Why the US and Iran are fighting over this tiny waterway

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The Strait of Hormuz, “the jugular of the global economy," has become a useful bargaining chip for Iran.
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The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway that lies between Iran and Oman. This 21 mile-wide passage supports 20% of the world’s oil supply. A closure of this waterway could send the global economy into a tailspin.
In recent months, several oil tankers have been seized, attacked and harassed. These oil tankers - and this narrow water passage - are at the center of the conflict between the US and Iran. It's a conflict that spans decades and has the potential to escalate in one of the world’s most important oil chokepoints.
Read more about the recent escalation between the US and Iran:
Strait of Hormuz stats and details from the US Energy Information Administration:
More on the history of conflict between the US and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz in David Crist's novel, The Twilight War:
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 4 808
C C Hora atrás
They have nukes. They were caught exchanging materials with north korea. Both countries have been helping each other for years now. Wether they have advanced long range missiles that could hit the US is another question
videos folder
videos folder Dia atrás
Didnt Battlefield 3 teach us that War with Iran means WW3?
Josue Pina
Josue Pina 3 dias atrás
The video ended weird. Just when it was getting good.
Judith Jackson
Judith Jackson 4 dias atrás
This exposè shows the USA as ongoing we see why again the USA is tryna start a war with Iran in 2019
Simon Roh
Simon Roh 4 dias atrás
Why not just transport oil by plane if the Strait is a hot zone
Dropped Croissant
Dropped Croissant 5 dias atrás
Obama : finally I have negotiated a deal Trump : *did someone call me ?*
Q 4 dias atrás
Yogesh Reddy
Yogesh Reddy 7 dias atrás
I'm sure killing 290 passengers was intentional
Ka 1676
Ka 1676 8 dias atrás
IRAN 🇮🇷 + 🌍 = 🔥💣
ShotsFired andMissed
ShotsFired andMissed 9 dias atrás
Little did they know Bush himself is a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Juan Esteban Diaz
Juan Esteban Diaz 9 dias atrás
Everything was good until Trump arrived😒🙄
Bahniman Deka
Bahniman Deka 10 dias atrás
George Bush was the real devil.
Baatile Kgosiemang
Baatile Kgosiemang 10 dias atrás
They “mistook” a passenger plane for a fighter jet... spare us the lie, please. America is intentional about everything they do.
Mr Deadbird
Mr Deadbird 10 dias atrás
The US took down a passenger plane and killed hundreds of people... Funny you don't hear much about that. That's a documentary on it's own.
Rambabu. Thota
Rambabu. Thota 12 dias atrás
SIMON PARDO 12 dias atrás
Does anybody know what report of the Un said the Iran nuclear program thing and if so could you please put the link in the replies
sonofagun00 13 dias atrás
Higher oil prices are advantageous to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Don’t forget, when oil was over $100 per barrel, the Saudis were celebrating the added revenue. Then oil prices collapsed in 2016 and haven’t recovered since. Tension in the strait of Hormuz will only lead to higher prices and Saudi will pump out oil quicker for revenue. Pay close attention to every instances when oil dips below $52 there is always an “incident” that suddenly boosts oil prices.
Afif Khaja
Afif Khaja 13 dias atrás
Why the F did we (US) help Saddam invade Iran? We have to reinstate the Iran nuclear deal because friendship and not animosity will be needed for global peace and security
Shawn Noel
Shawn Noel 17 dias atrás
Can you imagine what a United middle could do the world’s economy.
WHF 17 dias atrás
US we are here for more problems!!
Mangomart13 20 dias atrás
We need to bomb them
Prasanna Shankar
Prasanna Shankar 20 dias atrás
8:46 Thats very smart of targeting tankers not bound to or for US. This creates massive headache for US two fronts. One directly with Iran and other with its allies to force the US to restart the peace talks. Thats very smart. The non US participant part of drafting JCPOA are already in agreement there has been no violation by Iran on the Nuclear deal. Saudi or MBS perhaps is real culprit to blame for this quagmire, his aim to complete dominance as regional super power with US backing. A powerful nuclear Iran in very threatening to both Saudi and Israel.
Newell Phillips-Hamilton
Dear vox, I like your videos but you contradict yourselves with some of the language you use throughout your videos. Shame really
gorillaz 2d
gorillaz 2d 23 dias atrás
$$There are electric cars, water fueled cars, but oil companies bought the Inventions and destroyed them. why?? $$
s d
s d 27 dias atrás
Oil: exists USA: its a free real estate
Adithya Ramachandran
Adithya Ramachandran 27 dias atrás
Electric cars will destroy the Middle Eastern economy by 2030 unless it diversifies. VW, Ford, GM, and Hyundai are transitioning their fleet to EV's and following Tesla's lead.
