Why SAO Abridged Is the Best Parody Ever

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(WARNING: This video features heavy spoilers for SAO Abridged. If the title wasn't enough of an indicator, I highly recommend that you give it a watch if you're interested, but worried about spoilers)

Something Witty Entertainment has crafted an incredible Sword Art Online parody that completely outclasses the source material. Here is why, conceptually, I think that makes it the best parody ever.

One of my goals for this channel was to analyze an abridged series. This is me doing that.

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22 Abr 2017



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Mathwiz 2 anos atrás
So I started doing these pinned comments to clarify my stance on these older videos like...a year ago, but I kept putting this one off because I knew it'd be time-consuming and I wasn't looking forward to it. This was the video that really launched my channel in its early days, and I remember being passionate about the subject at the time, so I do have some nostalgia for it, but ultimately, I think it's bogged down by a lot of meandering points, faulty logic - honestly, it's just not a framework I can see myself replicating today. I do think Something Witty did a great job with SAO Abridged, and it's kind of hard to talk about the parody's appeal without drawing comparisons to the original SAO, but in hindsight, I think other creators on the platform like Explanation Point and Ember Reviews have done a better job of capturing that appeal in more insightful ways. I guess I don't have much disdain for specific things I said, but rather it's the more general concept behind this video that I've since grown displeased with. First off, the whole "SAO is bad" narrative is something I had absolutely bought into around the time I made this, but that's not really true to how I feel now (and there was probably a degree of performativity to it back then also). I'm no SAO defender, but I don't think it's the worst thing to exist either. Truth be told, it doesn't interest me, which is why I pretty much never talk about it. I'd rather use my channel to talk about things that DO interest me, things that I AM passionate about. I'm generally not a fan of making content purely out of spite or disinterest, because I think that results in my worst work. Some people can make something constructive out of that, but I don't think I'm that kind of person. In this particular video, I feel like I could've made more of an effort to understand what the source material might've been going for, but instead I just played up the lack of understanding as bad writing. Maybe there's some truth to that, but I feel like a lot of these more negative "hot take" pieces tend to exaggerate a bit. So...yeah, I don't really vibe with the premise of this video anymore, but that's mostly because I think I can do better, which makes sense since I was still figuring this whole thing out back in 2017. I won't be deleting the video or anything (after all, if this video spread any misinformation, I kinda missed my chance to damage control that lol), but it doesn't sit right that this is one of my most popular videos and I have yet to post some sort of addendum to it on the page itself, so here's my piece. If you took the time to read this, even if you disagree with my criticisms of the video, I appreciate it. Anyway, here's the part where I point out specific nitpicks: 0:08 - "I'm not here to bash SAO" (proceeds to bash SAO) 1:04 - I guess there's some self-awareness here, I at least understood that I didn't have much to say about the original SAO, but dwelling on that for so long kinda undercuts the point. 10:15 - OH BOY, HERE WE GO. So a decent chunk of the comments here bring up DBZA and/or Hellsing Ultimate Abridged as the "true" best abridged series, and while it ultimately comes down to personal preference, the title of this video doesn't even reflect my own. I have a much more personal connection to DBZA, but I go on to say that SAO Abridged is a better parody because it improves upon the source material where DBZA doesn't, which...uh...that's not how that works?? Whether a parody "improves" upon its source is subjective, for one thing, but more importantly, I don't think that's necessarily what an internet abridged series should strive to be. You can't replace the original no matter how well-written your parody is, so just have fun telling whatever story you want to tell. This whole point was just me thinking I was slick in justifying a clickbait title, but looking back, it's not clever at all and there's actually a lot of holes in this reasoning, so much so that I'd have to completely deconstruct all the messy assumptions it makes, but I don't have the patience for that. 11:28 - Randomly throwing 2 shows under the bus with no explanation! THAT'LL ENHANCE MY POINT!! DO I SOUND SMART YET?? 12:13 - I don't think I've ever used "diegesis" in a script outside of this video. I'm in pain.
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez Mês atrás
i dont know if youve seen it, but hellsing abridged is incredible if you want to watch it
Angel Israel Sarmiento Romero
Your opinion no need to justify it, if anyone gets offended laugh at them , unfortunately not all are smart nor mature enough to handle others ideas
Games In character
Games In character Anos atrás
Honestly season 1 is pretty good in my opinion except for the fairy dance ALO ark. Season 2 ( fantom bullet ark) is much better than season 1
Gamer man
Gamer man Anos atrás
Free Wyvern
Free Wyvern Anos atrás
@Metal Minister i'd imagine the glitch simply appeared sometime after the beta-test. Which would make sense as it makes sense for the beta-test to have happened more than 3 weeks before release, and the glitch appeared during that 500 hours.
rJoe 2 anos atrás
"And that's why SAOA is the best parody ever." "Are you done? " "Yes. But the legacy of the pebble lives on."
PartiPatil 5 meses atrás
Oh my gosh this is the best thing ever! XD Thank you so much for this comment chain!!!!!!
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 7 meses atrás
You forgot something. FOR YOU SEE
Isaac Arguello
Isaac Arguello 10 meses atrás
Lunaria Anos atrás
@Weazyl me too but I just couldn't let the mistake taint the perfection
Weazyl Anos atrás
@Lunaria bruh, you cut it off too early, I wanted to see how far you guys would go.
MadMen 2 anos atrás
"Kirito,you look...young." "And you look less hairy,balls." "My name is Klein." "Heh heh. . .no,it's not."
Koba 5 meses atrás
It gets better in SWE-MHAA where Klein is the one bullying Kirito.
Frøzen Wołf
Frøzen Wołf 4 anos atrás
We all know Kirito was weakest when Asuna made him drop his sandwich. IT WAS INOCENT! INOCENT I TELL YOU!
Fullmetal Maine
Fullmetal Maine 2 meses atrás
Ghostly Dude
Ghostly Dude 11 meses atrás
@Gerado Solusyon WE MUST SAVE MY FAMILY **Sounds of being sliced**
DonPacific Bobcat9er
But was it made in a tent? What if was made by the incompetent? I’m sorry but these questions just won’t relent!
