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I gave my friends the most OP weapons ever created in Minecraft, and whoever wins the most challenges with these weapons gets two $10,000 PCs! Also the losing team gets pelted by burgers haha
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10 Ago 2021



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Golden Ninja 50
Golden Ninja 50 Anos atrás
Karl: Im getting shots in. *Also him: misses literally every shot he takes*
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Ryan Lomberg
Ryan Lomberg Anos atrás
Ibushi Anos atrás
No matter what the odds, Chandler and Chris will always be the dynamic duo.
Shaurya Garg
Shaurya Garg Anos atrás
And also the real OGs of mrbeast crew...
Emma Byrne
Emma Byrne Anos atrás
Rachit Nahata
Rachit Nahata Anos atrás
true for sure
Kendrah Bless T. Examen
We love chris We love chandler hohohoho
Brobro Anos atrás
@Kendrah Bless T. Examen You Santa?
SPED Anos atrás
It can’t be just me, but Chandler deserves every win
hoonie Anos atrás
Aliana Lyra Felix
Aliana Lyra Felix Anos atrás
Not tru so not tru i think u need a doctor
PumpkinCat Anos atrás
Nolan does he my favorite
Dictionary Duck
Dictionary Duck Anos atrás
Karl and Chris ar my fav
Pvzisntdead Anos atrás
@Ed Turner even if he’s 8 he gets an opinion
Fumo Archive
Fumo Archive 10 meses atrás
Jimmy: Why does Chandler never win a gaming challenge Also Jimmy: **gives Chandler the huge disadvantage**
Vince_ 10 meses atrás
For sure tho
Hpb 10 meses atrás
I don’t get it Nolan was literally new at Minecraft and they still won stop being like that and he actually gave Chris regeneration and gave them both ladders to get up
Muhammed Omesh
Muhammed Omesh 10 meses atrás
@Hpb the round with the crossbows they were given lasers. karl was given a water bucket which actually saved his life. in most vids this is how it is
Muhammed Omesh
Muhammed Omesh 10 meses atrás
if mrbeast didnt give chris and nolan the lasers chandler and chris could have won
Hpb 10 meses atrás
@Muhammed Omesh no it would have actually been a tie
Mclovin Anos atrás
This was a clear win for Chris and Chandler.
BreadesVox 6 meses atrás
yeah but they still could have won because if they play right at the games where Jimmy didn't give Karl and Nolan advantages.
archy wollah
archy wollah 4 meses atrás
@BreadesVox ikr
Luigi But Disgusting
Luigi But Disgusting 10 meses atrás
Chris and Chandler are a great duo, would've won if the losing team wasn't given op weapons
powercourse 10 meses atrás
Kineto 9 meses atrás
Why are you guys Starting to hate nolan and karl i mean like chris took advantage of nolan very bad skill but when they win they will say GET DESTROYED HAHAHAHHA NOLAN IS BAD See chris and chandler are saying that there also toxic
Luigi But Disgusting
Luigi But Disgusting 9 meses atrás
@Kineto beast should've just given Nolan and Charles just one op weapon cause they're losing not 2
Kineto 9 meses atrás
Still Chandler and chris are too toxic too (sometimes) That just suck
Luigi But Disgusting
Luigi But Disgusting 9 meses atrás
@Kineto they're friends they all don't mean it, and even if they're toxic they'll take it back after the recording.
TheUndisputed One
TheUndisputed One Anos atrás
Chandler: starts winning Mrbeast: hands Karl and Nolan a nuclear bomb.
