Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror?

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In today's video we're taking a comment request from you asking if the solar scorcher can melt a mirror, or will it simply bounce off?
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14 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Corey Williams
Corey Williams 4 horas atrás
Archimedes would have loved this
ILOSTSOMEBODY 10 horas atrás
the sky used to look blue its been white since the start of 2020
Jace Cole
Jace Cole Dia atrás
Is Cali from the upper peninsula. She says mirror as mire🤔
BurningYT / PALI
BurningYT / PALI Dia atrás
From my own physics experience I think the photons are gonna bounce, but some of the thermal energy is going to melt the mirror if not heat it up if not burn it. edit: I am correct
Robert F
Robert F Dia atrás
I wonder if that fresnel lens / solar scorcher could be used to heat water in a practical fashion.. obviously the device is capable of melting metal.. but like: hot water for a shower (even if need to mix with cool water for shower temp) or something like boil water for pasta (without destroying the container)
Cryptix Daemon
Cryptix Daemon 4 dias atrás
How long will it take to boil water...
Frozen Boy
Frozen Boy 4 dias atrás
1st test: Evaporation
Anoush Bidrosyan
Anoush Bidrosyan 5 dias atrás
Can you cut stuff with a solar scorcher
Brian H
Brian H 6 dias atrás
No PPE??
Juandre Havemann
Juandre Havemann 7 dias atrás
I think it's a factor of lingering mass, the mass off the aerosol is not compact together enough to egnite. If it were closely compact it would defs ignite😉
Drieza Gon
Drieza Gon 9 dias atrás
I don't need sleep, I need answer
Max Compilations
Max Compilations 10 dias atrás
3:43 she just has a bug casually crawling down her leg
Peak Nonsense
Peak Nonsense 10 dias atrás
I wonder if one could use the solar scorcher to heat iron enough to blacksmith or if the beam is too concentrated in one area?
Abu Gafur
Abu Gafur 10 dias atrás
I want to try how those pop corn test
Debanshu 12 dias atrás
Put dry ice in the focal point
Brodina Kodina
Brodina Kodina 16 dias atrás
The dislikes are the people who dont like the reflection in there eyes
Arthur Gu
Arthur Gu 19 dias atrás
you should use a hard disk drive's platter - it's super reflective.
toyfreddy1102 22 dias atrás
Sun: I'm a laser beam of FIRE! Mirror: Break me and you will deal with 7 years of bad luck.
Vern Scheck
Vern Scheck 23 dias atrás
Need frame to mount mirror to
Julian Zee
Julian Zee Mês atrás
you should have put paper under the popcorn
Dshadowj Mês atrás
Proving ancient death rays
I saw rainbow smoke
dmenace2003 Mês atrás
Hey, just wondering if you’ve ever opened up a hard drive and have taken the plates out. They’re polished metal.. so if you used these as reflectors, world they last better than mirrors?
Bechara Kreidy
Bechara Kreidy Mês atrás
try the world's whitest white and the world's blackest black under it that the action lab uses in his videos
xgamer011 Mês atrás
A mirror doesn't bounce off the light it's double in and
Umm Hi
Umm Hi Mês atrás
Sanath Kumar
Sanath Kumar Mês atrás
What about tungsten
Syed Faheem
Syed Faheem Mês atrás
Microwave a bulb in glass with some water
cerberusxxxx Mês atrás
wonder if this will melt sand
John Forni
John Forni Mês atrás
That result with the little crater is awesome, because it demonstrates the energy that's actually hitting the mirror. Because it melted the glass, then pushed it into a crater, to make that little lip. So, it demonstrates how concentrating the mass of the photons the light is composed of can actually make it physically push things.
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Mês atrás
A makeup mirror on the magnification side will light a dark material such as a pine cone on fire in less than 30 seconds with midday sun.
Meme Tuber
Meme Tuber Mês atrás
How were we born when nothing was born on earth?
Ninto 1
Ninto 1 Mês atrás
Try use a one was mirror and a normal one, then send sunlight in the one way one
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 Mês atrás
Fun day in the Sun!
Bri C
Bri C Mês atrás
Cook or sear a steak with that
James Thompson
James Thompson Mês atrás
Want to cook with sunlight? set a mirror to reflect through the Fresnel from the bottom to focus the cone upwards, rather the focus to mirror. Maybe use 2 mirrors to get the sun angle more vertical.
TTV__BTW__ YT Mês atrás
At 7:51 RIP..
Ramesh Raman
Ramesh Raman Mês atrás
Make 1000ton hammer
Musclerocker Mês atrás
It’s bad luck to break a mirror *knock on wood”...
cheetor 536 .2 the universel gamer game time
Is it possible to create a phaser from star trek
Muhammad Gumel
Muhammad Gumel Mês atrás
The reason the mirror will break I because the mirror only reflects light not heat
Kyle 2 meses atrás
Is breaking a mirror with light 7 years bad luck? And if so, is it your bad luck, or the Sun's?