SSDARKPIT 3 anos atrás
In an alternate Universe, SAOA is the official English Dub of the anime.
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs 22 horas atrás
And in that same universe, the official _Ghost Stories_ dub is an Abridged series.
Ljade4929 5 meses atrás
Just like ghost stories.
ßadassElSkyflyio 7 meses atrás
The "ghost stories treatment"
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers 11 meses atrás
Plz if I am reincarnated in their plz have me watch I for all that is holy
pop rocks
pop rocks Anos atrás
It’s like ghost stories lol
ShadowStorm 2.0
ShadowStorm 2.0 4 anos atrás
This video was sponsored by the Kirito is Always Right Foundation
Europe Ball Mapper
Europe Ball Mapper 11 meses atrás
"Where the 99.9% of you are idiots and the 0.01 is me that is always right"-Kirito
The Witness
The Witness Anos atrás
@Brian Stabile because he's the mc and an Otaku
Brian Stabile
Brian Stabile Anos atrás
Kirito is almost always right
The Witness
The Witness Anos atrás
Wait kirito doesn't give
CosmicStoxrm Anos atrás
Yessir he's never wrong 💯
Kuni no Senso
Kuni no Senso 2 anos atrás
I'd have to say that my favorite part of SAO abridged was the whole marriage arc between Kirito and Asuna. It was comedy gold to see into their minds during those scenes and show their over-the-top decisions to show up the other and get them to break facade first, including buying an *entire orphanage*
⚔AshdorCrush⚔ 5 dias atrás
@Mario Gonzalez "Ma'am, we would like to buy your orphanage!?"
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez 5 meses atrás
“We would like to buy one child please.”
Ghostly Dude
Ghostly Dude 11 meses atrás
Asuna : *Giggle* Jesus Christ kirito that’s horrible!
Fishybpp 2 anos atrás
Kirito: if we have to sacrifice a small child every time we need to have a conversation then maybe buying the orphanage wasn't such a bad investment
Matias Lozano
Matias Lozano 3 anos atrás
What I love about the Sachi episode is that sets up jokes that have a punchline way later in the series The best one’s in Kayaba’s rant in the end of the season, when he says “Everyone’s dying left and right and your tutorial NPC is nowhere to be found”. He’s talking about one of the NPCs in Kirito’s guild; that guy’s incompetence in the game was indirectly responsible for hundreds of deaths. It’s hilarious.
Joshua Tolodxi
Joshua Tolodxi 17 dias atrás
@Zen Božić as much as I wanted to like this comment, it currently has 69 likes, so I cannot in good conscience bring myself to deny the smiles on the faces of all the people as immature as I am as soon as they see that number
Louis Duarte
Louis Duarte Anos atrás
I liked the jokes that referred to other games, like Kirito using a viewpoint from Assassin's Creed (complete with eagle screech) to find someone.
Mikanoes Anos atrás
@Tobias Geis Holy ball sacks, WHAT?! That hallucination lead to him creating Laughing Coffin? That is freaking genius! I think my favorite future payoff is as follows. "We must save my family." "See? Some of them even have faaaaaAaaa.....(sinister) Gary..."
Autobot Soldier
Autobot Soldier Anos atrás
@Tobias Geis It's such a great Abridged series. Instead of recycling the trashed show's side plots, SWE created their own. That made for more laughs and giggles, which is why I think SWE is a genius. Taking a horrible show and then recreating the story with additional quirks to make the abridged series all the more entertaining. Making the protagonist and antagonist more fun to watch, and makes things like Asuna and Kirito's love all the more endearing. Two of the most horrible and flawed people of the Abridged series, as Yui puts it, their flaws are so jaw dropping, love seemed impossible. Another genius thing about what SWE did was to give an advanced AI a motive for inserting itself into their lives. And it made the scene where Asuna was completely heartbroken to lose Yui more impactful than the original show could ever create. I don't think I'll be able to watch the original, because watching Abridged is the original to me.
Autobot Soldier
Autobot Soldier Anos atrás
I've noticed that, which made it all the more hilarious because one guy steals the tutorial NPC and ends up being part of the reason why so many people died, lol.
Zero 4 anos atrás
"Why did you create this game?" "Pfft. Idk" "Seems legit"
Shadow Ash Gamer
Shadow Ash Gamer 5 meses atrás
Shawn 6 meses atrás
If my answer were to be correct then I feel like the ending was perfect originally cuz later on in newer material we learn he just wanted a castle in the sky.
Shawn 6 meses atrás
Split personality. He was killing people, I'm sure he just lost himself and not remembering is an honest answer, in death he remembered how stupid he truly was. Which I bet the game didn't even kill anyone, notice all 3 go to spectate the world after dying, I bet that's a spectator mode meaning once there kayaba would wait until he was free then hacked their gear and blew them up himself, surely if that's the case he would have surely lost himself and became detached and eventually became 2 people, like heathcliff.
Queen of Sh!t-posts
"Are you the right one?" "I guess I could-" "AHHHH" "are you the right one?" "I'm like 12!" "Are youuu the right one?" "I'm as useless as a hedgehog in a condom factory!" "What about you" "Its not like I like you or anything baka" "Perfect"
Cortex 2 anos atrás
Kirito: Do you think we got married too quickly? Asuna: Yeah, obviously Kirito: Yeahhh me too. Do you wanna stay together anyway? Asuna: Yeah, obviously Kirito: Yeah me too, was that the entire conversation? Asuna: I think it was! Kirito: THAT WAS SO EASY! Asuna: WE ARE SO STUPID! Kirito: Jeez, lets hope we dont have to sacrifice a small child every time we need to have a talk like this. Otherwise buying that orphanage may not have been a terrible investment.
Yuni the Fox
Yuni the Fox Mês atrás
The best moment from the series. Hands down.
HungerBunger 2 anos atrás
First episode: "How many of you have seen Tron? Wait no one? Really?" Last episode: "So you have seen Tron!" My favorite part of the whole abridged is when they quiz each other as movie buffs haha
Never Giving Up
Never Giving Up 8 meses atrás
The movie quotes thing is probably smarter than anything in the actual show.
