Why the US and Iran are fighting over this tiny waterway

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The Strait of Hormuz, “the jugular of the global economy," has become a useful bargaining chip for Iran.
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The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway that lies between Iran and Oman. This 21 mile-wide passage supports 20% of the world’s oil supply. A closure of this waterway could send the global economy into a tailspin.
In recent months, several oil tankers have been seized, attacked and harassed. These oil tankers - and this narrow water passage - are at the center of the conflict between the US and Iran. It's a conflict that spans decades and has the potential to escalate in one of the world’s most important oil chokepoints.
Read more about the recent escalation between the US and Iran:
Strait of Hormuz stats and details from the US Energy Information Administration:
More on the history of conflict between the US and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz in David Crist's novel, The Twilight War:
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 100
Amazing Parody
Amazing Parody 2 horas atrás
Solution: Green new deal. We don’t need no more oil 😃👍
Ethan Matthew Flores
Ethan Matthew Flores 19 horas atrás
Trump: this deal should have never ever been made Me: well u shouldn't have even been made!!
Kaga Kai
Kaga Kai Dia atrás
Falcon 2 dias atrás
America has supported terrorists in the past so shut up America
PAYAM gaming
PAYAM gaming 2 dias atrás
Because the United States is the aggressor and Iran is the defender, each country will defend the resources of its own territory
ICE FLAME 2 dias atrás
Shooting a passenger jet is a horrible and also a crime, god bless these families
the_fapining292 3 dias atrás
7:13 look at his face.
Used Once
Used Once 4 dias atrás
Just nuke iran
Enzo Monti
Enzo Monti 5 dias atrás
The art of blaming Trump. Vox channel is just unwatchable, I give few chances, but they insist on this art.
Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey 7 dias atrás
Everyone here asking why the U.S shot down a passenger plane and jumping right into a conspiracy. It was an accident and nothing more. Keep in mind that this radar back in the day and not the kind that we use today. Accidents happen all the time I mean look at Iran that shot down their own passenger plane using modern technology. Why did the U.S Intervene? Oil because Oil is what ran the global economy if you liked it or not.
DarkVeneno 7 dias atrás
Why is the US always involved in some kind of fight
Jackson ramsay
Jackson ramsay 8 dias atrás
itz rhiny
itz rhiny Dia atrás
Andrés Felipe OD
Andrés Felipe OD 8 dias atrás
and now in 2020, because of a Virus, the Ormus straith aren´t blocked, but no Oil passes away, and the "yugular vein of the economy" are dangerously quiet and dry.
Cody 9 dias atrás
8:06 “Claiming the original deal with Iran didn’t go far enough in addressing Iran’s terrorist proxy groups, president trump abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran and put sections back in place.” But in reality, Trump just wanted to undo something constructive that a Obama did, just for the sake of undoing something Obama did.
Don't sub me
Don't sub me 10 dias atrás
Now I know why bin laden attack 9/11 I just say he was brilliant most successful terrorist USA just make them hurt fight between neighbour country n earn get lot money n oil that's so cruel fk usa
Fluffery 13 dias atrás
what if economy was never invented?
souvikmechs 14 dias atrás
Which country has produced and funded tons of Al Qaida terrorists? Saudi Arabia. Which country despite being Islamic has stopped it's people from joining Al Qaida? Iran. So tell me US media, which is the terrorist state? Iran.
TSG-Froak Dia atrás
Its because there are 2 branches of islam shia and sunni im neutral but yeah
Sorena Kafili
Sorena Kafili 15 dias atrás
Lets be honest Us is the reason for all this گور بابا ترامپ
Sorena Kafili
Sorena Kafili 15 dias atrás
We will revenge general soleimani
Name Loading
Name Loading 16 dias atrás
The US used atomic weapons on a country that didn’t have WMDS. I’m pretty sure they can do it again and Israel. Let the Iranians or whoever have their protection
Michael Joseph Dimaano
Michael Joseph Dimaano 16 dias atrás
I think, I have seen and heard this before, this WMD thingy.
ツRoyalPillows 17 dias atrás
So if US puts sanctions on Iran that means Iran’s will shoot down GCC countries that are trying to export oil? ...Seems sensible
Shashwot Kandel
Shashwot Kandel 18 dias atrás
doesn't 360 degrees mean to go straight?
