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Asmongold watches "Why New Players Are QUITTING World of Warcraft" by Venruki. As a former professional WoW e-sports player and now a popular streamer and content creator, Venruki has wonderful insight on why new players are deciding to STOP playing World of Warcraft. Could it be the ridiculous flying requirements of Patch 9.2? Corporate Blizzard disasters and sexual harassment lawsuits? Perhaps, FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14) or New World are just better MMOs? Asmongold discusses what Blizz could do to revitalize the game and make former WoW players return to one of the best MMORPGs.

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Why New Players Are QUITTING World of Warcraft

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16 Jan 2022



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This man’s video is so accurate. People WANT to play WoW, but Blizzard makes people want to NOT play it even more.
I had that exact experience. I didn't know how to unlock allied races, so I googled it and learned how to unlock them, and then when I physically go to unlock it I found that I couldn't port to the zone I needed, so I google how to unlock the portal, etc etc...and the mountain just kept getting bigger, and then I quit.
I completely agree with this. I’ve been playing WOW since 2005 and after several years I started playing it on and off over time. I would usually come back for expansions and during winter break. Every time I came back I was so confused and overwhelmed because they would add a bunch of things and take things away and it was just too much to keep up with lol
I'd like to play WoW again at some point. I loved WoW. Some part of me still does. I miss the investment I put into my characters and playing them. Know what I don't miss? Arbitrary time-gating designed for the sole purpose of not making the game better but more so to keep me subscribed out of a sense of FOMO. I don't care about the amount of time it takes to achieve something so long as there's no gates in my way stopping me from putting that time in. If the game is putting the breaks on my experience with constant weeklies and dailies, that's where my interest is entirely nullified and I have quit games over it before. I'll stick to FFXIV for now.
John Smith
Kid was lucky to have Venruki there to help him in the first place. I quit a month after Shadowlands releases because I hadn't played in years and I was literally lost on what to do, it was way too convoluted and confusing and if you're not doing things in a really optimal way you know you're going to be wasting literally hundreds of hours
William Jamieson
This is accurate for me as well. I joined in Cata and have come back for each expansion but this one was horrible in the grind to actually feel usefully geared. Started playing Final Fantasy a few weeks before you started streaming in and the end game gearing is just so much better. Wow needs to rethink how they do gearing in each expansion to better create a ceiling that new players can reach.
Captain Weed
My friend tried the game for the first time in march last year, the leveling experience, low level arenas/BGs, dungeons. Everything we did during leveling made him fall in love with the game, but then we finally dinged to 60 and since he arrived in march he had to do the MAW, all of the covenant story, expeditions, anima farming, legendary farming, honor farming against max gear players. And he just decided to quit the game as a whole since those tasks never felt like gameplay but chores :(
I feel like this stuff shows how Blizzard has been stumbling along just trying to make content. They don't actually think about the consequences of adding more and more requirements for simply doing end game content. Instead, they're so scared of losing their core players that they constantly push out more and more content with each expansion. This is good (in theory) for players who are already invested, but ruins the game for anyone trying to start from day 1.
Christian D.
This is exactly, what happened to me. I quit WoW by end of TBC and re-started in BfA. I quested myself to lvl 120, which was kind of fun (especially in the Legion Phase), even though, I felt that it was too trivial compared to vanilla, since groups are usually not required to finish even difficult quests. But what to do next? I was completely overwhelmed by all the tasks you had to fulfil in order to become eligible to certain dungeons etc after reaching max. level. On top of that, I had to farm azerithe to level my necklace, which was quite boring. I quit BfA without doing even one raid.
The real problem is that you have to repeat the same grind every few months. Back in tbc for example you only need to attune once. That is why osrs is just superior game, all the grinds you do last forever and you slowly progress forward and never go backwards like in wow
This is so true my heart is screaming and I am laughing so hard. Blizzard had me by the balls since Vanilla but Shadowlands made the game so much of a job and a time sink I broke away from their hypnotism and said “ what the fuck have I been doing with my life for the last 17 years ?” Thank you Blizzard for allowing me to let go of WoW. P.S.: Ion should have stayed with elitist jerks btw instead of making the game trash.
its becoming like EVE online... where its like spending 2-3 years to get to the end game only to realize people have been progressing far beyond that for 10+ years and you're fucked no matter what u try to do
The Fire Dragon
I miss the days of exploring the world in WoW and everything you find is a mystery and interesting. There was no pressure to be in a certain place doing a certain thing as any rewards from anywhere was still progress.
Robert M
This video explained how I feel. I like to think of myself as a casual wow player, I’ve even lost accounts and started over cause that’s how much I like the game. I’ve never had to do so much grinding and so much farming in any other expansion before. It’s like wow destroyed the capability to play the game causally with shadowlands. Almost like they overestimated their own players.
The Job system in FFXIV is something that needs to be appreciated more. Want to gear up? You got crafters who can get you relevant gear, and your main job can support that too with coffers from trials etc
Christopher Strader
This video is about me. I was subbed to WOW from 2004-2021 with a few breaks. I found a great guild and loved raiding in Nathria but the unacceptable culture and unnecessarily grindy systems drove me away.
i remember doing the BFA pathfinder achievement, but having to go back to a toon I hadn't played in months to grind out the rest of the pathfinder simply because it was farther ahead than my main toon in the sub-achievements. I wish blizzard would make secondary features like achievements, conduits, rep, etc, apply to more than just a single character.
I can relate to this problem. Every time I was trying to return to the game, I wanted to complete raids. But there is always a bunch of stuff I need to do to get at least into a hc one, which is usually quite easy in terms of mechanics for me personally. But the progression system made by the devs (covenants, azerith, corruption, conduits, legendaries, 4 difficulties of the same raid etc) combined with the additional barriers made by the community (rio, logs, ilvl requirements higher than the gear ilvl dropped in a raid, curves etc) forced me to grind for weeks-months and sit in the lfg for hours every time. Or to buy boosts. As a result, I just drop the game usually before even reaching hc difficulty. I can log in to ff, hit the lvl cap, complete an attune quests line, buy crafted gear/get some from alliance raids/spend tomestones (which drop from almost every activity in the game) and join a savage boss I want in 2 mins through party finder. It literally can be done in a day after hitting the lvl cap. And ironically those savage raids are like 2-3 times harder than wow hc raids, but the entry requirements are 10 times lower. Your gear is needed
Epor Cheetahka
I think a lot of people have forgotten the purpose of gaming is to have fun and relax, but game designers and/or higher ups are more interested in keeping you in the game because that can lead you to more sales etc. When the game becomes a second job 💀 due to artificial grind and tasks to stretch out the "gaming experience" it stops being fun defeating it's intended purpose. I'm all for putting in challenging content etc, but that's not the same as mindless busy work.
If you’re completely new to WoW, just know you have more voluminous documentation to read for proper play than learning full stack web app dev from nothing