G I Gandhi
G I Gandhi 3 anos atrás
Holy shit they turned Suguha into a pretty damn good character.
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 2 meses atrás
@Brandon K EXACTLY somebody gets it
Brandon K
Brandon K 2 anos atrás
The best part is how they completely removed the incest bullshit by having Suguha learn who Kirito is right away and immediately has a tantrum over it because "Jesus fuck, I said my brother has a sweet patootie!"
Bahrin Adrian
Bahrin Adrian 2 anos atrás
Kirito's sister is Kirito's Kirito
Will 3 anos atrás
"DO IT, SACHI!" ..ahh.. we're gonna pretend that didnt happen.
job place
job place Anos atrás
ok? ok. okay? O K!
Aisir 2 anos atrás
When changing one word enough to make Sachi's more impactful than all of events in original
Asora 3 anos atrás
I want SAO to continue so SAO abridged has more material to work with
pop rocks
pop rocks Anos atrás
The only reason for SAO is for SAOA
Autobot Soldier
Autobot Soldier Anos atrás
@Steele They did manage to make another Abridged episode of another series, and it's honestly got the same love and laughs that SAOA has. So there's hope... Another thing is they know what to cut out of the original to make the Abridged show shorter. So we may still get to watch all of the SAO Abridged before long.
Nathan Morgan
Nathan Morgan 2 anos atrás
@18Hongo Yeah multiple other seasons
Steele 2 anos atrás
Yeah, they are about 4 seasons behind. It could die now and we would have 10 years of slow work.
18Hongo 2 anos atrás
The abridged version is releasing an episode per year right now. Even if SAO never makes another episode, SWE has plenty of material to work with.
TheEverydayGamer1000 3 anos atrás
My favorite part had to have been when Kurito's and Asuna's voices in their heads were arguing with each other when they started talking about getting married, not only did those voices fit their personalities and was realistic due to everyone having their voice inside their head that you can make argue or yell or whatever but it was downright hilarious. I cant wait to see more.
The Witness
The Witness Anos atrás
Queen of Sh!t-posts
Louis Duarte
Louis Duarte Anos atrás
"It's like what Mom always said, 'It doesn't matter if you're wrong, dig in your heels and don't give an inch of ground!'" "Is that why Mom and Dad are getting divorced?" "No time to unpack all that now!"
Oxygen Anos atrás
@Alphadog 2064 also if you are wearing headphones you can hear what side is talking
Alphadog 2064
Alphadog 2064 2 anos atrás
I know I'm late but if you turn on subtitles at that point, they're labeled with right and left brain
FallenPasha 3 anos atrás
Original reason for trapping thousands of people in a death game was brilliantly mocked in Abridged. Seriously, how unsatisfying is learning that thousands of people died and the ones to survive but have spent years trapped in a game was "I dunno, whatever". It's a slap in the face!
caav56 2 anos atrás
@seelcudoom1 Cardinal system taking an in-game avatar of Kayaba and locking him out of the loop, while going balls to the wall with its own understanding of its purpose and considering hijacking admin account as a best way to achieve it? Not too bad of an idea. By the way, in this version, Yui can be an emergency AI, hastily programmed by Kayaba to give him some perspective into the game without alerting the Cardinal system to his presence, as well as help players to survive the death game a bit better.
seelcudoom1 2 anos atrás
its worse becasue even if your trying to come up with a serious answer for why someone could do it theres a thousand more believable motives, hell they dont have news from the outside world, they could pull a twist that kaiaba was actaully a good guy and the "kaiaba" in game was a disgruntled employee out to ruin him, or hell, its an ai programmed to create endless challenged for the players gone off the rails
News Paper
News Paper 2 anos atrás
My favourite scene is from ep 10 Yui: but that all changed when I found you two K&A:aww Yui: the most broken sociopathic players I had ever laid my eyes on. Less people and more a lose combination of character defects Kirito: that kinda went in a different direction
Jovao Rodriguez
Jovao Rodriguez 2 anos atrás
News Paper Kirito: they had us at the first half not gonna lie
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 3 anos atrás
"You see, the problem with that is... It's an excellent idea and I wish I had thought of it 2 years ago."
Brandon K
Brandon K 2 anos atrás
"The first thing I realized was 'why would a ghost need a teleport crystal?' The second thing I realized was 'Oh shit, window." -Kirito, episode 7 Seriously though, the assassin group leader and the one who killed his wife who didn't die in the original but were killed her made things all the more satisfying. As horrific as it my be for me to say this, I truly believe some people don't deserve to live. Seeing Kirito slice the assassins throat or hearing the misogynist getting pummeled to death offscreen made me go "THANK YOU!" because letting them walk away would mean they would kill more people!
Nariko Uzumaki
Nariko Uzumaki 3 anos atrás
*Kirito :* But, I got good news! You see there's no need to wonder where your god is! Cause he's right here! *and he's fresh out of mercy* *Random man : cries* I LITERALLY HAD THIS AS MY RINGTONE 😂😂😂😂
Mirzuan Danial
Mirzuan Danial Anos atrás
One of the best lines I've heard.😂
Fishybpp 2 anos atrás
i need that as my ringtone
manuel ernesto
manuel ernesto 2 anos atrás
Shikamaru, is that you?
William Stevens
William Stevens 2 anos atrás
Everytime I see that clip I still crack up. Is there anyway you'd share the ringtone?
Brian St. John
Brian St. John 2 anos atrás
Most important trees in the show: Season 1 has the Fabled Word Tree of Gamagorath. Season 2 has the math tree.
dark gacha maker
dark gacha maker Anos atrás
The math tree is the support the official release dude in 13 or 14
Knight Minson
Knight Minson Anos atrás
Oh my God.... 4!
