Why Moose Get Violated By Killer Whales (and why octopus punch fish)

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26 Jul 2021



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Comentários 2 466
Kenneth Dupree
Kenneth Dupree 4 horas atrás
Hey young brother. Keep up the great work. You teach me something new every time I watch you,and give me a good laugh at the same time.
Ichabod Crane
Ichabod Crane 8 horas atrás
The runescape music tho
Sucho 2021
Sucho 2021 16 horas atrás
WHAT THE HELL IS “newfindlind” is newfoundLAND, not lind
toasted chilly
toasted chilly 23 horas atrás
Where's my pokeball
Tristen Robinson
Tristen Robinson 23 horas atrás
Anyone else have audio cut out mid way though to come back a few seconds later?
Malik R Pearson
Malik R Pearson Dia atrás
Molasses guppy?🤐
Arm Dick
Arm Dick Dia atrás
Why did the octopus pimp slapping that fish jump scare me wtf🥲
Day Bot
Day Bot Dia atrás
Sheepshead tastes pretty good
Derrick Reports106
Travis Scott?
The Question
The Question Dia atrás
"...the same gene that causes black bears to come out cotton also causes red hair in humans only difference is bears actually have a soul..." That caught me off guard. Also, fun fact, red heads do have souls. If you count the freckles, you can see exactly how many they have stolen.
Faith Otto
Faith Otto Dia atrás
It hurts me when people pronounce "Newfoundland" as "new-fin-lin". It's just "New-found-land."
Somar Chimon
Somar Chimon 2 dias atrás
I so love you 😍 omg your smart and funny
Andrew Thorne
Andrew Thorne 2 dias atrás
I love the Runescape music in the background.
popheartache1 2 dias atrás
I love the runescape remix
Oakforge Miniatures
Oakforge Miniatures 3 dias atrás
Who else caught the RuneScape music in the background? Is that normal for these? Lol
Kristoffer Navarrete
Kristoffer Navarrete 3 dias atrás
3:32 who knew fish where already rappers before rappers even existed
Kristoffer Navarrete
Kristoffer Navarrete 3 dias atrás
"homicidal ocean oreos" Best f*cking name to call a orca
xXEilonwyXx 3 dias atrás
Pokedex... Tell me about Robber Flies ^_^ please!
Adam H.
Adam H. 3 dias atrás
2:42 it looks like a nightmare fuel monkey trying to get through ice to kill it's victim with glowing pupils
Jason Borne
Jason Borne 3 dias atrás
Swamp Donkey???🤣
Jason Borne
Jason Borne 3 dias atrás
Two player hunt P1 🐙 P2 🐠
Phantom 4 dias atrás
is it just me or does the audio cut off at 3:55 and comes back at 4:10?
BazarLeam 4 dias atrás
Liked.. Do I hear FF7?
Shane Powell
Shane Powell 5 dias atrás
Hey! be nice I'm red-headed, If I didn't have a soul, a lot of you bastards would be in serious danger right now.
ASAP CVMO 5 dias atrás
The RuneScape music hit hard
Fefas Lima
Fefas Lima 5 dias atrás
What’s that a Travis Scott joke?😂😄😄
xTheLionQueen_xo - Ambee
Makeup an vanity club in the background got me vibing
yuan713 6 dias atrás
All this moose talk got me slowing down while driving cause I was driving through a area with a lot of trees lol
Mr. Spongecake
Mr. Spongecake 6 dias atrás
heh... octopus "sucker punching"...
Nino Oldenburg Desouza
Please do a video about mutations that give animals different colours and stuff
the candle in the dark
Hi from Melbourne Victoria Australia. Man you are a word Smith, aswel as taking the English language to a whole new level. Now I've been watching you for the last few days and laughing 😂🤣😂🤣 so much you have made my day big time. I'm going to get my year 8 students to watch you.
Angel Bits
Angel Bits 6 dias atrás
Bro eating while watching any of your videos is just a different level of uncomfortable
Cirrx 6 dias atrás
3:57 stops volume
purple demon
purple demon 6 dias atrás
2:50 Yo they made the british into a real thing
Saleh Jebreel
Saleh Jebreel 6 dias atrás
They can live to 400-500 years Water I was drinking: am end this man's shirt's carrier
Ida Summers
Ida Summers 6 dias atrás
For a second, I thought that my earphones had finally given up life and embraced death but then the sound hit me harder than a murder horse
A_Sad_Pangolin 6 dias atrás
Digging the Pangolin love!
