World Cup 2022: Alan Smith says he would drop Raheem Sterling for England vs Senegal

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1 Dez 2022



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Davy J
Davy J Mês atrás
For me I feel Kane is morphing into the perfect number 10. His hold up play and though passes are second to none.
Richard A
Richard A Mês atrás
Sterling is an amazing player and gives England that extra edge to drop him would not help Englands chances going forward.
risheeeesh Mês atrás
He’s right. My dream is Rashford up front, Foden left Saka right and Kane in behind Rashy.
Animate It
Animate It Mês atrás
Play saka on right rashford left kane up top and foden the 10 free floating and remove mount
Matt Holloway
Matt Holloway Mês atrás
Rashford isn't any use in the position his stats are really poor on the right wing his stats are very impressive and saka he gives the ball away far too much at this level u can't do that. Fodens stats are far higher
Ephié H.G
Ephié H.G Mês atrás
That’s a World Cup champions lineup.. if only they knew….
J D Mês atrás
@David Norman he already plays as a false 9 you muppet
John Roff
John Roff Mês atrás
@T too much going on, players will be bumbimg into eachother
El Cortez
El Cortez Mês atrás
The same people that criticized Rashford and actually contributed to his dip In form are the same ones singing his holy praise and pinning England's survival on him.......amazing
Kash Mês atrás
Id rather have Sterling start then mount
Shahriar Munir
Shahriar Munir Mês atrás
If Englands wants to win, Southgate have to play Rashi and Foden. How could you even think to drop these two.
Virtual City
Virtual City Mês atrás
Rashford and Saka rather, Foden is overrated outside of Man City football, he scored a tap in now he should take Saka's place? common
Coen Mês atrás
Agreed. In fact, Senegal might be the only game where he can still be considered /:
Ashley Reid
Ashley Reid Mês atrás
He didn’t really say he’d drop sterling
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide Mês atrás
Hiding behind the curtain he should come out clean and say it boldly.
TC Mês atrás
@So So Perry 😂😂🇯🇲
Virtual City
Virtual City Mês atrás
THen Sterling should play right wing back
So So Perry
So So Perry Mês atrás
Him fi go drop him mother
TC Mês atrás
That’s the English media for you
Ib romeo
Ib romeo Mês atrás
I am from senegal i am for my country but i think if england plays hard senegal cant beat england
ToNtertain Mês atrás
3-0 win against wales actually 👀
King James
King James Mês atrás
Drop Sterling, he may have done good in euros but England cannot live in the past
Kim Birch
Kim Birch Mês atrás
Any combination of those players starting is fine with me, and those that don't start can be used as subs, so are not " dropped ". Much ado about nothing as usual.
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi Mês atrás
It's not sterling being dropped, it's rashford in and foden in
Boxing Legend
Boxing Legend Mês atrás
@Riley95 I’m talking about what Southgate will do sterling and Kane will definitely start ,Southgate sticks to what he knows
Virtual City
Virtual City Mês atrás
@jay be you can't lose the ball in mid field so why risk playing fancy players against a team you're not familiar with? Jude is already playing expensive that means if you lose possession there only Rice will be available to help the defense. This might have been a cute idea against Wales but play like that in last 16 and end up crying while packing up
jay be
jay be Mês atrás
Foden in my opinion is not played in the right position for England, he would be better playing a free roll behind the strikers using his good touch/passing ability to link up the play better with the midfield, he can break the lines of the opposition better and more regularly than Mount/Henderson. Also Saka is best player wide right, on the left side I don't think we have anyone who fits the roll perfectly, Sterling wouldn't be my choice but I think he will be Southgate's
Riley95 Mês atrás
@Boxing Legend you can't trust sterling to finish his dinner never mind a sitter ??
suhail s h
suhail s h Mês atrás
I mean waste is better than sterling..LMAO🤣🤣
Top Cat
Top Cat Mês atrás
Yep leave out Sterling and mount for sure….