Sli Sarooni
Sli Sarooni Anos atrás
Old habits die hard
realbababypoops poop
@Samera Merzia idgaf
YawnaNator Anos atrás
@Samera Merzia do u rlly just spam comments like this and expect subs?? nobody even gives a crap Abt that lol
DARVIN 50K Anos atrás
To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer ✨
Minecraft Potato
Minecraft Potato Anos atrás
I like how Chris and Chandler would've won but Mr Beast gave the other team OP wepons
EazyPony Fan
EazyPony Fan Anos atrás
Bro both the guns do have a heart and he needs content its not like hrois and chandler havent won hundreds of thousand of dollars before
a Anos atrás
@EazyPony Fan yeah exactly it was really only up to their positioning and aim not the weapons
HoneyGoat Anos atrás
Bro mr beast gave them regen and ladders on one stop complaining
Me Anos atrás
@EazyPony Fan they havent tho
EazyPony Fan
EazyPony Fan Anos atrás
@Me have you watched mr beast before or are you new go watch his old videos oliver
C MonsterCrusher
C MonsterCrusher 6 meses atrás
Chris and Chandler would have won if MrBeast didn't give them an advantage
Kosuken 6 meses atrás
Yes true
Rafał Wozniak
Rafał Wozniak 5 meses atrás
He gives every losing team an advantage
sirinapha goering
sirinapha goering 4 meses atrás
Adam 4 meses atrás
Eli Ayers
Eli Ayers 4 meses atrás
for real
King Zippy
King Zippy 10 meses atrás
Mrbeast going down in the history books
Wolf_GM Mês atrás
Xgaming 12 dias atrás
Hamza Adam
Hamza Adam 6 dias atrás
TotallyNotRoss Anos atrás
You can tell Chris's CoD skills are all over the place when they used the shotguns lol
Ninja8282 Anos atrás
MrBeast Mr. beast Fat
TotallyNotRoss Anos atrás
@Ninja8282 What the fu-
𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐀 Anos atrás
@Ninja8282 bruh
Wolf_GM Mês atrás
@Ninja8282 what
Arnab Shroff
Arnab Shroff 10 meses atrás
Didn't expect this type of video, without Jimmy Karl & Nolan wouldn't score a single point
Stepan Klejdus
Stepan Klejdus 9 meses atrás
Maybe one or two but yeah Jimmy has favorites i belive
FTCaleb28 Mês atrás
Does anyone know how to get these weapons?
psycoticsmile Anos atrás
I feel like Chandler only loses half the time because when he gets ahead, the other team is just given an advantage to win
mr fire
mr fire Anos atrás
Yes so true
Julio Alvirde
Julio Alvirde Anos atrás
Bro I'm saying, it's annoying how much he helps Karl.
GrimmReaper 790
GrimmReaper 790 Anos atrás
They only one because of the 3rd round
Doug Judy
Doug Judy Anos atrás
I 100% agree. Chandler gets cheated when ever he is winning
King TIMMEH Anos atrás
Chandler and Chris would have won. Like Karl and Nolan just got the advantage because Jimmy gave them the laser and Thor’s hammer. And also in the rocket launcher round jimmy just gave Karl an advantage with a water bucket so he could go on the ground safely cause he was getting 2v1ed on. And then the last round Chris was getting 2v1ed on and Jimmy didn’t do anything to help. Chandler just gets beaten very easily all the time when he’s winning. So I 100% agree.
Trevor Tachanka Eric Rodriguez
Mrbeast legit carried them to the win he practically gifted them it.
Alexander R
Alexander R Anos atrás
he gave Chris and Chandler advantage too
Sandro Costa
Sandro Costa Anos atrás
@Alexander R Yes, but that water bucket @ 7:09 literally changed everything.
Alexander R
Alexander R Anos atrás
It’s not Karl’s fault Nolan sucks at Minecraft so he needs advantage
Alexander R
Alexander R Anos atrás
Nolan is funny tho I’ll give him that
OffsetKicks Anos atrás
Low key just want a normal vid where Beast just doesn’t help anyone
Lightning Anos atrás
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Anos atrás
Yeah i think more people will enjoy that but its impossible... Favoritism
IGoBuyPizza 11 meses atrás
Pranith Parker
Pranith Parker 10 meses atrás
That isn't normal
YogurtFlavoredYogurt 10 meses atrás
Yeah that would be awesome
Joshua H. Lim
Joshua H. Lim 7 meses atrás
We all know that Chris and Chandler technically won
Hòa Nguyễn
Hòa Nguyễn Anos atrás
I love Chandler and he and Chris can clearly get the dub
Ligaya Buenaobra
Ligaya Buenaobra Anos atrás
ᴛᴀᴘ ᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴇᴇ Sofia I don't think that Jimmy just don't want chandler to win. If you already watched all of the videos in mrbeast gaming you'll notice that Jimmy always does that when another team is getting decimated by the other team.
Octane Main
Octane Main Anos atrás
@SSSnake king no
David Ray
David Ray Anos atrás
@Octane Main Yes.
