Why Ireland Split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

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A brief overview of the history of Ireland and the events that led to the political division of the island.

Including: the Norman and Tudor conquest of Ireland, the break away from the Roman Catholic Church, the Union of the Crowns, the various Irish Rebellions, Oliver Cromwell's effect on Ireland, Irish joining the Union, the Irish War for Independence, the following Civil War, and the recent violence in Northern Ireland known as The Troubles.

"Lord of the Land" by
Kevin MacLeod (

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20 Jun 2015



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Crick1952 7 anos atrás
1000 years of Irish history in under 12 minutes... Impressive
imastaycool 6 meses atrás
@Mini Duo Ireland was a "thing" long before its invasion, colonisation and partitioning. Ireland was united in many ways before the Norman/British invasion of the 1100s. 1. Ireland was united before the coming of the Brits/Normans in 1169 as we had one law for the whole island i.e. Brehon Law. This particular law was in place for 1000 years and was first set down on parchment in the 7th century. This law was operational in Ireland until the completion of the English conquest of Ireland in the early 17th century. Brehon Law is seen today as very advanced for that time. Brehon Law is hugely important and not to be overlooked as insignificant. Brehon Law was very advanced for that era and was even in use right up until the 17th century before the Brits took hold. 2. The whole island was united linguistically as we all spoke Archaic/Old Irish. The Irish language is around since the Bronze Age and is about 2,500 years old. We all shared the Irish language so were linguistically entwined. 3. We were united both culturally and socially, too all the while operating under one law. One's culture is based firmly around many different parts of everyday life and pre-Norman invasion, Gaelic Irish style of dress, music, dance, sport, social gathering, architecture, and art was nationwide. We had unity albeit political unity, but where and when, even today, has politics ever been united!? Are the folks in Westminster united? Are the folks in the Dáil Éireann united? I think not. The truth is the British invasion destroyed our laws and language therefore creating division - the invasion tried to divide the people and successfully partitioned the island. Ireland was united in many ways before the British arrived and will be reunified when Britain leaves.
El Pato y que ??
El Pato y que ?? 6 meses atrás
Juliet Anos atrás
@Grumpy OldMan yes my thoughts exactly. Whilst it was very detailed I still found myself repeating so certain parts of the video. The parts I did interesting though. If I watch this 10 more times I ll be upto scrathch
Rain Hawk
Rain Hawk Anos atrás
Irish history is over 7000 years and way much older...1000 years is actually the English history
Sam Powell
Sam Powell 2 anos atrás
As a Scotsman I think a lot of people are confused, it wasn’t exclusively England but Britain as a whole, the majority of Protestants in NI are descended from Scotland
Evelyn McCabe
Evelyn McCabe 22 dias atrás
@john doe Yes thats absolutely correct. . In fact I read that it was the Presbyterians who first celebrated St Patricks Day in the new country in the early days before anyone else even thought about it
john doe
john doe 22 dias atrás
@Evelyn McCabe :: And the Presbyterians that left and settled in the American Colonies, were not Crown-Loyalist, they rebelled against the Crown, and fought for Independence in their newly adopted homeland.
john doe
john doe 22 dias atrás
@Beau Caspar :Southern Ireland (Munster) and Eastern Ireland (Lenister) were settled by Anglo Normans, but they were not "Sectarian-Terrorists" and assimilated well into the Irish way of life, and became more Irish than the Irish themselves.
Gimli Gloinson
Gimli Gloinson 2 anos atrás
As someone who has lived in Northern Ireland all his life it rly sucks that people resort to violence so quickly, I’m 20 and wasn’t alive during the troubles but I hear many horror stories from my parents and grandparents about threats on business and the employees and such. I just hope that one day we can simply resolve these issues without violence and even as a Protestant Christian I couldn’t care less if it came about through joining Ireland or staying in the UK, I just wish all this crap would stop
Paul Eff
Paul Eff Dia atrás
Well said Glili, well said!
Gimli Gloinson
Gimli Gloinson 2 meses atrás
@Thomas Murray aye, things just aren’t gr8 atm lol
Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray 2 meses atrás
@Gimli Gloinson Oh yeah of course, same in Glasgow and the North of England/Wales. Turns out gutting the main industries and not replacing them with anything is a bad idea. Banking was priority and currently a few of their friends are making a lot of money by betting on failure, so that's now the new thing.
Gimli Gloinson
Gimli Gloinson 2 meses atrás
@Thomas Murray yeah, tho NI current economic situation rn is mostly due to the industry that used to make us the richest part of Ireland getting far less demand and then the troubles putting the nail in the coffin. However now it’s just going further downhill with parliament seemingly trying to actively destroy the UK’s economy
tjello8 Anos atrás
In summary: It was Henry VIII’s fault because he wanted more wives
john doe
john doe 22 dias atrás
@Sean Magee : Is the 3-counties of Ulster, that are in the Republic of Ireland "Separatists", or is it the 6-counties of Ulster that are in the UK "Separatists"???
S.N M 22 dias atrás
@john doe The whole world has suffered Colonial Persecution and oppression. :(
S.N M 23 dias atrás
All that violence because of the lust of one man. 😃😃
Vikram Rao
Vikram Rao 2 anos atrás
Never met an Irishman whom I didn’t like. Always the biggest smile and the most welcoming demeanor. Would love to visit someday.
Gary G
Gary G 2 meses atrás
@MADMANB68 Limerick? They'll leave ye in stitches.
Mirfan Gu
Mirfan Gu 2 meses atrás
the only irishman i know is niall horan (one direction), and if according to your commented here yeah i saw him always full of laughing, but when i saw a town called Mullingar (?) it seems to me like a sleepy town. was it right?
H Hamid
H Hamid 3 meses atrás
Ireland is the best and Irish has big heart, not doubt.
Grand Walking Tours
Grand Walking Tours 4 meses atrás
Maybe ill be the first after this ....Im a small time Irish youtube who has a channel about Ireland , From walking , drones and Cycling around the city and even hikes in the beautiful countryside , im sorry to hop in on another persons video and try steal focus , but im mainly targeting those who love Ireland and want to visit or who have visted and see if they may like my content , As i said im small so it might not be the best quality and no where near as much detailed informaiton as this channel , but its Quaint ... and some stupid jokes thrown in for fun lol
Gary G
Gary G 4 meses atrás
@MADMANB68 Ha! Limerick lads have a great sense of humour and will leave you in stitches!
Emily Anthony
Emily Anthony Anos atrás
Crazy watching this in 2021, as a young person from Belfast, while the city burns due to more sectarian violence. Makes me sad to just see history repeating itself, especially after we had come so far 💔
john doe
john doe 22 dias atrás
@Born in the woods ::The 6-County Sectarian Statlet set up by the Imperial Crown, 1922 is the "Dunbas of Ireland". Ireland was England's first colony, and the 6-Counties of North-East Ireland (East Ulster) are a colony-hangover, and will be a permanent headache for 10-Downing Street.
