Why Were 12 Players Drafted Before Kobe Bryant? How Did Their Careers Turn Out?

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There were 12 players drafted before Kobe Bryant. How did that happen? And how did their careers turn out?


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21 Mar 2019



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Comentários 824
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Dia atrás
Real question why would Charlotte trade him to the Lakers!!!!
Chris Buhl
Chris Buhl Dia atrás
What is the Allen Iverson video you talk about called?
Cuhh Plz
Cuhh Plz 3 dias atrás
I only know bout shareef cuz he was an absolute nightmare on nba ballers phenom
Manny Jhutty
Manny Jhutty 4 dias atrás
Philly wouldn't have given Kobe the chance to blossom there.
Dyanne Rocco Ilaria
Dyanne Rocco Ilaria 4 dias atrás
Again, these vids are kinda dumb bc in 90s, not til 2001 was a HS player drafted #1. before, GMs went on skill and talent rather than potential. KG was first, he was drafted #5 by MINN, but was drafted after Joe Smith, Antonio McDyss, Jerry Stackhouse, and Rasheed Wallace. What did all those player have in common? Went to big universities, faced top level competition, performed. In 96, Kobe was drafted #13 and Jermaine O'Neal was drafted #17. O'Neal was on the bench with Blazers til he was traded to the Pacers. Kobe came off the bench his first year. But who was drafted before Kobe? AI, Camby, Abdur-Rahim, Marbury, Allen, A Walker, Lorenzen Wright, Kerry Kittles. Again, what they all have in common? at universities, faced top level competition, performed.
Max Malten
Max Malten 6 dias atrás
Marbury had a lot of off-court issues, depression and such things.
Nate Cichocki
Nate Cichocki 7 dias atrás
Riley Black
Riley Black 8 dias atrás
7:26 It worked because Kobe is a fucking lunatic
Joy P
Joy P 8 dias atrás
Favorite series you do!! 👍🏼
Kevin Andrews
Kevin Andrews 8 dias atrás
AI deserved the #1 spot regaurdless of how kobes mighty rings turned out AI proved himself in football and basketball in high school and then college; lol Kobe never proved himself in college AI was the most gifted of the 96 draft and possibly any draft.
YoBobNJ 9 dias atrás
But what about Brady huh???
Dyanne Rocco Ilaria
Dyanne Rocco Ilaria 10 dias atrás
these vids are getting pretty dumb. Ok, the player (Kobe) became an all time great, but when he was drafted, he was an unknown. He wasnt LBJ, he came out 7 years before LBJ. Kobe didnt have all the media coverage and HS games televised.
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson 11 dias atrás
Do 1 on Dirk
Jaxk BoiiZ
Jaxk BoiiZ 12 dias atrás
I definitely fast fowarded thru that raid crap
allen ignacio
allen ignacio 12 dias atrás
Kobe was really the catalyst for HS kids have bigtime potential. I'm if it wasn't for him maybe lots of players needs to go to college to make it to pros .. (Rule Was Changed Later on).
Kabbage withak
Kabbage withak 13 dias atrás
LeBron James 😜
Camilo Espinoza
Camilo Espinoza 13 dias atrás
SG players seem to be the hard choices, cuzz very few get the Kobe success...
Tom Erickson
Tom Erickson 14 dias atrás
I remember there was a lot of hype when Kobe was drafted. It turned out to be for real, but he wasn't even a starter on the Lakers his first year yet he was selected for the all star team.
im zayron
im zayron 14 dias atrás
I have vitaly's card
Yutube SuspendedMyAccount
Lets not forget , seahawks threw the ball on 1 yard line....
Nicholas Ruena
Nicholas Ruena 15 dias atrás
Can you make a vid of 59 players drafted before Isaiah Thomas the 60th overall pick . that would be spectacular
Mike909ism 15 dias atrás
Because they were stupid? Philly had scouts at most of Kobe’s high school games and trust, Kobe dominated and they still drafted Iverson. Not knocking Iverson, he was a bad dude but Kobe simply is a one of a kind talent. Philly cost themselves titles.
parmelee23 15 dias atrás
Because he was a high school kid and nobody wants to bet their franchise on a teenager
Richard Hiller
Richard Hiller 16 dias atrás
Iverson's were the best shoe ever!
