Why Players Don't Like Giannis Antetokounmpo

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29 Ago 2022



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So who is the best player in the NBA right now?
All I know is Giannis has 2 MVPs, 1 Finals MVP, DPOY, all star etc. Imagine if he actually learns how to play basketball huh
O G ProduktionZ
Gainnis is one the only old school mentality players in the game.He won't jump from team to team chasing championships..This guy gives his all every game.
Lmz 775
He is a reminder of a time when players were loyal to their team, played for the fans and not for themselves and played with passion. They don't like him because they are afraid that through him fans will remember how exciting it is
Ro Whi
Most Improved NBA player of all time.
He's so big and dominant with I think one of the best work ethics ever seen in NBA. That mixture with killer instinct makes him the best player in the world in my opinion. No way he isn't, name another guy who's at the top of the league in both defense and offense at the moment. Maybe they dislike him because they are scared, we have never seen anybody like him.
jonathan velasquez
Giannis game is amazing. Arenas should absolutely give this man respect. He has done so much more in his career than him and he has been humble throughout his career. He is true competitor and his game shows you that a lot of the players in the 90s would be as dominate or even more dominate in todays game. With strong fundamental simple play you can accomplish a lot in the NBA as a talent. Everyone should take a page from his book in the case of HARD WORK beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
Manos Kon
I think it's just that Giannis isn't "one of them". He was supposed to be a role player and he makes them look bad, like a junior coworker who does twice as much work as the seniors.
p. pu
When you think about Giannis turning down offers from LeBron to play together with some other stars it could be that he isnt socializing a lot with other NBA players beside his teammates. Thats why they arent interacting a lot with him on social media like twitter. I dont know if its the reason , but its a possibility that came up my mind.
Mikee C
People tend to hate great players if they are not on your team and it’s very common…. Then once they retired, people might start appreciating them… I am guilty of that as well with Kobe, AI and etc… but now I just appreciate those great players while they still at their prime and enjoy their plays.
That’s A Awful Lot of Ism
Damn that clip of him saying “look it, nobody’s around me. Nobody likes me” just really made me feel for bruh. I can relate on a much smaller scale but I feel it nonetheless.
Erick Galdamez
Giannis is definitely my favorite player that’s not on my team. It’s crazy to me how much people dislike him and try to discredit his accomplishments. We’re literally witnessing one of the greatest players ever
Phil Partington
This is a really interesting take. Gotta hand it to you--it's one I hadn't really heard or paid attention to. I always just assumed that he got disrespect because of being on a small market team. It really reminds me of the disrespect Tim Duncan used to get or the Jazz for being too boring or what not (Duncan still gets it--did you hear Richard Jefferson's take on him recently? Of course, Jefferson always speaks more from emotion than rationale as an analyst, so whatever lol).
Steph and Giannis are my fav players in todays NBA. Both are extremely different players in terms of the way they play, but both are extremely hard workers, fierce competitors, and humble superstars which is why I like them. They also both very dominant in their own area (perimeter for Steph and paint for Giannis) and both are also heavily underappreciated greatness.
Kyle Hammond
Giannis is the best player! He's got skills and he works as hard or harder at his craft than anyone out there. Kobe would be proud as hell of this guy, I guarantee it! You got a love a guy who just works his ass off and is super humble. He let's his game on the court speak for him against the haters! I think it just bothers some of these guys that he started in this game so late and is so good in such a short time. You can't tell me that every NBA team or player wouldn't want this guy on their roster. He literally makes the Bucks a contender every single season. Without him they are just a nice solid team. I say that with no disrespect to Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez and arguably the best defender in the league in Jrue Holiday.
Grant Afseth
Seems like the critics attribute his physical tools to his success and that generally, the ability to score inside isn't viewed as a skill for whatever reason. They think "If I had those tools, I'd be 5x better" even though that's not how it works and what he does is highly impressive as it is.
Super Tags
Giannis is the best player now,.. he's unstoppable!! He's exciting to watch! He's the face of the NBA now!!!!! Respect!!
Simple as this, if Giannis was born in America with a generic American last name, he wouldn’t receive this kind of hate. They hate him because he’s from Greece. They can’t hide the fact that the best players right now are international players
matt f
People were kinda like that with Shaq too.. people are just upset that he is so physically dominant
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