Ceaer Cear
Ceaer Cear Anos atrás
Dear god I love the math tree
Genesis Funes
Genesis Funes 2 anos atrás
Dont forget that with the addition of the second season, even if it's only like 3 episodes, it adds even more depth to kiritos character since we see that the reason hes like this is because of his relationship with suguha, seeing her bully him with same kind of humor and attitude that he had in the first few episodes make u realize that's why hes an asshole. In fact with the new release of the 14th episode we get a scene where as leafa she goes to explain about the game to kirito and begins with "for you see a long time ago" (smth along those lines), a parallel to the infamous story he tells balls in the first episode. We see hes a bully because he takes what she does to him and uses it in the game to feel power
Anhilliator1 3 anos atrás
3:18 Klein/BallsDeep69: "I get the feeling you get beat up a lot in real life." Kirito: "SHADDUP! HERE I HAVE POWER!"
Reigo Vassal 4444
Reigo Vassal 4444 Anos atrás
Kirito: He call me an asshole *while running away and crying
Morgan Pecukonis
Morgan Pecukonis 3 anos atrás
Here's why kirito beat SAO Actual kirito: to save my friends SWE kirito: they need to praise me
Rajab Anos atrás
@Guy With Glasses Noice
Guy With Glasses
Guy With Glasses 2 anos atrás
@Morgan Pecukonis r/foundthemobileuser
Morgan Pecukonis
Morgan Pecukonis 2 anos atrás
Luke Deakin
Luke Deakin 2 anos atrás
Actually in both it is to save his friends the difference being that ib the abridged there is a whole level of growth from the beginning to that point that isn't in the original
Halt19 3 anos atrás
Not just a bold claim... it's underlined too
Halt19 3 anos atrás
Do you really still check the comments after a year?? That’s... pretty impressive.
Daw 2 anos atrás
Best parody ever? It's one of my favorite anime ever. SWE's SAO is a masterpiece. Honestly, instead of bashing on SOA, the anime community should only recognize the abridged series.
pheonixshaman 4 anos atrás
The characters in SAO abridged are leagues better than the characters is SAO.
Nathan Morgan
Nathan Morgan 2 anos atrás
I go by many names. Mountain slayer, thunder lion, chocolate axe, but you can call me.... Tiffany
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen 3 anos atrás
Im interested in how the GGO Abridged plays out since it isnt burning trash, and actually is something decent. LLENN, an amusing relatable character who isnt flat as paper, would be hysterical if some traits got cranked up to 11 (girl got a brutal streak), Pito's not abridged stat is as psycho as Abridged Asuna... probably more crazy honestly, and M hmmm be fun to see what gets done about the usually stoic badass.
FallenPasha 3 anos atrás
Kobayashi's Dragon Maid really was a great show. It's funny, heartwarming, emotional, and simply put, a good comedy.
Bahrin Adrian
Bahrin Adrian 2 anos atrás
I know about way more bad anime than good anime
Unclaimed Username
Unclaimed Username 3 anos atrás
Man let me tell you about this fucking abridges series. During the last episode of the first season, there's a part where Kirito is crying his eyes out and says "I haven't said this out loud, but I love you Asuna!", and to that Asuna replies "I know". The thing about that is that it was said without the shrill, snarky tone Asuna's maintained for nearly the entire series. It was actually calm, and clear, and spoken from a place of peaceful happiness of someone maybe ready to face their end. In that final moment, with someone she loved, she finally dropped her act and was just *honest* and you know what? From a parody series that's a pretty fucking powerful move to pull on someone. Then the series goes out on one final joke, and the credits roll. They slowly pan out to an arcade-style countdown, and when the screen fades to black on 1, you hear a coin being put in. That was some GOOD FUCKING SHIT THERE and I have to capitalize to emphasize how nice that little bit was after coming right off of the ending scene. Not to keep sucking this series' dick but it was GOOD. Better than it had any right to be and I hope that SWE continues to make the second season as great, if not better and that they have a grand time doing it.
DevilsDeal 3 anos atrás
But if SAO dies, so does the parody. You're stuck in a paradox. ;-)
Mustache D. Luffy
Mustache D. Luffy 2 anos atrás
SAO abridged will take 50 years to get to catching up. SAO dying wouldn’t caus ethe abridge to die unless it’s in terms of relevancy
Dr. Atom
Dr. Atom 2 anos atrás
That's where you wrong kiddo, whether SAO dies or not, the abridged series is so remarkable, so much better, that it becomes immortal
DreamZ 3 anos atrás
Not really as when SAO dies we would still have years of abridged to come up.
Yes Of Course
Yes Of Course 3 anos atrás
IMO, DBZA and SAOA are the two best parodies... ever. Here's why: DBZ Abridged took a great series and, not only turned it into a genius comedy-series, but also expanded on characters that originally were lacking in DBZ, while also taking full advantage of the already great characters, such as Cell, Vegeta and Frieza. I NEVER thought I'd get into characters such as the Ginyu Force, Nappa, or even Android 16, the latter of whom they've given a touching backstory. They've made every episode of the parody so-far enjoyable, and TFS havr done what they needed to in order to make a show worth watching, with great story, comedy, and even emotional moments. SAO Abridged is EASILY comparable comparable to DBZA. It worked with what, in my opinion, is a lesser-quality story, albeit still somewhat enjoyable, and gave us phenomenal characters, great story and comedy, emotinal moments, and an overall great experience. I don't find SAOA or DBZA to be superior to one-another. They're both phenomenal, and at some points, have one-upped their originals, especially SAOA.
John Hawes
John Hawes 2 anos atrás
I'd add Hellsing Abridged to the list. I rewatch that show all the time and it never gets old to me.
MrTeeh 2 anos atrás
"Hey GARY! Long time no see!" "We must save my- AHH!" "Yeah! Bet you didn't expect to see ME again, did ya' punk?!" "WE MUST SAVE MY FAMILY!" "You left us to die you Bastard!" "WE MUST SAVE MY FAMILY!" "THIS IS FOR SACHI! Choke on it! Choke on my vengeance! How does it taste?!" "We must- ARGH- save my... family-" 'Kirito laughing psychotically while repeatedly stabbing Gary' Ahh, one of my favorite scenes.
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
"Oh look at me, I'm Kayaba Akihiko, I have like an invincible shield that can block any attack and also like a super sweet sword that deals infinity +2 damage and can cut through anything, even like Wolverine claws and shit, because I am awesome and cOooOl." ... "Truly, you are the voice of a generation."