LabKhoon 18 dias atrás
Mistook?? So By accident they shot down a passenger plane with 290 passengers ? in a daylight? over Persian Gulf ? how? why? What a story. You should be ashamed. Didn't they honoured the shooter later? They DID.
Bella Clementz
Bella Clementz 19 dias atrás
Thanks, Vox! I have anxiety and is now hekkin afraid that a bomb is going to be dropped on me!
Shangram Mohammad
Shangram Mohammad 19 dias atrás
So Iran allow the US to monitor its nuclear programs for sanctions relieve? Peer pressure anyone? US can do anything they like it seems and enjoy watching other countries but when it comes to letting other countries monitoring their nuclear programs....nope!
ahfadz juan reza
ahfadz juan reza 19 dias atrás
Add the Indonesian subtitle please
Biggis Dickus
Biggis Dickus 21 dia atrás
Vox just ignored the part of Obama’s deal where he caved to a hostage situation and sent $1.7 Billion dollars in cash.... seems a little sketch
Alan Jenko
Alan Jenko 21 dia atrás
When you casually sailed through the Strait of Hormuz on a cruise ship twice in Jan 2019
San Sarkawt
San Sarkawt 21 dia atrás
Great content
nonek ed
nonek ed 21 dia atrás
Iran will have a lot of enemy
Relevation Animations
Relevation Animations 22 dias atrás
I actually thought that map looked like Central America in the thumbnail for a second.
Fab.prodesign 25 dias atrás
"Alter your course 360 degrees" so do a circle and carry on?
Fab.prodesign 23 dias atrás
@Noah Remnek 360 degrees in any language is still equal to a full circle 😂, they may aswell tell the ship to do a flip
Noah Remnek
Noah Remnek 23 dias atrás
Their english is poor
ALJK 25 dias atrás
No One : IRAN and US : **fights** UAE : **Just don't go near our Burj Khalifa.**
Xavier Mês atrás
Iran can never hope to stop the US
HN YS 28 dias atrás
But the taliban could...
Diego Weissel
Diego Weissel Mês atrás
I love how VOX knows that is US (or USA) and not America, the name of the country. And I will love when they address the main point that is always missed by unitedstatesians: they need a new and REAL name for the USA.
Martin Ivanovski
Martin Ivanovski Mês atrás
"Alter your course to 360 degrees immediately" Ship: Am I a joke to you?
Lavanya Chauhan
Lavanya Chauhan Mês atrás
Elon ! We are waiting .
Kadek Widi Artana
Kadek Widi Artana Mês atrás
Damm trump come on
1917 •
1917 • Mês atrás
I have been watching Vox all day...US...Honey...What are you doing? Look i am from a middle east country...My country is between Europe and Asia...US did played with our economy...But honey shouldn’t start drama...just because you’re know...ppl are dying...And im not only talking about this video...and also not only US government has been playing with ppl’s lives, there are so many issues in other countries too. Like just stop. MAKING DECISIONS FOR A COUNTRY DOESNT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO END PEOPLE’S LIVES! It’s not ok.
redzeky Mês atrás
Feel like US wants wars
Maxwell Gill
Maxwell Gill Mês atrás
I dO dA pOo PoO pOtTy
Yannick Toonen
Yannick Toonen Mês atrás
What I don't understand about this, is why Saudi-Arabia still uses the Street of Hormuz on the Eastern side of the country, while it also has acces to the Red Sea on the other side of the country. Using the Red Sea avoids the Iranian coastline and thus conflict. It might take longer to get oil to Asia this way, but I cannot imagine risking the sinking of oil tankers and sending US naval forces is a cheaper alternative. Or am I missing something here?
The Koinophobic
The Koinophobic Mês atrás
Imagine being one of those ship crew members having to travel through the straight, not knowing whether you're about to be shot, bombed, invaded or set on fire.
Crish :D
Crish :D Mês atrás
I thought the thumbnail was Panama canal😂😂😂
Joshua Ron Marasigan
why can’t we just nuke iran ?
hwheh2 beebbe
hwheh2 beebbe Mês atrás
Why can't we nuke both?