Troy Gardenhire
Troy Gardenhire 16 dias atrás
This are terrible games
John Snakes
John Snakes 16 dias atrás
What do you mean why? This is a dumb title for a video
Curtis 17 dias atrás
Y'all playing Raid or what?
Mr duck dogers
Mr duck dogers 17 dias atrás
Why he dragging Iverson like that
Seby Adala
Seby Adala 17 dias atrás
u said durant instead of garnett
Meek 18 dias atrás
For anyone curious about how Lorenzen Wright died, he was killed by his wife(with an accomplice i believe) for his 1 million dollar insurance policy
S. Francis Williams
S. Francis Williams 18 dias atrás
Difficult to think you are the GOAT when you were not even the best player on your own team when Shaq was there. Kobe delusion.
m h
m h 15 dias atrás
Yes! Thank you. Finally someone speaking some truth.
David Landis
David Landis 18 dias atrás
Good vid. Shameless plug. 👎
Scott Sharp
Scott Sharp 18 dias atrás
nba is garbanzo beans, super weak sauce, kinda like Metallica, regardless of the previous body of work, ALL the emptiness of the soulless music (sports) ruins any supposed amazing work pre garbanzo beans and ZONE defense....curry sux, seriously sux gaybron is a gay porn star an forces it, forces it, forces it anden gets paid to FORCE IT.!. eat a dick
MAGACOP 19 dias atrás
Kobe is NOT better than AI. Kobe had Shaq and Robert Horry.
George Periorellis
George Periorellis 19 dias atrás
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews 19 dias atrás
Allen Iverson has always been great, diminishing role getting older whatever he a career 25 plus ppg player has 6ft tall
Roderick Harper
Roderick Harper 19 dias atrás
Antoine Walker was coming off a national championship. One of the most loaded teams in history. At least one of the best of the 90's
Webster Rollack
Webster Rollack 20 dias atrás
Memphis is down by 12 they put AI in the game AI makes 8 straight pts and coach pulls him... AI was not washed up they forced him out
Duran Jensen
Duran Jensen 20 dias atrás
How come Kobe Bryant didn't punch Reggie Miller in the face when he threw him in the stands?!!LOL
Task Don
Task Don 20 dias atrás
Why stop at Kobe? The next two picks were Peja Stojakovic and Steve Nash. Also, that draft year featured the first player ever to be cut as the first round draft choice: Travis Knight.
Lance Derecho
Lance Derecho 20 dias atrás
Fuck raid
G Lyle
G Lyle 20 dias atrás
13:12 riiiight! Yo I swear I adored Kobe and Shaq-but KG and Kobe?🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️that would’ve been the biggest dog matchup in history. But, considering their uniforms in the early 2010’s I’m glad it didn’t happen😂😂😂it sounds like a joke but half the reason I became a lakers fan was their jerseys🤷🏾‍♂️purple and gold were two of my favorite colors
Curly Morris
Curly Morris 20 dias atrás
I'm stunned that you didn't wrap this up with the fact that Kobe was actually traded by the Hornets after he was drafted.
PrisonCipher 20 dias atrás
Iverson was a thug with great basketball skills....smh dumb fuck.
dekarispp 20 dias atrás
Don’t ever disrespect A.I like that. Dislike.
Death Cea
Death Cea 20 dias atrás
I was thinking the same thing. He didn't mention he is an HoF and he played over seas. Not to mention he is one of the best at his postilion.
Dezz Epson41
Dezz Epson41 20 dias atrás
You should make videos on who was drafted after these Stars & what happened.
Den Ryan Montoya
Den Ryan Montoya 21 dia atrás
What about manu ginobili?
db Clyde
db Clyde 21 dia atrás
Dude ima Philly fan from 8 years old I promise we wld never trade Kobe for Iverson his off the court problems made him relatable and more likeable in Philadelphia we truly love Iverson and Kobe he layed high school in Philly upper Marion and also how wld he have paired up with Vince ,Vince was drafted 98
SlamClamBigelow 21 dia atrás
I thought there were 12 players taken before Kobe because the Hornets had the 13th overall pick and not the 1st.
