Why Ireland Split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland 

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A brief overview of the history of Ireland and the events that led to the political division of the island.
Including: the Norman and Tudor conquest of Ireland, the break away from the Roman Catholic Church, the Union of the Crowns, the various Irish Rebellions, Oliver Cromwell's effect on Ireland, Irish joining the Union, the Irish War for Independence, the following Civil War, and the recent violence in Northern Ireland known as The Troubles.
"Lord of the Land" by
Kevin MacLeod (

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20 Jun 2015



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@billybobobenner 5 anos atrás
Back in the 80's I was walking in Belfast when I was accosted by a masked man, brandishing a gun. He asked "Are you a Catholic or a Protestant"? I replied "Neither, I'm an Atheist". The Gunman was silent for a moment, then finally said "Is that a Catholic Atheist or a Protestant Atheist"?
@sujithnair8660 5 anos atrás
For some reason; the question made me laugh to tears
@gerose1964 5 anos atrás
the old ones are the best
@d_j_g8764 5 anos atrás
Thats the way we used to be if your the opposite religion they probably would’ve attacked you
@davidryan0808 5 anos atrás
this i heard before...are you that man or is it one of those myths ? Not knocking you just a question need of reply because i like the idea of this logic because it shows the thick way folks can be without thinking we are all on the same world...1848 spring of nations did change our view of it but its still dumb to hate folks while living next to them
@jessycac6311 5 anos atrás
That was during the troubles.
@sampowell1649 3 anos atrás
As a Scotsman I think a lot of people are confused, it wasn’t exclusively England but Britain as a whole, the majority of Protestants in NI are descended from Scotland
@adamender9092 3 anos atrás
Thats true, The Irish don't hate the scots though so most of them just say the english or refer to the England as "the british" You're right and the accent was a result of scottish and Irish mixed
@beaucaspar3990 3 anos atrás
Yeah. Northern Ireland was settled by Scottish and English settlers, because of the Plantation of Ulster. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@andym9571 3 anos atrás
And what is now now Scotland was settled by the Scotti....who were Irish raiders ...long before any of this.
@sampowell1649 3 anos atrás
@@simonlaw9234 my father is a quarter welsh, basically all the men who carry the surname
@beaucaspar3990 3 anos atrás
@@simonlaw9234 Why are you being a self hating Brit? It's pathetic.
@vikramrao6391 3 anos atrás
Never met an Irishman whom I didn’t like. Always the biggest smile and the most welcoming demeanor. Would love to visit someday.
@michaelportaloo1981 3 anos atrás
That's because they were drunk
@Jack-jh5uh 3 anos atrás
michael portaloo 🤦🏼‍♂️
@MADMANB68 3 anos atrás
Take a stroll through a place called limerick in Ireland.. You may not return with your shoes let alone a smile lol
@tittymilk5979 3 anos atrás
Respect buddy you’re welcome to come
@bohsgerry 3 anos atrás
@@michaelportaloo1981 ????
@tjello8923 2 anos atrás
In summary: It was Henry VIII’s fault because he wanted more wives
@humann5682 2 anos atrás
Ha ah sort of. Obviously this is a quick overview but there are nuances too. Like the Earl of Kildare at the time supporting Yorkists claim to the English throne after the civil war. Henry VIII was concerned the Yorkists would regroup in Ireland with a sympathetic Earl of Kildare. That was a key motivation in Henry taking over Ireland. And a lot of the "proud Irish Gaelic chieftains" at the time of the Tudor conquest were more than happy to sell out their countrymen to the English Crown for a metaphorical 30 pieces of silver. Look up the _Surrender and Regrant policy_ in regards to the Tudor conquest of Ireland. And before anyone goes off on one with some uninformed propganada, I was raised in Ireland and went through the Catholic education system. Doesn't mean I'm going to be biased about history or ignore historical fact to suit propganada.
