Why The Office Changed The Original Michael Scott

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When you look back at The Office episodes that best define Michael Scott, very few of them are from the first season. The best Michael Scott moments come in moments like CPR or fire drill and there's a reason for this. The office changed the character in big ways between the first and second season. This is a look at why the office changed the worlds best boss so much.

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14 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 983
Nerdstalgic Mês atrás
Did you like the original version of Michael Scott or the “fixed” one better?
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos Dia atrás
Sore Loser
Sore Loser 2 dias atrás
Anna C
Anna C 3 dias atrás
I like how he evolves
Chasón TheDon
Chasón TheDon 4 dias atrás
I like Date Mike almost as much as Prison Mike.
Tromp Entertainment
Tromp Entertainment 2 horas atrás
The American version of the office is funnier than the uk version as it has memes and gifs of the show plus nearly everything is funnier in America than the uk
Kris V
Kris V 3 horas atrás
So they changed Michael's effectiveness so him being a boss could be believable, but gradually made Kevin into an "accountant" who would likely be too dumb to graduate from high school.
Keicam 13 horas atrás
I like season 1, it was unique looking now at all seasons, but it was propably good decission to abandon the style of original The Office UK
Subscribe 4 No Reason
Subscribe 4 No Reason 18 horas atrás
I used this as a source in my college English class on an essay about character development. Thanks.
Bear Gryllst
Bear Gryllst 19 horas atrás
The show was gonna get canceled with original Michael Scott before writers could say season 3. Season 2 Michael Scott and onwards is the Michael Scott we talk about and constantly meme to this day. Season 1 Michael Scott is forgettable.
Jason Wu
Jason Wu 20 horas atrás
Season 2's The Client was one of my favorite moments. That "aha" look that lights up on Jan's face... was like a beacon of hope for Michael's character.
Adam - The Dadpreneur - Dukes
A very interesting take on my favorite TV character of all time.
Juan p Barrios G
Juan p Barrios G Dia atrás
Ok. Am I the only one that didnt see any change between S1 and S2?
Lunazul Dia atrás
The British Michael Scott works for the British version
aa bbb
aa bbb Dia atrás
so it was the shirt collar that made him look fatter? and not the extra fat that was on his face and body?
Muddfish 2 dias atrás
Stanley’s overrated
Our Last Night • Archive
Michael actually mentions using propecia (a hair restoration product) a couple times later in the show
Kristina Hawk
Kristina Hawk 2 dias atrás
I prefer the fixed one. The original one annoyed me and kept me from getting in to the office for a long time.
Dioguinho Torres
Dioguinho Torres 2 dias atrás
Personally, I like the first season Michael, I like the dark humor he was much funnier, but I also like the new Michael And Kevin, and I love this show so much that I've watched 9 times. I watch at least one episode every day!
Deemememe 3 dias atrás
I love this show so much!!!
lexi boyer
lexi boyer 3 dias atrás
*“identity theft is not a joke, jim!”*
Anna C
Anna C 3 dias atrás
The Brit version doesn’t hold my interest. Maybe cuz I’m american 🤷🏽‍♀️
Anna C
Anna C 3 dias atrás
I loved when “better call Saul” interviewed Pam in Philadelphia. He was almost cast as Michael Scott, but they went with steve carrol
stapuft 3 dias atrás
I liked the original office, and liked the first season of the American one because of how simmilar it was, after that, I hated it, more and more.
Kerry Mccarthy
Kerry Mccarthy 3 dias atrás
I want to punch your voice
Emily Sikora
Emily Sikora 3 dias atrás
They gave him empathy...right?
Flynn Coon
Flynn Coon 3 dias atrás
Character development
LASKKOO TV 3 dias atrás
He was the best 💯
Arm & A Leg: And Other Opinions We Like To Give Podcast
So who, in your opinion, had the biggest arch in the show? (The biggest change from first episode to final episode)
Trice J
Trice J 4 dias atrás
What was the music in the background at the start? Great background music!