Bipin Shah
Bipin Shah Mês atrás
@swisspiss they could get a boat and return to Scotland
Wataboutya 2 meses atrás
@mikeshogunlee I would agree with your opening paragraph. That said, I don't see the British not caring about Northern Ireland even though many of the populace are thinking that way because of Brexit. Certainly, the three or more million citizens of Northern Ireland would not benefit from Britain turning them loose as the whole welfare and healthcare system would be lost. Everything from unemployment benefits to pensions would have to be taken over by the Irish government and they solely rely on the EU to fund many of theirs as it is. Take into account that many Irish south of the invisible border want no part of Northern Ireland would require much consideration also. There is no doubt that a turning point of some sort is coming as the winds of change are in the air. With Ireland's history being well documented it would be foolish to think that it will come without violence on some level as the Irish people are a nation that will fight on the streets for what they believe and never go down without one.
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie 3 anos atrás
He kind of skipped over the reason the Irish rebelled. There was a lot of oppression.
Jo Procter
Jo Procter 4 meses atrás
@Adam Gillespie silly they were all british. No religeous all under king.
Jo Procter
Jo Procter 4 meses atrás
@dave h UK rented Hong Kong for 99yrs
PoliticallyAbstract 2 anos atrás
I'm a Swede, trying to educate my self a bit about this conflict and damn, it's been going on for far longer than I thought.
john doe
john doe 2 meses atrás
@EdMcF1 :Yes, they founded the cities of Dublin, Waterford, and Limerick. They assimilated and became More Irish than the Irish Themselves.
Big Ploppa
Big Ploppa 3 meses atrás
@EdMcF1 you could even make the argument that the norwegians are a major reason william the conquerer was successful in his invasion of england which set this whole thing up
Joyce Baron
Joyce Baron 5 meses atrás
Doubt you'll be able to understand it any more than we Brits do.
Sigurd Torvaldsson
Sigurd Torvaldsson 6 meses atrás
@Runnin'N'Gunnin' Sweden and Finland shared hundreds of years of history worth knowing, no?
Arthur Danielles
Arthur Danielles 3 anos atrás
Excellent video ☺How the irish were regarded by the 'English' and treated leaves no doubts as to why they finally got their independence. Their are some horrific moments in the history especially the potato famine where so many thousands of Irish died or emigrated to the 'Americas'
K D 28 dias atrás
@oya Ami - You really are clueless. Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands established colonies in North America. Each country had different motivations for colonization and expectations about the potential benefits. When the irish emigrated there in large numbers following the irish famine, the irish were treated like slaves and were not welcome by the protestant ruling class.
Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo 5 meses atrás
@oya Ami You sound very confused, when Irish Catholics went to the USA the country was already taken over by... Protestants from the UK, who did most of the damage against Native Americans. Those Irish immigrants ended up being treated like second class citizens in the US too, because they were a threat to the WASP dominant culture, seen as wanting to work for lower wages, and other reasons.
Jo Procter
Jo Procter 10 meses atrás
They were of all cultures. Ppl go to England every day to find better life just as they did USA back then
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Anos atrás
My experience Is Mainly with Northern Ireland, Mostly Belfast But the vast majority of people I know and have met are all 100%. They are very friendly and very genuine. It has been like a second home to me over the years.
white rabbit
white rabbit 3 anos atrás
I grew up in a small town called Corby in the middle of England, it had a lot of Scottish and Irish living there and I can remember whenever you met someone you didn't know the very first question you asked them was , " are you catholic or protestant ", it seems an odd thing to start a conversation with now but at the time in the 80s it felt completely normal.
Jim West
Jim West Anos atrás
Up the road from me, we still call it Little Scotland
Antoin Dearg
Antoin Dearg Anos atrás
A good few folks from the area I grew up (Motherwell in Lanarkshire, Scotland) moved down to Corby to work in the local heavy industries, due to all the Steelworks etc in our area being cut back and eventually closed. Not surprised the shirts of Glasgow's 'Ugly Sisters' were selling well.
Hbsb Lkk
Hbsb Lkk Anos atrás
I worked in Corby for two years and what struck me was the amount of Rangers and Celtic kits being worn in a town in middle England, so much so that the JD Sports were selling the kits! Also the children/grandchildren of the Scottish immigrants born and raised in Corby had a Scottish twang to their accents, was bizarre lol!
Supreme 321
Supreme 321 2 anos atrás
I know theres a huge Scottish presence there, but irish?! Never heard that one before...
Shaun Adamson
Shaun Adamson Anos atrás
Very well put together, well done! Like many Australians I have both English and Irish ancestry (along with several other nations) so that makes this all the more interesting.
Rookie Cook
Rookie Cook 5 anos atrás
I realise it's difficult to reduce the entire history into 12 minutes but brushing past the extreme brutality of the Black and Tans does a huge disservice to the Irish people of the time.
tfredrick01 4 meses atrás
@GalaxyRed dude..... the famine as created in large part by British land owners abusing farm land they owned in Ireland. Britian also just stood by and watched Irish people die in millions when the famine did happen. These comments are mind blowing ignorant of history.
Elizabeth Sohler
Elizabeth Sohler 5 meses atrás
So find a more detailed video /source.
GOJI (Moved Channel)
GOJI (Moved Channel) 11 meses atrás
@Brian Dooley cope
GalaxyRed 3 anos atrás
Jim Holloway A reaaon i think Ireland rebelled against britain was because of how unresponsive Britain were against the famine in Ireland. Our population at that time was 8 million and rising quickly until The Famine came along.
Krish 3 anos atrás
The whole area around U.K and Ireland is pretty complicated for an outsider to understand. So many countries inside countries, controversies.
Yieri I
Yieri I 9 meses atrás
@Son Goku Ireland is a very confusing country to understand. In terms of ROI the Pale was just Greater Britain. The Anglo-Norman territories were mostly willing partners with Britain (e.g. Waterford, Wexford) but nevertheless assimilated fully into Irish culture. The Gaelic territories in the West and South of Ireland that were not conquered by the Anglo-Normans, the 'true Irish' in some cultural sense, are the regions that wanted independence the most, these are the areas that rebel with France, and Irish Americans mostly descend from these areas. After the famine when the Gaelic communities were destroyed, they successfully co-opted the Anglo-Norman cities and conquered the Pale out of revenge, essentially. Now ROI overwhelmingly embraces their particular historical journey and perspective.
Son Goku
Son Goku 11 meses atrás
Hell *I’m* confused and I’m from the mainland.
HadesPixels Anos atrás
@Lanna's Missing Link True. And they all ride their own sisters.
