Will Remix - Eminem, Will Smith, Logic, JID, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas [Nitin Randhawa Remix]

Nitin Randhawa
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Will Remix - Eminem, Logic, JID, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas [Nitin Randhawa Remix]
This is an original remix done by Nitin Randhawa
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Songs Used
Joyner lucas -
J. Cole -
J.I.D -
Logic -
Eminem -
Will Smith -

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15 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Nitin Randhawa
Nitin Randhawa Mês atrás
Joyner Lucas - 0:13 J. Cole - 1:47 JID - 2:28 Logic - 3:21 Eminem - 5:42 Will Smith - 6:36 Instagram - Edit - Uploaded again because previous one had some audio issues. Also, Will Smith!
TIP MEYER Dia atrás
CharonXCVII -
CharonXCVII - 2 dias atrás
Could anybody name the songs that they are originally from?
Jason Beglin
Jason Beglin 2 dias atrás
Why do you click bait lol. That's literally like what, almost all of your content? Just some mediocre remixes that you do to get clout because the REAL songs do well lol.
D/Arco 5 dias atrás
Video. Pará cuando
Christopher Schroffel
Christopher Schroffel 10 dias atrás
Danny DeLorean
Danny DeLorean 11 horas atrás
Much respect for that James Avery line.
Mr.Strudle132 19 horas atrás
daaaang will lit it up
Jonathon Cox
Jonathon Cox Dia atrás
Will absolutely murdered it .... J cole shout out your the shit
Felix Cruz
Felix Cruz Dia atrás
Beau Wheeler
Beau Wheeler Dia atrás
Gahdamn 🔥
choppingwithshano The Talk Show
Please subscribe and share my BRvid channel please please
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez Dia atrás
JID is awful... he should have not been on this track...
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker 2 dias atrás
It's so fake, I'm sorry for people like you
Felix Cruz
Felix Cruz Dia atrás
If you think is an official remix, then you are in the wrong channel bro 🤦‍♂️
Rukus Ya Boi
Rukus Ya Boi 2 dias atrás
will a 🐐 he could drop 🔥 whenever he touch the mic
Jon Pynes
Jon Pynes 2 dias atrás
This is the best one I have found
De’Shun Anthony
De’Shun Anthony 2 dias atrás
Will he forgot to mention you know what 😂
cedward thompson
cedward thompson 2 dias atrás
Will Smith tho? The fuck that flow come from? Diggin his verse like a construction worker 💪💯
cedward thompson
cedward thompson 2 dias atrás
This ish is mo 🔥! Facts! Shout to who flipped this. Keep it up. Bright future 😎😎
CharonXCVII -
CharonXCVII - 2 dias atrás
Could anybody name the songs they were originally from?
Mbongeni Matsebula
Mbongeni Matsebula 2 dias atrás
Will Smith still FIERY my goodness. Still Fresh Prince
Jay Jerina
Jay Jerina 2 dias atrás
That nigga will🔥🔥
ubonyele 2 dias atrás
do more of these, i love it, been replaying for 6 times and it at 9pm yet .....ahaha YEAH
ubonyele 2 dias atrás
yeah now u talkin'
cam cam
cam cam 2 dias atrás
No i dont do dating sites. Be careful
Julian Alejo
Julian Alejo 2 dias atrás
Do I knock ??what door
TheReal SelfEducation
TheReal SelfEducation 2 dias atrás
Hands down #will killed um all...
InfamousMusicGroup 2 dias atrás
That old logic slap hard
Roland Crawford
Roland Crawford 3 dias atrás
Yoooooooo this is straight 🔥🔥🔥☄
beefwellingtonism 3 dias atrás
Sooo, you just copied bars from other songs and pasted them here?
Anastacio Martinez
Yeah I know it's not an official remixes
@Anastacio Martinez its not even an official remix.
@Anastacio Martinez sounds like cap
Anastacio Martinez
It's not that simple bruh, he makes it look easy and it has to sound right too. Go listen to his ISIS Remix
0 0
0 0 3 dias atrás
xPaillant 3 dias atrás
Damn this goes hard FR
ANTI SOCIAL BUTiFLY 3 dias atrás
Florian Wild
Florian Wild 3 dias atrás
Damn this is straight fire
L C 3 dias atrás
Stacked a few ems like I'm shady? M&M, Marshal Mathers
Denise J
Denise J 3 dias atrás
Dang Will 🔥
JM Sabino
JM Sabino 3 dias atrás
Everybody made my day on that song. Good lyrics, & Will Smith on fire! Diamond is really forever... Fresh Prince forever! Crush❤
Nikhil Somvanshi
Nikhil Somvanshi 3 dias atrás
Boy KOD was 🔥 🔥 🔥
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 3 dias atrás
Well that was amazing
RevItUp 3 dias atrás
This shit slaps all the way from Oakland!