Mustafa I
Mustafa I Mês atrás
why cant we just nuke usa
Zeeshan Alam
Zeeshan Alam Mês atrás
The US is the son of a devil. Everywhere in the world if there is bloodshed then it is a must that US is involved in it either directly or indirectly.
Noel Fernandez
Noel Fernandez Mês atrás
Idk much about politics and tariffs, but what's stopping Saudi Arabia allowing oil to be transferred towards the other side? They could enforce small taxes but will ultimately take away Iran's authority and power in the economy
LlamaDdama Mês atrás
Iran is a country made of terrorists
hwheh2 beebbe
hwheh2 beebbe Mês atrás
America is.
Li Mês atrás
Is US, grabbing resources of the world, the root of all evil?
LlamaDdama Mês atrás
Li nope
furia cruzada
furia cruzada Mês atrás
Protect the flow of oil !! Not humans
Tobias Pellondou
Tobias Pellondou Mês atrás
the more chaos the US creates, the more "liberations" they can do, and the more money they make
Kween B
Kween B Mês atrás
Iran is a Bad Bad evil country
LlamaDdama Mês atrás
Kween B facts
deniz terzi
deniz terzi Mês atrás
burası turkıye amınıza koruz sakın bak sakın
deniz terzi
deniz terzi Mês atrás
vietnam lılar sızı nasıl sıktı hatırlayın
deniz terzi
deniz terzi Mês atrás
gotunuz yiyosa gelin
David Williams
David Williams Mês atrás
Can't a Canal Be Built Across the Hormuz Peninsula so the Ships can Stay away from Iran. And Leave it at That
Aashir Moh.d
Aashir Moh.d Mês atrás
Does anyone know what fond they are using in 4:10
Lep Mês atrás
Seems like trump wants to use his military budget a little bit more it seems
Anas Belmont
Anas Belmont Mês atrás
Trump trouble nothing but trouble
Misty36 Mês atrás
When I watch this channel...its like I'm in history class but this time around ....I am paying FULL ATTENTION! I can't get enough. 👍👍
Bryan Kanniakonil
Bryan Kanniakonil Mês atrás
Peace is the only way
Adam Taurus
Adam Taurus Mês atrás
Ohohhohoo, War you say?
mbs 07
mbs 07 2 meses atrás
us needs 2 sfu!
Ren Mor
Ren Mor 2 meses atrás
The US is friends with no one!
LlamaDdama Mês atrás
Ren Mor nope, you ape
Nick Walker
Nick Walker 2 meses atrás
We had a solution for this back in 1945. Put a few 152mm guns in a turret on a tanker. No one will board your ship. I promise.
jhlords2 2020 TM
jhlords2 2020 TM 2 meses atrás
bruh why would ever you ever help iraq they trued to take over kuait witch was totally unexpecteble.
Faduma Haybe
Faduma Haybe 2 meses atrás
vox do a videp about somalia civil war
Just Vienna
Just Vienna 2 meses atrás
Imagine the outrage if an Iranian ship decided to move into the Gulf of Mexico in the name of keeping the peace Yet the US has the “right” to patrol and medle in sovereign nations waters
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey 2 meses atrás
Just Vienna Come on, there’s a huge difference. America has been in the middle east for decades and has had thousands of military bases out of there even long before the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. America is pretty much aligned with the majority of the middle east their government, and they’ve given America legitimacy and given them permission to do it for decades. And America is the sole superpower, nothing in history comes close to America in history. Comparing a regional power like Russia or Iran isn’t very smart, America is like Britain but it’s less evil, doesn’t colonize, hasn’t decided to start empire just yet and much more.
Just Vienna
Just Vienna 2 meses atrás
Ladey Babey A great so lets go ahead and allow Russia to park there ships of the coast of Los Angelos, cause you know Security and funding the UN
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey 2 meses atrás
Just Vienna There is a huge difference though, America is a superpower, a big player in WWII and pretty much the face of the west. America created the UN, and is a permanent security council member. What is Iran? A regional power.