Martin Lanigan
Martin Lanigan 2 anos atrás
No point in going on about these type things best off forgetting about leave things be
AndyW1G 2 anos atrás
I do like how informative this is - many think the whole Irish situation was just a big war that ended in Irish independence, I'm glad this video shows what actually happened and that it wasn't or still isn't just as cut and dry as 'Ireland fought for independence and got it' lol
grim reaper
grim reaper 2 anos atrás
@Anti Anglo-Saxon what did the queen do to you?
Poan Kiyu
Poan Kiyu 2 anos atrás
@Anti Anglo-Saxon That was kinda random.
Sarah Duggan
Sarah Duggan 2 anos atrás
Well it was a nightmare for me growing up as a kid.. Even though both parents was Irish, I was born in England, London.. I had a British accent and British passport ... Only Irish family on our street, the British kids on my road would sometimes be a unfriendly with me... saying I that my father thick and was nothing but a terrorist. But I went to a catholic primary and secondary school, which was good, because the most of us was London Irish kids.. But in the summer going to limerick, because of my British accent, I would have things said to me by other kids and also my cousin’s would take the piss out of me, I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere.. this is why us plastic paddy’s fitted in so well at primary and secondary school together..
Sara Ristić-Todorović
Damn, you're like James from Derry Girls...
DarthAlcoholic 6 meses atrás
I had similar, moving from Limerick to London when I was 11 although there were many Irish kids in my school in London
freneticness 11 meses atrás
@G W An irish american is an american whos seven times great grandfather didnt spit on the first irishman he met.
G W Anos atrás
@617bred actually he's 100% Irish by ancestry while you're 25% Irish by ancestry.
617bred Anos atrás
@G W so he's about as Irish as I am over here in Boston with a grandmother born in Ireland. Being Irish in England and Irish in America is basically the same thing.
Adeka Jar
Adeka Jar 8 dias atrás
A great source, a lot of information on the conflict, very understandable and detailed, I didn't even know that it went all the way back to the Norman conquest...and how much history the Northern Irish conflict had...Amazing video, highly recommend to anyone who needs info on this!👍👍👍
mtd mca
mtd mca 2 anos atrás
As a modern Irish person and after reading the horror of this comment section I just want to say now in days in the Republic practically most people don’t hate the British people, the Government and history yes, but as the old saying is ‘ Sons are not guilty of there Fathers sins ‘. There is also a growing amount of Irish people who don’t want Northern Ireland back even if they did vote to rejoin the rest of the Republic.
Kristine Bailey
Kristine Bailey 2 meses atrás
@freneticness No one, in any nation EVER ate just one thing. England was offloading livestock and grain as well. It was a forced famine. Wake up, it's 2023.
Wafer Crackerjack
Wafer Crackerjack 6 meses atrás
GGG 777 Because getting Northern Ireland means getting the people living in it too. If Ireland can get Northern Ireland without the people, I'm sure them Irish will want it in a heartbeat.
Moutton Noir
Moutton Noir 7 anos atrás
Just discovered your channel. Short informative & entertaining videos. You should be applauded for taking often complex subjects, breaking them down, simplifying them and making them accessible for all. Simple text/narrative & relevant visuals. You are an excellent communicator and I guess a teacher by profession?
Austin Thompson
Austin Thompson 6 anos atrás
Great videos! I feel so well informed and appreciate your scholarly endeavor
Adrian 6 anos atrás
+Rico Suave not the same mate dutch are Germanic people, Scottish are mostly Celtic like the Irish
Moutton Noir
Moutton Noir 7 anos atrás
Same her Mr. Keep up the excellent work!
WonderWhy 7 anos atrás
Well... pretty near Glasgow. It's definitely the closest city to where I'm from.
Moutton Noir
Moutton Noir 7 anos atrás
Well keep going Mr. Are you from Glasgow? I'm also a Scot- nice to hear our accent online.
GS 2019.
GS 2019. 2 anos atrás
I’m excited to go to Scotland and Ireland next year. I am eight generations of American with my grandfather and uncle both coming to the colonies from Scotland. My last name is Williamson and my grandfather who was the first of our family in America, was Samuel Williamson. We have cousins in Fife and Glasgow. I watched this and I can play it safe while in either country. My mother’s maiden name is McCort and her family came from Ireland. mother’s family was Catholic and my fathers Protestant. Very interesting video and I never understood, northern Ireland and...Ireland. That helped.
WOR53L G 5 meses atrás
@Áḋaṁ Mac Gréagóir some say tomato an all that aye!!, so why am i dumb then?, so thats not a viking rune also that was used by a scandinavian ss division that was also complicit in genocide then?, and theres me thinking hitler was just a misunderstood budist at heart.... I really must be dumb then, what is dumb is pretending to be a fake irish man who cant even spell his surname correctly... Egit...
MAI Anos atrás
You're Scotch Irish! I'd refer you to the documentary "Born Fighting".
FRONT 242 2 anos atrás
My respects to the Irish people
My Call to Adventure
My Call to Adventure 3 meses atrás
Very informative summery. Obviously there is a lot of details left out, but a complete history would take hours and hours. Great job at condensing it down to 12 min. I’ve read dozens of books on the history of Ireland and after watching this realize I’ve only scratched the surface.
C Brock Bishop
C Brock Bishop 3 anos atrás
This story of Ireland reminds me of Edward R Murrows comment about Vietnam, "If you're not confused by what's going on over there, you don't understand the situation..."
erwin zimmermann
erwin zimmermann Anos atrás
@Kevin Kehoe i agree, that this for(u)m does not really make progressive discussions possible with @ sign, as the post is not explicitly named. just ignore... : P
Kevin Kehoe
Kevin Kehoe Anos atrás
@erwin zimmermann and what point is that, something about executing deserters was it?
erwin zimmermann
erwin zimmermann Anos atrás
@Kevin Kehoe you did not even got the point.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell Anos atrás
@Kevin Kehoe No worries!
Kevin Kehoe
Kevin Kehoe Anos atrás
@Colin Campbell whoops ,apologies 🤦‍♂️
jack4919 Mês atrás
As we’re now in 2023 it’ll be interesting to see if the peace walls are still in operation. I went to Dublin a couple of years ago (amazing place) however Ireland went into lockdown due to Covid whilst I was there, the next day I had a trip to visit giants causeway (highly recommend) however as the UK had not yet entered into lockdown I was able to get a drink and go about life as normal. Crazy how different it was just for the sake of driving over a line on a motorway (literally). I remember the coach we took had a huge ROI flag on it and when we parked in Belfast the sight of the elderly gentleman spitting and shaking his cane at the coach is something I will never forget 😂
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade 4 anos atrás
As an American who grew up in the '90s, I remember first learning about The Troubles in segments on the news as the buildup to the Good Friday Agreement was unfolding. Being quite young--I was 10 in '98--I didn't fully understand the conflict at the time, but it broke my heart to hear about people suffering in such a vicious cycle of violence. This video seemed very insightful and explained a lot. Thanks for sharing. May everyone in Ireland find and strive for healing, peace, and love. Blessed be. )O(
WOR53L G 5 meses atrás
@normal guy well said, something tells me she didnt have the loyalist irish people in mind, i bet she didnt even know they existed, she just thinking those poor irish getting bullied by them nasty british..GSTK brother...
normal guy
normal guy 3 anos atrás
Alicia Nyblade from Belfast a loyal Ulster man and I thank you for your kind words.
