Why the Menendez Brothers Say They Killed Their Parents: Part 1

ABC News
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The brothers shot and killed their parents, Jose and Kitty Menendez, at the family's Beverly Hills home in August 1989.

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6 Jan 2017



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Comentários 20 119
*Jaiden* 10 horas atrás
“What they did to there mother was pure evil” UHM?.. she obviously didn’t do her research 😬..
-Lxvinq goth-
-Lxvinq goth- 10 horas atrás
I started crying when I heard what he said his parents are disgusting but what they did was even worse why couldn't they call police and tell them what's going on I'm I sound harsh but there were more ways to handle ur parents than killing them...
*Jaiden* 10 horas atrás
The fact they separated them too and just keeps telling them that they “murdered” there parents unbelievable 😐
*Jaiden* Hora atrás
@Kaylin White I’m not saying they didn’t but they keep telling them and it’s just kinda rude but that’s what I think
Kaylin White
Kaylin White 8 horas atrás
Why it’s true what is rude about It.
Amit Kadam
Amit Kadam 11 horas atrás
Every killer after getting caught has the, “I was sexually abused by my father/uncle/teacher”. It’s the standard story to make yourself look like the victim.
Amit Kadam
Amit Kadam 11 horas atrás
I love how everyone in the comment section believe these 2. As if the wouldn’t lie to make themselves appear like the victims.
Penelope Tepania
Penelope Tepania 21 hora atrás
i am sooo glad that they are thinking about their sentences now because teens on tik tok have debated and now they have a chance
Nani Diaz
Nani Diaz 23 horas atrás
I believe one can't fake pain
Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole Dia atrás
Is this really up for debate? They waited to not explain it for "selfish" reasons. No that's not selfish that's psychotic.
avalon Dia atrás
they deserve to be let out
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams 2 dias atrás
This is one of the saddest stories out there. Just makes you shake your head.
Sunnie Moostoos
Sunnie Moostoos 2 dias atrás
It was self defense this needs to be re opened
Madoka Minagawa
Madoka Minagawa 2 dias atrás
as a person who grew up in an abusive household, i completely understand why the Menendez brothers killed their parents. I feel absolutely no sympathy for their parents, they can rot in hell.
betty boop
betty boop 3 dias atrás
They are victims.
Phuck Youtube
Phuck Youtube 3 dias atrás
You know what they say about karma? That's she's a bitch.
ilbwfy •
ilbwfy • 3 dias atrás
why everyone in the comment believing them? i think they're lying to seem like victims
Sara M
Sara M 2 dias atrás
Exactly! The killings was premeditated not a self defense!
nynaeve 3 dias atrás
God this was fucking painful to watch and hear and i cannot imagine what these two went through and i wish i could hug them and tell them that it was going to be ok.
Kiara sneed
Kiara sneed 3 dias atrás
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas 4 dias atrás
At 5:04 I thought their was something on my screen 😭
Malcolm Blacc
Malcolm Blacc 4 dias atrás
You know that those kids had to be being abused and resentful towards their parents , who on earth has enough anger to actually go through with killing their parents. I definitely am more on the brothers sides because could you imagine the amount of pain it would take for someone to break and kill their parents? Especially THEIR parents. That’s how I know that something was going on. And not to mention the bed wetting and the balding. I’m in between because I think they should be punished for what they did but I don’t think it should be for life. Cases like this make me glad Im not the one making the decision because we’d have a lot of “murderers” out and about because the justice system is a failure
jamaria s
jamaria s 5 dias atrás
they deserve justice
Gül Gül
Gül Gül 5 dias atrás
Umarım serbest kalırlarlar İyi bir hayatı hak ediyorlar
andrea andrea
andrea andrea 6 dias atrás
they are innocent, they did what they were suppose to. it’s called self defense
Oif Eagle
Oif Eagle 6 dias atrás
Mother, I tried to do right by you To do what you asked me to I did wrong and I knew Mother, I tried to behave for you Now I'm digging a grave for you It was all I could do
Roger Flores
Roger Flores 6 dias atrás
Nur Jannah
Nur Jannah 6 dias atrás
My heart breaks for them 😭
Link is a taco
Link is a taco 6 dias atrás
this whole thing makes me so sad.
