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Tommy Atkins
Tommy Atkins 4 dias atrás
Yeah first mistake putting work before love job doesn't last long but love is hopefully for life
T Wood
T Wood 12 dias atrás
I feel like Human Resources is the most 9-5 job in the world. That’s an excuse.
samayy15 18 dias atrás
I feel sick.
Michael Rutherford
Michael Rutherford Mês atrás
Why did I watch this? Absolutely vile
Andy Irwin
Andy Irwin Mês atrás
Neediness is a sign of insecurity...huge turn off.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Mês atrás
Why men wear makeup?!. I mean,... isn't it fact... that being Men...means WE don't NEED to put ANY makeup to begin with...
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 24 dias atrás
@Desania Koval this isn't about's about some stranger guy whom you've never met who decided to be on this video wearing makeup so we can scrutinize him like we all do to everyone everyday...have a seat.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 24 dias atrás
@scarlett robinson Wait was that a Woman he was dating?. I'm confused I thought it was Two Men. 🤔
Desania Koval
Desania Koval 24 dias atrás
he's gay with a feminin esthetic so why do you care
Bradley Caine
Bradley Caine Mês atrás
The Egyptians wore make up 😂
scarlett robinson
scarlett robinson Mês atrás
Juan Rodriguez women don’t NEED to wear makeup either Juan.
koffi N S
koffi N S Mês atrás
Wouderfull thing.Man dating man horrible Almost vomited 🤮.This people come on camera and say they like each other Man and Another man dating.Hmmmm horrible disgusting,terrible and shambolic.He does love him,Chaii.
Dawn m Campbell
Dawn m Campbell Mês atrás
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 25 dias atrás
Michelle and Toni Dawson
I couldn’t get over the eyebrows so it made it hard to concentrate on the dinner 💕🇦🇺🌈🦋
Faith Maritim
Faith Maritim Mês atrás
Poor guy 😥
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook Mês atrás
Aww, what a sad, moving ending. I hope they Do stay friends x
Dania Wendy
Dania Wendy Mês atrás
Okay to answer why he was so full on look at Mikes hair, make up , eyebrows! He is a queen 👑! However mike did love him, Richard couldn’t be arsed as he says to put the time and effort into it. Mike you are better off!
Jim P
Jim P Mês atrás
Is that Dawn French?
Sana Siddique
Sana Siddique Mês atrás
Unpopular opinion; I like his eyebrows
Fulu Mabogo
Fulu Mabogo Mês atrás
I looooooooooooove them
Fitness Model
Fitness Model Mês atrás
Richard is a dick Mike! You can do a lot better. Find someone who loves you as you loe him.
Violet May
Violet May Mês atrás
Mismatch... richard needs to never look back...
Calvito Bonito
Calvito Bonito Mês atrás
Is that dude real??! Looks like a Hentai character
Kimi Latto
Kimi Latto Mês atrás
What you did to megan short was disgusting and manipulative no longer support this network unfortunately
Mango z
Mango z Mês atrás
Where do you find these people? Like honestly
Dwayne Morgan
Dwayne Morgan Mês atrás
hey Richard message me if your single still....
oh.its.mellissa Mês atrás
What did he say at 2:07 ? A scenic sue? I cant make it out and its driving me crazy
A Allsopp
A Allsopp Mês atrás
He says “A see you next Tuesday” which is obviously code for the C word
Fintin Ryan
Fintin Ryan Mês atrás
I can’t them together 🙀
Michael Bourke
Michael Bourke Mês atrás
Sorry "Make Up Artist" You have no rights to criticise someones job!!!