DrScopeify 2 anos atrás
I think the real change is that people are allot more secular today than ever before so the issues which caused much of the turmoil in the first place are fading away fast. With the UK out of the EU, I think the EU will try to put their hands deeper in to Ireland as their foothold in the British Isles. It will be interesting to see how the future plays out.
Reallyrujokin 2 anos atrás
I'm living in Ireland for 25 years married to Irish woman and kids regard themselves Irish...I often had to drive up to the North with work...some spectacularly beautiful places up there but driving into certain areas like Derry ..the mood is horrible and obvious segregation brings it home that this hasn't gone away but bubbling away under the surface..hopefully the peace will hold long enough for the hatred to be bred out of people and Ireland is simply Ireland again...but I don't see that happening for a very very long time
Alex 6 meses atrás
As a Scotsman I’ve always been interested in the history of ulster, this video explained it pretty well 👍🏻
Jack Dubz
Jack Dubz Mês atrás
@Tran Duy He was more than likely a Glasgow Rangers supporter. Those people are the worst.
Tran Duy
Tran Duy 4 meses atrás
I have met and worked with two people from the UK in my life: one from Wales and the other from Scotland. The first person was OK but the second (from Scotland) was selfish, arrogant, stubborn and mean. He didn't get along with other people and had to leave after one year.
jamie Carroll
jamie Carroll 3 anos atrás
Impressive video. One slight correction though. Ireland became fully independent in 1949 following the passing of the government of ireland act. We became a Republic as a result. Despite having 2 constitutions(a smaller less detailed one was passed in 1922) we remained part of the British empire until 1949. Irish history, albeit confusing at times, is very interesting.
Geoffrey Stephens
Geoffrey Stephens 5 meses atrás
This is very interesting! I am Scotch-Irish and love to hear about my family’s homeland! Please tell me if there are a lot of Stephens in Ireland or are they in Scotland! The first Stephens in America came into the US in Pennsylvania! He was an officer in the Revolutionary War! Thanks for the informative video!
Oofman98 2 meses atrás
It’s an English name.
I 4 meses atrás
bro wtf
Geoffrey Stephens
Geoffrey Stephens 5 meses atrás
I forgot to tell you what year, sorry! I believe it was in the late1776 or 1777!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 4 anos atrás
My family is English on my Dad's side and Irish on my Mum's side, so I can sympathise with both sides of this fight. The English (and Scots) did terrible things in Ireland, but the Irish also did terrible things to each other and civilians in the UK in more recent times. However, I don't care what our ancestors did. What is important is what we do today. If the majority of people in Ulster vote for independence then they should receive it, if they vote for the union then they should stay. End of story. To suggest otherwise would be to fight democracy and freedom, and sink into an ugly pit of violent, nationalist hatred.
BFC 3 anos atrás
Who would subsidise Northern Irelands independence? Northern Ireland has been heavily subsidised by England since the 1930s. Currently £10bn per year.
Claire Ní Chnaimhsí
Claire Ní Chnaimhsí 3 anos atrás
God loves you
God loves you 3 anos atrás
@t.rok1 in what way? XD
t.rok1 3 anos atrás
I agree for the most part. But the history of the illegal British invasion and the living Hell that was created for the people is very troublesome and should not have ever happened. That wrong needs to be fairly and legally, made Right.
Benzoato De Potasio
Benzoato De Potasio 2 anos atrás
Thank you so much for the subtitles. Is a big help for those of us who don't know English that well, but enough to read and listen.
Lumine 2 anos atrás
Very informative, although the narration was too fast for me to follow it well as an American (of a large degree of British Isles ancestry) to follow, and I do have some experience with the Scottish accent. I would be willing to listen to a longer, more slowly narrated version. Thanks for researching, writing and posting this!
Nicholas McClintock
Nicholas McClintock 2 anos atrás
Yeh same here, when it finished I was still confused about what's going on over there, I'm from New Zealand but living in Australia now if that helps explain my confusion over this issue.
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan 2 anos atrás
Same hard to listen to
Spiffy Anos atrás
My great granduncle was actually the captain of the main military leader of the anti treaty side during the war of independence, but then fought against him in the civil war.
Daniel Verberne
Daniel Verberne Anos atrás
As a non-religious person, I'm always puzzled by the divisions that religious affiliation of beliefs can cause. It seems so bizarre to me - to divide each other up based on which particular version of 'faith' is right. Of course, it's not always about beliefs, it's clearly (at least in history described this way) deeply entwined with politics, power, representation, etc.
Old Edwardian
Old Edwardian 8 meses atrás
Jacquie Walton
Jacquie Walton 8 meses atrás
@Old Edwardian ..." The second, much larger group of landlords was made up of about 10,000 absentee landlords who never or only rarely saw their estates in Ireland. They lived in England, typically in London, spending their rental income over there. Absentee landlords had no interest in their land other than it making them money."
Jacquie Walton
Jacquie Walton 8 meses atrás
@Old Edwardian I didn't lay blame on anyone, I clearly said that "Professor Niall Ferguson wrote" ....Go look it up
gerard alarcon
gerard alarcon Anos atrás
Been living in Ireland for 20 years, such humble and lovely people. Always love their guinness as I do too 🙌
Daniel Bentham
Daniel Bentham 2 meses atrás
@Annie Grath do you believe what you're saying? because its just false
Annie Grath
Annie Grath 2 meses atrás
@Daniel Bentham again you’re wrong,the majority hold Irish passports the unionist population applied for Irish passports in there droves after Brexit on the advise of Paisley.
Daniel Bentham
Daniel Bentham 2 meses atrás
@Annie Grath the majority have British passports thus British citizenship
Annie Grath
Annie Grath 2 meses atrás
@Daniel Benthamno majority identify as British as there is no majority now, it’s actually 50/50.
Simon P
Simon P 9 meses atrás
@Derpy octopus there is one rugby team because the IRFU did not split when Ireland was partitioned. Partition was supposed to be a temporary measure to be resolved later There are separate football (soccer) teams
Queen Diana
Queen Diana 5 anos atrás
Irish be proud of ur country! I have been there in autumn 2016 and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world! :) Greetings from Germany
Craig Berry
Craig Berry Anos atrás
Northern Ireland born and bred. Love the South too. Great people 👏
Jack Dubz
Jack Dubz Mês atrás
Pretty soon you will all be one people again. If the British government continues to push its luck.
