 20 years.
Spektacles 7 dias atrás
As a Canadian I was pleased to see the Canadian attack on Vimy Ridge was mentioned, Canada fought in the war not by choice like the United States, but because it was a dominion of Britain at the time, and that successful attack along with the many contributions that Canadian soldiers made fighting alongside British soldiers is important to our history as it came to lead to Canada's independence allowing Canadian officials their own seat at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles
SunnyDronesGreece 2 meses atrás
Amazing video! Keep up the good work!
Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow 21 dia atrás
Quite a new experience to rewatch this while a new war is happening in Europe. The senselessness of these invasions and the deaths never changed.
Maria Georgieva
Maria Georgieva 11 dias atrás
I think a ww2 version of this would be really cool
Phuc vo
Phuc vo Mês atrás
No one in my school can't explain it as well as you, what a greatest video i've ever seen i really appreciate
Aleksandar75Aaaaaaaa 2 meses atrás
Nice one but you forgot to mention in 1914 the two very important victories of Serbian army against Austro-Hungarian army on Cer and Kolubara, forcing AH to relocate a lot of troops from other fronts and even ask for help from Germans. Also, Serbian Army offensive in 1918 also contributed to the fall of AH, with Serbian army even threating Budimpesta.
joshualeniger 2 meses atrás
So much I didn't know about ww1. Most I've seen were about the trenches but it was so much more. Amazing video TY!
Нико Димитрий Полетаев
We're just looking at maps and pictures. Butthe experience this video is giving us is so complete. You can feel as if you're watching a full and elaborated documentary.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 meses atrás
Can't wait for your channel to tackle WWII. These videos are absolutely stunningly well constructed, incredibly educational and easy to consume
Zack Stump
Zack Stump 4 meses atrás
Wwiii is here
Kevin Kral
Kevin Kral 2 meses atrás
Comprehensive, coherent, and concise. An essential and indispensible aid for the novice, amateur, or enthusiast who seeks to understand the whole epic sweep of this conflict. Regards, Kev
lolohmg 2 dias atrás
We are all so used to the term ,,The Allies,, from WW2 that in this video this word is used more than ,,The Enntente,,. Great video anyway,IT really helps me to learn more about WW1.
Nick atnite
Nick atnite 2 meses atrás
This just goes to show how easily it is to get the world at war, I hope we use history as a lesson and work towards peace today.
Cody Fox
Cody Fox Mês atrás
1:00:51 The French Commander has the look in his eyes that he is satisfied with the general discussion they just had and happy it has finally come to peace, but also has the look of he is worried that another war may come or this isn't the end of this yet, but yet a small bit of peace we will have until things erupt again in the future for some crazy reason of something happening to start this or something bigger which did happen as we all know!
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