Winter Anime 2021 in a Nutshell

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Wow I'm actually watching Anime again.
Edited by: Bakashift
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4 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100
jed eric
jed eric 4 horas atrás
Thank you zen for making understanding wonder egg priority easy
Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter 7 horas atrás
4:32 fucking lol
Saxen Art
Saxen Art 10 horas atrás
Please watch To Your Eternity
Why are we calling season 2s sequels? oh yeah anime rarely get season 2s anymore.
Ayoweeb_ Dia atrás
I only clicked on this video cause of the cover
Crash-test Productions
Fun fact : there was more people defending Redo of Healer than people being offended by it, because the people who could be offended by it didn't look it because it was shit, and the people defending it did it because they thought there would be plenty of people trying to cancel it and they could look like cool kids trying to defend something everyone else hated.
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz Dia atrás
I saw Flare, I clicked.
DeadM00n Dia atrás
10:49 ah yes, 3 perfect titles in 1 line
Icebound Glaceon
Icebound Glaceon Dia atrás
can't wait until "spring anime 2021 in a nutshell". vivy is by far the best anime airing this spring
Tookey Dia atrás
I guess people will now recommend Redo of Healer to new anime watchers :D
Jax Patenaude
Jax Patenaude Dia atrás
ex arm is the best anime gikkuk wake up
The Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling 2 dias atrás
where THE FUCK is Pui Pui Molcar?
Tom Hénault
Tom Hénault 2 dias atrás
wath ta fuck is a "isokai"
çýbęř ñęø
çýbęř ñęø 2 dias atrás
Jobless reincarnation will be 100% my new favourite anime.
Nekksplitta 2 dias atrás
jobless reincarnation was amazing
〝ѦƁↁεя〞 2 dias atrás
Redo of a healer is great. The show is pretty traumatizing but I don't think there's anything to be upset about.
O K 3 dias atrás
This shit gives me ps2 nostalgia
music edits
music edits 4 dias atrás
I though it must have a- *add plays* ME: FFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Albinus Adeodatus
Albinus Adeodatus 4 dias atrás
No no no Gigguk we won't apologize. We'll send the geese. THEN we'll apologize if there is anything left
Otakuboy Mak
Otakuboy Mak 4 dias atrás
2:58 I fuckin' fell out of my chair 😂
Tsukasa 4 dias atrás
Real talk though, I went to Canada once and the only way I could tell I was there was the noticeable lack of flags every 20 feet.
Ultimate Despair Gamer
The funny thing is with the way ppl defend all CGI like it’s thier child, I couldn’t tell at first if you were being serious or not about Ex arm 😂
Alp T
Alp T 5 dias atrás
Do yourselves the favor of reading the web/light novel of Jobless Reincarnation also known as Mushoku Tensei. Additionally also check out the beginning after the end once you’re done doing that.
Y I 5 dias atrás
and then there's the jobless reincarnation dub
2nfgsplash 5 dias atrás
dang this video actually got age restricted for a while
Muhummad Khan
Muhummad Khan 5 dias atrás
8:50 as a Canadian Why must you hurt me in this way?
Brian Lam
Brian Lam 5 dias atrás
Lol when people find out Horimiya is neck in neck with Darkness
Arda Sobe
Arda Sobe 5 dias atrás
My man really left out JJK
Ben Sharpedo
Ben Sharpedo 13 horas atrás
Its from fall
Silent Pug
Silent Pug 5 dias atrás
Re: ZERO will always be the best Isekai, change my mind.
Dafoose 5 dias atrás
this guy is savage
VW_Joker352 5 dias atrás
Finally got around to watching Mushoku Tensei...And then reading ahead in the manga...and then agonizing over having to wait for more anime and manga...I need more. MORE!
