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Comentários 60
Nantaba Esther
Nantaba Esther Dia atrás
Tam shinning bright
m yxcvbnm
m yxcvbnm 2 dias atrás
Adriennes legs are gorg
Ciboulette 8 dias atrás
This is why I don't take this show seriously anymore.
Andy29212 12 dias atrás
Beyonce works hard I respect that.
Juan martinez
Juan martinez 14 dias atrás
Bouncy Is a Satan worshipping slut. She's demon possessed and brags about it. Her fans are all empty headed morons.
AfricaN FuFu
AfricaN FuFu 14 dias atrás
It is called, GROWTH!
Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell 15 dias atrás
you're wrong Jeannie. GOD created every moment you have to walk though it because the creator knew it was going to happen before us.
Prince Du
Prince Du 17 dias atrás
I fuuckkking live Jeanie she always saying something that help make life decisions that ate good and necessary
Dahiro Darur
Dahiro Darur 19 dias atrás
Beyonce's just a witch and was never pregnant (moon baby look it up)
NewBluesBros 19 dias atrás
A bunch of dopey fools who put sparkling things in front of substance. She doesn't writa any parts of any of the songs she sings. No nothing talent-less Skank.
November Sagittarius
November Sagittarius 23 dias atrás
KaDeija Dalrymple
KaDeija Dalrymple 23 dias atrás
Tam in that red 😍😍😍
Knewz Phake
Knewz Phake 24 dias atrás
Too bad America wasn’t “lovin” Jay-Z endorsement of Hillary Clinton! HAHAHHAHA LOVE HOW MEDIA THINKS AMERICANS CARE WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY! Keep on thinking that morons! TRUMP 2020
Lex Mahdina
Lex Mahdina 24 dias atrás
When I clicked on this I was expecting for her to have said something major @ them saying "Beyonce opened up in a way she never has." My first thought was she had announced a me too moment she had in her career. Which I'm not saying is ever good news. Beehive dont come for me or do idgaf. I still love Beyonce but mow I'm just disappointed that I wasted my time watching this boring ass clip.
Lex Mahdina
Lex Mahdina 24 dias atrás
LMAO Beyonce didn't say anything extraordinary or anything that we all don't know already. Yes being a mother is hard, yes juggling work and motherhood is harder, yes motherhood changes you. Serious who doesn't know that reproducing a life isn't life changing? And why is it groundbreaking because a Beyonce (human being) is feeling typical human being female feelings? Being a single mom is the HARDEST, I was raised by one. She don't know nothin bout that. The level of aw and fascination ppl have towards celebrity whom are human just like all of us is unbelievable to me.
elijah kumi
elijah kumi 25 dias atrás
She is Mrs not Miss
Jameice Hancock
Jameice Hancock 25 dias atrás
I know beyonce Hates that people see her as perfect & god-like when she’s a normal girl..i love how private she is & every move doesn’t go on The socials❤️❤️ “I have real problems just like you” - beyonce on the song “Boss”
Ten Music Page
Ten Music Page 26 dias atrás
Wait I’m confuse? Is this a live in person interview or a interview that was written for us to read in the magazine. Lol 😂
ShadySummer 26 dias atrás
Is sad that people dislike, judge, and hate in her because she keeps her life private. We all know we live in this social media world that everyone is always putting everything on the internet. She’s different and I respect and love that about her. It’s empowering because she’s not thirsty for attention or validation. Black women can never win. Whether we expose ourselves or not we can never win either way.
Ms. Freeman
Ms. Freeman 26 dias atrás
Love Jeannie Ma's comment about creating. Clearly she thinks outside the box.
Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen 26 dias atrás
Jennie Mai was preaching nuggets at the end....we are all creators, but when she said stay awake and make boundaries” ... now that just hit harder
T A 27 dias atrás
Jeannie was speaking straight facts 🧠🔥🔥🌏
Fun KREations
Fun KREations 27 dias atrás
You better PREACH, Jeannie🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #Hunnay
The L.Z Show
The L.Z Show 27 dias atrás
Her name is bey once not be yonce
Catherine Haywood
Catherine Haywood 27 dias atrás
Idt Loni got to finish her thought
Meagan Johnson
Meagan Johnson 28 dias atrás
Her "dying and being reborn" was definitely about her MARRIAGE. You really have to pay attention to her wording more for this interview it's all said exactly how she meant
Alisa Ringstaff
Alisa Ringstaff 28 dias atrás
Why do people put these entertainers on such highness! Damn!