Diana Burgess
Diana Burgess 7 dias atrás
This is a shame
Diana Burgess
Diana Burgess 7 dias atrás
So very sad
Diana Burgess
Diana Burgess 7 dias atrás
Very sad
Cream Milk tea
Cream Milk tea 7 dias atrás
I can't believe the father sexually abused him and the parents died with revenge.
Ireane Aho
Ireane Aho 7 dias atrás
They are both so handsome! So sad what happened 😔
Aruna Abikar
Aruna Abikar 8 dias atrás
Prosecutors and people responsible for the verdict..keep telling yourselves that you did the right thing. Someday your grandchildren and their children will suffer the karma for what you did to these already traumatised boys.
Zaiyani 8 dias atrás
this fucking angers me so much. they shouldnt be talking about them killing their parents and that being the issue, they should be talking about how fucked up the parents were.
S M 𝘪 L E S.
S M 𝘪 L E S. 8 dias atrás
Honestly the way they handled the situation was wrong they killed people. but don't forget the fact they also got raped and molested by their demon father they went through all that suffering for 12 years for gods sake if that doesn't matter to the court what will happen to the other victims?
Starr Annicchiarico
Starr Annicchiarico 9 dias atrás
this is so sad. Just having to go to court and go to jail after being abused in that way and by their parents the ones that are suppose to protect you and love you no matter what😭 so fucked up. This whole story is so fucked up wow.
Aliff 9 dias atrás
one thing for sure is that their father is really gay
Ophyr 9 dias atrás
the whole story is sad ngl
Chris Steele
Chris Steele 9 dias atrás
Hey Also sometimes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a perfect sinless life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will receive JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.
Killua’s Skateboard
Killua’s Skateboard 9 dias atrás
This has me in tears. These poor boys are victims not guilty
Kaylin White
Kaylin White 5 dias atrás
They are guilty.
Shayla Addison
Shayla Addison 10 dias atrás
They story never changed FREE THEM !!
matthews abranches
matthews abranches 10 dias atrás
i didn’t know gareth bale was a murderer
Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson 11 dias atrás
These young men have paid their debt for what they did which I feel they should not have gone to prison for in the first place..Unless you have been through what those young men have gone through being sexually abused by their own father and their mother knew exactly what was going on, cannot possibly know how you would react. The Judge and District Attorney need to have that experience as I am sure they would be singing a different toon. They have paid and need to be let out now..I sincerely hope that something is in the works to get them released..I will be praying for them with all my heart along with the millions of other people who I know feel the same way...JUSTICE FOR LYLE AND ERIK !!!!
Tonica Denton
Tonica Denton 11 dias atrás
They’re definitely not lying
Xon Xon
Xon Xon 12 dias atrás
Yea its easy to use "raped as child" argument to justify your murders and killings... people should stop jumping to conclusion and take everything for face value. We don't know we only know their side of story. They did a lot of crime in their youth and they acted quite spoiled so its hard to say what is true. But please stop buying into this sex abuse hysteria.
Mickey 12
Mickey 12 13 dias atrás
They kept saying they killed their parents cus the parents were going to kill them. Wrong, Jose was shot while sitting down in the back of the head. Kitty was sitting down too in the family room.