J Mês atrás
What a wholly , Sterling's goal scoring record speaks for itself he gets so much hate but is England's best winger
Syarif Airlangga
Syarif Airlangga Mês atrás
i think sterling is decent tho
Mohammed Jaffri
Mohammed Jaffri Mês atrás
Alan smith why did you say drop sterling he is so good for ENGLAND in possession he scores goals I think Harry Kane should be on the bench for the first half and come on in the second half so sterling should start for ENGLAND on Sunday
Moussa Sow
Moussa Sow Mês atrás
You can put more players and you Senegal will win ❤❤❤❤
boss man
boss man Mês atrás
English supporters are way too cocky, seem like they expect the team to just turn and be sure of a win against Senegal. The team did great with 7 points to qualify top, and people seems disappointed to get a draw against a very good USA team who have only conceded one goal, which was a penalty. Meanwhile Brazil Argentina Spain and Germany have lost matches Give the team some respect they’re doing well and maybe haven’t even hit their stride yet Gareth Southgate is a brilliant manager. Let him pick who he want to pick
Sky Shooter
Sky Shooter Mês atrás
Let's hope they drop Sterling and Senegal will go through. Foden and Rashdord will be exposed by Senegal. Come on Senegal.
C Mês atrás
I'd drop Sterling from the Duke of York 11.
Bowlardo Mês atrás
You're in the business end of the competition. England has the squad to win this but their manager is controlled them down.
DAM NFT Mês atrás
Still playing Mount and Maguire tho
TC Candler
TC Candler Mês atrás
Sterling, Maguire and Pickford are the three weak links.
Reiss Chancellor
Reiss Chancellor Mês atrás
Sterling has loose feet, keeps losing the ball. Out for me.
Tom B
Tom B Mês atrás
Rashford is better on the ball, gets past players better and makes smarter passes in my opinion.
Jeffrey Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts Mês atrás
Can you imagine what Guardiola would do with this England squad! I think we’d have a chance then! Unfortunately for us we have a one dimensional manager who’s probably a nice bloke but just not good enough!
Jeffrey Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts Mês atrás
@Ashley Goggs Brazil, Germany,Italy among others. Do you think they would regard a fourth place and a second place as success? ….I’ll answer that for you….no!
H A Mês atrás
@Ashley Goggs won 0 one dimensional manager
Ashley Goggs
Ashley Goggs Mês atrás
just not good enough? yet hes had the most wins in major tournaments and has gotten us to 2 semi+ finals.... yeh not good enough my ass.
Norma Cochrane
Norma Cochrane Mês atrás
without sterling england go home remember the euros he is and still the best player in big games
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide Mês atrás
Why thing of dropping Stirling and not Harry kane if this is not been bias
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken Mês atrás
By far. He carried that team on his small shoulders. He still remains England's best player in my humble opinion. I still believe that England can win the WC he has to be on the field to make them do it. Foden and Grealish as neat and skilful as they are, they are not the marquee players they are support cast. Not saying that they are bad players but they are support cast.
Propagandalf Mês atrás
Do you think Kane is dropping to deep?.. I don't think it's a debate worth having. what an absolute agenda pushing yes man
Matt Holloway
Matt Holloway Mês atrás
Lol if kane had been dropped we wudnt of got out the groups 😂 deluded
Gospel Bond
Gospel Bond Mês atrás
He is wrong by saying England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 are the only team dat has played their group well .Brazil has don better
Gospel Bond
Gospel Bond Mês atrás
@Dan H Myyy bad
Dan H
Dan H Mês atrás
@Gospel Bond you said that’s the team that only did their group well. But that’s false 😂 can’t even beat Cameroon
Gospel Bond
Gospel Bond Mês atrás
@Dan H they have already qualified dats Y.Unlike England dat had theirs d last day
Dan H
Dan H Mês atrás
@Gospel Bond oops? 🥱😆
Gospel Bond
Gospel Bond Mês atrás
@Mister Lexx Ye
The Goddess
The Goddess Mês atrás
I'm going to see who the coach really start bcz if you follow them and do rubbish remember this u going home bcz foden don't better than saka or sterling follow them
kickthestoat Mês atrás
Who cares what anyone thinks about what team should be picked?! There's probably 3 or 4 people that ACTUALLY know what's going on for each individual player and how it fits into the team and tactics for that specific game.