Notaforumguy007 4 anos atrás
The abridged series was definitely better then a OG anime as the overall development of characters and relationships between them aren't fleshed out and kind of leave you with a wtf as for why they are together. The abridged gives them a hate/spiteful relationships at the start with them often at odds but its that chemistry that gives cause for their endearment to each other, rather then a ambiguously amicable relationship that magically becomes love of the original. Klien's bit at the end was touching since he was that normal guy just trying to be friendly to this ass hole character in hopes of making a change and he does in fact make a difference.
MisterA 5 anos atrás
*Hands award for analyzing an abridged series You did good, you deserve this
Lord Blue Balls
Lord Blue Balls 5 anos atrás
You get a star sticker for your abridged series
Jamie 5 anos atrás
*in jack dapper voice* Congratulations Mathwiz97 You get a cookie
FluffyRat 5 anos atrás
Couldnt have been difficult since it was so good
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith 3 anos atrás
"Which begs the question: WHY AM I STILL HERE!?"
SewerShaman 2 anos atrás
Moonlight .Z holy fuck of course you have a playlist called "tokyo ghoul"
Red RoseDust
Red RoseDust 2 anos atrás
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z 3 anos atrás
That scene was AMAZING. Like, seriously, whatever Kirito said about humans were all real. It gave me a huge shock, to be honest. That's why I love sociopaths...
RemusTDR Anos atrás
I watched SAO abridged, and really enjoyed it. As I was watching it I thought "This is funny, and more realistic than a lot of the things that happened in SAO". When I watched the final episode of the first arc, and I heard kirito say "Because now... I've got something worth fighting for"... I fucking felt chills. That was when I thought "This show isn't just funny, and isn't just making a joke of SAO. This series is legitimately better than the source material".
OSKVAJ 4 anos atrás
Finally, a person that understands, The anime that got me into anime is also SAO however since iv watched actually good animes since I've gotten tired of its shittiness but it still has a soft spot for me since it was the anime that got me in the world of anime. Also amazing video, best of luck to you
Autobot Soldier
Autobot Soldier Anos atrás
Dude 1: "Hey, you're not a girl!" Dude 2: "And you're not 17!" Dude 1: "I'm ok with this!" Dude 2: "Me too!" Some dude in crowd: "LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER!" ------------ BallsDeep69: "You look so... young." Kirito: "And you look less hairy, Balls." BallsDeep69: "My name is Klein." Kirito: "Aha, no it's not."
Kuisma Haapala
Kuisma Haapala 5 anos atrás
Klein? Who is Klein? I only know BallsDeep69.
Duality 28 dias atrás
@BallsDeep69 “hehe, no it’s not”
YM Flako
YM Flako Mês atrás
We were beaten back by the legendary warrior ballsdeep69 and his men
Ryan Driscoll
Ryan Driscoll 4 meses atrás
You don’t mean the legendary BallsDeep69
Phoenix 5 meses atrás
Wait, boss, who's Klein
Phoenix 5 meses atrás
Yo same
Brett The best
Brett The best 2 anos atrás
I kinda want the Sao series keep going so “something witty entertainment” can abridged it and make it better
camo shotgun69
camo shotgun69 3 anos atrás
Sword art online abridged actually got me into the series. I went back and watched original series just to see the source material for the abridged show and kinda liked it and watched season 1 and 2 and yes there were flaws but I got exited to see what the abridged version would do with season 2 and I still am as of summer 2019. The original is flawed yes but that just leaves more for the abridged parody to run with and surpass the original if you have not seen the original season 1 or 2 it's worth a watch to see where the abridged version came from.
Kota 3 anos atrás
The great thing about SAO Abridged is that it feels like a better show than the actual SAO
Levilion 5 anos atrás
See, I don't want SAO to die out. Not because I like it, but because I want the abridged series to continue
Iris B.
Iris B. Mês atrás
well its still going 5 years later
i don have any idea what to call my account
@Mustache D. Luffy the character death gun alone justifies parodying season 2
wildcard! 3 anos atrás
@A. Hass I'm fairly sure the voice actor for kirito abridged is also the actor for abridged Shirō Emyia from Fate UBW
Mustache D. Luffy
Mustache D. Luffy 3 anos atrás
They’re doing GGO?
OliSalad -
OliSalad - 3 anos atrás
Brechum 4 anos atrás
You forgot the point number 4: THE TUTORIAL NPC. xD no need to explain, people will understand.
Nobody Anos atrás
To jump JUMP
Jake Mcdonald
Jake Mcdonald 2 anos atrás
"2000 people died cause the tutorial npc is nowhere to be found" -Kaiyaba
Mr. Cup • 6 years ago
“Bet you didn’t expect to see me again, did ya?” *Horrible screaming* “WE HAVE TO SAVE MY- AAAAGH!” “THIS IS FOR YOU, SACHI! EAT MY SWEET VENGEANCE, HOW DOES IT TASTE?!” It wasn’t the tutorial bot, but Greg was the best NPC companion.
Thallan 3 anos atrás
"we have to save my family!" "see, some of them even have family! wait, gary? is that you?"
Ryono 2 anos atrás
Lmao I saw the Sao abridged in my recommended and watched it all immediately (before i watched the original) and without knowing anything about the show and other seasons i enjoyed the abridged more lol
Nic ALN 2 anos atrás
Honestly, I tried rewatching the original SAO and I just can’t. Damn I’m tempted to fund SomethingWitty to redo the entire series.
Ivan Adriazola
Ivan Adriazola Anos atrás
"I can empathise with the proces of writing a story" Yeah, that does it, I love the movie references, and knowing they are real even if I dont get them, makes it bette, the same with gaming references, I had to look up Leeroy Jenkins and when I found out I really enjoyd the joke.
patrikcath 3 anos atrás
I just realised. We never found out what happened to Fluffles
RWX Studio
RWX Studio Anos atrás
Ah, Don Fluffles. Somehow he got his paws into every major power play.