Asia Jones
Asia Jones 14 dias atrás
I just want to make this clear money and being rich don’t make you happy people still go through things a lot worse too they needed help and wanted someone to help them it was terrible but at the same time they felt free they don’t have to worry about the monster coming into the room at night
Asia Jones
Asia Jones 14 dias atrás
I don’t understand how the mother watch that go down for years and never told or stuck up for the kids she birth it’s scary specially ur own birth mother she could of done something specially for your own blood the babies u fed and took care of when birth like come on now she would of been alive if she would of did something. That’s all they wanted was for there mom to step up take a step be brave and stand up to this sick husband of hers
Baddie Real
Baddie Real 14 dias atrás
i feel bad for them the poor boy sexually assaulted his own brother because he thought that is what they had to do and that was the right thing and an ok thing because of their sinsiter dad
cecille alunan
cecille alunan 14 dias atrás
No parents will do that to his own flesh and blood😢😢😢
honey_perfumee 14 dias atrás
Adem Tya
Adem Tya 15 dias atrás
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heur 15 dias atrás
I think that they should have told the cops about their parents, at least then they would go to prison and think about it
Cyan Codm
Cyan Codm 15 dias atrás
I cant believe a cod villain is actually in prison now, this is mind blowing!
Savannah 16 dias atrás
I think killing their parents put them at peace
Savannah 16 dias atrás
I do think what they did was bad, but they deserve better because their parents were aweful
Helen Mallory
Helen Mallory 16 dias atrás
THE only evidence of any abuse came from two killers they will not be the first murders to claim that I believe they wantedthe money they were caught robbing there neighbors what does that tell you?
Sailor Nouvelle
Sailor Nouvelle 16 dias atrás
The first thing my parents say after abusing me is “no one will believe you.” I believe them and I don’t think they committed any crimes here.
blissfulbaboon 16 dias atrás
Their rage was totally justified as these seriously abused and raped sons acted in SELF DEFENSE.Barbara Walter's is such an idiot,portraying these sons as guilty when the parents were the monsters,who should have been put away for life for the abuse they heaped on these poor boys
TRINITY KEEFER 16 dias atrás
Lyle saying “someone killed my parents” rubs me the wrong way tho
TRINITY KEEFER 16 dias atrás
@Kaylin White if the judge would have allowed the testimonies about the sexual assault that was going on in the home, it would have been evident that they both feared for their life and that it was self defense. If the defense would have stuck to a self defense case I’m sure the sentence would have been different
Kaylin White
Kaylin White 16 dias atrás
@TRINITY KEEFER He was trying to deny involvement. Which damaged their credibility significantly.
TRINITY KEEFER 16 dias atrás
@clare meraw I get that, but as you hear in the clip of the 911 call, Lyle says “someone killed my parents”, it just makes it seem like he was trying to deny any involvement in the murder
clare meraw
clare meraw 16 dias atrás
They killed their parents because they had been raped. Multiple times. There was no other escape.
TRINITY KEEFER 16 dias atrás
They wouldn’t have went to prison if the judge let all the evidence and testimonies into the courtroom. In no way am I glorifying them, I’m just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️
drewpwn 17 dias atrás
To anyone who says they are "crazy" or "greedy little kids" may be partially right, but come on- for both of them to kill like that... there's no way they were both "just nuts." They should have just done the fuckin trial correctly the first time. The abuse going on was totally real, and how you can really tell it was is because during the second trial they did not take the stand. They were unwilling to re-live that trauma for yet another time. So of course that's going to make them look guilty. Im shocked the jury on the second trial didn't just observe the first one... and act a little more accordingly with deliberation. I can't believe we have a story like this but then Zimmerman and Anthony walk away.
Irini K
Irini K 17 dias atrás
Are they gonna be released someday? Wtf! Somebody explain me please! It’s so unfair
Betül 17 dias atrás
Yes, no human deserves to be killed. but they weren't human, they were dishonest perverted pedophiles. They raised their own killers. I'm so sorry for the brothers. If only there was another way. But their father was very rich and there was no legal way. According to them, they would either kill or be killed . They made their choice and are now serving their sentences. First, their parents ruined their children's lives. Then the children ruined their own lives.They are( the parents and the brothers )criminals and also victims.But I think the biggest criminals are the parents. I'm so sorry that they have such a family Additionally If there were any parents who abused their children, most conscientious people would want them executed. The problem here is that it was their own children who killed them. I think this is the point that leads people to separation. And i must say i'm so glad those disgusting people died
NotHamza 17 dias atrás
Man this is sad the jury did not believe them if I was the jury I would believe them
Sumaya Abdirihman
Sumaya Abdirihman 18 dias atrás
But why the mother
sylvieeb 14 dias atrás
probably because she enabled the father to do those things
Isak Shaanika
Isak Shaanika 18 dias atrás
More money more problems.