Wyatt Does Stuff
Wyatt Does Stuff 9 meses atrás
Mrebeast: gives red team op weapons and big advantages Also mrbeast: gives blue team ladders
Patty Park
Patty Park 5 meses atrás
V1tis Anos atrás
When you are so happy you're in the lead to get a new good pc but suddenly the host gave advantage to the losing team.
Mc Aeron Balingit
Mc Aeron Balingit Anos atrás
yall manipulate this situation and give the wrong ideas to make more hate against karl. i hope you learn the truth this hate might be ok to yall but karl is pressured because of this this is not a fact and they both get an advantage. Nolan is mew to minecratf so jimmy just balanced it out it cost 0 dollars and 0 cents to not comment at a
Zero Twoo
Zero Twoo Anos atrás
that's true I hate that he gives them an advantage when losing it takes the fun away
HellexTRU Anos atrás
@Mc Aeron Balingit this guy be spamming other people’s comments go rant in twitter
ss Anos atrás
@Mc Aeron Balingit karls simp
Jelly Gull
Jelly Gull Anos atrás
ik happens to me all the time S A R C A S A M
skyrimkillereh Anos atrás
I feel like Chris and Chandler would've 3-0'd Karl and Nolan if Jimmy didn't give them the weapon advantage, but if MrBeast didn't give them the weapon advantage it would've been a clean sweep and been bad for content / ended much sooner and have been less interesting.
Zibi21 6 meses atrás
Nah it would be better motivation to be better, play more strategic and not rambo like.
Wolf Anos atrás
Literally the most uneven video ever, you consistently helped Karl and didn't even bother with Chris.
Giga Chad
Giga Chad Anos atrás
He did give ladders
Bagel Anos atrás
@Giga Chad bro jimmy gave them so many op weapons and they just got ladders
sonny saeeal
sonny saeeal Anos atrás
@Bagel and blue team got heal they can also ladder clutch
XSypheral Anos atrás
اذا اشتركت تاخذ حلاوة مصاص
@sonny saeeal its hard to ladder clutch plus they dont play the game a lot to do that
landon landon
landon landon Anos atrás
Jimmy gave Karl the bucket so he didn't do half damage. When Chris and Karl were fighting on the rocket one, Karl had half health. Karl would've died
Mauricio Gutiérrez
As usual jimmy helping Karl and letting them win no matter what.
Eurfex Son
Eurfex Son Anos atrás
ya bc karl is just so special and quirky he needs to win all the time!!!!🤪🤪🤪
A nugget Roblox
A nugget Roblox Anos atrás
Shut up cherri
Zavid Lee
Zavid Lee Anos atrás
yea as he should
AmericanPatriot45 Anos atrás
Yeah, I feel like every video on the gaming channel he helps Karl the most and makes him win that’s why I don’t watch this one as much
謝利米 5 meses atrás
Imagine being Chandler and mr beast just gives the other team nukes
GlamarKU 26 dias atrás
Michael Shi
Michael Shi Anos atrás
Karl and Nolan: Starts losing MrBeast: Gives them something OP
Idel Garcia
Idel Garcia Anos atrás
I don’t like Carl
Hawk Man
Hawk Man Anos atrás
@Idel Garcia I don’t think anyone does tbh lol
Jivan Hertalbert
Jivan Hertalbert Anos atrás
Soda_Yoda Anos atrás
He literally helps them and say they won
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez Anos atrás
@Soda_Yoda he usually gives the people that are losing a little bit of an advantage like when cris was losing in the wither vs largest army ever video
Niquee❤🥺 Anos atrás
Am I the only one who wants chandler to win in every challenge?
Lonely_Shade Anos atrás
Yep u definitely Love all of them..
2nd accou t
2nd accou t Anos atrás
Honestly i feel more bad for Karl
lena ts
lena ts 11 meses atrás
Sai Kyaw
Sai Kyaw 10 meses atrás
Temerity Anos atrás
MrBeast literally just handed Carl and Nolan the win.
