World's First : Bow Without Arrow | Simple creative bow

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World's First : Bow Without Arrow | Simple creative bow .

Enjoy !

Attention !!
This activity is not for children, requires professional adult supervision. The main purpose of content is for entertainment only, be a wise viewer .


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30 Mai 2022



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David Bostock
David Bostock 21 dia atrás
I'm very surprised how well that works with materials used. A weapon of long ago was a crossbow with pouch in string(s) for small rock SEARCH stone bow.
Brick Billy
Brick Billy 4 dias atrás
A bit of historical trivia... This is actually a medieval concept in response to Norman plate armour, as arrows of the time would struggle to penetrate it. The concept became more popular among primitive communities later on as musketeers became more prevalent in modern warfare amongst richer countries. Bloody good bit of craftsmanship though my man!👍
Adam Walsh
Adam Walsh 18 dias atrás
So awesome. I've thought of this many times myself but you are the first person I've ever seen make it real. Thank you!
P S Yee
P S Yee 5 dias atrás
Thanks for showing how to make this. It's actually a combination of bow and muzzle-loading musket. Well done.
Te Sol'yc Mand'alore
Te Sol'yc Mand'alore 3 dias atrás
Thats actaully not allowed no BRvid
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Bowusket. Muskbow.
mr smithy
mr smithy 8 dias atrás
u can have the same effect with only the short pipe at the front and a little spring loaded firing pin
mr smithy
mr smithy 13 horas atrás
@Realest Big Boy pay me ill make one better and cheaper to make and just as effective
Realest Big Boy
Realest Big Boy 13 horas atrás
@Adonai Gaspar he can't! He's just another keyboard warrior who doesn't appreciate other's and always hating and talks like he can do anything lol! Sad human smitty
Realest Big Boy
Realest Big Boy 13 horas atrás
@mr smithy lol
mr smithy
mr smithy 14 horas atrás
@Adonai Gaspar if u pay me enuf i sure will😎
Adonai Gaspar
Adonai Gaspar 14 horas atrás
Can you make it and show us?
Brick Leal
Brick Leal 25 dias atrás
Woah I had a very similar idea years ago but was never able to make it. Pretty cool to see it in action!!
A _A
A _A 17 dias atrás
Both of you are genius
Dakota Last
Dakota Last 26 dias atrás
Great idea. Constructed beautifully. Thank you for sharing.
D33Lux 23 dias atrás
Worlds first Bow Musket...brilliant invention! It would be good to see an honest company pick up your design, mass produce it with quality materials and pay you per piece sold.
tim nguyen
tim nguyen 2 dias atrás
JoergSparve already made this years ago on BRvid, though I'm not sure who made it first
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 10 dias atrás
Reloading too slow
Mike Rafone
Mike Rafone 15 dias atrás
yeah that will never take off its far too impractical and inefficient
Mayhem Biezy
Mayhem Biezy 18 dias atrás
lol for us the Northeast indian tribals, this isn't that impressive cus this is on of the main traditional weapon used to hunt birds and other small game, instead of plastic the whole materials is from bamboo and vines
Helion Trapper
Helion Trapper Mês atrás
amazing works my friend, thanks for sharing this video a truly masterpiece
Oi oi Independent
Oi oi Independent 24 dias atrás
very creative and perfect even if it's just simple
Vikuo Mês atrás
That was awesome, I loved watching it.
Kai Gamato
Kai Gamato Mês atrás
Apresiasi buat abang bukan hanya dari negara sendiri, bahkan dari orng2 asing juga👍
DOT Lifestyle
DOT Lifestyle 17 dias atrás
That was awesome, I loved watching it.