Telena Brookshier
Telena Brookshier 18 dias atrás
I feel badly for these brothers. They were horribly abused and did something about it and they're in their for life? They aren't dangers to society, they just needed to get out of that horrible situation. I mean, if they were abused, they aren't going to feel badly about them being dead and they shouldn't. We need to protect children so they don't feel alone and like they have no other option.
Sophia W.
Sophia W. 18 dias atrás
Why the hell are these men still in prison????? So unfair.
Sophia W.
Sophia W. 18 dias atrás
No doubt about it: victims of abuse. They were understandably ashamed to tell the truth. It was very painful and shameful for these lovely brothers to tell their rotten story to the world. They had keep it so long for themselves.
Lisa Chlastawa
Lisa Chlastawa 19 dias atrás
How dumb are they? They had the perfect life. I would give anything to have their life but then they ruined it and are in prison for life.
9A - Jewel Abraham Biju
@orange juice dont correct a fool
orange juice
orange juice 18 dias atrás
their father molested them, that isnt 'perfect' sexual assault is traumatic
Alex Domanovic
Alex Domanovic 19 dias atrás
some people should never have kids. ever
『KOHARU 』 19 dias atrás
The people asking the questions are so fucking delusional!…it makes me mad
Erica Biney
Erica Biney 19 dias atrás
They did nothing wrong!!!!!!
Countess V
Countess V 20 dias atrás
I don't believe for a second they killed their parents because of sexual abuse. They are lying through their teeth.
sylvieeb 14 dias atrás
why would they kill them though? they wre already rich
Mumu 20 dias atrás
no bc it was SELF DEFENSE
Max Kwon
Max Kwon 20 dias atrás
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Hanna Rutledge
Hanna Rutledge 21 dia atrás
give him a damn second to talk🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
lugelle tuazon
lugelle tuazon 21 dia atrás
menendez brothers need the justice not the guy who killed the mother and daughter bcz hes just handsome??? fck thiz world
Σοφοκλης Βλαχόπουλος
You brats!!!
Romani 21 dia atrás
Zama 22 dias atrás
That woman at the end saying she feels bad for their mother. Absolutely not! That woman had to have known what was happening and she kept quiet. So, I don't feel bad for her.
Mangomight 20 dias atrás
So theoretically if they also had killed their cousin that would have been ok because he knew that Lyle had been abused and never tried to stop it or tell someone before the trial? If anyone deserved to get killed it was their father Jose, imho. The mother might have been a victim as well, besides ending up as a murder victim. Who knows, she cant testify.
R A 22 dias atrás
you people defending these monsters are fools- how many people go on million dollar spending sprees after they kill their parents??? the father was an abusive scumbag, but they were adults when they killed him - and their mother- and it wasn't in self defense - it was cold blooded brutal 1st degree murder....
Daniela Rosario
Daniela Rosario 23 dias atrás
Y'all Before some of u decide not to believe them, remember they had photographic evidence and about 60 witnesses
Sulli Park
Sulli Park 23 dias atrás
They must get justice
Jomark Tarray
Jomark Tarray 23 dias atrás
Money changes peoples! And that’s the reality!!!