In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom 28 dias atrás
She has the looks, but not the voice and she should have her own hair.
Regina Love
Regina Love 28 dias atrás
U better say that Jennie!! WE ARE ALL CREATORS!!🙌🏽🙌🏽💯
Yves Stardust
Yves Stardust 28 dias atrás
Genius? More like hustlers.✌🏽💙
shay3030 28 dias atrás
Adrienne looks good with the weight loss
London Williams
London Williams 28 dias atrás
The ladies are looking rather pale today...someone give them some sun!
rko32491 26 dias atrás
Maybe because its winter time
Pamela Jones
Pamela Jones 28 dias atrás
Jeannie talk too much. She needs her own show
Juicyberryanim 28 dias atrás
Adrienne's voice is annoying
catluver9112 28 dias atrás
OoO thanks Jeanie for that last bit. I needed that. Just finished grad school and I’m trying to shift my career; it’s been a bit of a struggle. Thanks for that sprinkle of inspo.
Anjola 28 dias atrás
Tamera has a poor dress sense
araya adam
araya adam 28 dias atrás
Is she God nkt !
patricio rodriguez
patricio rodriguez 28 dias atrás
The most overated singer of all time...
Lindokuhle Mnqayi
Lindokuhle Mnqayi 27 dias atrás
patricio rodriguez comment from the Devil himself!
Tamara chosen
Tamara chosen 29 dias atrás
Tamara always try to make everything about her ! 😉 "She just like me "
WINY KENDI 29 dias atrás
For once jeanie spoke to me. Thanks jeanie meanie mai
xoAngelicaF 29 dias atrás
I love me some Beyoncé 💖
Lena Faison
Lena Faison 29 dias atrás
Uhhhh she did an interview with Oprah & she’s did her own bio like videos where she’s express things she’s feeling?? Where the hell have they been??
Karmic Destiny
Karmic Destiny Mês atrás
No one effing cares man damn so stupid
kaouter Mouslim haliba
what a liar, she started doing lots of workouts and a crazy diet ,that was recorded , almost right after giving birth to Blue, she does care about her physical aspect, and she went back to work only five montha after giving her birth, all this said and recorded by her, plus, the diets were crazy, I remember people went mad at her giving information about such diets because they were rough and dangerous and people were worried about teenagers following such crazy diets.
kaouter Mouslim haliba
what a liar, she started doing lots of workouts and a crazy diet ,that was recorded , almost right after giving birth to Blue, she does care about her physical aspect, and she went back to work only five montha after giving her birth, all this said and recorded by her, plus, the diets were crazy, I remember people went mad at her giving information about such diets because they were rough and dangerous and people were worried about teenagers following such crazy diets.
April Bright
April Bright Mês atrás
Genius how.... she does music what else does she do please explain
Honey Love
Honey Love Mês atrás
Jeannie Mai speaking straight facts 💝🙏🏽
Naomi Black
Naomi Black Mês atrás
Adrienne looks pretty i like her performance as the flamingos on the mask singer.
Maryama Mês atrás
Adrienne's face looks so different
Chara McGill
Chara McGill Mês atrás
That’s good Jennie....Preach!
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown Mês atrás
I love Bey, but it’s not like she just didn’t care about #1. It’s the fact that Rihanna surpassed her and she had no other choice. Anti was far more superior to Lemonade in my opinion.
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson Mês atrás
We are McLovin' Beyoncè's interview! :D (Just some garbage McDonalds humor.)
Mya thinthin Kyu
Mya thinthin Kyu Mês atrás
Praise God for working moms and stay home moms.. God bless u all.
Viper Venom
Viper Venom Mês atrás
Lol Tamara calling Beyonce a "genius" lol doesn't Tamara know that Beyonce is actually very stupid and has a very low IQ. People who praise her and worship her are brainwashed insects
American Warrior
American Warrior Mês atrás
Bleachyonce is garbage and her ghetto fans are lunatics with no lives.
ashley solomon
ashley solomon Mês atrás
Can we not talk about her
Jemima victor
Jemima victor Mês atrás
Jenie dropping 💎💎💎
mario basilio
mario basilio Mês atrás
Sounds like the girl next door 😍😊
Rajean Revels
Rajean Revels Mês atrás
InternetTAB Mês atrás
screw you youtube. stop pandering to these corporate losers, lest you become one.
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