Why People Are Freaking Out About Spider-Man, Tom Holland, IG Hoax, Amazon Rainforest Fire Blame &

Philip DeFranco
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Today’s Stories:
Disney and Sony Stalemate Pushes Spider-Man Out of the MCU:
Trump Administration Rolls Out New Immigration Rule:
Celebrities Fall for Fake Instagram Post:
Update on Fires in Amazon:
Yesterday’s Coverage:
More News Not in Today’s Show:
People Remember Philadelphia Man Bullied for Dating Trans Woman in Viral Video:
“Storm Area 51” Event Pushes Small Nevada County to Draft Emergency Declaration:
Influencer Accused of Staging Motorcycle Crash for Photoshoot:
Portland Mayor Says Clashing Protests Avoided “Worst-Case Scenario”:
Instagram Couple Apologizes for Disrespectful Post at Bali Temple:
Hong Kong Protesters Call for Mulan Boycott:
Allegations Against Katy Perry:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 4 926
Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco 25 dias atrás
1. Watch this boy talk to another boy: 2. Timecodes!: Spiderman 00:06 - TIA 4:44 - Hoax 6:40 - Brazil Update 8:21 - Migrant Families 10:05
zengara11 22 dias atrás
the red bar in the bottom made me wonder if I have already seen this.....3 days later....Guess not o.o
Eric Bailey
Eric Bailey 24 dias atrás
Do you always bury the most important stories at the end? Or is it just most of the time?
AskMeLater 24 dias atrás
Denmark's prime minister is a Woman called Mette Frederiksen Got no idea who the old dude you got a picture off was.
Monolith Fan
Monolith Fan 24 dias atrás
Stan Lee is turning in his grave.
Johan Larsen
Johan Larsen 24 dias atrás
Phil, that is not the Danish Prime Minister.
Temporal 15 horas atrás
Everyone is blaming Sony, but Disney’s deal was fucking ridiculous. Disney got a 5-95 split of Spider-man BUT they got all the merchandise and Sony funded all the movies. With the new deal, all that would be the same except Disney would get a 50-50 split. They’re both to blame, but seriously, FUCK DISNEY
Jake38nine 4 dias atrás
It's the parents' fault that the immigrant children are put in those situations, NOT the government or the president. It's IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS. Get that through your thick skulls, dumbasses.
Mr. Reborn
Mr. Reborn 11 dias atrás
So, you're basically regurgitating MSM bullshit now? Well, let's unsubscribe - yay!
Matthew Brulla
Matthew Brulla 12 dias atrás
So, are we going to ignore that fires in the Amazon are on farmland and really aren't any different than that which they do annually? More areas of farmland, so more area being burned...but might want to take a peek at this.
42jwiener 13 dias atrás
Hey *Philip DeFranco* as it turns out I'm your 3rd cousin, and I happen to be a Nigerian prince. I love your show and would be honored to send you money directly to your bank account. Please DM me your bank account and social info, so I can send you $1,000,000!! No catch!
Roadent1241 16 dias atrás
New fancy hearing people earbuds - Water and sweat resistant. A - How do you get them out without a tube to pull on? I struggle to get my 'aid mould out if the pipe comes out. B - What about earwax? 'Cause that'll build quickly and get all over your finger if you dig the earbud out. Again, experienced with my mould. Makes it very slippery and smell and urgh. Also - That instragram post, I've seen that exact writing with Facebook stuff. Except with 'Facebook' except 'instagram' so obviously just edited. Never made sense to me and I just ignored it. Same with every other spam thing like 'You'll have to pay to DM/PM people!' Which makes no sense and will probably stop people using Messenger and the DM/PM function.
ReportingCheaters 17 dias atrás
1996, Marvel filed for bankruptcy 1999, Sony bought Spider man film rights 2009, Disney acquired Marvel SONY: We pay 100% of the fund so we take most of the profit. Fair deal right? Oh if you want the spider man to be in your movie, you need to pay us since we own the film right ofc. Disney: Sure, we have been paying license fee for the series such as avengers and shit but from now on, Let us pay 50% of the fund and share the profit SONY: well... we dont really need your fund coz we know its going to make a profit so no. SONY&Disney: (Those super hero movies are quite good business. want more money) Viewer A: FK SONY! You greedy son of a ****** Viewer B: FK DISNEY! You greedy son of a ****** Marvel: we have good patrons
Billy Giuliano
Billy Giuliano 17 dias atrás
I wouldn't be surprised if Disney and Sony do come to a deal sometime by the end of the year or early next year.
Divon 17 dias atrás
Either you're Italian or signing to someone whose off camera.
Joshua Perales
Joshua Perales 17 dias atrás
Into the spiderverse was okay. The animation was very special but DC has had amazing animated movies coming out in the same universe for years, many of which slap all over that movie!