Ulf Eriksen
Ulf Eriksen Mês atrás
Sterling hasn't been bad as some say. All the forward have been good. Maybe Saka and Rashford have the edge.
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim Mês atrás
@Nazri Buang can you try and write proper English so we can understand what you are trying to say .. simply your comments makes no sense
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Mês atrás
Lies again? Drop Mail MLS Education
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim Mês atrás
@Tijana Blazhevska since when has Saka not delivered ? You tell me ... he has always performed when called upon for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 .. he had one not so good game against USA and all hell let loose c'mon and you forgot he played well against Iran even scored 2 goals c'mon get real
Tijana Blazhevska
Tijana Blazhevska Mês atrás
@Ahmed Ibrahim well shite bruv he needs to adapt then, he can't use the same old trick with Ben White everywhere. he couldn't do that trick against USA so he was nowhere to be seen. You need to provide a lot more than just one trick
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim Mês atrás
@Mohamed Kirkusawi you're making a big mistake SAKA SHOULD BE A STARTER FOR ME ... trippier hasn't been supporting saka during the first few games he has played on the side with Trippier that's what White does he supports saka so he could do his thing upfront
In reality Mount has been the worst attacking player for England this tournament. The headline should be about him. If Sterling gets dropped but Mount starts it'll prove Sterling is always an easy target. Sterling makes penetrating runs and does a better defensive job than the other wide forwards but clearly his end product isn't the level of Rashford. As Kane seems to be more of a goal creator than scorer for england now i'd drop Mount, move Kane back to number 10, Rashford up top and keep Sterling and Saka wide. Senegal will provide more of a threat than Whales so i'd trust Sterlings tracking back fitness levels over Rashfords. Foden comes on for Saka around the 70 min mark if the games tight, Grealish for Sterling around same time.
Salsa Dancer
Salsa Dancer Mês atrás
Sterl8ng is the most debated player in èngland. He first game.and was involved in 2. So many excuses for Kane who won a golden boot with 4.penalties and is yet to light any tournament on fire like the unstoppable gary lineker. Be does have the touch of a # 10. Vardy is englands best striker. No criticism for grealish who stops the game everytime he touches the ball. The coach is doing a great job. WC is about defence. And he doesnt have a DLP whicb will cost.him.
Charles Bryant
Charles Bryant Mês atrás
Every competition and tournament the media after Sterling to be dropped when he’s doing good and when he’s poor for club but he always does the business for Gareth and England. Sterling needs to realise he ain’t highly rated by anyone. Last year it was Grealish, the clamour for Grealish to play last tournament and Sterling outshone everyone now it’s their darling Foden with 1 game against Wales, not Germany, Spain or Brazil, Wales and they’re all talking about Foden like he’s Messi
David Antony
David Antony Mês atrás
Alan Smith is always on the money.
patrick doucet
patrick doucet Mês atrás
Senegal will beat England.
Dopper_X rash sesyah shrestha
Joe 33
Joe 33 Mês atrás
I'll give them a call and tell them not to bother playing the match then 👍
Virtual City
Virtual City Mês atrás
if they play Henderson England are out, that man has had a free career for being a cheerleader on the field but technically he is below average
Ephié H.G
Ephié H.G Mês atrás
Y not 🎉
Big Hands
Big Hands Mês atrás
This aged well
PETER PANtv Mês atrás
Taking him to World Cup alone is a total waste and joke
nicholas addy
nicholas addy Mês atrás
Sterling as a sub when they are tired his speed will be usefulll
M. Giquiná
M. Giquiná Mês atrás
Why not drop Harry Kane instead? 🤔
Anish 25 dias atrás
@M. Giquiná get a grip he's England's best player by a mile
M. Giquiná
M. Giquiná Mês atrás
@KingKaitain told you his rubbish 🗑 🙄
KingKaitain Mês atrás
Because he acts as England's most dangerous playmaker, that's why.
M. Giquiná
M. Giquiná Mês atrás
@Mister Lexx 🤣🤣🤣
M. Giquiná
M. Giquiná Mês atrás
@vfamily4396 CR7 has at least won a major trophy. What major trophy has Harry Kane won nationally or Internationally?
DElaine Mês atrás
And Chelsea should drop Sterling for Pulisic.