Harold Mangan
Harold Mangan 14 dias atrás
Very clever well-done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
sanon droid
sanon droid 21 dia atrás
Insanely awesome...👌🏻👌🏻
reep3x2 9 dias atrás
That is really cool!! Down side, it takes an hour to reload
Mobbs 6 dias atrás
"Bow hunting is illega"- "This is a small game single action rifle"
Glen 16 dias atrás
Man be creating a musket in a bow form... Truly a good work!
atep Hendi
atep Hendi Mês atrás
Sangat kreatif 👍
Momoy 17 dias atrás
Ini kan masih v.1 bosssss.. Kritis boleh tapi lebih smart lah. Yg penting abang ini sudah bisa merealisasikan ide yg "cuman" nyantol doang di otak² kalian. Soal pengembangan bisa diatur belakangan, itupun kalau abangnya berencana mengembangkan jadi lebih bagus. Good job buat abang yg punya channel, jangan berhenti berkreasi bang, semoga channelnya berkembang terus..
Angus Beef
Angus Beef 15 dias atrás
Coolest slingshot I’ve ever seen
Maitreya Manasvin
Maitreya Manasvin 5 dias atrás
It's a really cool science project.
Don Kurwalone
Don Kurwalone 6 dias atrás
Very nice DIY Master...very creative man...sending my full support master...keep it up...
Cedric Castillo
Cedric Castillo 9 dias atrás
Great video! Now all I need to do is figure out for myself what on God’s green earth were the items that you used.
positiverossman 8 dias atrás
PVC pipe, string and super glue. You can find these items at any home depot
Sandyorkurch 23 dias atrás
Awesome! 🔥
Maruli Girsang
Maruli Girsang 23 dias atrás
Perpaduan ketapel dan panah... Mantap mas..
Budi Irwansyah
Budi Irwansyah 23 dias atrás
Luar biasa sekali bg. Sangat menakjubkan. Sukses selalu. Aamiin
Эдмонд Дантесс
A very interesting idea. How many matches do you need per shot? And I didn’t understand how the match is ignited, did you insert the piezoelectric element into the tube?
Zviki 2 dias atrás
@Peter Boussounis Yeah, maybe American matches that you can light on any surface (idk if those are still on sale). Anyway, why did he make a hole in the wooden stick in the first place?
Peter Boussounis
Peter Boussounis 2 dias atrás
None of the above. It’s like one nut and 2 bolts on opposite ends. Scratch off match heads then screw bolts together and throw it in the air. When it lands bolt vertical kapow ! It’s the little bit of pressure to set it off. This is why he compresses it with the rod so the hard tap at the rear makes it explode
Zviki 5 dias atrás
I'd like to know that too . Maybe the air is compressed through the hole and gets hot?
Kennyze Hauz
Kennyze Hauz 19 dias atrás
Very interesting 👍
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 20 dias atrás
Recreation is marvelous
Mantapppp senapan busurnya 👍👍👍
Nathan Alston
Nathan Alston 10 dias atrás
I don't understand how the match head explodes by hitting it. Doesn't it need both ingredients (match + side of box) to explode on impact.
R ba
R ba 9 dias atrás
He's probably using the strike anywhere wooden matches. The tips have little white dot of phosphor on it. The concussion would cause it to ignite. When I was a child, I would take two carriage bolts, one nut and a length of wire long enough to wrap around both heads of the carriage bolts. You start by threading only a quarter of the nut then you put your tip heads of the strike anywhere matches inside of the nut and very carefully snug down the other carriage bolt gently and not too tight. You then take your length of wire wrap it around the core near the head of each carriage bolt. I would then throw the whole assembly up in the air and when it hit concrete the match heads would ignite, exploding the carriage bolts out of the threaded nut. The piece of wire would prevent the carriage bolts from becoming shrapnel. They were loud and I suppose there was a danger of injury with that design. I would NOT recommend doing that though. Especially nowadays with cheaper and softer metals and different laws than what I had growing up in my city.
Hadidoankweh 29 dias atrás
sangat menginspirasi dan keren bang 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 ditunggu video selanjutnya
WINEVER 22 dias atrás
Genio! 👍
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen 15 dias atrás
Now I want to brainstorm a greatbow version.