Soggy Anos atrás
Haha yeah that's great I'm from the south. Northerners are great, glad that something like that can be said now without having to worry about my car being blown up
wanderer10k Anos atrás
What isn't put across enough here is the split itself. What were the consequences of allowing a fully united Ireland? The unionists and the Larn gun running would have been interesting to highlight.
Matei-Gabriel Shelby
I do not have any idea why, but Ireland's independence and union is the single ideological issue in my entire life that I can not only wholeheartedly support, but I have no connection to either. I am 100% Romanian with no business or family connections to Ireland, but everything about their cause seems just and fair.
C Houten
C Houten 2 anos atrás
Very well done. Most information here is not biased. I am Irish and Catholic, and in school we learn so much on these topics. Although he left out a bit. I agree both sides done wrong, especially Ireland with the troubles (although the Black and Tans and RUC weren't fair to any Catholics) Unfortunately, there is a lot of tension between these 2 religions even now. Orange day parades, still make a lot of Catholics feel unsafe. Back during the troubles the IRA shot 2 English Protestant children. The song Zombie by Dolores O' Riordan reffers to not just that insident but many others. Things the IRA done And the feared Black and Tans. It's 2020 and there is still Racism, Culturalism, and tension between so many people and religions. Is it more important to be right, or to be honest and fair. We all done wrong, not just in Irish and English history, but all over the world. We need to stand up and admit our wrong doings and put the hate behind us. We can't take back our history. It's part of who we are, but we can come together as one, no matter the religion, race or culture.
debra tansey
debra tansey 7 meses atrás
Just wondering what people on both sides think about the film The Wind That Blows the Barley, it was that film that made me look into everything I thought I knew about Ireland
DavidOM 4 anos atrás
You have done your research and delivered a fact-based, highly relevant video concerning almost a thousand years of brutal history that runs for just 12 minutes - impressive! Here is an idea for a follow-up video: Deep-rooted division existed, yet relative peace has been achieved through the Good Friday Agreement. That is a credit to several key players in England, USA, N and S Ireland. There are very few examples of successful constructive outcomes in a world full of wars and tribalism - that makes it all the more wignifican to the world. Could you do another 12 minute video on this incredibly positive achievement please ?
The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster 3 anos atrás
If anyone sees my question & doesn’t mind replying...I have searched for quite sometime to find the reason/origin of the term “the troubles” being used for the years of deadly conflict...just seems like such an understatement. Thank you in advance! 😉
The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster 3 anos atrás
alannapower21 thanks so much for your reply!! ♥️
alannapower21 3 anos atrás
Ireland in the 60's did not like anything taboo and tended to avoid mentioning such things. If taboos needed to be talked about, they were simply referred to as "troubles". The fighting up the North got stuck with it as a name.
Marcelina Perez Shaner
Im an American ,and i hope all the people of Ireland,Norhern Ireland and England have an everlasting love and peace .thats my prayer.
Mark_Master1 Anos atrás
oh nieve americans
Marcelina Perez Shaner
I live in a city that had 400 murders in 2020 ,i been capped myself cutty.i said a humble must drinking Killiens Red at the pub .your comment os as distasteful as your choice of beer ..i bind you in the namme of San Antonio Shanus or watever that midevil name is .lol
Vacey 2 anos atrás
Thank you!
kelly bray
kelly bray 2 meses atrás
Still sounds confusing! 1 small country fighting against itself! I would love to visit Ireland. I would like to see all of it! It looks so gorgeous! Can't wait to get there!
YourFavouriteOgre Mês atrás
2 countries*
letsseeif 2 anos atrás
In 1930's Aussie, my Methodist (Anglo) mum who'd just competed a teaching degree, was posted to a 'rural school' (in country Victoria) and boarded with an Irish Roman Catholic family with 12 kids (& kids of kids etc.), and was known affectionately esp by Old Grandad (traditional head of family), as 'The Orangeman'. One daughter sought to save mum's soul by constant prayer. ps. 1.most of this is history, but some still care & history (as they say) runs deep. 2. commonly said yesteryear, "The Irish love a good fight." and finally, 3. "Mixed Marriages' were a reality in Australia until about nineteen eighty. Now the widespread immigration from all all over the world, has reduced the Protees Versus the Catholics ("micks") - for the vast majority to a history.
Mike Lang
Mike Lang Anos atrás
If this is accurate, your presentation is fascinating! Edit: I know the recent history is accurate even if very truncated. What fascinates me is summarizing such a complex history in such a short time.
jo5302 -
jo5302 - 4 anos atrás
U explained this better than 2 documentaries, each 1,5 h long, which we watched with my english teacher Thanks mate
BlackOak 3 anos atrás
Now we need another one just to follow what happens with Brexit, lol
Cora 3 anos atrás
Sam O'Connor ..?
Socman2020 3 anos atrás
Shame on you
JosephusXIX 2 anos atrás
A college semester of Irish history in about 12 minutes
TheOakster 2 anos atrás
E dirty unionist doesn’t have quite the same ring to it
TheOakster 2 anos atrás
E I don’t have a problem with Protestants. I have a problem with their views. Those views almost always are linked to Protestants
Christian Montoya
Christian Montoya 3 anos atrás
I found this video cuz I finished watching the foreigner and was confused on the whole political reasoning behind the attacks in the movie probably because I’m from America and watching this video helped me slightly not because it was bad but because it’s so damn confusing in general to wrap my head around the whole concept. It also doesn’t help that I watched this at 3am but I digress
E.A. P
E.A. P 8 meses atrás
As a Canadian it's pretty hard to understand why there is so much quarrel between Ireland and Britain. I remember flying over Southern England and it took the 787 about 10-15 minutes to cross from one side to the other, than maybe another 5-10 minutes over Ireland than we entered Canadian airspace over Labrador it takes 7 hours to fly across the country to get to Vancouver.
J 4 meses atrás
@E.A. P I agree. However, you must remember that for some, Protestant and Catholic are more about identities. Just because somebody calls themselves X doesn't mean they are. So, that leaves quite a few so-called believers and non-believers.
E.A. P
E.A. P 4 meses atrás
As a Christian you cannot have hatred in your heart for anyone. Unfortunately too many Christians don’t pay attention to the teachings of Christ.