PsychoNaturalist Mês atrás
Without black English football players, this England side would not even be qualifying for the world cup.
Jamkev Mês atrás
Setting up the guy here, if y’all want Southgate drop the guy just say or out loud without trying to put words into Alan’s mouth--but then again the agenda lives on.
Moriarty 17
Moriarty 17 Mês atrás
@ Jamkev Couldn’t of said it any better myself. The reporter should just come out with it. He wants Sterling to be dropped.
Great thing about this squad is that you CAN rotate out players and it won't affect the chemistry on the pitch.
Times&Spaces Mês atrás
That's a bit like saying it doesn't matter which elements you use when trying to start a fire without oxygen.
Matt Holloway
Matt Holloway Mês atrás
U can't ignore rashford and foden they gotta start sterling's form is worst for years and way to predictable
Saeed Yarahmadi
Saeed Yarahmadi Mês atrás
This jentelman is the same good player who played for Leeds and mu?I hope not,coz he was so young.
Steve Kenney
Steve Kenney Mês atrás
Sterling is utterly operated.
Sendawula Stanley downloaded
He is Right Allan Smith, even Kane has to be dropped! He is not performing as expected
KingKaitain Mês atrás
Kane is the best provider of through-balls in the England squad. He's playing more as a number 10.
Matt Holloway
Matt Holloway Mês atrás
Hes set up 3 goals lol been involved in other goals in build up. Anyone who thinks he should be dropped is deluded if it was callum Wilson we probably wudnt of got out the groups
Joe Mês atrás
He has the most assists at the World Cup with 3 out of everyone. Assists are just as important as goals
verman banhan
verman banhan Mês atrás
Managers succeed because of their team but mangers failure is all their own! We will never know, unless we have done it ourselves, the pressure one of these managers carry on their shoulders for the national team!
Abdul Mohamed
Abdul Mohamed Mês atrás
England will also be eliminated by Senegal same as Germany and Belgium make too much noise on Qatar they would go home soon
Obvious Troll
Obvious Troll Mês atrás
Everyone stop what you are doing, the African football expert has spoken.
Abdul Mohamed
Abdul Mohamed Mês atrás
I enjoy watching European football very well but just the England team is not good enough to go all the way you think you can beat France if you pass through Senegal...
Chris Sheldon
Chris Sheldon Mês atrás
LOL England will go to the final
Dan H
Dan H Mês atrás
Stop watching European football then if you are offended. But as usual, most of Africa wouldn’t do that.
KingKaitain Mês atrás
Use Sterling as an impact sub in the final 25 mins. I'd also be tempted to start Kalvin Phillips in place of Henderson, but I suspect Southgate will stick with Henderson but sub Phillips somewhere around 55mins.
Donalio Mês atrás
Kane never seems to be “sharp” at any tournament. Tired even mid season 😂
pranav5788 Mês atrás
Argentina is on the other side dude
John Hehir
John Hehir Mês atrás
England beat Iran ranked 20th beat Wales ranked 19th and on Sunday take on Senegal ranked 18th 🤔🤔🌹🌹🌹🌹
VeryVeryBigJ Mês atrás
3-1 win against Wales, how did I miss that match?!!
@Ryley Palmer he did say 3-1
Mister Lexx
Mister Lexx Mês atrás
3-0. Wales is one of the worst teams in the tournament. Just 1 place better than the hosts.😆😆😆😆
Ryley Palmer
Ryley Palmer Mês atrás
@luke jarrett yeah we know, but it sounded like he said 3-1
luke jarrett
luke jarrett Mês atrás
Kirsty Riordan
Kirsty Riordan Mês atrás
Sterling is amazing for England! And was amazing for city! Yea his form has dropped lately for Chelsea, but that's because it's his first season there, he isn't used to the way Chelsea play, he needs to adapt! Sick of the hate he gets!
Kirsty Riordan
Kirsty Riordan Mês atrás
@Darren Warby he is the second highest goal scorer there. And you needed him in the last game to win the League! As he did an incredible assist to get the scoring going.
Darren Warby
Darren Warby Mês atrás
I'm sorry , been a city fan for 50 years , bur disagree Sterling wasn't amazing for man city , he scored quite a few goals . His form for the last 2/3 seasons was poor .