Chris Keogh
Chris Keogh 29 dias atrás
This is what's going to happen over the next year and a half two elections win for trump win for Boris netinnu in Israel and then the war drum's start the slow beat, all middle east is weak, from war .The Halk's are circling .
theEXOaudio 29 dias atrás
If in some way, humans developed cars that doesn't use oil. Our environment will improve plus the tension would be relieved.
Mr Colemore
Mr Colemore Mês atrás
The US is notorious for terrorising the world. The American government with its counterparts in Europe are the biggest terrorists in the world
Johnson Joseph
Johnson Joseph Mês atrás
Is sorry US has to fight a list of enemies Russia , China , Iraq , Iran , North Korea , Venezuela, Syria , Turkey can add to list . The world is safe in hands of America .Because it’s the brother of the world where who do what and what do whom .
A7md Ra2d
A7md Ra2d Mês atrás
I wa taught in school that uae controlled that strait
Abeng Biring
Abeng Biring Mês atrás
Please make bahasa (Indonesia language) subtitle for the video. Thank. Respect from indonesia 🇮🇩
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet Mês atrás
And all this time until the end of the video I thought you were talking about the Suez channel somehow lol I need to go back to sleep haha
J Spekter
J Spekter Mês atrás
These videos are great for painting an image of modern political’s a shame so many people use it as an excuse to talk about how evil the US is ughhh sighhh
abbas saiyad
abbas saiyad Mês atrás
Wow so beautiful Kurdish fighter.
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar Mês atrás
US has remained untrustworthy .... first they support and then stab from back... They supported saddam hussein to invade iran and later hanged him.... US first supported kurdish people and then abandoned them...
lupe chavez
lupe chavez Mês atrás
Here I was thinking some truth was about to be spilled but nope another video following USA ideology 👍🏼
Reyan Jakhro
Reyan Jakhro Mês atrás
Of the passenger plane that was shot down. 66 out of the 200 passengers were children. Till this day, Ronald Regan has never made a formal apology to Iran.
gïmoûrágïx ¿
gïmoûrágïx ¿ Mês atrás
زنده باد ایران❤🇮🇷
B Henderson
B Henderson Mês atrás
The Obama deal would have guaranteed a bomb! Not prevented it! And paid for by us tax payers! To the tune of billions of unmarked billions (cash).
Akshay Pvs
Akshay Pvs Mês atrás
The editors of this video deserve a raise Well done...
Raphael Mês atrás
Our president call it "The Street".
Gading Surdawi
Gading Surdawi Mês atrás
obama: let's make a deal with iran iran: horray *few years later* trump: fk this, let's redo this iran: REEEEE
Youssef Khsho
Youssef Khsho Mês atrás
Hey Vox I just want to ask if you have any Video about Ukraine War ??
Caelum_1995 Mês atrás
So funny how Iraq thought they were being smart with the US buddies attacking Iran together but years later the US attacked Iraq and completely destroyed their country
Hey God
Hey God Mês atrás
That’s America
յσßιη Mês atrás
USA is a curse to this world...mfs!
Bojja Srinivas
Bojja Srinivas Mês atrás
Just keep going on posting vox atlas, we need more.
bhrugurajsinh jhala
Uncle Sam is a bully
Jefferson Torres
Jefferson Torres Mês atrás
Where's the straight of hormuz? America?
Cory Mês atrás
Can't even imagine the amount of oil in that ocean.
Lulu Mês atrás
If the oil supply is interrupted, they will buy from the US.
blackneos940 Mês atrás
Vox: Helping us stay up at night.
Paul Krumenacker
Paul Krumenacker Mês atrás
Almost a good report, but you left out how much Iran disregarded and cheated the deal Obama made. They were in complete default of an already bad deal. Was this ignorance on your part or did you purposely intend to deceive your audience?
If US didn't exist in the first place, we could have avoided WW3
Ashton Call
Ashton Call Mês atrás
there has been no ww3
EYE GamingYT
EYE GamingYT Mês atrás
I wonder if there are any marine life left in and around that area
omar alaskani
omar alaskani Mês atrás
EYE GamingYT there are baby sharks on the Arabian side
Angel Kingsley
Angel Kingsley Mês atrás
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke Mês atrás
Where are the lost nukes from when the USSR fell apart ?
Derin Altan
Derin Altan Mês atrás
It seems to be a very far away place from US to sail its ships...
johnson Dahal
johnson Dahal Mês atrás
Derin Altan that is why us has 800 military bases around the world. To fuel these war ships
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke Mês atrás
War will come down to wether oil gets too expensive because of these problems....simple
Royce Carsten
Royce Carsten Mês atrás
Iran is just a terrorist state. It’s an undeniable fact.
analytica Mês atrás
Us is evil
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