‘ali_mation 7 dias atrás
3:30 Now hear me out, but he look just like- *Sicko Mode plays*
7 dias atrás
Was it just me or did it the audio cut out for like 15 seconds on the clam bit
Malkavian Loner
Malkavian Loner 7 dias atrás
They like...... Blank sound
donovyn vaughn
donovyn vaughn 7 dias atrás
Greenland shark if fermented for long enough it will just have a bite like pufferfish but it takes 6 to 12 weeks and even is a traditional meal in iceland guy ferri from flavor town had it in a episode
Cat 7 dias atrás
two piece
two piece 8 dias atrás
"2nd most traffic mammals in the world behind humans" .... huh
Pepe the Frog
Pepe the Frog 8 dias atrás
6:16 I'm confused. They're not albinos but they have a mutation that makes them unable to produce melanin.. isn't that what albinism is?
Sentient Tapioca
Sentient Tapioca 8 dias atrás
Trigger fish are absolute bastards, ngl. They establish territories in the shape of upside-down pyramids, and God help you if you set foot in one. I've been heckled by a young one just starting out, and they still have a nip on them as babies.
Maria Stevens
Maria Stevens 8 dias atrás
Clapped by an equality symbol?! LMAO
omegajynx 8 dias atrás
I've read that as why Moses get violated by killer whales and I was wondered if there was actual killer whales in the red sea
robert white
robert white 8 dias atrás
Roid Rage Oreo murder dolphins, that's the funniest description of an animal I have ever heard😂
Simnikiwe Majodina
Simnikiwe Majodina 8 dias atrás
Wonder how much my therapy is gonna cost now
Cons†an†ine 8 dias atrás
"They look like they only exist because of a drunk dare" He means some hillbilly got intoxicated and dared another Hillbilly to fk a fish. True story.
Kim Dobbs
Kim Dobbs 8 dias atrás
the photoshoot is STUNNING
Pug Life
Pug Life 9 dias atrás
I love pangolins
Isaac Mabbley
Isaac Mabbley 9 dias atrás
Ginger here i can confirm we do not have souls
Icy Crusader Third Time's a Charm
So many animals would be saved if we just taught everyone that these factors like scales, fins, eyeballs, etc. are not medicinally active ingredients. Poachers use these uneducated people's ignorance to the benefit of millions of dollars.
Hart Fantom
Hart Fantom 9 dias atrás
Trigger fish???……lol MORE LIKE you better not say it 😮‍💨
Green Boyeet
Green Boyeet 9 dias atrás
Linkle tapping
Linkle tapping 9 dias atrás
First of all I am a girl. Second, I knew about the moose antler thing before I was taught any kind of sex-ed, so... For at least a year I thought human 🍆 did that as sort of a male period. Sex-ed needs to be taught younger.
Tamashī Ryū
Tamashī Ryū 10 dias atrás
"Sucker punching..." Pun intended?
Chris Cintron
Chris Cintron 10 dias atrás
Hey bro your video cut off audio at 3:57 and came back at 4:14.
Webby 10 dias atrás
I love pangolins!!!!
Dylan Finch
Dylan Finch 10 dias atrás
3:55 What happened?
Khalil All Day
Khalil All Day 10 dias atrás
Camels are dangerous, but delicious, trust me
D.E Sánchez
D.E Sánchez 10 dias atrás
Bro your videos make me take a bowie knife a decent caliber gun (sadly cant in my country) and big thick letter boots evry time i think on camping or something cause nature its fking scary an humans didnt survive cause our natural armor.
Off The sauce
Off The sauce 10 dias atrás
Isn't there a long running tradition of processing the Greenland shark meat in a way that makes it no longer toxic? Maybe that's another fish.
Breezy 305
Breezy 305 10 dias atrás
RuneScape music in background
Sarah Rabbit
Sarah Rabbit 10 dias atrás
"Sucker punch" is a great pair of words to use when describing octopus brawls
Mad Wolf Man
Mad Wolf Man 10 dias atrás
I've rode a camel once, I would defiantly do it again
the Metal Chef
the Metal Chef 10 dias atrás
Is that runescape music in the background?