Dwayne Linton
Dwayne Linton Mês atrás
Sterling decided to leave man city a new contract was offered to him he say no he want to b a starter
Ashley Goggs
Ashley Goggs Mês atrás
@Kirsty Riordan im not hating on him. However foden has been more inpactful and actually runs to get the ball or runs to a player with the ball in order to recieve a pass. Stirling so far spend more time walking from a to be rather then running and getting tk his correct position. Hes been terrible. Be honsst with yourself has stirling been remotely as good as he was in the euros?
g c
g c Mês atrás
it’s not really hate , it’s examining his game sure he is fast sure he scores goals sure he has done a good job for england , but we have better players now who are better at keeping and controlling the ball , he is picked because southgate loves him not because he is the best wing forward , foden rashford and saka and grealish all keep the ball better , we can still use him off the bench as a weapon but he should not start , he has done us good but we need to build a stronger team now , foden and saka are the future
GroinStrain3000 Mês atrás
Argentine is our side of the draw? 3-1 against Wales? Why doesn't this guy watch the World Cup?
Mister Lexx
Mister Lexx Mês atrás
Jeffrey Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts Mês atrás
Stirling hasn’t played well for Chelsea this season. He no longer goes past people like he used too. Same with mount, he’s a very good player who isn’t doing well for Chelsea this season. Rashford has some form and Foden should be in every team.
Jeffrey Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts Mês atrás
@V Family Stirling isn’t playing well for England either, despite that good goal against a very poor Iran
V Family
V Family Mês atrás
it doesnt matter how he does with chelsea, look what harry maguire is doing with man utd compared to england.
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Mês atrás
He's been great and is a Senior player. Just put in Foden and Mount for now
Pat O
Pat O Mês atrás
Dropping sterling would be a mistake. He is the one unpredictable player on the team. And no one else in the squad falls over in the penalty box quite like him.
Lcs Mês atrás
Absolutely I would drop the ineffective Sterling
Best Game
Best Game Mês atrás
I would not drop Sterling. He is the most experienced player alongside Harry Kane in the team. You play him for 60 minutes then play Rashford for 30-40 minutes.
Tony Morelli
Tony Morelli Mês atrás
I would drop Sterling permanently. He’s not English.
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken Mês atrás
Neither are you with that surname.
james kelly
james kelly Mês atrás
Raheem sterling is Jamaican!! He was born there.. England poached him.. As they did with John Barnes
james kelly
james kelly Mês atrás
@Green Erick bit like rice and Grealish for Ireland yeah? 🤔
Green Erick
Green Erick Mês atrás
Got all his football ⚽️ training in England 🇬🇧 you're taking madness 😠 very bitter
Sub93 Mês atrás
Sterling is World Class. He is all World. His form can change in the blink of an eye.
jay be
jay be Mês atrás
The problem with Sterling is he is only World Class in about 1 in 8 games, he is just unreliable, he shoots when he should pass, and passes when he should shoot. That said he is quicker over a short and long distance than every player on the pitch in most games, it just you never know what will happen when he is clear through.
Virtual City
Virtual City Mês atrás
Sterling at Liverpool was world class, the Sterling of now is average, dnt know how he starts over Pulisic, too much politics in the game if you ask me
The neo windjoker
The neo windjoker Mês atrás
Time and time again we see Sterling show almost no creative capability in tight areas in the opposition half, frequently losing the ball when the pressure's on. When he has space to run into he can be effective, but otherwise he lacks the level of close control and technical ability that many international players from the top teams possess. Once you take away his pace he's pretty ordinary.
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken Mês atrás
@David Jones and he is picked on merit (and rightly so) not because he ticks the "diversity box" David.
David Jones
David Jones Mês atrás
@Anthony Mcken Of course it doesn't count... Sterling has been around for a lot longer than Foden and Grealish and Southgate has picked him more often than not.
Magman 0121
Magman 0121 Mês atrás
People must be forgetting that Sterling carried England to the euro final last year
James Corlett
James Corlett Mês atrás
@Magman 0121 I'm sure you won't be holding your breath - but I won't to give a detailed reply - so may I ask what Club you support and how long you have been watching England - I know what's that got to do with Sterling ? .