Ade Srimulyati
Ade Srimulyati 15 dias atrás
Hebat . Cerdas & kreatif . 👍💪👍
Ahmad Nur
Ahmad Nur Mês atrás
Di tunggu video versi crosbownya kang 🙏
Gerry eka Saputra
Gerry eka Saputra Mês atrás
Mantap bg, semangat trus bikin kontennya .. Sangat bermanfaat .. pliss lanjutin tutorial untuk bikin pemantiknya dong bg🙏
Michael Kimbley
Michael Kimbley 9 dias atrás
So it's a muzzle loading rifle that looks like a bow....nice 👍
Angler Borneo Kubar
Kerja bagus kawan 👍👍👍
Mestre Divonzir
Mestre Divonzir Mês atrás
essa é de genio parabéns
dido ridho
dido ridho 27 dias atrás
Bikin yg senyap donk bang, make anak panahbyg kecil. Request bang 😁
pandya kurniae
pandya kurniae Mês atrás
Amazing Idea 💡 👏😍
NullElement 4 dias atrás
I made something exactly like this over 20 years ago. it was more like a crossbow though in that the arms were fixed and not flexible. you could shoot large nail punches out of it. would literally crack one of a wheelie bin and then punch into the other side. for bonus points you could also get a couple of large nails and use it like a shotgun. so yeah, not world first. someone probably made something exactly like this thousands of years ago with bamboo.
Darula2020 2 dias atrás
Bow musket... Seems like a great idea in 2022
Jhoe Hunter SJ
Jhoe Hunter SJ Mês atrás
mantap bang karyanya.salam sehat sukses selalu bang👍👍
Ian Bakker
Ian Bakker 3 dias atrás
Corrected title: World's first: bow with really tiny arrow
SweetyB NZ
SweetyB NZ Dia atrás
Are they non safety matches?
محمد علي سرموعين
Idea dan creativity yg bagus.Mantappp.!! cuma bahan2 pembuatannya saja perlu pertingkatkan lagi.
Adrian Chew
Adrian Chew 5 dias atrás
Should make it a repeating Crossbow where it shout Dart with a magazine of 50 ammunitions and easy to reload.
Steve Egan
Steve Egan 23 horas atrás
My brother when he was young tipped Match heads into a tiny piece of pipe to make a home made mini fire cracker . When he crimped the opening shut . A grain of Match head ignited and whole pipe exploded and severely cut up his hand . Don't try copying this bomb/bow . You risk blowing your fingers off ramming down the Match heads
Wanpynshai Nongrum
Wanpynshai Nongrum 15 dias atrás
Nice and great skill
Jason Herd
Jason Herd 4 dias atrás
By the time you've loaded it what ever you were going to shoot be long gone , unless it just a target ...
Anita Nita
Anita Nita 29 dias atrás
Hebat sekali..
RisenNation 21 dia atrás
Sling shots have been around a long time... others have done 5his as well. But still very cool.
Patrick Wieth
Patrick Wieth 15 dias atrás
It's not a sling shot. This is a muzzle loader with a bow string instead of a flintlock. Impressive since muzzle loaders are already clunky and slow to reload, but this makes it even clunkier :D
Fabreeze M
Fabreeze M 16 dias atrás
Dude.. when we inevitably get into a war with the paint cans I will be calling you for sure. Nice job.
Kyle G
Kyle G 20 dias atrás
Kinda like combining a musket with a bow
Cristina linggi Matandung
Bagus banget bang😍🥰😘😻
German Maz
German Maz 6 dias atrás
It is a musket activated by a bow. Cool but weird lol
IM chad
IM chad Mês atrás
jarme horace
jarme horace 19 dias atrás
Ideanya cukup bernas. Tapi ini akan menjadi asas untuk perkembangan seterusnya. Sebab untuk menggunakan bahan yang lebih kuat daripada koret api(mancis) kebuk PVC tidal akan bertahan. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ini
Dunia Mainan
Dunia Mainan Mês atrás
Mantapppp... 😀👍👍🙏🙏🙏
Kurniawan Hadi
Kurniawan Hadi 21 dia atrás
Keren kreatif luar biasa
Abyssmal Arts
Abyssmal Arts 5 dias atrás
Pattent it, "gunbow" Before long we'll be seeing the repeater gunbow Rocket bow :D
Nosey Gits
Nosey Gits 27 dias atrás
We used to make something very similar as kids but we used marbles lethal toys used to leave huge purple lumps when we got hit with them could explode merbles if they hit something solid like a wall
jack daniels
jack daniels 19 dias atrás
Pretty cool idea
Fight Guy
Fight Guy 29 dias atrás
Damn. Now this is cool.