J 4 meses atrás
@E.A. P If that's your point, then I agree. However, this level of hatred is probably being handed down from generation to generation. Your reality is what you are born into. People use their side of the fence to define their identify. It's now ingrained in them. There's few people who have that level of hatred and suddenly have an epiphany and decide to stop hating and teach peace. This is more of a hearts-and-minds scenario. That's why neither Ireland nor the UK can completely have their way. There has to be the right compromises on both sides. It's interesting seeing other peoples views on this, especially those who think it's very black and white or cut and dried. It shows a naivete revealing that the observer has never been in true long term conflict either with family / friends / nations. I'm not saying that's you by the by - just others making unhelpful comments. I agree with what you mean by Christian - the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Also, those that have hatred in their heart are certainly further from being Christians. I'm Irish and living in the South and have cousins up North. It's apples and oranges in terms of experiences and outlook between us and we're both born Catholics. I would imagine that both the Northern protestants and the British probably have a similar misalignment. While I have a modicum of national pride, I do respect our British neighbours and was proud when the queen came to visit Ireland many years ago with that passing off without a hitch. From my perspective, I found it healing for both sides.
E.A. P
E.A. P 4 meses atrás
@J yes I know I have a friend who is from the "north of Ireland" as he puts it, and I have friends from Ireland, my friend from the North of Ireland hates absolutely anything English, he couldn't even be gracious about the passing of the Queen. My other Irish friends have great relations with the English, one even served in the British army. My point is how are you going to ever solve the hatred, if you don't make conscious start to stop hating. Both sides in the North in my view bring shame to Jesus Christ, neither side in my view is Christian but in name only and the pervert the name of our Saviour.
Hrvoje Grgić
Hrvoje Grgić 3 anos atrás
This was very well made and informative.
Takdashark Anos atrás
I’m 100 % Greek and 95% of my friends are Irish!! I do bust their chops about having shamrock tattoos and stickers on their cars etc… yet almost all of them haven’t been to Ireland and don’t know much about it 😂 it’s all in good fun though. They’re some of the loyalist people I’ve ever met.
deemz Anos atrás
Who cares.
Redfishswimming Anos atrás
They sound like Americans. Unless you were born and raised in Ireland, or you have Irish citizenship and no other, you are not Irish.
billybobobenner 4 anos atrás
Back in the 80's I was walking in Belfast when I was accosted by a masked man, brandishing a gun. He asked "Are you a Catholic or a Protestant"? I replied "Neither, I'm an Atheist". The Gunman was silent for a moment, then finally said "Is that a Catholic Atheist or a Protestant Atheist"?
Wolf 5 meses atrás
@Lumine So you believe that by dieing on the cross and rising again that Jesus saved all humanity and that everything Jesus said about needing to be being born again is wrong?
Wolf 5 meses atrás
@Cy Jones Both. However we have had protestant nationalists ( who would never have called themselves catholic), the political positions are better labelled nationalist and unionist. I am protestant by heritage and by religion. I am a born again Christian, and I come from 2 born again Christian's who also have a protestant heritage. There are protestants and Catholics who are that by religion, but we also have catholic atheists and protestant atheists. Living here, the joke makes perfect sense. Being protestant or catholic is decided by your family background, and their family background etc if you are an atheist. If you don't get it, don't worry, we don't expect you to. It's an in joke.
Guest6265+ 10 meses atrás
In Belfast in the 80s that question isn't about religion at all. It's about whose side you're on in a political struggle. If you supported Irish independence and didn't believe in God, you'd indeed be a "catholic atheist", even if that makes no sense in any other context
Mary Barry
Mary Barry 11 meses atrás
Heard it before but it's still just as funny! 😁☘️
Towfiq Ahmed
Towfiq Ahmed Anos atrás
It resembles the storyline of a Mexican Tele-novela or a Indian TV serial. Some guy decided to annul his marriage and others were like - "we don't do that here". And people are fighting over it for centuries. Just goes to show you how little it takes for us to fight.
Batten5150 2 anos atrás
Five minutes into this video and my head is spinning so bad that I need a pint of Guinness.
TRH Videos
TRH Videos Anos atrás
@Norn Iron Man it is
Frank Hornby
Frank Hornby Anos atrás
Don't worry....after 10 pints of Guinness it will start to make sense.....
Norn Iron Man
Norn Iron Man Anos atrás
And Guinness isn't even an Irish drink......
Ruddin Liew
Ruddin Liew Anos atrás
Dont blame you, i took an aspirin and went to sleep. My dream was clearer of the history.. i cud understand the naration🙂🙂
Falko Fritz
Falko Fritz 11 meses atrás
Tragic topic, was never mentioned in school (I'm from Germany). I believe in the next decades this conflict will slow down because North Ireland, at least what I am hearing, is not doing well. Nobody wants a economic failure to join their country. Same was for Germany at the date of the Unification, UDSSR wanted to give us Königsberg but the economy was a disaster and there were not much germans left in the area.
Jarrin Root
Jarrin Root 2 anos atrás
I wish things could have been much different. There was a never a need for England and Ireland to be enemies. I think they're both beautiful places with good people. Love from Canada
Jarrin Root
Jarrin Root 2 anos atrás
@italian empire yep.
italian empire
italian empire 2 anos atrás
@Jarrin Root common sense is not a high priority when considering independence. Did you know in 1995 49.4% voted for independence in a referendum in Quebec?
Jarrin Root
Jarrin Root 2 anos atrás
@italian empire I wouldn't advise independence for any provinces in my country, wouldn't work too well.
italian empire
italian empire 2 anos atrás
Some people just want out, and see the overall governement as an opressor. Even when they aren't. A lot of people in Scotland hate the UK and believe they are being controlled by england (Westminster) and having laws forced on them by an alien government. But most laws are made in Scotland. Common sense files out the window when nationalism is involved. Look at your own country. Parts of Canada want independence. Enemies spring up for very little reason and hatred becomes all consuming.
Lawrence Dillard
Lawrence Dillard Anos atrás
Thank you. This is a complicated history, that you managed to distill down to it's constituent parts very very well. I commend you sir. Thank you.
Éire Flag Animations
@Jim Rubadue okay. What does that have to do with the comment though.
Jim Rubadue
Jim Rubadue Anos atrás
uk and Ireland are the same thing
Eochaidh32 4 anos atrás
Also, my father and three of my grandparents were from Belfast, and none of them identified as anything but Irish. My father had an Irish passport.
Paul 7 meses atrás
Paul 7 meses atrás
KEVIN BLACK 3 anos atrás
As an Irish Catholic Canadian, let me say........"well done". This was very informative.
Supreme 321
Supreme 321 2 anos atrás
@Lyla Clark Shaped them? In to what?
Supreme 321
Supreme 321 2 anos atrás
An Irish Catholic Canadian? Whats one of them when it's at home? 🏡?
Lyla Clark
Lyla Clark 3 anos atrás
From a British point of view, Irish history is worth your time as the Irishman/Canadian that you are hope you make time for the details of the famine etc etc that shaped the Irish coz of British Politics, indifference and, their spin on history through the centuries
Matei-Gabriel Shelby
The Irish civil war, for whatever reason, horrifies me as a conclusion of their struggle for independence. How could it be that you have to fight your own brothers after fighting shoulder to shoulder with them...