Magman 0121
Magman 0121 Mês atrás
@James Corlett you don’t believe Sterling has a football brain…fair enough it’s your opinion but he carried England in the Euros that’s my opinion… he deserves a bit more respect because he has always performed in an England shirt
James Corlett
James Corlett Mês atrás
@3chords indeed mate - let's hope he has and can keep his belly burning should we meet the French as imo the only way we can beat em is to out score the buggers .
jay be
jay be Mês atrás
@win30034 Wayne Rooney got much more stick at the end of his England career than Sterling has ever got, and forgive me but I don't think he is Black. It really says more about you that you are looking for racism where there is none.
Joe 33
Joe 33 Mês atrás
@win30034 that's it no more Internet for you. Go away and come back when you have something sensible to say
a Mês atrás
Sterlings got dirt on Southgate, thats why he not drop him
fabiotee Mês atrás
Am sure u watch the last match he drop him
Bernard Mariano
Bernard Mariano Mês atrás
There’s a reason why Alan Smith has never been a football coach. Pointless comment.
Buddy villa
Buddy villa Mês atrás
You have to start Rashford and Foden. The pace of this match will be off the charts. More like a Basketball game. Gareth can always sub in Sterling cuz it’s all hands on deck. I’m not overly confident in Jordan Pickford he has the quickness and vertical leap of a beached whale. This half of the draw is brutal. Hello Scunthorpe !!!!!!
John Rice
John Rice Mês atrás
Wales and Iran made them look much better than they truly are. against a decent American team, they struggled. It should have been at least 7or 8 against Wales, but not good enough I'm afraid, all bluster and fanfare
4 CZNZ Mês atrás
😂🤡 you seen France and Spain lose games while England at worst draw a game lol
Cardinalultras Mês atrás
Cheers for that Alan he was dropped last game rashford scored 2 👍
Junior Sanford
Junior Sanford Mês atrás
No disrespect but who care about your opinion 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️
Lewis Read
Lewis Read Mês atrás
Rashford on the left and Saka on the right. Foden can come on as a sub.
Lamin Jawo
Lamin Jawo Mês atrás
Mourinho is the one that introduced that role for him. But in that year he score lot of goals for his club and the national side. Even though, if he is not 100% fit he should start every match.
win30034 Mês atrás
Every one is always picking on Raheem. Is it cause he Jamaican born? I don't hear anyone calling Kane's Names. Why for past 4 years Sterling has to play for his spot game by game.
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee Mês atrás
It seems my namesake is saying exactly what I commented on StuntPegg before the first match.
Herv Mês atrás
England haven’t got Argentina on that side of the draw? What’s he talking about?
nickolas2300 Mês atrás
nickolas2300 Mês atrás
Argentina 100% are on England’s side of the draw
Task24 Manager
Task24 Manager Mês atrás
Senegal 🇸🇳 all the way
Something Like Anonymous
David Jones
David Jones Mês atrás
... home!
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG Mês atrás
Alan Smith looked so different from his Leeds United days, he is supposed to be 42 years old only but he looks like he's 60.
Lu Dy
Lu Dy Mês atrás
This man was born 1962. There are 2 footballers called Alan Smith. The other born 1980.
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald Mês atrás
🤡 comment?
4 CZNZ Mês atrás
Lol wrong Alan Smith
Matt Mês atrás
That's what happens when you play midfield for Man U
Abdul Latiff Madian
The team really need rashford and folden, harry is a must..
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide
Ese Tuoyo Oyaide Mês atrás
@Alan Smith typically British Harry kane has not done well this world cup but u rather prefer to keep him n drop him for Stirling.
D.R. Brooks I
D.R. Brooks I Mês atrás
Why not drop Harry kane who is the outright striker and have score no goal in 3 match. England score 9 goals thus far. Eventhough he assist goals, he is the striker.
P.K jaKG
P.K jaKG Mês atrás
You clearly don't watch football,Kane is the best striker you could ever want in your team
Solo Pro
Solo Pro Mês atrás
@Irish Marty best player is overstatement. good player is more reliastic
Irish Marty
Irish Marty Mês atrás
He scored no goals in the group stage at the EUROS last year and still finished with 4. You don’t drop your best player and captain, he’s much more than goals.
