Why The Office Changed The Original Michael Scott

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When you look back at The Office episodes that best define Michael Scott, very few of them are from the first season. The best Michael Scott moments come in moments like CPR or fire drill and there's a reason for this. The office changed the character in big ways between the first and second season. This is a look at why the office changed the worlds best boss so much.

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14 Ago 2019



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Nerdstalgic 6 meses atrás
Did you like the original version of Michael Scott or the “fixed” one better?
Aaron 3 dias atrás
@delor b it wasn't racist??? The hell are you on about. Nothing about the show was racist. They made race related jokes because micheal is IGNORANT not racist. Learn the difference between ignorance and racism. Not being able to see that difference makes the word racist start to loose meaning and seem to people like a cheap copout.
delor b
delor b 4 dias atrás
Fixed. The original was racist. Hard to watch and root for a character who doesn't understand why he can't use a racial slur. Few people wanted to spend 30 minutes (with commercials) with that guy. And the original Michael would never have gotten Holly, let alone come up with a killer proposal.
Aaron 10 dias atrás
@Sunset's Channel sigh. That's the entire point. It's supposed to make you uncomfortable. It became more goofy and over the top as time went on. More "american". The genre was supposed to be that awkward humor.
Lilith Hedwig
Lilith Hedwig 11 dias atrás
@Tacoma98 I started Parks and Rec as a way to recover after The Office and I was almost pissed that she was this copycat version of him+we got Karen ect. I looked it up and yup, P&R was originally supposed to be a spin off of The Office! (I ended up loving it ofc, Schur always deliver)
Lilith Hedwig
Lilith Hedwig 11 dias atrás
Fixed all the way. I HATED him in the first season, couldn't stand him at all, he physically made me cringe, I kept watching the office because of Jim and Pam and because everyone said it was so good so I got past 1st season... Didn't regret it!
R M 3 horas atrás
So... the show weakened the character to match the politically correct/weakening USA audience... LOL
Miya Green
Miya Green 13 horas atrás
I don't know why I watched this, I've never watched The Office...
CANAN 17 horas atrás
Min 7:30 someone knows wich episode is it?
highwaymaintainer 23 horas atrás
Because, the show was stale and eventually and thankfully it went away It was time
Roy Kay
Roy Kay Dia atrás
Idk.. I think Joey, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is more likeable than Michael Scott.
Мотов Василий
For the most part I think it was a good decision to change Michael Scott, but there are few problems. Michael Scott got away with everything he did in this show because "hE iS gOoD guY". He was dick to pretty much everyone in this show even after his change, he was a bad manager even after they made him good salesman. They even rewarded him at the end by giving him everything he wanted (appreciation and real family). On the other hand David Brent ,even doe he had his redemption, suffered from consequences of his actions (humiliation, discharge). It's just a better story action-consequence-redemption. While US version has only action-reward.
AbiNephilim Dia atrás
As a British person, I found the UK Office waaayy too cringe, to the point where it was just too awkward to watch despite being only 12 episodes. The US Office was much much better during the Michael Scott era. There was the right amount of cringe and FFS moments as well as pleasant and hilarious moments. Michael Scott will always be my favourite character from the show as he grew more likeable and tolerable within each episode all the way up to his last appearance. Every other character just became too annoying after Michael left since they all seemed to have lost the ability to stand up for what they believed in, which was the opposite when Michael was the branch manager in my opinion. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the US Office and am glad it didn't get cancelled!
Kaitlyn Thompson
Kaitlyn Thompson Dia atrás
I actually started watching the office in it's second season on accident when I watched on Netflix and clicked the wrong episode (S2E1). It became my favorite show. I finally realized my issue after I finished the show, so I went back and watched the first one. Absolutely hated it. I can probably say if I had started on the first season I wouldn't have found my favorite show
dankwrasslin Dia atrás
Jim was a piece of shit
Stu Miller
Stu Miller Dia atrás
Anyone who thinks Brent is "mean spirited" is a fucking moron
big head
big head 2 dias atrás
iv seen the office like 3 times, and iv cried everytime that he leaves for colorado.