LIMP FR0G 18 dias atrás
What if marvel just made a complete knockoff of Spider-Man and used Tom Holland
Liz P
Liz P 18 dias atrás
What was w/that awkward karate-chop/hand-swipe, in the 1st second of the video??😂
James Nichols
James Nichols 18 dias atrás
HMMM, it is cool you are covering a "news story", BUT REALLY!!! 13:30 in this video, you show YOUR OWN NEWS CHANNEL as a source for the story.... this is like CNN cable station quoting CNN Website as a source!! look to quickly folks and you'll miss that Phil's video editors are using Phil's web editors are a reliable source of news.... this type of double handedness lowers what could have been a real news bit to the level of puffing up something that might (or might not be) REAL NEWS. you then flash two other "news sites" to back up your point.... hmmm wait, that second one is also RogueRocket... wait that third one is NBC, with no words, just three pictures of "the kids"... this all leaves the view to believe that there is something "very important and kids are being hurt" going on here...wait!! I go to NBC News website, Search for Flores and I get this which ODDLY shows NO CHILDREN... You sick sick editors for this video, where are those "innocent children"? Phil, I have repeatedly posted that you need to talk to your staff. this "news story" is another example of your staff FAILING to help you cover a story with HONESTY!!! how is anyone going to believe you, when you flash two headlines from your own website and a FAKE picture from NBC? you could have flash the REAL page from NBC and CNN,CBS, Hell ANY site to show that Flores was a good idea and the Trump Admin is doing harm, BUT NOPE!!! your staff made you look like fake news or someone "trumping" up something that is not real. when your fans, phil, have to fact check your fact checkers, it is time to have a meeting with them. PM me and i'lll teleconference in and ask them "WTF?!?!?" , if you can't do it.
Hyoko 19 dias atrás
Brief summary of the Trump administration: Abortion? WAAAAH THE CHILDREN Gay rights? WAAAAH THE CHILDREN Bathroom rights for trans people? WAAAAH THE CHILDREN School shootings? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Immigrant families? 🤷🏻‍♀️ War? 🤷🏻‍♀️
notsosxechris 19 dias atrás
I love to see boys supporting boys.
Cesar Andrade
Cesar Andrade 19 dias atrás
Wow. Trump is dumb. I just can’t with him.
Splotchy Ink
Splotchy Ink 19 dias atrás
Aye, what about the New York Times article "What Satellite Imagery Tells Us About the Amazon Rain Forest Fires" that shows, while the fires have increased sense last year, compared to previous years isn't the largest. In fact, there have been larger fires over the 20 year study and that this current fire is only "somewhat above average". And that this whole thing has happened for years and this year isn't as bad in comparison, it just looks bad compared to 'last' year. But compare it to 5 years ago, it's not that bad.
Vennon Lacy
Vennon Lacy 19 dias atrás
In a Kanye voice. Hold up imma let you finish but Spider-Man into the spider-verse is an amazing movie thank you for shouting it out. I'm on my fourth or fifth time re-watching it and I have sunflower stuck in my head almost all the time.
Si Mitchell
Si Mitchell 19 dias atrás
I can't wait for the mcu to die......
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 20 dias atrás
immigrant detention centers = concentration camps
Nanako James
Nanako James 20 dias atrás
Thank you for speaking about Amazon. We really need help here, bolsonaro needs to go.
Yourowner 20 dias atrás
super hero movies will die in 5 years
Joshua Hutton
Joshua Hutton 20 dias atrás
Does anyone know that the policy of children being separated from their families when crossing the border illegally was made under Obama?
Dr. Doodlepants
Dr. Doodlepants 20 dias atrás
Sony only wants him back for the venomverse
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 20 dias atrás
9:24 wow sound like Brazil’s Bolsonaro bozo is nearly as shamelessly narcissistic and destructively dishonest as the one we’ve got in America’s White House. I call them the Powerfools and they’re so cartoonishly awful at leadership it might be embarrassingly funny, if it weren’t real life.
Douglas Langley
Douglas Langley 20 dias atrás
Rick Perry, dude in charge of our nukes, falls for 2012 social media hoaxes. DeVos doesnt know how public schools work. Carson cant tell an REO from a cookie. Recent press secretary has multiple DUIs and a history of fraud and plagiarism... Anyone else seeing a pattern of morons handpicked by another moron?
Gracie Sage
Gracie Sage 20 dias atrás
Spider-Man belongs to Stan Lee. Stan Lee created Spider-Man by himself. Give him the rights back.
Medea YA
Medea YA 20 dias atrás
Into the spiderverse was amazing!