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken Mês atrás
Have you forgot that he's White? He can never be dropped only the Black players get dropped and blamed when things go wrong. THIS IS ENGLAND.
Stephler Benz
Stephler Benz Mês atrás
It’s funny because during euros he was our best player…all of a sudden he should be dropped 🤡🤡🤡
Anthony Mcken
Anthony Mcken Mês atrás
There a large segment of England fans and English football press who want to see Sterling and the Black players for England fail even at the expense of the England team. Let's not act as if they don't exist and as if they are not the most vocal of the fanbase.
DMorlio18 Mês atrás
You do realise players improve and drop form right? Remember Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Fernando Torres for Chelsea….they were the same person, wild I know! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Brett Worrallo
Brett Worrallo Mês atrás
There’s better players in better form
Alex Gavin
Alex Gavin Mês atrás
Have you ever heard of a concept called “time”. We’re Almost in 2023 not euro 2020
KingDoms Kingdom1985
People get dropped regularly in football, it wouldn't mean to say that he shouldn't get back into the side ever again just because of being dropped for one game.
Papap Sofresh
Papap Sofresh Mês atrás
Sterling cannot be drop he will score tomarrow
Green Planet
Green Planet Mês atrás
He drops without a touch anyway
Jonny Smyth
Jonny Smyth Mês atrás
A taxi for Sterling to come home early would be good.
Mustafa Kulucan
Mustafa Kulucan Mês atrás
This is a squad game not a drop game
john lyon
john lyon Mês atrás
It would be fantastic for Africa if it Morrocco and senagal in finals
KingKaitain Mês atrás
Not possible. They would meet in the semi-final on their side of the draw.
Fisco Joff
Fisco Joff Mês atrás
They are going back home on Sunday.
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Mês atrás
The discussion about Sterling vs Foden vs Rashford is such a waste of energy. There is no doubt in most people's mind that Foden and Rashford offer a lot more than any combination with Sterling at present. In any case it's a squad not an 11 that is important and Sterling will have plenty of opportunity in future games.
David Hamilton
David Hamilton Mês atrás
Not if England are knocked out. You are putting the cart ahead of the horse. Besides the goal, Forden wasn't that great against a weak Wales team.
floyd harrison
floyd harrison Mês atrás
Lol this is why England won’t win World Cup soon . This idea of superiority will cost England once again. If you would admit that the USA outplayed England then you can move forward . 😂
Rumbled Mês atrás
everyone i spoke to in england said the US outplayed us, but whats the big roblem, the US are a decent side and they played better on the day, no shame in that.
Dud Mês atrás
Rashford on left sterling ok right foden behind kane
yellow hill
yellow hill Mês atrás
Wen will the real Harry kane plz stand up cause he's sitting down right now and on raheem remember who brought England to the final of the euro..
mandla veyi
mandla veyi Mês atrás
When us Mount & Kane r going to be dropped.Senegal must show you your hypocrisy
mandla veyi
mandla veyi Mês atrás
@kris xchirbas ok point taken
kris xchirbas
kris xchirbas Mês atrás
@mandla veyi I swear do you guys even watch the games? Kanes clearly playing as a playmaker. He's been England's most creative player tho I wasn't able to watch the USA game which he was poor in. Watch the actual games and you'll see his impact.
mandla veyi
mandla veyi Mês atrás
@Hudson Rolfe So just to assist?
Hudson Rolfe
Hudson Rolfe Mês atrás
Kane the leading assist maker in the tournament so far? That Kane you mean?
Noel Roche
Noel Roche Mês atrás
How come Rasford is now this football genius after scoring two goals against one of the worst teams in the World Cup, you could argue the goalkeeper should saved both shots, take away the goals what else did he do, now I remember miss a great chance and gave the ball away and many occasions. Give Jack Grealish a chance.
CJ Mês atrás
Nah Rashford played his heart out, he was even tracking back and putting in a shift defensively. He got the goal and then was straight back on it to press and win the ball which lead to Foden’s goal.
Kenroy Forte
Kenroy Forte Mês atrás
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