Kazumas Chuchumaru
Kazumas Chuchumaru 6 dias atrás
Konosuba is my favorite anime
Desk 6 dias atrás
POV : anime fan Music : Baqua intro music _brain cells : here we go again_
Rebecca C
Rebecca C 7 dias atrás
what’s the song at 14:20? ive been searching for it but can’t remember what it was
Xmat5 7 dias atrás
Jobless is so good and not a "basic bitch"
Incursio656 7 dias atrás
Keep up the good work I love how you make it funny
Crow Koraki
Crow Koraki 7 dias atrás
Lol this got age restricted, expected
Ximit yolas
Ximit yolas 8 dias atrás
I watch Redo of Healer for the PAIN! and the Crazy Faces.
nathan nishimoto
nathan nishimoto 8 dias atrás
Jobless Reincarnation: It's not the isekai we want, but the isekai we need. Reincarnation of healer: It's the isekai we deserver -_-
Dark Past
Dark Past 8 dias atrás
Who's idea it is to make an anime on redo healer?
Zeveron 8 dias atrás
Redo of Healer... My chest feels empty.
ComedyPumpkin 9 dias atrás
5:33 - Toradora music
SpaceCowboy Eddie
SpaceCowboy Eddie 9 dias atrás
I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just give ReDo 0f HEaLeR an entire minute of screen time. That’s a precious 60 seconds I will never get back.
Maina Taun
Maina Taun 9 dias atrás
You make me think that all the animes are trash and i usually love anime
Gustavo Oliveira Martins
"Maybe Isekai was never meant to be trash. Maybe it was meant to be beautiful" - Gigguk That's just poetry
REANU KEEVES 9 dias atrás
Oops the video got age restricted😕😟😑😐
nicholas rolyat
nicholas rolyat 9 dias atrás
I actually like the darker aspect of Redo. People can break and heroes aren’t safe from that. In fact lots of armed forces members can be susceptible to turning to some pretty fucked shit to avoid their PTSD. Seeing a good person that craves revenge and give in to his lust is actually relatable. Life is fucked up and seeing animators that are willing to express that is kind of nice. I hope they make another season.
M̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶ ̶t̶ ̶h̶ ̶e̶ ̶w̶
Damn, that quiet theme mix with sins of the father from mgsv tho.. Worked for saying such speech
Sleep Life
Sleep Life 10 dias atrás
I wish he gave a bit more time to jump desi ga Nani Ka? It's not just cuteness and comedy,it's also the brutality of the fights and the struggle to survive and the mystery being created via the storytelling skills of the author and adaptation team. Besides the final fight of first cour was epic. And let's not forget the op and ed bangers.
Kodima 10 dias atrás
Good thing animes that I watch this season are great: Mushoku Tensei, Re:Zero, Go-Toubun, Redo of Healer, Hidden Dungeon.
Patcher&Patch 10 dias atrás
Ex-arm remembers me to RWBY season 1
bailzz180 11 dias atrás
2 months later.......
funl 11 dias atrás
i always come to gigguk to try and find anime but end up just watching gigguk
samad iii pangandaman
samad iii pangandaman 10 dias atrás
Jerome Ting
Jerome Ting 12 dias atrás
Jobless reincarnation is really cool actually
Do Do
Do Do 13 dias atrás
I’ve literally seen doujins with better animation than Ex-Arm 350866
Empathy Tobacco
Empathy Tobacco 13 dias atrás
*BERSERK 2077* Send shivers down my spine
cwp888 13 dias atrás
The hype for promised neverland lool
Marion Holar
Marion Holar 13 dias atrás
what is the song from the beggning of the video
idk man
idk man 13 dias atrás
Nanidato- super riser
カラス黒 13 dias atrás
Marion Holar
Marion Holar 13 dias atrás
not the ex arm but the one after that
PandaRuler 14 dias atrás
Seriously dude your intro music and edits are so fire. Gets me pumped to watch the vid
Mike Mylo
Mike Mylo 14 dias atrás
Why on earth is the content here categorized as over 18, BRvid makes no sense.