TheUnsafeking 20 dias atrás
The immigrants and children only have to stay in a facility if they migrate illegally and then claim asylum. If they would just come legally to a POE and claim asylum they will wait in Mexico not in a facility.
jookbj 20 dias atrás
Phil did an oopsie on the Amazon fire topic. Bolsonoro is right it's NGOs.
jookbj 20 dias atrás
@b 88 Are u trolling rn? Tim Pool, ABL pulled data from Nasa showing the fire levels are actually normal. There's an issue of deforestation but this issue is being overblown by the mainstream media and dipshits like Shil Defranco.
b 88
b 88 20 dias atrás
jookbj do you have any proof or are you just saying that because I helps your interests.
Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall 20 dias atrás
"I lost the kid" movie clip. Well playe Phil, well played.
skydivegayguy 20 dias atrás
If we lose Tom Holland I'm not watching anymore Spiderman movies.
Paul Lavoie
Paul Lavoie 20 dias atrás
Disney is ruining the marvel movies, i'm glad sony took it back.
Augusto Iglesias
Augusto Iglesias 20 dias atrás
No one: Trump: Yo these Mexican kids crossing the boarder, yeah lets make them feel hell.
Pandoran Bias
Pandoran Bias 20 dias atrás
Israel is a country, not a race.
Marcelo Concha
Marcelo Concha 20 dias atrás
Why not talk about the amazon fires, people need to be inform about it.
KJ Centeno
KJ Centeno 20 dias atrás
Look at comicstorian he explains it well and it is really Disney and Marvel at fault. Sony is in the right. I don't think Disney should have Spider-Man cause look at what happen to Star Wars and now post MCU. Also I don't want Disney to monopolize all the Super heroes.
Jeremy Wiley
Jeremy Wiley 20 dias atrás
I D O N T F E E L S O G O O D...
moifernam 21 dia atrás
Marvel should rebuy spiderman back from sony
Ginger Holiday
Ginger Holiday 21 dia atrás
Boy, couldn’t give two shits about superhero movies. I mean I liked the Toby McGuire one but I think that’s the last SH movie I saw period.
FalseCode 20 dias atrás
Well, you're missing out. They're pretty terrific.
Pete Fredrickson
Pete Fredrickson 21 dia atrás
At this point I say fuck it, let us go extinct. The planet will be better off without us.
Raziel354 21 dia atrás
Are Trump and the president of Brazil probably related and are just not aware of it? Is like literally how Trump would be like if he was Brazilian.
Raziel354 21 dia atrás
@Luna Pobre diablo, and yet it worked for Trump, so he must think he will constantly run on the same luck.
Luna 21 dia atrás
Bolsonaro consciously mirrors Trump and admires him. Except he understands nothing about economy, as he has admitted.
basketofpuppys 21 dia atrás
Sony should do miles morales spiderman and let marval keep tom hollands spiderman
basketofpuppys 21 dia atrás
I hate sony they ruined star wars galaxies game
Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf 21 dia atrás
Disney trying to shake down Sony on a license they dont even own.
Konstantin Voloshin
Konstantin Voloshin 21 dia atrás
It's funny how 3 days later Spiderman is back with Disney and Amazon fires like this and even worse actually have been happening every year for decades ;D
KingHalbatorix 21 dia atrás
stop calling them "migrants" without acknowledging the fact that they're criminals. the term is _illegal immigrant_ and calling them migrants is entirely dishonest.
AYellowBarn 21 dia atrás
sony's most profitable movies was a movie that disney made for them...
Andy Williams
Andy Williams 21 dia atrás
Oh, look! Phil fell for some fake news... again.
Silva 21 dia atrás
I am honestly amazed at 2 facts here. The first is that you still have followers willing to pay you money to fraud them into coming to youtube/google and it's scummy actions you fraud of a news network. And 2, that youtube actually recommended on of your videos to me considering I actually have zero respect for you as a person. You touted about being an honorable, respectful news network for the people with, obviously your own opinions but also, the opinions of the people for a sort of dialogue. I was tricked into liking you by that statement because a conversation is in fact necessary on every front and I have a lot to say on a lot of heavy subjects. But for one, you never, ever reply to me nor does anyone else on your "team". You never seem to hold this conversation with anyone but your "team". And the worst of it all, mister youtube's golden boi,. the conversations about youtube/google bring youtube/google in a positive light at all times, even when they do make mistakes you cover them up. So to you, mister Philip Defranco, Try growing both a backbone and some balls to go against youtube/google when they make mistakes. Actually have a team dedicated to talking to the fans of your show. And maybe, upload opinion piece videos every once in a while where YOU yourself reply to comments. Maybe a discord server with channels for your subscribers to talk one on one with you. Give your audience a reason to follow you instead of banking on the followers who will follow you no matter what you do (up to a certain point of course). And to you, youtube/google. Don't ever recommend me something, I will find what I want to watch, I don't need you to help me with that. Second, stop trying to hide the bad shit you're doing. You either do it and own it, or do it and say you made a mistake and ACTUALLY TRY TO CORRECT IT. Project veritasium is real and I cannot believe people still think it isn't. Fuck you, fuck everything you do and fuck your whole team. You deserve to be rebooted by people who actually have their followers in mind. You're a platform that boots it's creative moneymakers as soon as they get controversial. And unless they have power like pewds they get booted with no hesitation. Fix your shit.