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa 21 dia atrás
I don't know what's worse getting punch by Kobe Bryant or getting drafted before Kobe Bryant.
CJ Payne
CJ Payne 21 dia atrás
Yo....just realized Antwan Walker started the Shimmy🔥🔥😦
Ancient CS
Ancient CS 22 dias atrás
Why was there a long ass game advertisement in this video? And was it really necessary?
Dale Depue
Dale Depue 22 dias atrás
Compare Iverson to Kobe first 5 years...after kobe gets real minutes...after the 2 year bench
Lyricist Productions
Lyricist Productions 22 dias atrás
The shark study worked because players like Stockton, iverson and miller were always moving and were aggressive like sharks
April Anne De La Cruz
April Anne De La Cruz 22 dias atrás
NBA deprived Kobe in many ways
PeeJayTheGreat 23 dias atrás
AI is a former MVP, ROTY 11 time All-Star(MVP twice) 3x all nba FIRST team 3x all nba second team 1x all nba third team 4x scoring champion 3x steals leader PLEASE tell me how Ray Allen had a more successful individual career then him. #TheAnswer
PeeJayTheGreat 22 dias atrás
Sound like a team accolade to me 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jason Jia
Jason Jia 22 dias atrás
0 rings
Samuel Magtibay
Samuel Magtibay 23 dias atrás
paused at 19:32 can definitely see paul pierce is jealous
Samuel Magtibay
Samuel Magtibay 23 dias atrás
that's funny af, you could end up with kobe bryant, or you could end up with a guy punched by kobe bryant, hahaha
PeeJayTheGreat 23 dias atrás
Chill with the A.I. disrespect
Tajh Jones
Tajh Jones 23 dias atrás
You gotta stop those long intros with advertisements bro
bigbodyrover 16 dias atrás
Fast forward this shit ain’t live lol
Gabriel Barr-Redmond
Gabriel Barr-Redmond 20 dias atrás
Gotta get his money.
Kodak White
Kodak White 20 dias atrás
Tajh Jones gtfo if you don’t like it
Tyler Riley
Tyler Riley 23 dias atrás
It was because Kobe wanted to play in a big market
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 23 dias atrás
He couldn't get off the bench behind Eddie Jones !
Dersio Carter
Dersio Carter 23 dias atrás
Dom I love your videos bro but correction TMac was drafted first, so they drafted Vince to pair him with TMAC not the other way around
Samuel Magtibay
Samuel Magtibay 23 dias atrás
tmac and vince scenario was like harden in OKC, you trade him then Boom! just needs more opportunity
Hebrew Thought
Hebrew Thought 24 dias atrás
Shut up dude philly loves AI and AI is a NBA legend
Justin Oneal
Justin Oneal 24 dias atrás
A lot of teams passed on him because it was known he didn't wanna play for just any team and his trade value wasn't that high. Look what Charlotte got.......
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 24 dias atrás
The 1996 draft was wild man, Steve Nash went even later Ben Wallace wasn't even drafted
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 24 dias atrás
ngl that game looks fire
BROB1141 24 dias atrás
@ 3 min you can see the top 6 who got drafted before kobe.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit 24 dias atrás
Iverson career late was so strange. Dropped off the cliff literally
Tri Tip
Tri Tip 25 dias atrás
Jerry West just sees true potential look at him at the GSW's roster right now he is part of the higher office of the warriors now look at where are they now; one of the best teams of this decade
Tidwell1988 25 dias atrás
If u watched these players at the time u would see y they went b4 Kobe this just a keep my subscribers video
C. Cosman
C. Cosman 25 dias atrás
I must say Dom, this Why Were series is one of my favorites so far. Been a longtime fan. Keep it up
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 25 dias atrás
No Shaq no Phil he’s another ringless player.
samuel morrison
samuel morrison 24 dias atrás
Exactly, imagine AI in LA and Kobe in Philly, the latter would have requested a trade an year later.
GuyGamer217 25 dias atrás
Ironic how Iverson and Carmelo’s careers ended up so similar.
Ambrocio Cabrera
Ambrocio Cabrera 25 dias atrás
Im not hater of any player but if other player make by team star player they could be
bee boo
bee boo 25 dias atrás
Well maybe those 12 players KNEW how to fight with their "fists", not elbows :)
Boy Bit-s Victoria
Boy Bit-s Victoria 25 dias atrás
Jeez. Your ads suck
A Happy Saints Fan
A Happy Saints Fan 26 dias atrás
Why is he in a lakers jersey?