Ravenous Elf
Ravenous Elf 10 dias atrás
I am now less terrified of Hippos and more terrified of Camels
Ravenous Elf
Ravenous Elf 10 dias atrás
What is this... "soul" You speak of?
Kaerius 10 dias atrás
The pangolin connection to the "certain virus" was just CCP propaganda. It's actually been tested and the virus does not infect pangolins.
Fury Silent
Fury Silent 10 dias atrás
2:23 I thought the octopus highest part was it's eyes as first and tbh I really thought it was sick of the fish shit
Grave Knight
Grave Knight 11 dias atrás
Why does the sound just cut out?
Mach III
Mach III 11 dias atrás
Apparently this video was approved by Just Some Guy without a Mustache. I approve of that fact and thus approve of this video as well.
Aamarhyi Israel
Aamarhyi Israel 11 dias atrás
Have you ever looked at an animal and tried to guess what nationality or features it'd have if it was human? 3:30 looked like a Tyrone.
ChrissyBoy6047 11 dias atrás
Meanwhile, I somehow recognized a remixed song from Runescape in the background partway through.
Din _
Din _ 11 dias atrás
The sheepshead, also known as the fi'ish
D73W 12 dias atrás
0:41 you know, the fact that the great white killing biracial dolphin death squad doesn't see me as a source of food I'm happy.
Beelzebub 12 dias atrás
"TRIGGER"fish..... think about that for second.
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust 12 dias atrás
Why do I keep watching you when I'm tryna eat? XD
TORISUTAN ITAMI {The Painkiller Hero}
Not sure if you know this but sometime back in 2007, there was an elderly australian lady who had been given a camel for her 60th birthday. Anyway she ended up being "humped" to death by her horny teenage pet, who wanted to get his sexual frustrations out and chose to take it out on his new mum. So yeah...I dont trust camels. Anyway, have a nice day everyone ^^
spacefilth 12 dias atrás
THOSE HUMAN TEETH LOOKING MF FISH LIVE NEAR ME? hell no bye ocean never looking at a body of water again
1h_cy 12 dias atrás
Jesus loves you so much he died for you give your life to him and ask for forgiveness
Amrokla 19
Amrokla 19 13 dias atrás
5:00 nobody: me:is that the sloth from the ice age?
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth 13 dias atrás
Heh heh. Turtle gerbil
Kylie Roth
Kylie Roth 13 dias atrás
Greenland sharks are water sloths
Void Null
Void Null 13 dias atrás
There was a story in my home country where a guy had a pet camel for some reason, and it just, bit off his hand.
Msacer 55
Msacer 55 13 dias atrás
I just watched over 10 of your videos! Great Job!
PopTartManYT 13 dias atrás
4:48 8 flavours yum what do i eat
Tsitsi Mutanga
Tsitsi Mutanga 13 dias atrás
l;m from zimbabwe and live in harare when l heard that l almost fell of my bed
CraZy C4LEB 13 dias atrás
That weird fish looks like the dope fish from Commander Keen
Jaykoda 13 dias atrás
that runescape melody bumpin in the back lol
Holden Bagley
Holden Bagley 13 dias atrás
OW OW OW OW FFFFF i ignored the triphoiba warning instant regret
Talith Gaming
Talith Gaming 13 dias atrás
me when bri'ish: 2:55
-_ALERTZ_- 13 dias atrás
Octopus : **cillin** Fish : hey bro- Octopus : **Slaps** NO
Brandon Vasser
Brandon Vasser 14 dias atrás
“Now you might be wondering why this fish looks like he’s still pissed about the Euro cup” 😂😂 dead
JCMthebrand 14 dias atrás
Just subbed aye, can you give us the track list for these videos?
Małgorzata Błaszczak
Małgorzata Błaszczak 14 dias atrás
Very intetesting knowlege- thank you.
Netherbrine 14 dias atrás
Fish with human teeth. Imma head out now
Devin Via
Devin Via 14 dias atrás
The ad said penguins and leopard seals are friends. But thanks to your videos, I know that ad was a lie, a big fat lie.
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