Trippxjai Trippx jai
Trippxjai Trippx jai 4 dias atrás
Balding was because he was not rich yet and didn’t have money to fix his hair
George Kain
George Kain 4 dias atrás
I never understood any of these critical reviews...... I watch the show and I never think anything other than it's a show.....there are parts of the show wher me I felt Micheal had to be a dick, in other episodes he had to be more human. But you can't take away the funny Michael.
Rutger Van Gestel
Rutger Van Gestel 5 dias atrás
do more videos about the office please!!!
OctoAnimates 5 dias atrás
I wanted to finish the entire series because I’ve never really watched it before, I couldn’t make it past the first season. It just made me sad.
Kazza Jaxon
Kazza Jaxon 5 dias atrás
See the thing is, I still hated Michael. He had his moments but he was still a selfish jackass that didn't realize how sexist, racist, and homophobic he actually was. It definitely led to good comedy, but that doesn't mean I like the character.
Yo Mumma
Yo Mumma 5 dias atrás
He was and will always be the best boss!
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 5 dias atrás
Mike's "Momentary Competence" is more like a duality. 70% of the time mike is doing anything he is playing around and trying to keep it light-hearted. He has shown time and time again that he is fully capable of functioning as an adult and handling responsibility. But he also looks out for his people. In one of the later episodes, everyone is freaking out about the branch closing. He chooses to play a murder mystery game in order to distract everyone from the unpredictable outcome. Jim didn't realize it until later in the episode what he was trying to do. But in that brief moment he showed that he had the best interest of his workers in mind even if it cost production. Season after season after season 1 are littered with moments like these. Especially the moment where erin refers to him as a father like figure and he acknowledges that and tells her to "go to your room young lady" and prompting her to say "No, I won't go to my room". The spontaneity of these brief moments of clarity show the viewers that mike is absolutely capable and has the unique ability to read his workers. Albeit he goes about this with a kind of candor on par with a child's mind. He is without a doubt one of my favorite characters on the show because steve carell makes you believe that he truly and emphatically cares about these people AS michael scott. If you pay close attention in the moments where mike gets serious throughout the seasons. You'll notice a trend with his behavior. This begins when stanley embarrassed him and he pulls him to the side and states "I am your boss, You can not talk to me that way. You do not have to like me, but you NEED to respect me while you are here" That moment changes mike and stanley at the same time. Stanley actually becomes more fun loving after that moment and a little bit care free.
bakuhatsubutsu 5 dias atrás
The fact is that the UK Office follows that same trend of being "10% nicer" to David Brent, though it isn't until the very end (the Christmas special). Tim is nice to David by offering to go out for a drink with him when everyone else in the office is snubbing him. The woman David gets set up with by the dating company is nice to him and listens genuinely to what he has to say--it helps that she hasn't seen the documentary herself, but still, she just listens to what David says without judgement, and responds kindly. This results in Brent being more confident to be himself, and like you put it in this video, "remove the toxicity from his life", when he finally tells off his rude, bully "friend" Chris. Both Michael and David's stories end in the same fashion, establishing that being kind to someone and treating them with respect can cause them to be more confident, kind and patient in return.
Sadia Sajjad
Sadia Sajjad 6 dias atrás
For me the first ep of season 1 was boring but after that season 1 was great
Thomas Kyle
Thomas Kyle 6 dias atrás
Actually, he really was balding and fatter in season 1 but then started making that celeb money and could afford hair transplant surgery and a personal trainer which led to his change in appearance.
Thomas Kyle
Thomas Kyle Dia atrás
Paul C after doing further research I believe you are correct. Lol seems like they just wanted to make him look that way in season 1 and then changed it. But the other explanation sounded funny to me.
Paul C
Paul C Dia atrás
Your statement is hardly believable when 40 year old virgin was filmed nearly side by side with season 1 of the office and carrel was lean in that movie. That was how he thin he looked in snl so you cant say it was cgi or makeup either
Goblin210 6 dias atrás
This makes sense because when I first watched the office I hated him. It took multiple tries to get through maybe 3 episodes.