Joanne Anos atrás
As an Irish person this helped me learn the history of my country thx Wonder Why
No Name
No Name Anos atrás
Be proud of your country
Natty c
Natty c 2 anos atrás
I never knew the rift had been for so long.such a shame all the lives lost:(
futurehistory10 2 anos atrás
It hits you kind of strongly every so often when you realise that Northern Ireland is literally colonialism in the 21st century. I'm Irish and have only been to Northern Ireland twice but it's so strange not leaving the island and seeing British buses and postboxes, etc. everywhere when you've just taken a few hours drive North.
Thomas Owen
Thomas Owen Anos atrás
Literally colonialism. That’s as legitimate as saying Ireland is just a tribal nation. Much of Northern Ireland wishes to be a part of the United Kingdom, this is self determination, it’s voluntary and not by force.
Derek Ferguson
Derek Ferguson Anos atrás
@Jordan Phoenix So you are saying that you saw London buses in Northern Ireland ? May I suggest you leave the crack pipe alone in future before travelling to a different country.
Jordan Phoenix
Jordan Phoenix Anos atrás
@Derek Ferguson They look quite different from eachother just look up comparisons between a london bus and a dublin/ bus eiren bus
Born in the woods
Born in the woods Anos atrás
That's like with any country😂 Live in Seattle drive up north and suddenly your using different currency see different flags and different busses!
Derek Ferguson
Derek Ferguson Anos atrás
What the fuck is a British bus exactly ? Are the buses in the Republic Irish buses ?
Priyam Tolani
Priyam Tolani 5 anos atrás
It's ironic how the northern Irish were the first to revolt against the British rule but later ended up joining Britain instead of becoming independent
JMB Pro 5 meses atrás
@WOR53L G what are you on about?
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp 2 anos atrás
Thank you for the thoughtful answer. I have a political science degree and I know so well that the world is not black and white / it’s grey - it’s complicated and the solutions are really tough. Anyway thanks for replying me. Cheers!!
Wali 2 anos atrás
Brilliant summary of Irish History!!
The Casual Citizen
The Casual Citizen Anos atrás
Informative video of a complex history. I recently discovered that I have an Irish heritage. My great great grand parents immigrated to America in the 1840's. It is distressing to see the History of Ireland. My people left Ireland during the Potato Famine. It looks as though Ireland has been under constant political unrest and grief since the beginning. I found a great great great grandmother whose maiden name was CaHill. I wonder if there is a DNA connection with Professor Delores CaHill who is affiliated with the Irish Freedom Party? My political orientation is similar to hers, center right.
User123454321 Anos atrás
It is Cahill not CaHill. It is also an extremely common surname throughout Ireland. Every American with 1% or less irish blood think they’re related to us all! We are not a tiny island but a nation of 5 million people.
sir jimgreen
sir jimgreen 3 anos atrás
For once I think this was a reasonable historical view.
Brian Arbenz
Brian Arbenz 2 anos atrás
Thank you for a fine summary of the long, long roots of this issue.
Jim Rubadue
Jim Rubadue Anos atrás
the uk basically owns ireland
Mat 727
Mat 727 4 anos atrás
The terms Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland don't work because the most northern point on the island of Ireland is in "southern Ireland"
Wolf 5 meses atrás
Yes, very true, yet we still say things like down south. Makes me laugh when I think about it.
clancywiggam Anos atrás
@Eoin Wilson Brits always say Southern Ireland, it drives me mad!
Supreme 321
Supreme 321 Anos atrás
@Snap 'n' Shoot It's also wrong to say English rather than British as they full well know. They do that to make the English look like the 'baddies' and the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Protestants have always been forced by the English to go along with anything and everything that England tells them. 'The Big Bad Wolf' 🐺 🤣
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh Anos atrás
@Supreme 321 not true. Malin Head in County Donegal is the most northerly point on the island of Ireland
E Anos atrás
@cacambo If we're Northern Ireland, then the free state southerners are Southern Ireland and as an irishman I'll never change that language to suit southern partitionist mindset
Gibbons Talks Boxing
Gibbons Talks Boxing 3 anos atrás
A good brief introduction to the division of Ireland.
evo Anos atrás
The Irish I think Sein Fein where told to ask the Irish Protestant's for help for a thoughts on a revolt but one was imprisoned by the British and one was on the run. They where told wait until the solders come back from France then take it to the British but they where not willing to wait and it failed as the North was not won over.
Edward Oakley
Edward Oakley Anos atrás
This is a lesson I should have had at school. I didn't even know, until much later, that there was any issues with the irish and english... I wonder if it was left out of the curriculum for a reason?
John Austin
John Austin 5 meses atrás
They don’t teach you what they don’t want you to know ,think about that ?
Aleksandar Markovic
Aleksandar Markovic 3 anos atrás
Thanks to all Irish people who give their lives in ww1 on Balkan,when they fight with us (Serbs) against Bulgarian,and when they try to stop 100.000 soldiers with just 8.000.This is not something about this video but is a nice fact.
Martin Lanigan
Martin Lanigan 2 anos atrás
To much bad history no good in gossiping about it now
Bigedsleftarmpithair 2 anos atrás
Poseidons Trident we might not have fought but that’s cus we had lost so many people over hundreds of years and weren’t gonna lose more innocent people and we still haven’t gotten to the same number of people as before the famine no thanks to the british
Duibhir Ui Maolmmhauid
The Irish have always stood up for those who need help...we still do it today with pride
Eoin Wilson
Eoin Wilson 2 anos atrás
@Jake and wat do u hav to say about the british deciding not to help the irish during the famine and forcing a million ppl to starve
Jake 2 anos atrás
@Eoin Wilson you said you gained independence from a country 10 times your size, you didnt win it by fighting, you lost every rebellion you had so the ira started bombing innocent children and civilians instead.
Ciaran Anos atrás
Very nice video, just one point I would add at the very start. The Normans in England were encouraged into Ireland by the then King of Leinster, Dermot McMurrough in 1170. What an eejit!!!
TexasDragon 1995
TexasDragon 1995 4 anos atrás
In the United States, really the most significant thing we were taught in school about Ireland is the Great Potato famine and because of that they're responsible for over 35,000,000 of our current population. They helped build our roads, train tracks, buildings and many other things. Thank you Ireland :D
Paul McGrath
Paul McGrath 6 meses atrás
The entire island was one giant farm and people still think all that starvation was from the loss of a side dish. Now that’s efficient propaganda.