Occtoo Mês atrás
Jimmy always helps the people that are losing
Camicomchom Anos atrás
What I don't get is why Beast always helps a side. It's supposed to be a competition, if it's 2-0 you let it happen.
razhmazh Anos atrás
Content! :)
اذا اشتركت تاخذ حلاوة مصاص
@razhmazh that doesn’t have to do anything with content
GlamarKU 26 dias atrás
@اذا اشتركت تاخذ حلاوة مصاص its content if a team is losing bad we would all know who would win it wont be a surprise so mrbeast did it for content
1FountCreations 6 meses atrás
I am actually pretty glad that Nolan finally won a challenge in the form of gaming, which is ironically his weakspot
macdie2001 Anos atrás
Jimmy: *complains that Chandler never wins.* Chandler: starts winning* Also Jimmy: well we cant have that
Skylar Garrison
Skylar Garrison Anos atrás
Delibird Films XD I swear bro kids just don’t understand words now
Ray ray
Ray ray Anos atrás
@Skylar Garrison I’m not a kid
ebar95 Anos atrás
@Ray ray your also not smart
Handsome Anos atrás
@Ray ray so a baby?
*Real happiness and peace can be found in submitting to the commands of the Creator and the Sustainer of this world.*
Alexxd Anos atrás
They have a dynamic. Chris wins a lot so people root against him and when he stills it is interesting to see how others react. Chandler is the losing one and Karl is in the middle , they do this so people have both karl and chandler to root for and Chris to try to challenge them
Casey Sapp
Casey Sapp Anos atrás
Classic izuku
AmericanPatriot45 Anos atrás
I always root for Chris no matter what
Talon Mês atrás
Now if you see the most wins are of Karl's he literally Won 4 times in a row
🍨 A i x e l a 🍦
It's funny how Jimmy gives items to each team and noone is even noticing it. 🤣👍😁😊
Virgile RAYMOND 11 meses atrás
pov : Chandler winning Jimmy : gives nolan and karl weapons also jimmy : I rly want Chandler to win
Ariana Jain
Ariana Jain Anos atrás
Mrbeast is literally insane. Never get bored watching your videos. Nolan is literally so lucky to have Karl without him Nolan would of been toast. Awesome vid…as usual
Abhinav k.
Abhinav k. Anos atrás
genuinely felt bad for Chandler's team
Chez Anos atrás
nolan and carl have a pain in my ass
Cooljo Anos atrás
Chandler's team aka Chandler and Chris XD
Chez Anos atrás
@Cooljo lol
Garrett Ringenberg
Garrett Ringenberg Anos atrás
Honestly like they would have one if not for jimmy
Chez Anos atrás
@Garrett Ringenberg you mean won
Luke_o Anos atrás
Every time chandler starts to win Jimmy gives the opposite team an advantage
QTG128 Anos atrás
karl : you're the only human who loses the high ground! Anakin : finally a worthy opponent!!
Blue Star Gaming
Blue Star Gaming 5 meses atrás
The only reason Karl and Nolan won was because Jimmy gave them advantages in round 3 ,4 and 6
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack Anos atrás
I love how Chris rages so many times it's amazing
C. Barrett
C. Barrett 4 meses atrás
Nolan and Chandler are definitely my favorite 😂, love you guys
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards Anos atrás
MrBeast: people are gonna think our vids are rigged Also Jimmy: gives extra guns when chandler starts winning
I7e Anos atrás
E Anos atrás
Let just say chandler win
JaydenPlayz 1092
JaydenPlayz 1092 Anos atrás
@Julien du Toit karl is straight?
Patrik Gajcevic
Patrik Gajcevic Anos atrás
@JaydenPlayz 1092 he paints his nails so nah
Caitlin Lach
Caitlin Lach Anos atrás
Karl with Nolan's face was the most terrifying thing ever
Zepro Gaming
Zepro Gaming Anos atrás
If Kark And Nolan would not get those extra weapons in the 3rd round Chris and Chandler would probably win. No one should get help during a competition.