@dannye8525 2 anos atrás
@TJ Bell Yes, and didn't Anne and Catherine pay a heavy price .
@udin2x 2 anos atrás
And the world war 2 happen because Hitler was rejected to go to art school?
@davewhite756 2 anos atrás
He wanted a son
@user-ti6nr5cg9t 2 anos atrás
@@Gary-bz1rf h1tl3r was a Roman catholic tho.
I'm a Swede, trying to educate my self a bit about this conflict and damn, it's been going on for far longer than I thought.
@LorcanG 3 anos atrás
Anything after 1936 is boring as fuck, and the troubles are aight i guess. But the amount of first hand records of the civil war and the uprising is soo much, interesting too, i had a great grandfather who escaped the cork jail, shot loyalists rats and made chemical bombs for em black and tans they well deserved it..... okay Im done now haha.
@georgeasmundwiik6688 3 anos atrás
Hai Think NORWAY and Sweden, as rivals. Yeah. My Farr komma fra Alesund, ja. Yeah. 🤔😗
@-RunninNGunnin- 3 anos atrás
I'm from Finland and I really like reading about the history and conflicts of other countries, in this case The Troubles. The history of Finland is so boring, the WW2 being an exception.
@EdMcF1 3 anos atrás
Some Norwegians were involved, around 900 years ago.
@Sjnez 3 anos atrás
Swedish people have
@stephensmith4480 2 anos atrás
My experience Is Mainly with Northern Ireland, Mostly Belfast But the vast majority of people I know and have met are all 100%. They are very friendly and very genuine. It has been like a second home to me over the years.
@adambrown1654 Anos atrás
As a Protestant Scots man, piss off ya
@Crick1952 8 anos atrás
1000 years of Irish history in under 12 minutes... Impressive
@ToronGames 8 anos atrás
Crick1952 ~850*
@daddyleon 8 anos atrás
Toron Those earlier years are't important :P
@ToronGames 8 anos atrás
daddyleon what?
@Crick1952 8 anos atrás
Toron He starts with William the conquer then goes to Henry II. I thought it was a passable hyperbole.
@ToronGames 8 anos atrás
Crick1952 William the Conquer is not part of Irish History. He invaded England in 1066. The Normans wouldn't come to Ireland till around 1170/1171, i.e. long after William.
@Batten-jc6ws 3 anos atrás
Five minutes into this video and my head is spinning so bad that I need a pint of Guinness.
@jamesshoemaker684 2 anos atrás
Was alot of facts comming fast.
@ruddinliew2688 2 anos atrás
Dont blame you, i took an aspirin and went to sleep. My dream was clearer of the history.. i cud understand the naration🙂🙂
@NornIronMan5 2 anos atrás
And Guinness isn't even an Irish drink......
@frankhornby6873 2 anos atrás
Don't worry....after 10 pints of Guinness it will start to make sense.....
@trhvids 2 anos atrás
@@NornIronMan5 it is
@gimligloinson972 3 anos atrás
As someone who has lived in Northern Ireland all his life it rly sucks that people resort to violence so quickly, I’m 20 and wasn’t alive during the troubles but I hear many horror stories from my parents and grandparents about threats on business and the employees and such. I just hope that one day we can simply resolve these issues without violence and even as a Protestant Christian I couldn’t care less if it came about through joining Ireland or staying in the UK, I just wish all this crap would stop
@bigjuicypotato1482 3 anos atrás
Same. I didn't live during the troubles but my mum lived right beside a police station in a catholic area. That's not the best combo and she has so many horrifying stories.
@mito88 3 anos atrás
you haven't lived in Northern Ireland all your life yet. :)
@robert6106 3 anos atrás
@@mito88 That is fun, No Surrender!
@gimligloinson972 3 anos atrás
@First Name feel free to enlighten me on how clueless I am
@tonysmith5566 3 anos atrás
@@bigjuicypotato1482 what are they
Very informative summery. Obviously there is a lot of details left out, but a complete history would take hours and hours. Great job at condensing it down to 12 min. I’ve read dozens of books on the history of Ireland and after watching this realize I’ve only scratched the surface.