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 3 dias atrás
I actually like the way he added them verses from other songs...eminem(no regrets) j cole(kod)🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pretty Roccan
Pretty Roccan 4 dias atrás
I know eminem......he didn't come hard on this on purpose he's so humble 💋🤳🏾 Eminem for life ❤
Pretty Roccan
Pretty Roccan 2 dias atrás
@Xenon Shado Yes… I'm not the kind of fan who lives their sole life following each song and foot steps of celebrities. I do have my own life and trying to become successful too and a mom. I enjoy Eminems music . .....destroy who lol 😆 My IG Pretty Roccan 😍 💓Cheers 🥰
Pretty Roccan
Pretty Roccan 2 dias atrás
@AskateR yes , still humbling...♡
Xenon Shado
Xenon Shado 2 dias atrás
I don't think you "Know" eminem because these are verses from other songs... he just edited them really good into the song. I don't want to outright bash you but I do.. good day.^-^
AskateR 2 dias atrás
Pretty Roccan Eminem’s verse is from another track called “No Regrets”.
FN Jolly
FN Jolly 4 dias atrás
Can't stand it when someone throws a used verse over a track. Should a left EMs out if it. Wills verse was fire though. Bon fire! Fuckin wildfire
Bobby Dangero
Bobby Dangero 4 dias atrás
mactime2008 5 dias atrás
WILL Freestyle (Audio) #FreshPrince #Will #JoynerLucus
mactime2008 5 dias atrás
Mr.Hardtime - WILL Freestyle (Audio) #FreshPrince #Will #JoynerLucus
abdrahman Elbouabbady
abdrahman Elbouabbady 5 dias atrás
danbott81 5 dias atrás
Hell yeah, need to hear MORE shiz with Will Smith in it like this... 💞
Projekt 6 dias atrás
YOOO!! Will on the tail end was FIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!
Rome Almighty
Rome Almighty 6 dias atrás
Aye will i give my girl a 1000 kiss too💪
Moebua Blade
Moebua Blade 6 dias atrás
That's live got pay respect to those who paved the way buff respect to will never been in a scandal stay sucker free
Jason Baldwin
Jason Baldwin 6 dias atrás
Willie came old school and hard on this one
Infinit 0
Infinit 0 6 dias atrás
I see in the comments that some people still don't know who Will is. He was a rappper/artist before all the Hollywood stuff.
eX 1Tu5_
eX 1Tu5_ 6 dias atrás
i dont no.. but always Eminem is the best .. !!! 5:35
Ricky Mastromatteo
Ricky Mastromatteo 6 dias atrás
I don't know if I'm love w the pieces of just the puzzle
Amar Kharidia
Amar Kharidia 7 dias atrás
This is "Summertime" Will
wood beez
wood beez 7 dias atrás
My new cut fr.
James Pearson
James Pearson 7 dias atrás
Do a Revenge by Joyner Lucas Remix and have it with Eminem J Cole Kendrick Lamar Logic and Drake
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 7 dias atrás
Ayyyyeeee he named almost every movie will Smith was in now 👀 that!!
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 7 dias atrás
Sounding like Nip and Dave East
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 7 dias atrás
#Will#mikelarry#unkphill 🔥🔥🔥
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams 7 dias atrás
He gave jada 1000 kisses ain’t nothing new 😍🥰
Emerald 7 dias atrás
so its the remix of the remix by smith
zeeleeuw195 7 dias atrás
Sad he didnt keep it without cussing tho
Monclair 7 dias atrás
Will killed this !!!
하타타바타타 7 dias atrás
At first I thought all these artists did the remix together for some reason, and I was like hell no, it woulda went viral then, how did I not know of this? And then I was like, wait.. Em wouldn't reuse his verses on other songs. You confused me man lol, I guess that's how good your work is.
Domineek Sanford
Domineek Sanford 8 dias atrás
When is the Album coming WILL...??? Stop Playing 👑👑👑🔊🔊🎼🎵🎶🎙
Basil Ahmed
Basil Ahmed 8 dias atrás
This reminds me of "Forever" track of drake, kanye, lil wayne, eminem, sick.
Bryan Safie
Bryan Safie 8 dias atrás
These kids didnt know will was a rapper!!!! Still my no1 rapper
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez 8 dias atrás
Sick AF, 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erik Jensen
Erik Jensen 8 dias atrás
Amazing Remix
Comptine 8 dias atrás
Madison Perez
Madison Perez 8 dias atrás
this song isnt all that
Joseph Hartmann
Joseph Hartmann 8 dias atrás
Will is a true legend loved by people of all backgrounds.
Fingerskillz 2 dias atrás
For some reason the feeling ain't mutual.
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor 5 dias atrás
True that
matt fowlerr
matt fowlerr 8 dias atrás
Remixs are theft
Rikykash 8 dias atrás ❌❌New Vídeo 👆👆👆🙏🌍❤️🚨
ASuper SimpleLife
ASuper SimpleLife 9 dias atrás
Damn this is amazing. Will Smith has clean, smooth and fire barz
M R 9 dias atrás
Chills when you hear Will join the rap not knowing he's on it!!!
SkuLL CrunNch3r1
SkuLL CrunNch3r1 9 dias atrás
Daniel Lobatos
Daniel Lobatos 9 dias atrás
Dude's went hard!
deaconx 9 dias atrás
Holy shit I was just listening without paying attention and this came on - I did NOT expect to hear Will on the track. That was sick. He KILLED it.
posta chyld
posta chyld 10 dias atrás
Will Smith went in on this jawn. Still got it
Delarge 10 dias atrás
Jamir Neal
Jamir Neal 10 dias atrás
xlilratxchIld 10 dias atrás
Me screaming cross the room: siblings: jUst bE qUiEt fOr gOd sAke oR liSten tO a sOng Or Sum- me:......
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