Beast Titan
Beast Titan Anos atrás
I mean It is his channel you cannot say that they should not get those extra weapons
ligmaballs Anos atrás
Dont go back to rockville
Chang Fung Li
Chang Fung Li Anos atrás
Its not a competition, it just a match between friends. I don't think they care at all. Mr beast also need content so he don't want the video to be too short
El Marley Loco
El Marley Loco Anos atrás
But Karl was basically charring and nolan was kinda of useless
Wuzzpawpin Anos atrás
Also He did help chris and chandler during the rocket launcher battle by giving them regen
Progamer Chris
Progamer Chris 10 meses atrás
Imagine if Karl just threw the whole table at them
Nahum Megenbir
Nahum Megenbir Anos atrás
That moment you realize the only reason Karl and Nolan won is because jimmy basically gave them a round
lincoln2408 11 meses atrás
Also Mr. Beast: gives Chris an regeneration Potion although it was chris own fault to fall of the building. Also Mr.Beast: gives Chris and Chandler ladders to climb up the building. And also Mr Beast: Puts Karl in a Team with the biggest minecraft Noob to ever exist (Nolan) to fight against Chris and chandler So please dont complain that Karl got an water bucket and 2 weapons for ONE round
lincoln2408 11 meses atrás
Also Mr. Beast: gives Chris an regeneration Potion although it was chris own fault to fall of the building. Also Mr.Beast: gives Chris and Chandler ladders to climb up the building. And also Mr Beast: Puts Karl in a Team with the biggest minecraft Noob to ever exist (Nolan) to fight against Chris and chandler So please dont complain that Karl got an water bucket and 2 weapons for ONE round
Cybertech 10 meses atrás
@lincoln2408 ah yess because ladder and regen one is equivalent to a laser rifle a gods weapon and a water bucket
Viper 6 meses atrás
@lincoln2408 you need to put into consideration of the items that were given. chris: regen potion.. ok..? but that does not that make him destine to win.. chris and chandler also got ladders..? again, that doesnt make them destine to win. but what karl and nolan got, yeah thats gonna make them destine to win. a water bucket that literally saved karl which got him the win, and also 2 OVERPOWERED WEAPONS. REMEMBER, THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT "World's Most Overpowered Weapons!" so ofc people are gonna complain about that, jimmy literally handed nolan and karl a free win, then saved karl when he was destine to lose..
ORNE Productions
ORNE Productions Anos atrás
If you ever feel guilty of something, just remember Karl and Nolan won 2 times because they cheated.
JPYT.11 Anos atrás
You gotta love mr beast especially when he definitely doesn't rig it against chander
Dylzz 2
Dylzz 2 Anos atrás
Readd my name........
Max King
Max King Anos atrás
Ah yes, *chander*, my favorite
Uke Anos atrás
@Max King me wuv chandwer*cough* inertia is a property of matter
Ahak boleg
Ahak boleg Anos atrás
PussyGobbler Anos atrás
if karl and chris were on the same team, they would win every game
ronaldo Anos atrás
:D Anos atrás
the proof that chris is a gamer is that he has the ability to gamer rage
Marisa Brown
Marisa Brown 5 meses atrás
The only reason Karl won the round with the rocket launcher was because Jimmy gave him a water bucket
GlamarKU 26 dias atrás
He gave the others a water bucket too but you gotta admit he had SKILL in that gamemode that was crazy
SasukeUchiha Anos atrás
If I Competed In That Challenge I Wouldn't Have Been Pissed Because Blue Team Was Winning And Jimmy Gave Karl A Water Bucket Like WTH?
Ning Ning
Ning Ning 6 meses atrás
7:04 I probably watched this scene a thousand times. Jimmy's serious face.
XDVrain Anos atrás
Let’s just ignore how jimmy controls every match
Starlight Anos atrás
He never plays😂😂😂
Ethannn58 Anos atrás
@Starlight still controls it
РИСУЕМ Anos atrás
I agree with you
Sumi E. Eweits
Sumi E. Eweits Anos atrás
I mean it's his channel who else is gonna control in!? Plus it adds a twist to it which makes it more entertaining
9E05Cherian Padipurackal Varughese
@Sumi E. Eweits I hate the fact that what u said is true
G Gardner
G Gardner Anos atrás
Karl and Nolan never would have won if Jimmy wasn’t helping them so much. Jimmy was giving them so much stuff, they couldn’t lose if they tried.
why every time jimmy gives opportunity to karl it's not just these videos but there are many videos where he was more supportive for karl.
Jelley 11 meses atrás
Someone make a compilation of Chris’s gaming trash talk. It’s friggin amazing.
Jay 5 meses atrás
I’m making an edit of how many times Karl screams, chandler rages, Chris trash talk 😂
Jelley 5 meses atrás
@Jay YES!!!! Share the link when you upload dude. You'll get a view from me. Not a huge fan of Karl screaming most the time. But I love idea.