Judith McTablet
Judith McTablet 9 meses atrás
VenomousCompany 3 anos atrás
​@Just Some Nut Again. World War 2. You can't blame the UK for being unable to help during World War 2. It is retardation to suggest otherwise. That is why 1943 is irrelevant. And the Bengal Famine 1770 (1769-1773). I don't know enough about. I do know that Bengal was under control of the British East India Company which only objective was to bring a large profit. So wasn't under the direct control of the UK. But doesn't really matter. The heavy taxation imposed by the BEIC obviously caused more death. The Irish Potato famine? I still back the British. And I am Irish. There was much death across Europe from the Potato blight. Not just Ireland. The British for warned the Irish and produced seeds for them to grow. The Irish didn't listen.The rest of the UK was having Famine issues as well. Sure the UK likely took more than they should of off the Irish. As I say. The UK is not innocent in the Irish Potato Famine but the Irish are not innocent either.
Just Some Nut
Just Some Nut 3 anos atrás
@VenomousCompany take 1770 as well 10 million dead
Mark Mayonnaise
Mark Mayonnaise 2 anos atrás
8:39 Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are still dominions of the Commonwealth, independent of course of the government of the UK but all are Kingdoms under Elizabeth II. I don't know what 1953 is supposed to symbolize here, nothing happened constitutionally that year here in Canada to my knowledge.
Tim A
Tim A 3 anos atrás
Hi, thanks for a great video, explained well. It makes more sense when you take it back to the origins of the conflicts.
George Tirebiter
George Tirebiter 2 dias atrás
Thanks for confirming how complicated this topic is. I just thought I was stupid for not ever understanding it.
owenzey 2 anos atrás
Brilliant. Great summary. The best I have ever heard
El Kurdo
El Kurdo Anos atrás
Irish people are very friendly and brave!!
Baldeep Birak
Baldeep Birak 4 anos atrás
Great video of the history of Ireland.
ynG KizZy
ynG KizZy 2 anos atrás
As an Englishman I thank every irishman that ever fought for the union in ww1 despite being oppressed and I believe that the United Kingdom was supposed to be a way to unite all the peoples of the islands and not for one side to oppress eachother.
Lorcster Anos atrás
@Norn Iron Man during the famine Catholics could convert to Protestantism to not starve to death, seems a bit oppressive if you ask me
Niall O Donnell
Niall O Donnell Anos atrás
@Norn Iron Man No one calling themselves Norn Iron Man can credibly talk about the position of Irish Catholics in the UK -most especially while simultaneously suggesting that they didn't suffer any oppression which is a strong word more appropriate to the mid nineteenth century and before. The Irish leaders called on Irishmen to fight having been promised Home Rule which they didn't get when the time came. That is the thanks they got. However there have always been Englishmen whose hearts are in the right place and you had an opportunity there to remain silent while a couple of them spoke.
Norn Iron Man
Norn Iron Man Anos atrás
Oppressed? Give me a break! My Catholic ancestors weren't oppressed and several of them joined the British Army well before WW1 too. The truth is much more nuanced than many believe and Irish Republicans would rather you not know it was hardly as simple as that.
pecado de orgullo
pecado de orgullo Anos atrás
@Jacksil Jackson I think it was disrespectful that no home back at one even thanked them which is kind of sad in a way.
mrtn71 3 anos atrás
My great grandfather and his father imagraded from northern Ireland ,from Louth .Those were the Duffy's. Interesting video
The next shenanigan Town and the elf pope.
Louth is not in NI...
Timothy Conley
Timothy Conley 2 dias atrás
That's a very interesting take on your history But my family told me different stories and the reason why we're in America
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole 3 anos atrás
This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!!
Vacey 2 anos atrás
I actually live in Munster! And this helped me understand a lot! Munster is in Ireland if you did not know as I forgot what you named them, and the Irish flag is quite like France 🇫🇷 ^🇮🇪 isn’t it
Thndr_ 4 anos atrás
I know this is supposed to be a simplified version but I am not even half way through and I'm totally lost.
Splintz 3 anos atrás
@Christophe Bonhoeffer Of BelgraviaDziękuję również tobie
Christophe Bonhoeffer Of Belgravia
Caitlin Swiencki ..Miłego Weekendu Caitlin, Dobranoc..💚
Splintz 3 anos atrás
@Christophe Bonhoeffer Of Belgravia I have polish in me as well yes lol thankyou!
Christophe Bonhoeffer Of Belgravia
Caitlin Swiencki ...You’re welcome Caitlin, I’m glad to have helped a little 💚
David John
David John 2 anos atrás
Very informative... appreciated 👍🏽👍🏼
Megan vids
Megan vids Anos atrás
I live in Ireland and I love learning history
RAINBOW 6 DOC , Anos atrás
I'm northern Irish and I'm embarrassed from it I love Ireland
J-seven6 2 anos atrás
If life ever becomes too good and feeling fine becomes too common, I will watch this once more for a good headache.
Dread pirate Roberts II
Chris Bolden Newsome
Chris Bolden Newsome 5 meses atrás
this was a good synopsis of an exhaustive history but good gracious how much he leaves out!
Niki Mik
Niki Mik 3 anos atrás
You know you are American when you roll your eyes at “well, it started in the 12th century”
freneticness 11 meses atrás
History for americans started in 1776.
Eric Hoberg
Eric Hoberg 2 anos atrás
@Thomas O'Connell Yep, met an American in Houston that asked me if New Zealand was a province of Canada. When I said "southern hemisphere" she replied "oh, South Africa". I let it go as a Province of Canada just to get the cheque cashed.
Francis Nwadike
Francis Nwadike 2 anos atrás
@Thomas O'Connell but the like fighting others people's war
Thomas O'Connell
Thomas O'Connell 2 anos atrás
Haven't met many Americans that have been thought basic global geography and history. Its like it doesn't matter because it's not American. Recently met a girl who unsurprisingly had no clue of the difference between Ireland and The UK and thought Paris was a country. Her friend also thought India was in Africa. Both study in a university in the US. American education is completely ignorant to supplying a basic level of global geography because, well it's not America so why should they care?
C Mortenson
C Mortenson 2 anos atrás
And what’s with this guys accent. Can’t understand a frkn word...
James Donaghy
James Donaghy 3 anos atrás
I know more about how Hebrews stored wine in the iron age than i can say about Ireland, and i hold an irish passport. Thankyou, the UK history curriculum as taught in Scotland last century.
Peter Fitzgerald
Peter Fitzgerald 3 anos atrás
In short, we are a backward kip ruled by the EU
Loto 2 anos atrás
We learn a much more detailed version of our history in Ireland compared to what they teach over in England
ImmortalTyrant2 2 anos atrás
@Loto It makes sense for the education system to focus more on their own regional history. In Northern Ireland we get the best of both worlds because we learn about some Irish history and some overall British history.
Loto 2 anos atrás
@ImmortalTyrant2 it's not obvious to people who live in the UK and therefore don't learn it. I mean specifically the history between Ireland and England
ImmortalTyrant2 2 anos atrás
Well, obviously.
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