@k60355286 3 anos atrás
If OzzyMan explained this, he would basically say "It's fooked up."
@funkykriz21 2 anos atrás
:D yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@thedoreman8537 2 anos atrás
Shit mixed
@haroldinho9930 2 anos atrás
Would love to see him talk about this. I’m Northern Irish.
@imperialwolf7872 Anos atrás
As a Northern Irish Protestant myself, I have absolutely no ill will to anyone, Catholic or otherwise. I consider myself neither solely Irish or British, I consider myself both. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met were from the south and honestly hope this divide can heal itself, as unfortunately given recent actions I’m worried about it rearing it’s head again.
@rustykilt 8 meses atrás
As an Australian, it difficult to comprehend how the People of Northern Ireland continue to face a life fraught with violence. It seems a war that will never end.
@BB-is5xo 8 meses atrás
Nobody cares, furry.
@ShaneFagan 8 anos atrás
My only gripe is you did leave out the context of why Ireland wanted the spilt in the first place. It wasn't religion, there were protestants on the Republican side of every Irish rebellion. The reason why Ireland wanted the split was more about the abusive rule of England. We had pretty much only farmers exporting their product and the country was very poor actually so poor most people were slaves to land owners. There was also the famine which England didn't help us at all so many people died.
@another_day4783 8 anos atrás
England? You mean UK
@seansmith2223 8 anos atrás
Adamc1233 No, he doesn't. The act of union was passed in 1707 - meaning that any atrocities committed before this time (e.g. The (Cromwellian) Plantations) were a result of the English and not the British.
@andysmith5077 8 anos atrás
Shane Fagan It wasn't England mate, you've been sold false history. Nobody has been good to the Irish including the British (ie the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish) also the Roman Catholic church hasn't been good to the Irish, also guess who hasn't been very good to the Irish? The Irish. Now that's historical facts all throughout Irish history there has been a class divide. It doesn't matter if it's a duke or a monarch or a landowner from Ireland or England or Rome. The working classes have always had the short straw. Therefore this is not a nationality issue, this is a class issue and the lower working classes of society in Ireland, also England by the way have always had it bad. Don't forget that the English had to live closer to the monarchy than the Irish did. In some ways that worse.
@seansmith2223 8 anos atrás
Andy Smith Wait .... So your saying it wasn't England/Britain at fault but it was the Irish class system - which was created by the British imposing Penal Laws. And then you go and turn the story around and say that the British had it worse. I'm sorry mate but you've been sold the wrong history ..... by your faltering, propaganda/education system. :)
@andysmith5077 8 anos atrás
Sean Smith I like the way you took absolutely everything I said completely the wrong way. Wow you need to go back to school. British imposing penal laws? Lol wow just wow. Did we not have class systems before Britain was even a word?
@emilyanthony9105 2 anos atrás
Crazy watching this in 2021, as a young person from Belfast, while the city burns due to more sectarian violence. Makes me sad to just see history repeating itself, especially after we had come so far 💔
@borninthewoods4482 2 anos atrás
History is destined to repeat itself. Just look what's going on in Russia and Ukraine.
@Luka-zf2ye 2 anos atrás
@@borninthewoods4482 What's going on in Ukraine?
@cutesy1631 2 anos atrás
yes, is so sad see this religion conflict in 2021 still going on in Europe...
@ric112 2 anos atrás
sadly, there will always be greedy, incompetent bastards who have little to no understanding of the situation, rising to positions of power, and right now we have the most incompetent in a long while.
@jimmyohara2601 2 anos atrás
Yahs never ever even came so far at all. Just but only skin deep ready to explode at the drop of a feather (or coin). All countries that were colonies or parts of eastern block, ruled over etc, fell into disrepair, tribal warfare, ethnic cleansing & sectarian tensions & or violence. South Sudan being a most recent example. hmmm 🤔🙄😐☹️.