MadHouse 3 anos atrás
@Quentin McWimberton Meow meow meow! - Don Fluffles
Quentin McWimberton
Quentin McWimberton 3 anos atrás
Well the King of Ashes has found Kirito on Twitter, and since Fluffles was last seen as his right hand...
Drake Ware
Drake Ware 6 meses atrás
Another reason why SAOA is an amazing parody; it feels like it was written by actual gamers
Kyrious 2 anos atrás
I loved the reviving dragon part. Instead of it being one flower it’s 50 of them and it’s much more tedious which is so much more like a mmo.
QuikSilver259 2 anos atrás
and the fact that the dragon ended up not being revived cuz time ran out was amazing
GloriousTigerEye 2 anos atrás
On exploring the setting I love how charisma hat returned and there is more said on its power.
EmblemBlade9 5 anos atrás
"I never got the idea that dumb character choices to advance the plot are a bad thing." I want to hug you for saying that. And yeah, one thing that really set SAOA apart for me was all the great meta-jokes in regards to gamers, MMOs, and the culture around them. Right at the very start, Kirito sees a bunch of ads and is given the choice to purchase a stupidly expensive ad block, and that just sets the tone for the great jokes that follow.
Skoopish 3 anos atrás
I’m EXTREMELY excited for season 2. In season 1, they turned something descent into something amazing, if they can do the same with season 2,(despite the original season 2 being awful,) it would easily put SWE series above TFS. So far, season 2 looks amazing!
sindy 4 anos atrás
This abridged series was so well made I actually cried at some points. Mostly because i was overjoyed that they managed to make something I lost hope for, good. Cheers to something witty entertainment
Twiggy the Torterra
Twiggy the Torterra 2 anos atrás
Klein: I’ll clap for you with my teeth buddy! *clack clack clack clack*
Twiggy the Torterra
Victor Gomez thanks!
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez Anos atrás
Good taste in pokemon my friend
Jasper Rose
Jasper Rose 4 anos atrás
I remember that I first saw this, because my sibling recommended it. At the time, I remember having to force myself to finish the first few episodes, because there may have been more interesting things further ahead. Not gonna lie, I became a huuuuuge fanboy for SAO. The thing is, I know, how bad and honestly stupid the original series gets. But I think something that I love about it so much, is the fact that It's so messed up and bad in certain ways, that It's amazing. You sit there, seeing what could have been made into something glorious such as the abridged did, and yet boom. Skipping months, and years ahead, where they could have developed a bit more? The sarcastic take from the abridged about SAO, honestly if hilarious for me. Not only because I was secretly hoping for moments like that in the original, but because I'm sarcastic as fuck in real life as well. I generally hate life, there's no joke in that. But I turn my hatred and dislike of things, into comedy. Probably to actually handle them myself better without dying, BUT. Not the point.
The Deer King
The Deer King 5 anos atrás
My favorite thing about SAO abridged is how they made a deeply flawed relationship built on what is basically hatred and somehow made it both endearing and cringe worthy at the same time. Like seriously, after they get married try to watch anytime they call each other Honey and try to go "Awwwwwwww" while also retreating into your own face.
matt81093 2 anos atrás
Hatred? Or pure manipulation?
bibbobella 3 anos atrás
@trequor Yeah their little petty power fights and not wanting to admit they made a mistake is fucking amazing. The fact they slowly learn how to actually communicate and open up to eachother.. It isn't just realistic teen romance it is realistic romance period. Doesn't matter how old you get..newly in love people are fucking awful yet also adorable to see.
trequor 4 anos atrás
Most realistic dramatization of teen romance ever of all time
UGNAvalon 2 anos atrás
Two years late (great video btw!), but I think there were two more points you could’ve used in your analysis/comparison of Kayaba: 1) Rather than simply being a one-dimensional villain with a god-complex, here Kayaba actually _Tries_ to help ppl! (“Remember how 2000 ppl died in the first month? Yeah, that’s why I joined as Heathcliff.”) and 2) While I don’t remember Original-Kayaba’s “connection” with Kirito that would make him count as an effective “foil” (aside from, like you said “games, I guess?”), SWE’s version actually makes this foil more realistic: Both r socially inept introverted geeks that became their greatest dreams incarnate within a VRMMO, but whereas Kayaba’s view toward the idiots surrounding him remained unchanged thru to the very end, Kirito’s worldview actually changed to the point where he Respected & Admired those poor idiots who risked their lives to clear each floor! We see Kayaba as the gamer that Kirito could’ve easily become/remained, but at the finale, we see just how much the two drifted apart in terms of growth as a result of their differing experiences. (I think Explanation Point was the one who used the film references as a subtle-yet-recurring example: both used references in their jabs, and both even understood the other’s references in the majority of cases. But in the end, just when Kayaba was starting to think he found a kindred spirit in Kirito, a reference is made that isn’t understood. It shows that, despite their vast similarities, in the end Kayaba & Kirito r No Longer going to b the same ppl; and when Kayaba tries in vain to use that reference again at the end, it shows just how close, and yet so very far, the two would be in terms of relationship/foil.)
Adri Void
Adri Void Anos atrás
Ok but I was proud and happy in the end when Kirito fought for people and cried. He really goes through an arc and develops as a person. I love how this abridged really creates its own fun story and really showcases gaming culture.
Joe 2 anos atrás
i want them to keep making SAO episodes so that something witty entertainment can make more abridged
Catherine Roberts
Catherine Roberts 3 anos atrás
This parody was my first introduction, and then I tried to watch the original. I completely agree.
Maxie Primo
Maxie Primo 3 anos atrás
Making a parody of SAO is hard because it does such a good job of making itself look stupid. This parody is good because it _fixed_ parts of SAO *and then made fun of them.*
sherbetpie 3 anos atrás
Especially all those videogame references. As a gamer, I loved it. It felt like SAO could be an actual game rather than a fake game made for the plot like in the proper show.