Trey Nixen
Trey Nixen 26 dias atrás
KG and Kobe... omg
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 26 dias atrás
Seahawks had it at the one and threw the ball
LoFi Longshot
LoFi Longshot 26 dias atrás
that pic of kobe in a celtics jersey is a cursed image and should never be shown. ever.
YE13 BEAST 26 dias atrás
Image Kobe playing in Italy lol
Wey Cool
Wey Cool 26 dias atrás
Todd Fuller? Wow.. I have never heard of this guy! He was a real "screw up" by the Warriors. LOL I guess the real lesson for the NBA GMs is you have to look beyond the skillsets of an upcoming drafts. A few days of training camp and video tapes do not show much on "work ethics" and "attitudes" (just look at Iverson's attitudes issue). Kobe was young.. but he has immense attitude and "drive" to want to improve on his games. Look at Siakim and Middleton.. two players that are making a huge impact on their current team.. and both were playing G-league prior.
Know 1squarter
Know 1squarter 26 dias atrás
Kobe harder worker than Iverson. False..... but then again, we are takin bout practice.
Tarrance Austin
Tarrance Austin 26 dias atrás
You miss the Hornets
Daunovan Ridge
Daunovan Ridge 26 dias atrás
Raid kinda look fire
kevin Moreland Fit
kevin Moreland Fit 26 dias atrás
Kobe 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏿🙌🏾🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
TNL Spider Gang
TNL Spider Gang 26 dias atrás
Iverson top 5 sg Camby was that nigga Abdur rahim I don’t remember him Marbury was the deal Allen the best shooter Antoine walker fell quick Rip l Wright I don’t remember kittles Samaki walker bust Dampier eh Todd auto bust fuller Who tf the guy before Kobe
Chronic Kiriz
Chronic Kiriz 27 dias atrás
LeBron James: The 2k Cover Curse. Then again Giannis went god mode this season as cover but who knows
K M 27 dias atrás
Hey Dom, any idea why I didn't get the epic character in Raid? I used your link.
Gregorio Dontes
Gregorio Dontes 27 dias atrás
Kobe and AI... one of them would have left Philadelphia...
BeUnotATVrobot 27 dias atrás
Because brainwashed TV robots were making the decisions
Robert Huston
Robert Huston 27 dias atrás
What if. Lot of good players that year. I like reality.
Max Meier
Max Meier 27 dias atrás
Iverson always gets treated unfairly. It's underappreciated what it takes to take on guys who are in a higher weight and heightclass than you on a daily basis. He was no Muggsy Bogues, but to be as versatile as him and be able to take up some of the best that ever played at 6'0 (probably more like 5'10) deserves a medal.
Kenny J. McBride
Kenny J. McBride 27 dias atrás
Iverson will likely be a HOF but you sold him out like he did nothing right. 😒
Death Cea
Death Cea 20 dias atrás
He was enshrined in 2016 into the HoF.
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson 27 dias atrás
Dom2k makes the best videos imo, way better than Mike Korzemba(korzemba is basically just clickbait that pads the runtime of his videos), your content is efficient/uses every minute to the best of its ability and doesn't feel like a waste of time to watch
Freddy Silva
Freddy Silva 27 dias atrás
Trending 😎
Isaiah Vasquez
Isaiah Vasquez 27 dias atrás
Do a livestream where you watch a 12min quarter 2k game against 2 teams and just talk basketball through it all!
Alexander Vincent Nabong
Why were 12 players selected before Karl Malone?
timothy cross
timothy cross 27 dias atrás
I came back to this video just to see that he is in fact trending as he said on Twitter. Congrats Dom!!
VOLTEC 27 dias atrás
I know it's weird, but other than the Celtics, I really do not believe Kobe would've been as great at any other team. I know the man has intense drive, but really if the Bucks, Raptors or Grizzilies picked him up, he would've been stuck in teams with low playoffs contention and in a small market he wouldn't of had as many eyes. Sometimes greatness requires all eyes on you to push you to that level.
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