Wolfenstein: Youngblood Sucks! [RF Review]

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Is the sequel to New Colossus as bad as everyone says? Yes! Delrith endures and suffers through fully to give you all the info you need on Wolfenstein: Youngblood! Twitter ►
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29 Jul 2019



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Comentários 9 320
59Mrflow Dia atrás
It's such a shame the game look so great but they fucked everything up i judt lost 20 min playing it ( i had it for free with my 2070 super with the game control wich is cool )
kyle komic bro
kyle komic bro Dia atrás
Doom is overrated
James Cocklin
James Cocklin Dia atrás
So why the 3/10? What did this dumpster fire do to earn even 3/10? Surely this game is 0/10 Epic Fail! You listed not one good thing about the game, and the one thing you did say wasn't bad, which is that the graphics were no worse than the previous rendition, was incorrect. I'd say huge black boxes of graphics loss is surely worse!? This game is to Wolfenstein, what Captain Marvel is to the MCU. Half-assed woke garbage that panders only to an audience that would never buy this game!
Moesly 101
Moesly 101 2 dias atrás
Well i was gonna paly the game but when i got home and the game wasnt in the case. Lol so much for trying it
Elberth Albenda Leiva
Elberth Albenda Leiva 2 dias atrás
A lazy game, nothing new at all, a reverse of good mechanics from the previous games, a big disappointment, thanks for the review guys, you save me a couple of bucks by avoiding buying this crap
ZMan1471 3 dias atrás
I noticed a health bar option in the menu, does that turn off the bullet sponge enemies or does it just hide the healthbar? Asking before I ditch the game if anyone knows
Pierre Lourens
Pierre Lourens 5 dias atrás
i agree with everything. main thing pissing me off is getting the same missions over and over. feels like i'm just playing 3 levels on repeat
Beep 8 dias atrás
Man I thought it was good lel but the ending was garbage
Daniel Emberton
Daniel Emberton 9 dias atrás
Bethesda finally did a worse Wolfenstein game than the 2009 reboot
Daniel Emberton
Daniel Emberton 3 dias atrás
@cannibalkhan I was basing it off critical feedback I personally liked 2009 woflenstien but never played woflenstien 2
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 12 dias atrás
I like Del's reviews.
Nokisgp 12 dias atrás
I agree fan of the previous series but this new story is shit i used to watch all cutscenes because of good storu and cinematics , now not really :)
Nu- Synergi
Nu- Synergi 12 dias atrás
5.40 onwards, why third wave feminism has ruined movies and videogames.
James J.
James J. 13 dias atrás
Yeah just dont buy Bethesda products anymore. Dont pre order anything from any developer/publisher. When was the last time a game was released and was awesome on day one? But apparently theres a lot more people with money than sense...
The Biscuit
The Biscuit 13 dias atrás
Created by liberals.
Jonathan Ju
Jonathan Ju 14 dias atrás
Damn, Bethesda has fully lost my respect this year.
Liam Burns
Liam Burns 16 dias atrás
Bethesda is on a fuck up spree lately. Here’s hoping that doom eternal is really good and they don’t destroy that fucking franchise too.
Death6990 17 dias atrás
Just wondering, if their dad lost his body in the old game how are those kids related to him if he dingaling is gone as well??? I mean he could’ve gotten his wife pregnant BEFORE he lost his body but idk just popped in my head
Gaafdovjun Gaming
Gaafdovjun Gaming 17 dias atrás
It aint that bad .-. it just aint good
Teh Wolie
Teh Wolie 22 dias atrás
so this is where the calypso twins came from
Randomly Entertaining
Randomly Entertaining 22 dias atrás
"Use cool guns to kill hordes of Nazis." It's weird to hear that considering how well they managed to do Doom 2016.
DatCameraMON 22 dias atrás
I'm really sick of some of these new-style UIs (specifically these new ones seen in FPS) and mini-MMO/RPG style enemy level and visible health bar. Imagine Halo, then imagine Halo Infinite with visible health bars and levels for enemies. God, plz, stop doing this Game Devs.
Cherry Artist
Cherry Artist 24 dias atrás
I had a feeling it wouldn’t really hold up. It’s not the same without BJ.
Jlopez240 Gaming
Jlopez240 Gaming 25 dias atrás
I’m so dam confused as to why didn’t they just continue off the ending of colossus
Jlopez240 Gaming
Jlopez240 Gaming 25 dias atrás
Can we all agree this game doesn’t exist in the wolfenstien series it’s just to horrid to think this is what the series has become
tenshi shinamori
tenshi shinamori 25 dias atrás
What do you guys think about the game after the patches? 1.05 game patch already came out.
SLAMMO 26 dias atrás
Wow ... I guess I am the only guy who thought this was actually good ... but no pause sucks ass !
Vũ Khiêm Phạm
Vũ Khiêm Phạm 26 dias atrás
So many stupid areas of this game like AI revival mechanic, armor penetration bullets, repetitive mission area and stupid RPG level that I can relate to, lol
🚀Kalle🚀 27 dias atrás
Bethesda have made the fastest descent in the gaming industry I've ever seen. EA is bursting with envy.
Club_Bang3r 28 dias atrás
You guys should do left alive
jailbreaker1214 29 dias atrás
I told people this game was gonna suck. No one believed me, The New Colossus was bad, this game was going to follow that path.