Benz Chhin
Benz Chhin Anos atrás
chris : oh he’s using his laser what a nerd Karl : immediately wins chris : : c
Hernandezbruh123 9 meses atrás
2:53 Karls scream already made me laugh great start for the crossbow part
sirEthereal Anos atrás
As an OG MrBeast fan, it hurts seeing Chris and Chandler lose to the new boys
Rafael Ruiz
Rafael Ruiz Anos atrás
Bc jimmy helps them out so much
Jelly Gull
Jelly Gull Anos atrás
Lol karl rlly isnt new, he has been on mrbeast for almost 1 1/2 year(s)
Yes Anos atrás
It’s cause they got so many advantages
Nor Azlifah
Nor Azlifah Anos atrás
It's true
Nor Azlifah
Nor Azlifah Anos atrás
I wish all of us can 1v10 karl
Kirbo Anos atrás
Everybody that watches this video has to have some respect for chandler
TrevCore Anos atrás
jimmy wearing a beanie is kinda satisfying
Rubiksman 10 meses atrás
Nolan: Always dies Also Nolan: Wins the $20000
Phazzi Anos atrás
I thought by now they'd have all the pc's they cud possibly want 😂
TheBalkanJoker 7 meses atrás
*"I'm pushing so hard rn"* Definitely the weirdest quote that came from Karl's mouth
Friendnotfound Anos atrás
Am I the only one who just wants Chandler to win every Challenge he's in?
Samantha Paula Dalida
violet evergarden
violet evergarden Anos atrás
Sudays Abdirashid
Sudays Abdirashid Anos atrás
You are not alone
littledoodles Anos atrás
mrbeast thank you for making my day i love your videos keep up the good work
Azlo Elite
Azlo Elite Anos atrás
I’ve never seen Chris get mad it’s beautiful
Ricky Borden
Ricky Borden 5 meses atrás
When chandler got pelted with the burger you should’ve said there’s pickles on it lol
e_e_d_d Anos atrás
The hyper focus that Karl is showing is so freaking relatable
Dylan Anos atrás
Chris and Chandler could have won but Mrbeast gave the other team better weapons wow.
Noah Henson
Noah Henson Anos atrás
jimmy: gives nolan and karl laser guns and hammers + water bucket also jimmy: “here’s a ladder bye”
hao dinh
hao dinh Anos atrás
Velarde Anos atrás
True Chandler and Chris should have wons its but Mrbeast help Karl again
K Kids Gaming & More
wdym ladders are so good
Average Steam enjoyer
@K Kids Gaming & More but jimmy gave karl a water bucket, and its OP compare to ladders.
Ronell Cruz
Ronell Cruz Anos atrás
This feels that karl, chandler and chris are so powerful
Katie Collins
Katie Collins Anos atrás
Nolan: I'm getting Chandler. I'm hungry! *Loses health* Nolan: Never mind
archy wollah
archy wollah 4 meses atrás
they could've won if JIMMY didnt give them the last 2 round guns for an advantage and play it regularly. i need a normal version RN
THE KING ALI Anos atrás
Lol look at Karl's scream😂😂😂😂 2:52
Claire Coleman
Claire Coleman 5 meses atrás
I wanted this to be a real competition. In the Olympics, do they give the other teams advantages
Kaden Rhythm
Kaden Rhythm Anos atrás
Honestly, I’d love to see a video where you give the boys 1 hour and at the end of the hour whoever has the most exp in Minecraft wins 10,000$ for their grandma/grandpa
Blankzelpeieio Anos atrás
Phyll Parsons
Phyll Parsons Anos atrás
Lia Petrosian
Lia Petrosian Anos atrás
ooooo yess
Rainbow Khosyi
Rainbow Khosyi Anos atrás
thats actually a good idea
Rainbow Khosyi
Rainbow Khosyi Anos atrás
their dead?AA - 07PM 790602 Tomken Road MS
Lakshman Anadasu
Lakshman Anadasu Anos atrás
Chandler and Chris deserves the winnnnnn!
Brady Easley
Brady Easley Anos atrás
They need to do another one of these
Mark Graydon
Mark Graydon 4 meses atrás
Karl just sweats harder and harder also getting advantages
MrMcBruh Anos atrás
Its almost like chandler always ends up losing just to keep his brand alive
Adam Rodgers
Adam Rodgers 5 meses atrás
I love the look on Karl's face when Nolan dies the third time teammate is so useless
Dale Pope
Dale Pope 5 meses atrás
Mommy mommy let's go baby
Ogiiii1231 Anos atrás
Chandler starts winning and trying so hard because he didnt get win in a while MrBeast: Wait,Thats illegal
Gamers Wiki
Gamers Wiki Anos atrás
I like chris. He is cool, observant, funny, meme god and most importantly, CHRIS!