CID B 3 dias atrás
👍 I think Holly coming on board with the show was the best thing for Micheal being likable.
jim halpert
jim halpert 3 dias atrás
i miss michael
erix4erix 3 dias atrás
soulstice 3 dias atrás
I hated the office as a kid, maybe this is why lol, I love the show nowadays obv tho
jace merritt
jace merritt 4 dias atrás
Bro the background music is a remix of Good Day by Surfaces. How crazy is fhat
NerdHouseGang AKA JustKesey
Stanley was dry but HILARIOUS to me...
wolfhrt21 4 dias atrás
I did enjoy a lot of the changes they made to Michael, and he has a lot of great moments when he's not at the office. But my aha moment is the one when the kids knock on his door and he starts handing out candy to them, kidding with them a bit. Its a simple, quiet moment that instantly hooked me on Michael Scott.
Kris 4 dias atrás
I'm from the UK. The UK Office is overrated, the US version is a better show and was best once it distanced itself from the original. Although it eventually jumped the shark like most American shows do.
F Am
F Am 5 dias atrás
Can u talk about how they changed Kelly Kapoor's character as well.
Maluminse 5 dias atrás
Huge mistake. Downhill after Carrell left.
Kathy Salas
Kathy Salas 5 dias atrás
I loved Michael since the candy bag tore and he just let the kids have all the candy
Vivienne Uzamere
Vivienne Uzamere 5 dias atrás
I still hate micheal.
Mllr hr
Mllr hr 5 dias atrás
6:25 I don´t like Stanley.
Dion Tjahjono
Dion Tjahjono 5 dias atrás
michael is a good salesman, he’s just socially stupid.
Jemand 6 dias atrás
The „bald“ look was before the hair transplant loö
Edgar Larios
Edgar Larios 6 dias atrás
Creed was the best. You always had to do a second take to realize what he's really saying/doing.
MetalGamer 7 dias atrás
Wait we want Stanley to succeed ? I can't stand the man, incredibly selfish.
Colton Barta
Colton Barta 7 dias atrás
I think most people prefer the American office to the UK office. I understand both are doing something different but the American show has basically become a cultural icon in the US and really was a mainstay with a lot of American families while it was running. This is really more impactful culturally than the 12 episode run which was a bleak comedy about the pointlessness of modern work.
Max Hill
Max Hill 7 dias atrás
Ishmam Naveel
Ishmam Naveel 8 dias atrás
I liked every fucking episode of the Office... all this analysis bullshit doesnt mean shit to me, it's the best show and Michael is the funniest most original character to ever exist. It sucked to see him be replaced by Andy
cleft turnip
cleft turnip 9 dias atrás
Anthony Cazares
Anthony Cazares 9 dias atrás
Love the Michael Scott's Bossa Nova Remix in the beginning haha
Gerben Rampaart
Gerben Rampaart 10 dias atrás
David Brent isn't evil, just massively and grotesquely insecure. Loving someone like that is not a thing American audiences are used to.
Aaron 10 dias atrás
It became way more over the top and goofy as time went on. I still love the show. But the first season was so much more intelligent and with the spirit of what the office is SUPPOSED to be. It's supposed to be grounded, awkward as hell humor. In the first season you always knew someone like those characters in real life. That's what made it so brilliant and funny. Real people. It's a lot like the premise of Seinfeld. Make it relatable to day to day situations. The show ended so far from its roots that the show was unrecognizable from how it started, and it's better source material. At least the orginal season and the orginal office was so so much better than the last 2 or 3 seasons. You seem to completely miss what the office was going for and what its source material was. You make these long ass videos repeating a lot of the same shit in different ways and dragging things on. It's like a freshman paper where you try to stretch your 200 word essay into a 1000 words. And your a bit pretentious to be honest.
agentalbert 10 dias atrás
I loved Michael and the show right off the bat in S1. They didn't need to change him for me. I liked the so called "dark" endings, which I never found bothersome in the least.