Daxter250 29 dias atrás
what's up with all that horrible robo dancing whenever that girl kills a robot? O.o
This looks like a cheap game compared to others, when they just recycle assets, enemies, levels, etc and slam uninspiring rpg mechanic in it
RFXCasey Mês atrás
@1:50 That big black square, what the hell is that? I want to play this game just because the cheeziness of it strikes me as hilarious. Who knows if they intended it that way or not butt sometimes things are so bad they are actually good. I'll say this, from the reviews game footage I've seen, this game has honestly made me laugh more than any other in recent memory.
Joseph Benson
Joseph Benson Mês atrás
I'll be honest, I kind of always thought this game is going to suck. The fact that it was going to take out BJ as a playable character and the other fact that it was a multiplayer game we're too massive red flags for me from the start. And now I'm a little bit nervous for Doom eternal. I mean it looks good but I'm still kind of worried.
baby scrotum
baby scrotum Mês atrás
lets make a nazi killing game focused towards woman "hell yeah dude"
Justin Ellis
Justin Ellis Mês atrás
Strong female protagonist™️ < silent protagonist
trautsj Mês atrás
Just like Halo without Master Chief, I have no interest in a Wolfenstein without BJ :/ Also the clear diversity/SJW agenda is a major turn off obviously. Lifeless hollow excuses for characters don't help clearly.
SevenUpHub Mês atrás
Best review from you yet, Del!
mortl Mês atrás
No BJ no party.
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy Mês atrás
I really enjoyed the game until i got to the brothers 2 garage you spend 2 hours fighting to the top then you try to jump onto a platform and you don't make it so you have to start all over again. i quite the game after that. it was just to much bs to have to start all over again. I don't understand why bethesda make such a trashy game. i will never buy another game from them. no save slot or reload levels. and if you don't start it off just right you will have to start the game all over again. these people as sorry
Dan Mês atrás
Truly at a loss as to why, when they have female lead characters they want to make them come across as pseudo comedians. Is that their way of trying to make us like them? It makes us hate them even more. It's not funny, it's not "cool" but I guess they're trying to emulate the current trend of Twitch thots acting hard to make it so it looks like "they don't need no man". Pathetic.
Dark Schneider
Dark Schneider Mês atrás
The series got SJW'ed!
Max Well
Max Well Mês atrás
How can u have a Wolfenstein game without kicking ass as terror Billy ? Goddamn its going the way of Marvel
Allan Candaza
Allan Candaza Mês atrás
So much waste of id technology for nothing hahaha they put lot of effort for feminism propaganda hahahaha ohh Bethesda you're such an assholes
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Mês atrás
Played for 4 hours, never going back to it. You truely get a newfound respect for The New Colossus after playing this garbage.
Justin Donaldson
Justin Donaldson Mês atrás
Sooo glad I didn't buy after old blood and the new order, the games that came after are trash. Thankfully, I'll remember the game as great simply by skipping the garbage. Sorry to the suckers.
Brevard Smith
Brevard Smith Mês atrás
Brink sucks more than this game.
RPshmuck97 Mês atrás
The first games were some of my favorite games with my favorite storylines but this game is just shit lol
Tyson Gardea
Tyson Gardea Mês atrás
I liked it
Papa Aeon
Papa Aeon Mês atrás
It's funny how people are saying New Colossus was bad now when going through the comment sections from those review I see nothing but glowing praise for the game
Nobody Mês atrás
Thx bro you saved me 30$
Surfin Turf
Surfin Turf Mês atrás
You just saved me 30$ thank you, I knew this game was going to be just as bad as new colossus.
Andrew Hucher
Andrew Hucher Mês atrás
You're getting black boxes because your pc sucks. I got no black boxes hahaha
Video.ini Mês atrás
How can you make a game under Wolfenstein title but so wrong, i justed wanted to kill some Nazis with cool story and cutscenes. But no non exsisting story, three cutscenes in total that are completely garbage, stupid RPG elements that turns gunplay and killing Nazis into worst torture and WORST voice acting EVER MADE. Everyone is wood. Not wood actors actual WOOD. How did it go so bad and so wrong. I mean all i wanted was DOOM with Nazi reskin with some story in it like we always had. WHY trying to fix something that is not BROKEN ? I bet soon we will see DOOM RPG i mean why not, why not make it fucking RPG.(not that i hate RPG, i like RPG but this is plain and simple WRONG.)
candugiful Mês atrás
This game is awesome ! Is for those that are just tired of playing 100+ hours games,is straight forward shoot anything that move blow the nazi's brains! Is a good game short but fun! And for the price is ok..the mistake is that this game was sold as a full new game but is actually more like an expansion pack and not a full game!😎😎😎
Scott 123
Scott 123 Mês atrás
Worst 7 dollar rental I’ve ever bought. Played it for an hour and took it back to red box
Jaroslav Hájek
Jaroslav Hájek Mês atrás
Totally agree with this review, I played it for 30min. and no more. Love's the nets
Thank u dude for going through the struggle to tell me how bad the game was so i don't have to go through ur struggles 😂😂😂
wheresenter Mês atrás
Today my friend and I found out what happens when you die in a boss fight. Icing on the shit cake of a game. Thank you for putting into words all these feelings I’m having
Whiskey Ratt
Whiskey Ratt Mês atrás
Hey brah your obviously a TRUMP supporter and a Nazi if you don't support a game with a confident diverse group of females (not assuming gender) fighting off Nazis, the patriarchy, while killing off gender stereotypes and educating the community about equality and advocacy brah. I guess your just not PC enough brah
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