Duh-mien 23 dias atrás
I'm kind of split, I still need to do more research but do they deserve time for what they did? Yes, do they deserve a life sentence? In my opinion, no, for now. Give any recommendations for things I should read up on for both sides of the argument :)
Alina Cyk
Alina Cyk 24 dias atrás
My throat got choked up instead of them, I've been so hurt. If I have a baby in the future, I will never leave him alone with his father, I will protect him from everything.
negr rozochka
negr rozochka 25 dias atrás
Actually this whole case is pretty controversial. Initially they weren't acting like that. When was the first trial they showed up in sport suits and really didn't give a damn about anything and acted all cool, grinning. But when they and their lawyers heard how many years in prison they will have, they changed their behaviour, simultaneously changing their facial expression and suits. I and every one of you commentators have no damn idea what actually happened between them and their killed parents, we'll never know. So, of course i do not pick sides. But this case is really complicated. And do not say that they are poor boys, they were already adults when they killed their parents, therefore they were already able to earn money, therefore they were able to leave their parents, no matter how bad or good they were. As far as i know there were no strong evidence of their father being sexual abuser. Killing someone is the last thing you should do in your life even under the cruelest circumstances
galsz 14 dias atrás
You do pick a side tho, it's ok.
Buludxan Buludov
Buludxan Buludov 25 dias atrás
If anyone was to be punishment, they were their parents,and they took their places in hell😡
Michelle 25 dias atrás
Sexism at its finest
Mena enjayo
Mena enjayo 26 dias atrás
I don't thik they are criminals but I think they are the victim...
Jeremy Gale
Jeremy Gale 27 dias atrás
Obviously I’ve never been in that situation but it can’t be that hard to just call the cops rather than shoot them... so either way you spin it I think they deserve to rot in prison.
Jeremy Gale
Jeremy Gale 17 dias atrás
@9A - Jewel Abraham Biju They weren’t in this situation before they murdered their fucking parents 🤦‍♂️ grow up
9A - Jewel Abraham Biju
They were not thinking straight. WHO WOULD THINK STRAIGHT IN THIS SITUATION?!
9A - Jewel Abraham Biju
And they are not psychic.
9A - Jewel Abraham Biju
You can't think straight in this situation.
Jeremy Gale
Jeremy Gale 21 dia atrás
@Tanvi Vijay Yes, the police would’ve had to conduct an investigation. Don’t forget, the boys were very famous too. Also, my point was that their parents let them go to the theatre. They could have called the cops there, away from their parents. You are defending cold blooded murderers right now.
Jeremy Gale
Jeremy Gale 27 dias atrás
The way I see it... even if their father was abusive and violent, they should have just gone somewhere safe and called 911 so that they could conduct an investigation. Then they would be behind bars rather than dead. If their father WASN’T abusive, obviously this was just a cold blooded murder for financial gain. Either way, I think they deserve to rot in prison.
Jeremy Gale
Jeremy Gale 26 dias atrás
@McKenna Siems First off, I never said that the father wasn’t abusive. Also, their parents would get out of prison, yes, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be allowed by authorities to be with their kids alone. There is NO reason that they couldn’t have called the cops. That’s why I think their story doesn’t add up. I could be wrong, but with everything I heard this is the conclusion I came to, and it makes sense.
McKenna Siems
McKenna Siems 27 dias atrás
I’d have to disagree. If you really think about it, if their parents were in prison, they would get out and still have to worry about being abused again. Can you elaborate on why the father wouldn’t be considered abusing? And even that molesting someone needs a punishment. They were defending themselves.
Uriel Fulgencio
Uriel Fulgencio 28 dias atrás
This is some bs , they were violated, they shouldn’t spend their entire lifes in jail
Ownage 28 dias atrás
I’m so pissed that y’all don’t even understand that lyle touched erik
Bahn Delemere
Bahn Delemere 28 dias atrás
Notice when they cry there’s no tears lying fucks
olivia tando
olivia tando 29 dias atrás
If they were two girls they would of been out so long ago
alex h
alex h 29 dias atrás
Free them
Charlize.M 29 dias atrás
1:23 omg that lady annoys me rn🙄
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