Connor S
Connor S 22 dias atrás
If you're a kid and your parents decide they want to try and cross the border illegally, what are you supposed to do. Are you supposed to say no? What will that accomplish. Being reliant on your family whilst growing up is not a crime and these children shouldn't be punished for it. The circumstances they're in is not their fault and the sooner they start being treated like the children they are rather than the criminals they're made out to be the better
Connor S
Connor S 22 dias atrás
Quickly before watching the whole thing. I think Sony are trying to cut a good deal for themselves which makes sense considering how long they've owned Spidey for. I also think it's a good idea to try and limit the monopoly Disney have on the genre at the minute and generally the monopoly they're building in the film industry as a whole. I know it may bum fans out a bit but I think that it's worth the risk... In all honesty, I think Disney will back down eventually BECAUSE of the way they've built up spiderman and the whole situation that will happen, if all that is lost. At the very least the next spiderman film with have a start with the reason spiderman has chosen to leave his past behind, hurt feelings, blah de blah, yabba de yabba. Etc
Rana Mo
Rana Mo 22 dias atrás
2:15...HOW DARE YOU??
Eve Ning
Eve Ning 22 dias atrás
Fire is now burning on the Bolivian side of the Amazon. This was caused by the Brazilians and their recklessness. I know a lot of attention is going towards them but I would urge people to please donate to the Bolivian efforts to combat our planet’s lungs. Thank you 🙏
Mamãe, sou cult
Mamãe, sou cult 21 dia atrás
I am Brazilian and I am embarrassed for my country. This turned the entire world agaisnt us, and I can't blame them. At least I didn't vote for that idiot.
Kforbes 22 dias atrás
Ridiculous. Spiderman doesnt fucking matter when THE AMAZON IS ON FIRE....disgusting
Adam Vi Frye
Adam Vi Frye 22 dias atrás
turns ou that jair was right..... it is fake news hahahaha
Joey Sukhi
Joey Sukhi 22 dias atrás
Btw its Disney that are the bad guys not sony. Disney need to stop being so greedy
CB9611 22 dias atrás
My only question is: Why in the actual fuck is the fate of our planet and plant life in the hands of elected officials who have proven time and time again that they do not care about the planet?
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez 22 dias atrás
Amazon Fires have now officially been debunked! Experts say this is a normal yearly occurence. The fires are happening where the forest was already cleared and they were started by farmers to prepare the soil for next year's plantation. Again: completely normal, they say it's "unnatural" meaning it's not a natural occurence but that doesn't change the facts. The fires were also a lot worse in 2003 but no one said anything back then because socialists were in power so they couldn't blame the Amazon fires on the far right back then. This makes Phil a FAKE NEWS propaganda channel that cannot be trusted. First the Kavanaugh case, then the Maga hat kids and now this. That's 3 credibility strikes, you're out! Pro tip: when covering what's happening in Brazil, maybe don't use socialist sources who actively want to frame and assassinate Bolsonaro...
MrTrainerGuy1 21 dia atrás
@Mamãe, sou cult Video looking at the New York times article on it using facts, stats and evidence, also it is done on the land already cleared for farm land it is lower this year than it was from the 90s till the 2000s, 2013 and 2015 were worse, it is actually around the average burning rate but far lower than at the highest peaks, it is a common practice used all over the world, I can see it being done from my house were I live, it helps the ground for new growth, kills off any weeds as well as can kill off any blight in the ground
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez 21 dia atrás
@Mamãe, sou cult Scientific data literally tells us that these fires happen every year and no it's not due to global warming. Like I said the farmers start these fires (where there is no forest) to prepare the land for next year's plantation. This is not only normal but needed for Brazil's agriculture and economy. Don't you find it weird how there's only a big outrage now that Bolsonaro is in power but there was ZERO outrage in 2010 or 2003 when the fires were way worse? (again according to scientific data and the New York Times). I'm afraid you're the one who is falling for socialist propaganda. What propagandists do is say stuff like: "deforestation is the worse it has been in 5 years". Because if you go back 10-20 years deforestation was worse back then. So compared to 5 years ago there is an increase in deforestation but compared to 20 years ago there is a clear decrease. This is a classic soviet tactic to control the narrative.
Mamãe, sou cult
Mamãe, sou cult 21 dia atrás
ah, the stereotypical Bolsonaro supporter, twisting the truth, ignoring scientific data and blaming everything on the media...
michael Bowman
michael Bowman 22 dias atrás
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