@EmiFolkMusic 3 anos atrás
Thank you so much for the subtitles. Is a big help for those of us who don't know English that well, but enough to read and listen.
@shaunadamson4634 2 anos atrás
Very well put together, well done! Like many Australians I have both English and Irish ancestry (along with several other nations) so that makes this all the more interesting.
@adambrown1654 Anos atrás
We in Scotland don’t like Australia , yous lot remind us of the paddy’s, yous are paddy’s with a sun tan, drunken fighting fools I dislike the Aussies more than the Irish even, I love New Zealand tho at least they are civilised
@sarahduggan2794 3 anos atrás
Well it was a nightmare for me growing up as a kid.. Even though both parents was Irish, I was born in England, London.. I had a British accent and British passport ... Only Irish family on our street, the British kids on my road would sometimes be a unfriendly with me... saying I that my father thick and was nothing but a terrorist. But I went to a catholic primary and secondary school, which was good, because the most of us was London Irish kids.. But in the summer going to limerick, because of my British accent, I would have things said to me by other kids and also my cousin’s would take the piss out of me, I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere.. this is why us plastic paddy’s fitted in so well at primary and secondary school together..
@kd2239 2 anos atrás
sorry about that dude. as an irishman i can only say you are welcome home to ireland anytime.
@gw2955 2 anos atrás
I don't believe you're a plastic paddy. You're Irish by ancestry and culturally English/Irish. A plastic paddy is like some American who has a great Grandpa from Ireland and calls themselves Irish instead of Irish American.
@sarahduggan2794 2 anos atrás
@@gw2955 arrhh thank you so much for kind words... My Father, still as a joke calls me a plastic paddy or on Christmas Day when the queen does her speech, dad says stand up the nations song is on.. she’s your queen... lol.. lol...and I say to him, say number three and I say no that’s a tree outside... so yeah we take the piss out of each other...
@DeZohan09 2 anos atrás
That's just immature and low minded people for you. Not all Brits are like that though and some are decent but very hard to find in England. I had a tough time in school aswell in England. Once, I was called "Chinese" by an Irishman and find that very insulting. Discrimination and racism is used by every race. Plus my cousins would take the piss out of me since they were God gifted just because they were born into a rich family.
@estfano68 2 anos atrás
I am a cork man who moved to UK at the age of ten in 1977..I was called paddy mick etc...I lived in Brighton and when it was bombed I was then called ira c##t..I soon lost my Irish accent...I returned to Ireland 15yrs ago and worked in a hotel as a barman then I get called the black and can't win..
@adekajar4943 11 meses atrás
A great source, a lot of information on the conflict, very understandable and detailed, I didn't even know that it went all the way back to the Norman conquest...and how much history the Northern Irish conflict had...Amazing video, highly recommend to anyone who needs info on this!👍👍👍
@adamgillespie3393 4 anos atrás
He kind of skipped over the reason the Irish rebelled. There was a lot of oppression.
@ReviloWedj 4 anos atrás
I was thinking the same, no mention of the blight. Or how the british worsened the situation.
@kayzar293 4 anos atrás
700 years of brutal occupation seems a glaring error. Whatever the British did across the globe they trialled it all on the Irish first
@glenbe4026 4 anos atrás
@@kayzar293 FFS, Whatever the "British" were guilty of during colonialism, the Irish were EQUALLY guilty of. The Irish were often willing participants.
@pepsi3466 4 anos atrás
@@glenbe4026 okay so you're gonna talk shit but not mention how they caused a genocide of my people?? Killing 1 million people and causing 1 million to emigrate. How are you gonna sit there and say we're the fucking same?