faiz mubaraq
faiz mubaraq 22 dias atrás
Great job bro
Pujianto Channel 01
Keren akan mencoba terima kasih sharingnya
Jery Hunter
Jery Hunter 16 dias atrás
luthfi chanel20
luthfi chanel20 Mês atrás
Sayangnya bahan dan ukuran tidak dijelaskan... Sukses bang
bang oman
bang oman Mês atrás
Suhaimi Daemi
Suhaimi Daemi 22 dias atrás
Wah.... keren!
Amazing brother
Weekend Stuff
Weekend Stuff 21 dia atrás
Interesting use of matches and diabolo. Thanks for sharing. Weekend Stuff
When i see your face its like i see my self...Wow!!!!
Willis Scott
Willis Scott 22 dias atrás
Nothing like re-inventing…
ti cimahi
ti cimahi 21 dia atrás
nice creative bow... but need long time for prepare amunition... good job bro
APH VLOG Mês atrás
Keren bro👍👍
Al Wifaq Translation
Al Wifaq Translation 16 dias atrás
كنا بنعمل سلاح قريب من ده لما كنا صغار باستخدام بريمة العجلة وأسلاك العجلة والبارود. أيام جميلة.
J Vill
J Vill 12 dias atrás
Material Details please
Asli sangat kreatif, izin nyimak bos,salam santun dariku kawan baru🙏👍
Severed Connections
Blinded me with SCIENCE 🧪
Tyr Mcasgard
Tyr Mcasgard Dia atrás
Should probably wear at least two gloves on each hand to protect from normal stuff. For safety of course.
bjjthaiboxing 2 dias atrás
Clever, it's like a sling shot... on steroids!
Ahmad Nurandiwijaya
Ahmad Nurandiwijaya 20 dias atrás
Luar biasa (Good ide brilian)
Aford Maisan
Aford Maisan Mês atrás
Nice shot 👏
vanca fishing
vanca fishing 8 dias atrás
Mengagumkan kawan. Nyimak sampai habis kreatif nya. Salam kenal dari madina
Ivan Horvat
Ivan Horvat 5 dias atrás
well, it's not so much a bow as it is a kind of small fire arm which shoots diabol ammo. one can ignite material from head of the matches by any other way, it could be a fraction of size of this. anyhow - nice toy but not very impressive design.
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith Mês atrás
Very Smart and Nice
Cesar Calderon
Cesar Calderon 2 dias atrás
The fact that he use the saw to cut the pipe having a grinder gave me anxiety.
Сергей Кузнецов
Раньше, такая штука называлась поджиг. Делался в форме пистолета. Многие получали ранения. Знакомый без глаза остался. Не самый удачный пример для подражания и копирования
Gerriorian Fit
Gerriorian Fit Dia atrás
Its a higher tensioned slingshot
Dedi Kuntadi
Dedi Kuntadi Mês atrás
Cakep baru kejutan 👍
meyaw Abdulaziz
meyaw Abdulaziz 16 dias atrás
Good for survival/zombie apocalypse situation
boney xavier
boney xavier 2 meses atrás
U r amazing
idris Usman
idris Usman 21 dia atrás
GG Bro 👍🏽
Cyber Boi
Cyber Boi Mês atrás
7:30 look at the dog behind 😂
Ahmat Suroto
Ahmat Suroto Mês atrás
Good job 👍 lanjut trus bang
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