greg Jones
greg Jones Mês atrás
Those eyebrows are truly horrific. Even on girls they look vile, never mind on a guy
M Mês atrás
Not all girls, I don’t 😂😂😂
Michelle and Toni Dawson
greg Jones they are truly terrible 🇦🇺💕💕🦋x
Victor Stone
Victor Stone Mês atrás
greg Jones I like it idk why. I feel like I haven’t looked at the “old world” in 200 years so I’m watching a lot of UK programming and I’m seeing eyebrows like this a lot. I love style and all of its differences lol
greg Jones
greg Jones Mês atrás
Brandein Gargulio I know I’m from the UK. All girls have these eyebrows they all look exactly the same and ridiculous
Victor Stone
Victor Stone Mês atrás
greg Jones it’s a staple in the uk
Sam Arnold
Sam Arnold Mês atrás
Akane Ishizaka
Akane Ishizaka Mês atrás
I only clicked on the video to see if people are talking about the brows
Eman Name
Eman Name Mês atrás
The problems of being a gay man is that there's so much pressure to have a boyfriend, to look perfect, be rich etc. then there's the fascistic hierarchic dichotomy of "straight acting" vs gay acting or butch vs fem. Here it is broken down, the whole "be perfect or be alone" thing is just a subjective remnant of the fact that gay men were made to feel less than so this is just a very destructive compensation attempt to feel worthy. Find your true identity as an individual, you don't need other's subjective herd mentality validation. Be strong and to Hell with peer bullshit. Live your life regardless of anyone's petty disapproval, think of them as automatons, it's quite accurate really.
Svalentina Dangerzone
Svalentina Dangerzone 3 dias atrás
Just like for women.
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 25 dias atrás
I think you are reaching here, EVERYONE faces pressure to find a partner. Also I dont get why you make this comment on this belittle their relationships and feelings. it sounded like the Mike, who I assume most of your comment is directed at, really did have strong feelings for Rich and wasn't just longing for a bf for the sake of it.
Mrkizzard Mês atrás
Where do they cast these people? the circus?
925Warbot Mês atrás
This is what you call extra terrestrial disgusting🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮
Typh 96
Typh 96 Mês atrás
Those eyebrows dudeee 😵🧐👎
GO VIRAL Mês atrás
What is wrong with this world ?
Rampart Mês atrás
👎👎👎 BBC promoting alphabet soup
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas Mês atrás
Dude, the guy with the little eyebrows doesn't want you. Maybe make your eyebrows a little bigger.
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook Mês atrás
Omg! SO Cuttingly funny! But toi cruel. He'd definitely look better toned down
Nadine Fred
Nadine Fred Mês atrás
Your comment made my day!
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas Mês atrás
Dude, the eyebrows...WHY?
Bradley Caine
Bradley Caine Mês atrás
They're PRADA 🤣😂
Layla Laz
Layla Laz Mês atrás
HR = Harrods recruitment 👍🏻🤣
Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer Mês atrás
And of course a career lasts longer if you put more work into a job than a relationship
Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer Mês atrás
Mike has to be trans
paul johnson
paul johnson Mês atrás
How the fack did I get here ok that's enough BRvid by
Boxing Expert
Boxing Expert Mês atrás
No suprises BBC promoting degeneracy
Andy Irwin
Andy Irwin Mês atrás
You must be very familiar with see it in the mirror everyday!
Jim P
Jim P Mês atrás
Jamie Bettison
Jamie Bettison Mês atrás
They promoted your profile?
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac Mês atrás
ERees Mês atrás
King of the South
King of the South Mês atrás
Oh my God... How would he say that.. He would have kept that to himself about not loving him
King of the South
King of the South Mês atrás
@EarthsGeomancer I mean who wouldn't be... It's one thing to say I no longer love you... But to say I never loved you is heartbreaking... I don't think I can come back from that kind of heartbreak
EarthsGeomancer Mês atrás
The drama queen is obsessed with Richard. He needed to hear that to move on.
Akwaaba B
Akwaaba B Mês atrás
he works 14 hours and only gets paid for 7? he is being exploited! they need to hire more staff. a job may last longer than a relationship, but to our jobs, we are replaceable and just a number! end of!
Fionn mac Cumhaill's Mammy
Akwaaba B Hes not being exploited, he’s one of those jobsworths who want to be indispensable and have even a tiny amount of power. “No I’m sorry carol I can’t give you Friday off, you should have booked it two weeks before. It’s not my problem your grandma died yesterday.”