@nxxynx5039 4 anos atrás
@@pepsi3466 the London elite may have fucked you guys over but don't blame the common English civilian for the combined efforts of the Irish elite, Scottish, Welsh and English *elite* who oppressed the Irish. The ordinary Brit did nothing to the Irish yet the IRA felt it ok to blow them up and cripple them. Ireland has lost its morality and religious values in favour of petty bloody revenge on innocent people.
Im an American ,and i hope all the people of Ireland,Norhern Ireland and England have an everlasting love and peace .thats my prayer.
@vacey2623 2 anos atrás
Thank you!
I live in a city that had 400 murders in 2020 ,i been capped myself cutty.i said a humble must drinking Killiens Red at the pub .your comment os as distasteful as your choice of beer ..i bind you in the namme of San Antonio Shanus or watever that midevil name is .lol
@Mark_Master1 2 anos atrás
oh nieve americans
@leprechaun98 Anos atrás
Shut up protestant as a American Catholic I hope that the Irish take back their rightful land from English scum
@davidsivills3599 10 meses atrás
Never work between English and the Irish.
@whiterabbit9141 4 anos atrás
I grew up in a small town called Corby in the middle of England, it had a lot of Scottish and Irish living there and I can remember whenever you met someone you didn't know the very first question you asked them was , " are you catholic or protestant ", it seems an odd thing to start a conversation with now but at the time in the 80s it felt completely normal.
I asked a Scot on the run in Achille island in mayo that very question when I used to visit the place 25 years ago, his answer was I'm a protestant but it makes me no better or worse. I never asked anyone else that question again. His girl and child came over and stayed a while but one day I went down and they had left. Really sound lad. Never seen them again.
@bingola45 4 anos atrás
@@antseanbheanbocht4993 It used to be important. Not so much now.
@Supreme_321 3 anos atrás
I know theres a huge Scottish presence there, but irish?! Never heard that one before...
@hbsblkk3842 2 anos atrás
I worked in Corby for two years and what struck me was the amount of Rangers and Celtic kits being worn in a town in middle England, so much so that the JD Sports were selling the kits! Also the children/grandchildren of the Scottish immigrants born and raised in Corby had a Scottish twang to their accents, was bizarre lol!
@antoindearg5614 2 anos atrás
A good few folks from the area I grew up (Motherwell in Lanarkshire, Scotland) moved down to Corby to work in the local heavy industries, due to all the Steelworks etc in our area being cut back and eventually closed. Not surprised the shirts of Glasgow's 'Ugly Sisters' were selling well.
@ayusharyan3899 2 anos atrás
I gave up at 4:30 for how long did you follow?
@krish5445 4 anos atrás
The whole area around U.K and Ireland is pretty complicated for an outsider to understand. So many countries inside countries, controversies.
@krish5445 4 anos atrás
@@randomvidios09 Yea you right maybe Northern Ireland will join Ireland and be the Rep of Ireland but even inside Britain there are 3 countries and Isle of Man etc etc. I think the British like things complicated.
@benis4958 3 anos atrás
Not that hard though. Wales is small and fucks sheep but nice, Scotland's nice enough, England is fucking England, northern Ireland is a bruh moment and republic of irepand is nice.
@containedhurricane 3 anos atrás
@@randomvidios09 Did you mean English people instead British people? Wasn't it the English royal family who ruled at that time?
@tychu9 3 anos atrás
It’s not that complicated. The Island of Britain has three Home Nations: England, Scotland, and Wales. Scotland has its own parliament. Then there are the Crown Colonies of the Island of Wight and Island of Man. Then the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, and (starts with an “A” I believe) and then there’s Northern Ireland. Which is a full member of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
@bradd188 3 anos atrás
Damn right is confusing lol I always hear England Ireland Scotland Britain great Britain and the UK and I can never remember who's apart of who lol the only thing I know for sure is that they're all in Europe lol
@Alex-id6eb Anos atrás
As a Scotsman I’ve always been interested in the history of ulster, this video explained it pretty well 👍🏻
@tranduy2668 Anos atrás
I have met and worked with two people from the UK in my life: one from Wales and the other from Scotland. The first person was OK but the second (from Scotland) was selfish, arrogant, stubborn and mean. He didn't get along with other people and had to leave after one year.