Deniz Tahmaz
Deniz Tahmaz 14 dias atrás
speech at 13.34 touched my heart
M G 15 dias atrás
Beastars is still amazing lmao
Abhimanyu Mahanta
Abhimanyu Mahanta 15 dias atrás
i am here to defend redo of the healer
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed 15 dias atrás
Is it just me or does ex arm actually look good from what i can see here
aurora. 15 dias atrás
can someone reply all the anime thats shown in this video by order? including the ones that didnt include the names please ty
James 15 dias atrás
Because that would be an insult... to ps2 graphics
Would you like fries with that
Why skip 7 deadly sins
Ringo Dingoes
Ringo Dingoes 15 dias atrás
wait what was wrong with shield hero? I read a good bit of the manga and i remember it being pretty light and easy reading
Jerome G
Jerome G 15 dias atrás
Horimiya ❤️
Rad_Ram 15 dias atrás
Jaku-chara was actually really good
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch 16 dias atrás
Was he being sarcastic about Ex-Arm?
Ryan 16 dias atrás
Cant wait for solo leveling
rafif rasendriya
rafif rasendriya 16 dias atrás
Where's kemono jihen
White 16 dias atrás
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 17 dias atrás
I am still waiting for hat Soukyuu Boys adaptation.
/I dont even know anymore
Bro there was so many
Rigved Waradpande
Rigved Waradpande 17 dias atrás
Wrong. The Chronicles Of Narnia was one of the first isekai.
Tertium 17 dias atrás
Dickolas Cage... I know where is the exit.
jokernokeo 17 dias atrás
The moment he started to talk about redo of a healer I got a hidive ad for redo of a healer
Ronaldo Wijaya
Ronaldo Wijaya 17 dias atrás
iJousKa63 17 dias atrás
disappointed Kemono jihen wasn't mentioned but, it also didn't start off strong and its on funimation..
Joshua Shirley
Joshua Shirley 17 dias atrás
Bruh, 11:00 isn’t even a joke, then uploaded it to
FatiTank Eris
FatiTank Eris 17 dias atrás
Fellow weebs, where do you normally watch anime, and what are pros and cons of voiceover and subs?
Elana Roberts
Elana Roberts 17 dias atrás
Can someone tell me where this scene is from at 10:43
EKSPLOSION 18 dias atrás
This is it folks, we solved the deodorant problem in smash tournaments
RELOAD Official
RELOAD Official 18 dias atrás
Am I the only one that low-key likes Ex-Arm’s op?
Fauzan Iskandar
Fauzan Iskandar 18 dias atrás
00:00 - 00:30 shit, that's totally me
Young God
Young God 18 dias atrás
i just watched this video after completing furi o´for times on furier difficulty. when the burst theme came on i legit got ptsd
kausly 18 dias atrás
kausly 18 dias atrás
I love seven deacyl sins
Shiro Yuu
Shiro Yuu 19 dias atrás
TheDumbOne 19 dias atrás
Ex-arm looks very weird
TiTaN GaGare
TiTaN GaGare 19 dias atrás
can anyone suggest me any good anime(except attack on titan, gintama, one punch, one piece, death note)? i have almost watched everything and now looking for new one.
Ben Sharpedo
Ben Sharpedo 13 horas atrás
Wonder Egg Priority, The Monogatari series, Ancient Magus Bride, Grimgar, Tonikaku Kawaii, Scum's wish, and Violet Evergarden
TiTaN GaGare
TiTaN GaGare 19 dias atrás
Try " Demon lord retry"
Mcake 19 dias atrás
What anime was at minute 1:14?
Brandon L
Brandon L 19 dias atrás
Ok, I love your videos, but you were dead wrong about "Bottom-Tier Character, Tomozaki". Just finished it and it is so relatable, thought provoking and dives into concepts (not as deep as psychological trauma like Wonder-Egg) but definitely closer to that than any other anime that season
clorox mp3
clorox mp3 20 dias atrás
13:50 I cried for no reason
יהודה גדול
יהודה גדול 20 dias atrás
Whats the name of the song at 1:45 pls lmk
idk man
idk man 13 dias atrás
Nanidato- super riser
Surest 20 dias atrás
Redo of healer best anime prove me wrong this is totally not sarcasm noooo why would you think that
Surest 20 dias atrás
I like how he stopped at seven deadly sins
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