Delton 2 anos atrás
I absolutely loved saoa and i think its literally the best anime ever if this was the original version.
spyjon7066 3 anos atrás
I watched the first 2 episodes and and by the end, I was already annoyed they crumpled Kirito’s character without any real reason. I thought it was going to be someone who tries to work with others so that they could beat the game and live. That was my impression. Until he beats the boss. One of my better life decisions.
msrich1982 Anos atrás
I really hope SWE keep going up to GGO, I was completely uninterested in the Alfheim arc but GGO has so much potential for abridging.
rochen manta
rochen manta 10 meses atrás
I also love the small detail at the end where Kayaba states: " glitch that kills people IRl ... and the Tutorial NPC was nowhere to be found" well well well where could he only be. I am so glad they reused it in the final shot. Also SAO abridged was sorta what made me besides Death note interested in anime, I was kinda confused when switching to SAO and only lasted until the end of GGo and was like nah not interested any more
Longleaf 3 anos atrás
its sad when an abridged version of your anime is considered to be better then then original. but at least we all got something awesome out of it.
OmegaTou 2 anos atrás
The absolute insanity of Asuna and Kirito's marriage is my favorite part of SAOA.
Zandaroos Anos atrás
Dechs Kaison
Dechs Kaison 5 anos atrás
My favorite thing about SWE's version is the foreshadowing they do with Kayaba's character. SWE gives you a chance to figure out that Heathcliff is Kayaba because of the movie quotes.
Garret LeBuis
Garret LeBuis 4 anos atrás
"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"
Curtis Tyrrell
Curtis Tyrrell 4 anos atrás
Anti-HyperLink well he had a few movie references before that one. While its not the best foreshadowing considering what they had to work with it is impressive.
Anti-HyperLink 4 anos atrás
Dechs Kaison I don't think that's foreshadowing. As soon as he said "So now you've seen Tron", I knew the twist was coming. I suppose that's foreshadowing, just light.
Lauren Lindberg
Lauren Lindberg 3 anos atrás
God damn Bethesda....
Jaime 2 anos atrás
Ok good I’m not a weirdo. I saw this originally and thought “I love do I love this?”. I didn’t think it was normal to love the abridged version more than the original since Team Four Star!
Ursomrano Anos atrás
My favorite joke in SAOA: “LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER!!!”
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z 2 anos atrás
I think the reason that I absolutely ADORE SAOA to my very core, is that I love SAO, and I hate to see it's potential put in fire to burn because of bad writing, while SAOA brings those potentials out and uses them in the best way possible, not to mention that it's funny as hell. Seriously, I've been hyped for MONTHS to see how Kirito and Suguha's arc progresses and ends. Because I know that there's gonna be one hell of a character development that I've been striving for ever since the original failed to do so, and I'm excited to see it hit my heart like the end of the first half.
Big Runx
Big Runx 2 anos atrás
I personally like it. As well as the abridged version. Love them both.
Juliette Vest
Juliette Vest Anos atrás
I completely empathize with this video, and hearing about how much of a cluster f*** the original series was, I will say I have been blessed to have only seen the Abridged
The gaming girls !
The gaming girls ! Anos atrás
When it comes to SAO itself I always called it “a beginner anime” because every time I see someone gushing over it and just being totally in love with the anime (at least irl) it’s always a kid Me when I was little and barely watched any anime My BFF river when they were little and just starting to watch anime My own brother who I swear has watched more anime than exists in the whole universe watched it when he was younger My baby cousin (well 7 but she will always be a baby) watches it right now and loves it My cousin watched it with me as a kid All of us (except my baby cousin) now agree it’s not a very good anime But we still only “love” it because it was our start into anime Thus I’ve dubbed it the beginners anime
ML Barding
ML Barding 4 anos atrás
Not gonna lie at the end of the review it gave me chills that was really good can't believe such a review would be soooo good
Syphist 5 anos atrás
SWE did an outstanding job. I loved how they kept bringing back core points of previous plots rather than focusing what was in front of you 2 minutes ago like the original. Watching all 11 episodes of the first arc satisfied my desire of a better story in the SAO universe, which had so much potential.
idk what i should write here
episode 12 is out ^^
bibbobella 4 anos atrás
Hell I still remember that "STAY SACHI!" Yell when he is fighting the dragon and then his "Okay we will just pretend that didn't happen..okay? okay!" and ofcourse his reaction to listening to the story about her dead guild despite it being for mostly laughs. It was amazing and actually had me suprised by how deep that was compared to the real show. It was actually a bit sad to see and I fucking loved it
DeltaPhoenix180 4 anos atrás
As a premise, SAO was pure gold... what actually happened was just soooo much wasted potential. One reason I think this abridged series worked so well is that the premise behind the story is so strong, it was just implemented waaaaaaaay better.
Insomniac 4 anos atrás
Syphist Prime.
insensitive pet rock
insensitive pet rock 3 anos atrás
"First of all, [Klein] does virtually nothing in SAO, so seeing him get some recognition is amusing." You nailed that one. The fact that he's even considered relevant is hilarious in itself. He and Agil are nothing but convenience characters. And Agil at least has the Dicey Café that serves as a safe offline meeting place for Kirito and his har- I mean, followers. Klein...just works a lot when offline, and he's almost completely useless aside from having him as a meat shie- TANK! I meant tank!
Jacob Babson
Jacob Babson 3 anos atrás
I recommend you check out the abridged version of Fate Stay/Night. It is really good and I love it just as much as the original.
Toxikaraidur _
Toxikaraidur _ Anos atrás
I must say as someone who enjoyed the first half of SAO (apart from the issues you pointed out in storyline) and someone who genuinely loved the parody roughly the same, i do agree with all the points you brought up. I only watch the parody more often because it's shorter; and easier to get into. like a magazine vs a book.
ianmaluk1 3 anos atrás
According to a friend of mine, who's been living in Japan for six years now, he told me about a light novel that came out back in April this year. Now on it's own that's nothing new; he told me that the author was writing a comedic light novel that parodies the iseki genre, again nothing new; however he told me that the author may have been directly inspired by Something Witty Entertainment's SAO Abridged. As half of the Light Novel's first book follows an almost exact rendition SAO Abridged's first two episodes. Although I honestly don't know if any of it's true, because I can't find the Light Novel online and the name doesn't match the one he gave me.