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 25 dias atrás
He might be working there knowing that it can lead to greater things. If he doesn't have a CIPD (degree in HR basically) working for a HR department for a large organisation could possibly give him enough leverage to get a better job elsewhere down the line. He is mugging himself of though, but unfortunately most of us make the same mistake when we are that age and dont realise jobs and staff are replaceable.
B K Mês atrás
I guess you don't have salaried positions in the UK?
Ben Hoque
Ben Hoque Mês atrás
Surely if you work in HR you would know this 🤣
JaNeY KeNnY Mês atrás
Akwaaba B he needed to call the BBB or the ministry of labour... that’s who we would call in Ontario 🇨🇦. That’s so illegal and the ministry would close his place of work down in a flash and make them pay back pay. I’ve never heard of this around here... I’ve had to call about payroll missing maybe 2 hours in a 2 week pay period but not 7 hrs per day. It’s SO ILLEGAL. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
never you mind
never you mind Mês atrás
The one on the right is so mean!!! Guy on the left, you deserve better Xx
brigmund freud
brigmund freud Mês atrás
Desperation will never make them want you more, it will make them run. Mike will find a man that loves him and doesn't cause him to feel desperate when he's least expecting it.
Aoyagi Mês atrás
Haha, what a clown.
Elliana Leah
Elliana Leah Mês atrás
A workaholic and a beauty queen got together. Um no
Gripit L
Gripit L Mês atrás
”We should remain friends" Ouch!
Baftagirl London
Baftagirl London Mês atrás
“Your career will last a lot longer than your relationship” I have found this to be true for friendships as well 🥺
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 25 dias atrás
It goes both ways. I have friends that I saw daily and did everything together with in my early 20's. Now in my thirties I havent seen those people for years.
Lu P
Lu P Mês atrás
I'm sorry that you this experience.
T2-MGTOW Mês atrás
Sheet pokaz :)
Saif Khan
Saif Khan Mês atrás
Are they boyfriend boyfriend?🙄🤔 Where is ex?
Bradley Caine
Bradley Caine Mês atrás
Boyfriend and boyfriend 🤣😂 and WORK
J C Mês atrás
what a strange pair of people
Victor Stone
Victor Stone Mês atrás
J C seems like the most unlikely pair
The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1
Europe = Sodom and Gomorrah #SoundsAboutWhite 🙄
JudgeHill83 Mês atrás
Oh god can you please stop trolling these BBC videos. Surely you can watch the output of the Ugandan Broadcasting Corporation if you’re so troubled by white people.
gossemer_wingz Mês atrás
Don’t speak for all of us black people please and thank you
The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1
@Alex Cuz Naw...thats called "Justice".
Alex Cuz
Alex Cuz Mês atrás
Gay people killed For being gay in Africa = hell
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts Mês atrás
u ok hun?
Jim P
Jim P Mês atrás
Doesn't like gays. "Ooooh - I need to watch this video with gays in it!"
Gripit L
Gripit L Mês atrás
The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1 Lmaooooo
T2-MGTOW Mês atrás
Sheeeeeeet Pokaz XD
Greenteahotpls Mês atrás
I wonder if big brows make your eyes look smaller
jeremy robin
jeremy robin 19 dias atrás
Oh my god😂😂
Greenteahotpls Mês atrás
teaj it really is flawless tho
Greenteahotpls Mês atrás
Sandra Mendez I just thought that was make up lol
Sandra Mendez
Sandra Mendez Mês atrás
Overdone botox does in this case
teaj Mês atrás
I mean his foundation is flawless but those eyebrows need to chilllllll
Jack Greenman
Jack Greenman Mês atrás
4th like
lubona mulimbika
lubona mulimbika Mês atrás
im first to comment
Ramzi Suleiman
Ramzi Suleiman Mês atrás
I care ^_^
not kaitlyn
not kaitlyn Mês atrás
lubona mulimbika literally no one cares.
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