G Bama Boy
G Bama Boy 2 meses atrás
Trump lol. A bull in a China shop.
spooka770 2 meses atrás
go through Red Sea done
The foreteller of the Truth
It is closed too lol
Dipankar Dey
Dipankar Dey 2 meses atrás
Once the middle East,africa,asia gets united the West is going to finished. It's all about *BlackVsWhite*
The foreteller of the Truth
The supreme race is gonna win
Mehmed Cavas
Mehmed Cavas 2 meses atrás
sorry but everyone can clearly see that trumps biggest speciality is to create trouble
The foreteller of the Truth
Very true
hk ok
hk ok 2 meses atrás
Yet somehow china bullying its neighbors isnt okay yet we can bully people on the other side of the world really interesting
Lee Oswald
Lee Oswald 2 meses atrás
"Iran and their terrorist allies" J Bush Jr - the leader of country that known for "the US state-run terrorists"
Daniel Shrestha
Daniel Shrestha 2 meses atrás
US seems like trying to make many allies as possible to put their control over the world, is that what Neo-Colonialism all about?
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 2 meses atrás
5:03 Iran AND North Korea. Well that won’t be controversial…
Ahmad Al-Baz
Ahmad Al-Baz 2 meses atrás
You wrote Kuwait wrong
The foreteller of the Truth
It’s written Kuh’wait
Clement Muhirwa
Clement Muhirwa 2 meses atrás
But who elected trump really, he is a horrible president to ever exist on planet earth, does he have a brain?
Savage Antelope
Savage Antelope 2 meses atrás
Oh I didn’t know the US. worked with iraq
Azsolus 2 meses atrás
It’s been 9 month , is there an update on the situation
Joemele Ciandel Panaguiton
The best documentary channel 👌
Darragh Burke
Darragh Burke 2 meses atrás
can the us ever mind the business
TerribleTonyShow 2 meses atrás
6:48 why are north koreans crying on the paper?
Great Value
Great Value 2 meses atrás
Americans think that America has more rights all across the Middle East the Middle Eastern countries do. Especially Iran, a country literally in the Middle East shouldn't be allowed to do what it wants but the US should. 🤣😂🤣😂
Africanknight88 2 meses atrás
The OPEC nations need to use that ARAB Money 💰 to plow a canal right through the peninsula just like the Suez And Panama. And don’t tell me they can’t afford it.
Mae-Ann Bustamante
Mae-Ann Bustamante 2 meses atrás
i feel bad for the marine life in the strait of hormuz that can’t have a peaceful life because of all these conflicts 😒
john brennan
john brennan 2 meses atrás
MAHA....Make America Hard Again....Stormy Daniels for President.
shehan chanuka
shehan chanuka 2 meses atrás
US's power hunger will ruin the world
Sam Saliba
Sam Saliba 2 meses atrás
I’d rather if Iran was a superpower rather than America tbh
Halla ll
Halla ll 3 meses atrás
Tushar Jain
Tushar Jain 3 meses atrás
Everyone is a gangsta until Donald Trump arrives.
אור דהן
אור דהן 3 meses atrás
just to add, one big reason Donald Trump canceled the deal, were evidence that Iran builds nuclear weapon, as shown by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel prime minister, in 2018, when he showed Iran's Nuclear archive. Vox got really good videos, but they just miss adding important information sometimes.
M J 3 meses atrás
The U.S. is always in the wrong to everyone no matter what they do.
TC 3 meses atrás
I rather support Iran than Saudi that promotes extremism and terrorism around the world
Ladey Babey
Ladey Babey 2 meses atrás
TC Both do, Iran and the Saudi’s have supported and extremism all over the world.
Mohammad Ali Ibrahimi
Mohammad Ali Ibrahimi 3 meses atrás
Why Iran attack , what is the problem?
Kieran Tapajna
Kieran Tapajna 3 meses atrás
9:08, music??????
no_pwease 3 meses atrás
0:17 did anyone else think it was panama? I thought the black was water.
KingCringe 29 dias atrás
I did lol
Arun 3 meses atrás
What ? ... U.S shot down an Iranian passenger plane with 290 innocent civilians ? Holy mother of god.
Arun 3 meses atrás
If Nikola Tesla had done in 1900 what Elon Musk is doing now, the U.S would never have bothered middle east in the first place, and the last 100 years would've been peaceful.
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