Pit Icarus
Pit Icarus 5 anos atrás
All in favor of claiming SAO Abridged being the canon series say "I".
MrDenimLP Anos atrás
Hawk The Hawkshot Sniper-H THS S
I'm not the sure
RuSh Choppy
RuSh Choppy Anos atrás
Aye, sir!
ShadowClaw 2 anos atrás
Actually I relate the moments with Abridged Kiaba when he say what he really think about his community and after Asuna (abridged) give idea that he could use in past I so relate to him in that moment.
Thomas Collins
Thomas Collins 4 anos atrás
Something Witty... LIKE SAO!?! Dude, they freely admit they outright DESPISE the series!
Zen Li
Zen Li 4 meses atrás
Love begets hate lol
Necrosteel 3 anos atrás
Oh shit about leading by example.
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez 3 anos atrás
Thomas Collins But they also freely admit to being a fan based parody, shout out the original creators, and put so much love into this. Hard to imagine that they hate the anime, unless the parody was better just to spite the original. Oh, gods... I can imagine that now... You might definitely be right, I’ve done that same thing with songs I hate but they get stuck in my head - make better versions of them until I drown the original. Good point, my good sir or ma’am.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 4 anos atrás
Finally someone says exactly what I've been thinking! Great job!
EnvyDragon 3 anos atrás
Having not seen the original SAO, I can honestly say that SAO Abridged is one of the better anime series I've seen.
Black Spiral
Black Spiral 5 anos atrás
Actually you're wrong about Something Witty being fans of SAO, Something Witty actually hates SAO and they made this abridged series with the intention of making a better version (they succeeded).
Sky Castrum
Sky Castrum 5 anos atrás
@Bringham: Seriously? The take downs were due to claims from the original SAO? Thought it was the music. Also, I thought that was the case with SWE not liking it and wanting to make it better. I believe that's why so many others also loved the abridged series. SAO was an awesome idea executed terribly. Most times something like that happens, you're stuck with staring at the crash. But SWE picked up the pieces and made it into something amazing.
clovermite 5 anos atrás
Which part is the aincrad arc?
Brigham richins
Brigham richins 5 anos atrás
Christopher Miller they open with a disclaimer, plus use their own editting, and it doesn't violate copyright infringement. there have been many times when the studio put up copyright infringement violation claims, and the videos been removed for a little bit, but they can never get the claims to stick because SWE does the proper citations. (if anything, this probably would be the reason if SWE was turned against the original over anything).
Paul Fielding
Paul Fielding 5 anos atrás
AHHH awww I hope your riggghhhhhttttt!!!!!That would be awesome, I found it after DB Abridged and HellsingUltimate Abridged an asmuch as I fanboy on TFS and DB Abridged spesifically, I must admit SAO Abridged is possibly the best thing Iv ever seen come from out of youtube an I'v been here from the start mann, the whole 12 damn years!!
Aurorious 5 anos atrás
To be fair, with the exception of like 2 people basically the entire team changed by the end. It's entirely possible the group started out with that overall opinion and without anyone actually changing their opinions, the overall opinion shifts.
The Basement Weeb
The Basement Weeb 4 anos atrás
William Spencer
William Spencer 2 anos atrás
Not gonna lie, SAOA makes me really sad that I'll never see a better anime
Cassandra Gidney
Cassandra Gidney 3 anos atrás
The thing about SAO Abridged is they took the scenes and characters from SAO and turned them into Archer-like versions of themselves. The humor and relationships are almost exactly what you would find in Archer. Which is great but is in no way either show.
SULIENRAIN 3 anos atrás
I actually had a phase where i loved sao because it was the first modern anime i've watched. I seriously thought that no other action anime can top that. I was like in 5th grade then lmaoo. And then i watched fma:b, hxh, bnha and a LOT of other animes, and boy, i was so wrong. Hunter x hunter stays the absolute best shounen anime.
Mattdew 5 anos atrás
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z 3 anos atrás
I _did_ cry
Isabella Gust
Isabella Gust 3 anos atrás
Benjamericana 3 anos atrás
It's awesome that Asuna is the Han Solo in that scene @FallenPasha
FallenPasha 3 anos atrás
I really love the ending when Kirito said "I love you" and Asuna replied with "I know". It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
DarkFairyGirl13 Anos atrás
SAO abridged is a god damn treasure to this planet
AK474000 3 anos atrás
I am excited to see SWE to do other projects. Even if SAO dries up for them, they are highly competent people that could likely do something similar with another work, or even better make something of their own. No matter what, I will be forever a fan of SWE.
Nick Mccammant
Nick Mccammant 2 anos atrás
I completely agree that the main anime needs a lot of work to be good the light novel is a lot better A little bit of hard reading sometimes but still a pretty good novel and I love the parody
Silva 10 meses atrás
So after growing up a little, I came back to various pieces of media in hopes of seeing it in new ways. But the one thing that sprung out to me in SAO is why it's so popular despite being a "bad" anime. The reason why people like it so much is very simple. It's escapism in it's most pure and sincere form. It calls out to our most primal emotion. Fear. No not SAO, escapism. And because of how well it portrays escapism in you literally being able to leave the real world and enter the virtual one, you can immerse yourself more completely than any other show despite how good other shows may be. A Dragonball, a One Piece, a Hunter X Hunter, a My Hero. These things help you escape but they don't immerse you like SAO can. That is why Isekai was so big the last couple years. But since SAO has an element of realism that normal Isekai doesn't have, it succeeds much faster, wider and greater despite being worse. And if you're wondering about the element of realism, it's the gameplay aspect. It's something that, with how our technology works right now, seem possible. Much much moreso than any other Isekai. As well as Kurt waking up in a hospital after having to play for 2 years straight. And I'd honestly venture to say that the abridged version has such an honest and true representation of how it would go IRL. Which is why it is the best version of SAO. I hope this mini essay was at least fun to read if nothing else. Cheers for reading and have a nice day ^^
Vk Gamimg
Vk Gamimg 4 anos atrás
To add to the pile of great things it had a great continuity like remembering gags from the first episode like the exploding heads
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