Mawitea 24
Mawitea 24 2 meses atrás
Quick question:What happens when you use a glass(Eg. :window glass) instead of a reflective mirrors?I'm just curious🤷‍♂
ramp agent 92
ramp agent 92 2 meses atrás
Can you revisit this with polished metal mirrors instead of glass mirrors? I'm just super curious.
You mean grants solar scorcher?
Kathy Dehod
Kathy Dehod 2 meses atrás
This is probably answered somewhere else, but, what if you switched the mirror and the lens? Instead of trying to reflect the heat ray up, just reflect the sun off the mirror and into the lens. How big would a mirror have to be in order to reflect enough light through the lens to make popcorn?
Joe Saifi
Joe Saifi 2 meses atrás
what if you put batteries under the solar beam?🤔♥️
Beargangxd 2 meses atrás
get a 1 m length log amd make it wet and watch how long does toes it take to go through the log and not get in fire
Oman Hyderabad
Oman Hyderabad 2 meses atrás
U broke mirror you may get bad luck JK
ck1619991 2 meses atrás
Tty using a piece of polished steel to reflect instead of a glass mirror. See if it will last longer than the glass to pop popcorn.
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf 2 meses atrás
2:45 *feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow*
Ral Don
Ral Don 2 meses atrás
Would optic fibre transfer the light into a focal point to write names words etc?
Robin unknown
Robin unknown 3 meses atrás
3:40 Take a look at her left leg :)
Xander Firth
Xander Firth 3 meses atrás
Why not just get a mirror finish piece of metal
Still Chill
Still Chill 3 meses atrás
That spectrum smoke looks sick
Jim La Joie
Jim La Joie 3 meses atrás
I had a similar experience. Have you tried a first surface mirror where the silver is on the top of the glass?
Natasha Giblin
Natasha Giblin 3 meses atrás
Mirror: woah solar scorcher is ugly f*** off
When are you putting up plans for something useful like a food replicator or a transporter ?
Hunter Eversole
Hunter Eversole 3 meses atrás
Nate: this has melted metal quite easily Also Nate: proceeds to put the small dot of sun on his BARE HANDS
Nigel Tufnel
Nigel Tufnel 3 meses atrás
The sun doesn't "deliver" heat to earth. Only light. Light absorption is converted to heat
Oofly 3 meses atrás
Put liquid nitrogen through it!
Joe Lam
Joe Lam 3 meses atrás
Try cooking an egg in the solar scorcher. Use a mini pan which is just big enough for the egg so there can be max light focus.
Phillip Morrison
Phillip Morrison 3 meses atrás
Use polished stainless so it cant shatter.
joe melton
joe melton 3 meses atrás
I would like to see a small boiler and steam engine run on the Solar Scorcher. A steam whistle?
Gavin Rickard
Gavin Rickard 3 meses atrás
Pop popcorn in a vacuum chamber
The Leader of the reaping hunt
Make aerosol cans explode
Monica Wilder
Monica Wilder 3 meses atrás
do a lava lamp under the solar blaster
CrystalDragon0311 *
CrystalDragon0311 * 4 meses atrás
The whole aerosol can shouldve been left in the focal point.
Hani Bahanan
Hani Bahanan 4 meses atrás
what if you dip the mirror in water or something to keep it cool?
Tim R
Tim R 4 meses atrás
...but can you weld aluminum with it?!
Simon Azar
Simon Azar 4 meses atrás
If Some One is roasting you ulgy say hey im not a mirror!
Jon 19
Jon 19 4 meses atrás
Hey TKOR you should try to do a phone under the solar scorcher
MichSignMan 4 meses atrás
Should have cooked at least one caterpillar... lol
peoples Patriot
peoples Patriot 4 meses atrás
You should have put the mirrors in a baking pan of water.
jake smith
jake smith 4 meses atrás
Whats that folding knife your carrying. Ive noticed it a couple of times now, and it looks pretty dope. Like a gentleman's carry wharncliff
Ckbtony 1983
Ckbtony 1983 4 meses atrás
Try putting the mirror on a kinda heatsync it mignt keep it from breaking
Catzy Rais
Catzy Rais 4 meses atrás
can you run a solar power into fiber cable and use it for something
put the mirror in liquid nitrogen
The CORE 5 meses atrás
I know this was made a while ago and summer is not here right now but, I thought of a idea for something like a small upgrade or 2.5. I guess you can say a amplifier. The idea is putting something like your desktop Solar Scorcher at the middle point to amplify the power and once it goes through the second smaller Scorcher the power would be increased. Give it a shot guys I'm Sebastian.
METO U 5 meses atrás
wonder what would happen if they used the focal point of the lens and the heat from burning a see if it raises the max temperature that the fuel could get when burned...that way if you only had propane gas for fuel you would still be able to melt a metal that has a higher melting point than the fuel can deliver...wondering if the 2 separate temperatures are additive ...should try that
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