Ty Dance
Ty Dance 6 dias atrás
All I’m saying is if you don’t like Michael Scott from season 1-7 through and through you’re not a real office fan ❤️
Shelby Banks
Shelby Banks 6 dias atrás
These videos are so slow I watch at a faster speed
blink180foo 6 dias atrás
I’ve never liked Michael
VFBjesse 6 dias atrás
I always thought the first season was him trying to create an image for the documentary team and after season 1 he gave up and went back to being himself. At least that's how it came across to me
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 6 dias atrás
you're smoking donkey ass crack if you think the british office is better than the american one...
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad 6 dias atrás
"When me President, they see; they..see" --Kevin Malone, Inventor of Keleven.
Crybaby Aldo
Crybaby Aldo 7 dias atrás
Just watch the fucking show lmao
Sombre Plays
Sombre Plays 7 dias atrás
Ah lo-fi
Masala Box
Masala Box 7 dias atrás
Waaaahhhhhtttt ... diversity day is my favorite episode. I saw it on repeat! 😂😂😂
caring is creepy
caring is creepy 7 dias atrás
They tried to do David Brent but it just didn't work so some character development happened😏
Daniel Tofteland
Daniel Tofteland 7 dias atrás
The only thing I am afraid of? Is getting a boner
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter 7 dias atrás
Michael is a jerk in all seasons
Richard Whittall
Richard Whittall 8 dias atrás
Why must these videos have INSUFFERABLE narrators?
Yeshua Bar martinez
Yeshua Bar martinez 8 dias atrás
I think another thing you probably didnt catch, is that michael in s1 was ordinary bad at his job yes but ordinary, or replaceable. S2 and on(and i do mean on. More specifically the rest of the show when michael left.) he was made irreplaceable as the boss. And the best example is the episode when michael goes camping on his own, jim takes charge and not only is he a bad substitute but on the most minimal task he fails which leads him to admit to michael “im sure glad your back” making michael the most irreplaceable bad boss in history
Alvin Buyinza
Alvin Buyinza 8 dias atrás
What's the song in the beginning?
Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert 8 dias atrás
0.39 - BURN!
hultonclint 9 dias atrás
I liked the original Michael better, because the changed one didn't correspond to any personality type. The first was like "Yeah, I know that kind of boss!" whereas the second was full of unrealistic contradictions.
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 9 dias atrás
I look at season 1 Michael and just think "hmm, I dislike this despite not normally caring what people look like. They must have intended this." I was right I guess, plus I never did like the British office or "most" British comedy, though some British comedy completely destroys American comedy. Australian is best.
Shibby120 9 dias atrás
So they stopped having other characters hold him accountable for his toxicity so that it would be more relatable for Americans.
Alexandre Mullen
Alexandre Mullen 6 dias atrás
It's actually more complicated than that. For me, the biggest change was that they gave him redeeming qualities, mostly pertaining to his sincere love for his employees and his lifelong feelings of rejection, which made him willing to do anything (even stupid) things to get love/respect/approval. In season 1, they had no reason to empathize with him because he was just an unrepentant asshole. From season 2 onward, even at his worst, they/we all knew that he was a guy trying the wrong way to do the right thing. It doesn't make him a great person, but makes him human and relatable.
I never made it past the 2nd episode of he office. I wanted to like the show so badly, and yet it was just so bad. And the problem was definetly Michael. All the episodes of later season I love but I just couldn’t get past the 2nd episode. I’ll try and make it to the second season though.
Ybalrid 9 dias atrás
I tried watching the office the other day on Amazon prime, and was actually quite put of by the first season, notably by Michael Scott. I find it so annoying I couldn't even understand how people could like that show. Should I just skip season one?
Fabliha Roza
Fabliha Roza 9 dias atrás
Michael Scott is a very loveable character besides season 1
Fabliha Roza
Fabliha Roza 9 dias atrás
Definitely! I remember I started watching the show because my friends loved it so much. And I was very displeased by season 1. But I knew there's a reason why they love it so I kept watching, and boy was I pleased. It's an amazing show. Season 1 just did not work out.
xxEcliplse_m00n 9 dias atrás
I-I’m not crying , you are
Bloo 10 dias atrás
I'm sure I've heard the track at 7:03 before... would be cool to have the tracks in the description
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