leo 10 meses atrás
Karl and nolan was like the big brother playing with his little brother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Urban Blox
Urban Blox 11 meses atrás
Random person: *gets beat by a 4 year old in Minecraft pvp* Chris, Chandler, and Karl: it could have been worse, Imagine getting beat by Nolan
F1SHYL0L Anos atrás
I feel like Chris and chandler would have won if jimmy didn’t give Karl a handicap
Junior Chu
Junior Chu Anos atrás
Ya Karl and Nolan are cheaters
kengeen chuca
kengeen chuca Anos atrás
bruh why yall getting mad them and jimmy jimmy is nice he just felt bad for them
Miasma Anos atrás
@kengeen chuca learn that cheating will never be nice. Imagine doing your best. Then odds arent just, just because of pity.
Leon RA
Leon RA 11 meses atrás
I feel like chandler 70% of the time loses on purpose
Shade Jade
Shade Jade Anos atrás
I'm feeling like mr.beast is helping Karl and Nolan more than chandler and Chris
Ninja Pigs
Ninja Pigs Anos atrás
1 mil sub befor 2023
spoidermon Anos atrás
H1C_khanyi Anos atrás
Well yes cause they were winning
fail.thunder Anos atrás
@H1C_khanyi and?
Suuuiiiiii Anos atrás
I 100% sure no one wanted Karl and Nolan to win
Nub Anos atrás
Chris and Chandler was like the ‘Dads’ who play games And Nolan was the noob teen guy, Karl was an epic gamer
MrSageKnight Anos atrás
Karl is the opposite of a epic gamer
Gamer Fish
Gamer Fish 9 meses atrás
Bruh, the gaming Channel never fails to make me laugh😂
Carl Woodhouse
Carl Woodhouse Anos atrás
Wish I had even a chance to meet them and win a pc
Chase Cano
Chase Cano 8 meses atrás
I love how they think that thors hammer is good but it does 1 damage
Just JasOn
Just JasOn Anos atrás
Chris and Chandler would have won the pc’s if Jimmy hadn’t given Karl and Nolan all those weapons lol
Floppa_king Anos atrás
You know i being so tired of karl winning Im not hate its just karl really good at Minecraft
subzerodiamondx Anos atrás
@Floppa_king cap he is not good it just that he plays like coward and brags about like fam I could beat u minecrft and I'm on controller
Floppa_king Anos atrás
@subzerodiamondx oh ok thanks for remind me
Wail Allababidi
Wail Allababidi Anos atrás
Or the water bucket
Gaurav Anos atrás
He only gave them for one round, and just think it was almost like karl vs Chris and Chandler.
rainbow man
rainbow man Anos atrás
Jimmy:chandler starts winning gives karl and nolan guns chandler and chris:gulp
Simplyxboba Anos atrás
Why do I think jimmy was trying to make Karl and Nolan win
Axe Plays Games
Axe Plays Games Anos atrás
Jimmy did give Karl and Nolan a big advantage, first in the third game with the op weapons and the sixth game where he gave Karl a water bucket to jump off the roof meaning he had more health then Chris and Chandler. If Karl didn't use a water bucket they would of lost
I love............................................
@Axe Plays Games yea fr
SimplyMintyy Anos atrás
@Axe Plays Games he gave Chris ladders to get to the top so Karl doesn’t have height advantage
Skully Gaming
Skully Gaming Anos atrás
@SimplyMintyy man ladder is the worst thing you will have during a PvP battle
SimplyMintyy Anos atrás
@Skully Gaming he used it to get on the same height as Karl. So yeah it’s kinda useful
Michikatsu Tsugikuni
Michikatsu Tsugikuni 6 meses atrás
And I think it was a bad idea to give Nolan a PC worth that much, he's probably going to sell it just like he was going to sell the $700,000 island
Useless Account // vector
if only the competitions were actual competitions, and not giving Karl and Nolan Mjollnir, along with a laser gun to a melee fight. I understand they are friends, but it would please a vast amount of the audience if these competitions weren't rigged.
SkegFire Anos atrás
Actually, mrbeast only gave Karl and Nolan op weapons, FOR 1 ROUND. Plus, the water bucket doesn’t do anything because it showed that you can survive following off the building without a water bucket.
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