Why is India Still Poor? 

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How is it possible that a country with so much wealth, is still so poor?
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1. Map Mauryan Empire - Author: Avantiputra7
1 Rag Bahar
NCERT OFFICIAL, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
2 Dhaka by Kevin MacLeod is subject to an attribution 4.0 Creative Commons. licence
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6 Karoor Devudu Iyer, Ramakrishnamurthy, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
7 Haratanaya Sree - Veena Kinhal
8 Kiravani - Ramakrishnan
9 Bansure Raga - Doug Maxwell

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14 Ago 2021



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@kaibaing4288 2 anos atrás
Ty for the upload on independence day
No proud to be indian in the comments this time? 😂😂😂
@Titan-mq8bx 2 anos atrás
"Democracy is like a gamble. If you get a good ruling party congratulation.But if you don't nothing can help you become a better country"
@rapier1954 Anos atrás
I lived in India for over a year and encountered a great deal of corruption. Until that gets cleaned up properly it will be hard to progress beyond a certain point.
Striking a balance between keeping the country as a single entity and still showing progress must have been very hard for india in my opinion. Fast tracking modernisation might have had similar results like Afghanistan or Iran.. with such huge diversity and economical inequality to start with I would say the country has done good for itself
Finally, a clear and reasonable presentation of contemporary India socioeconomics. Outstanding work.
This straightforward account of Indian history and economy without bias is much appreciated! 👌
I know this nation can rise above and be great again. My impression of Indians based in my workplace is that you are intelligent, kind-hearted and hard - working people! Anyone, everyone can help ur country prosper in ur own small ways! More power! ❣️🇵🇭
@abhijitkhopkar1500 2 anos atrás
The problem with India was that we continued to live in colonial hangover for much longer than needed. We were always afraid of being colonized again. The fear was so high that when USSR collapsed, as a small child I was deeply paranoid. The way elders used to talk, it seemed American bombers were on their way to bomb us. We could have grown like S.Korea and Japan with correct economic policies right from day one.
@PikachuFanRishabh Anos atrás
Without correct radical reforms in its systems (judicial, education etc) the country will take way longer to become developed or may never become developed.
finally someone really understood India's problems & shortcomings... a very fine & constructive criticism must always be respected...
I have never heard so many reasons (or pretexts) provided in support of a thesis. I lost count at 68. And so many that one could apply to most other countries in the world, so it winds up saying little about this particular country. Similarly, your description of the "American system" in one sentence --military invasion, followed by creation of markets --well, I can't decide which that is more of: breathtakingly simplistic, or incredibly stupid.
@parkavenue6970 Anos atrás
As someone once said, 'just wow!" I honestly believe that I could have taken a whole long semesters class and learned less in it than I've learned from your video! Just incredible, carefully researched and written, informative, and visually excellent video!
It's very helpful that you're looking into the decisions and failed management instead of playing the blame game like most do. In some ways India is similar with my country. My country combined capitalism with government's control in hope result to balance but somehow still slow in growth after 78 years of independence.
@hsoepangkat2007 Anos atrás
This video gave a very dim picture of India's future. The only thing it misses, is the terrible corruption practice of the government officers of all levels, from federal to state. Without the elimination of the corrupt practice, it will be difficult to attract investors.
@AshikSatheesh Anos atrás
I learned more from this video than I've learned from Indian history and economic classes we had to take in school. Thanks.
@thechosenone1533 Anos atrás
Victims of abuse often end up becoming like their abusers. This was the case in India. The post-colonial leaders who still remembered British rule were so afraid of Western influence that they stifled our industries and our economy worse than the British ever did. India's economy opened up in the late 1980s and the 1990s as the post-colonial generation began dying off or retiring. As as that generation has lesser and lesser influence on Indian politics,our economy opens up more and more.
Corruption is a hindrance to the progress of any country. You just cannot say it.
@GauravGade90 Anos atrás
Very well researched. You have managed to dissect a multi-layered complex topic and break it down in a succinct manner. Kudos.
Excellent unbiased narrative. With constructive criticism and vision for the future. Thanks.
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