ThisGuysGaming 10 dias atrás
I think you’re over thinking it m8
This Bird Has Flown
This Bird Has Flown 10 dias atrás
He was more like David Brent and the show was definitely more written to make you cringe like the British version. I was actually surprised how well they managed to replicate the British version given that it was a yank show.
bentnosewp 11 dias atrás
I actually liked the first episodes the most
SirJonLee 11 dias atrás
Who did the bet at 10:33
SirJonLee 11 dias atrás
OneLoveDrumz 11 dias atrás
wha?? dude.... first season was a test ... season 1 is amazing .. diversity day is the one of the best episodes ever.
Rhaine 12 dias atrás
I completely skipped season 1 because I could barely get passed episodes
Tristan Butcher
Tristan Butcher 12 dias atrás
People who think the UK version is better have an issue with their brains
Rafter Rafter
Rafter Rafter 12 dias atrás
I kinda like Steve Carrel,he can be funny sometimes; But i'll never be able to finish one episode of the office to save my life !!
Warioman 12 dias atrás
I prefer original Michael because I prefer the UK Office.
Kari Krummi
Kari Krummi 12 dias atrás
the ending was really gay
Justyn H
Justyn H 13 dias atrás
I think the ricky gervase boss works given british humor. And translates well into the british offices more meloncoly themes
The Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat 13 dias atrás
I always find it interesting when I hear people say the original Office is better than the US one. Even as a British person, I really can’t stand the original. Perhaps it’s because I watched it quite a long time after it came out, or perhaps it’s my inherent dislike for Ricky Gervais, but there’s little to nothing I find interesting about the original Office or its characters. The US version on the other hand is one of my favourite shows of all time. I was pretty sure I’d hate it after season 1 but I ended up binging absolutely everything else in the space of 3 days and found myself crying at several points towards the end. My only complaint is the way they handled Andy, but that complaint has been done to death at this point.
JohnDoe 14 dias atrás
UK Office is horrendous. US Office is legendary.
John Nulf
John Nulf 14 dias atrás
Michael's balding hair look bothered me in the most OCD way possible. Something about the way they had it combed made it so off-putting to look at. Grateful they put a stop to that after the first season.
Me Myself
Me Myself 14 dias atrás
Micheal Scott was never a decent character. He’s terrible ( and so are several other character. Kevin and Stanley make me gag) I don’t know how a show full if so many awful characters could do so well.
Quentin Ventura
Quentin Ventura 14 dias atrás
I'm wondering how many people just skip the first season when they re-watch the show. First time I watched it, I stopped after season 1 and started again a couple of years later. Since then, I never re-watch that season again, while having watch the rest 4 times (even the latest season )
Christopher Morrow
Christopher Morrow 14 dias atrás
Being forced to follow an unsympathetic villain as the protagonist isn't done enough. Less escapism, more mimicry. And having a main character have literally nothing to live for, not in a redeeming way but like Michael in season 1, was nice. It gave me a place to say "See, other people share that trait." It's really disheartening to never see tv reflect "sometimes there isn't a solution and life simply shits on you, just keep moving forward till you can't because the only other choice is death".
Bruce Charlie
Bruce Charlie 15 dias atrás
It's mostly down to American humour not being the same as British humour
Boofess 15 dias atrás
Stop telling my why i love this show
B3ansGuy 15 dias atrás
I hated him for the entire run. Incredibly well played by Steve but the character was the type of person you hoped got hit by a bus
The Dragon Reborn
The Dragon Reborn 16 dias atrás
I just want to state for the record I DO NOT like Pam and Jim. Don't lump me in with those saps.
Daniel Araya
Daniel Araya 16 dias atrás
While I watched every single episode with joy, I could never recommend this show over Parks and Rec, the 1st season of the office is just trash and will scare away people without "patience"
elrobertodudebro 16 dias atrás
Not to be "that guy" The UK Office ran for 14 episodes. Seems you've omitted the 2 further special episodes after the end of season 2, where Brent is redeemed.
Mr B
Mr B 4 dias atrás
Not to be that guy but we don't have seasons, we have series.
Alana Jones
Alana Jones 11 dias atrás
Don't say "not to be that guy" if you already plan on being "that guy". Just make your point and go. There's no need for the useless pretense.
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