@jackdubz4247 Anos atrás
@@tranduy2668 He was more than likely a Glasgow Rangers supporter. Those people are the worst.
@cbrockbishop1566 4 anos atrás
This story of Ireland reminds me of Edward R Murrows comment about Vietnam, "If you're not confused by what's going on over there, you don't understand the situation..."
@colin-campbell 3 anos atrás
How can you tell if someone’s an atheist? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.
@henryphilippeaux3566 3 anos atrás
@@colin-campbell where I am, Christians are much louder about their beliefs
@kevinkehoe6407 3 anos atrás
@@henryphilippeaux3566 sure they write it on their legal tender in some countries"in God we trust" I wonder which of the thousands of gods throughout human history they are talking about ,hope they chose they right on to trust 😄
@paddymuldoon6718 3 anos atrás
It’s not that confusing to be honest
@erwinz5926 2 anos atrás
@@kevinkehoe6407 actually, it does not really matter. even if they basically mean the same, priest will give their blessings behind both frontlines and when the desserteurs are executed.
@brianarbenz7206 2 anos atrás
Thank you for a fine summary of the long, long roots of this issue.
@jimrubadue358 2 anos atrás
the uk basically owns ireland
@magentacyan6086 3 anos atrás
Can you do a video why Tyrol split between Austria and Italy?
@CraigalFun 2 anos atrás
Northern Ireland born and bred. Love the South too. Great people 👏
@soggy8713 2 anos atrás
Haha yeah that's great I'm from the south. Northerners are great, glad that something like that can be said now without having to worry about my car being blown up
@rmp7400 2 anos atrás
So...are you Catholic? Or are you proud of the fact that Catholics have been mercilessly persecuted by false ideologies.
@jackdubz4247 Anos atrás
Pretty soon you will all be one people again. If the British government continues to push its luck.
@arthurdanielles4784 4 anos atrás
Excellent video ☺How the irish were regarded by the 'English' and treated leaves no doubts as to why they finally got their independence. Their are some horrific moments in the history especially the potato famine where so many thousands of Irish died or emigrated to the 'Americas'
@oyaami1874 3 anos atrás
Where they treated Native Americans and Africans in the same way they were treated by the English.
@arthurdanielles4784 3 anos atrás
@@oyaami1874 Determination by using force, often results in domination. Slavery is born out of greed and the desire to dominate; the weak. History is written by the victors, why it is often anything BUT the truth.
@hithere152 2 anos atrás
Independence? We don’t have shit. Just sectarian violence and a massive mark on the entire community in each area in the North of Ireland due to the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians
@joprocter4573 Anos atrás
They were of all cultures. Ppl go to England every day to find better life just as they did USA back then
@pritapp788 Anos atrás
@@oyaami1874 You sound very confused, when Irish Catholics went to the USA the country was already taken over by... Protestants from the UK, who did most of the damage against Native Americans. Those Irish immigrants ended up being treated like second class citizens in the US too, because they were a threat to the WASP dominant culture, seen as wanting to work for lower wages, and other reasons.
@rhymeplayerkudio3307 2 anos atrás
Thank you for the video. Could you please send me the background pic of the video?
@FMJIRISH 3 anos atrás
... "Split" is an interesting way to say "colonised"
@thomkinrade9314 3 anos atrás
Kind of but not really... "colonised" is typically used to refer to a slightly different process of government-sponsored movement of peoples, in order to establish political control. The reason I find "colonised" to be the wrong word is that the King of England/Scotland already held the title to rule Ireland and did so prior to the time British people were sent. Thus, the right to govern was established, and technically law, right or wrong. "Colonised" would imply that in order to establish control in the first place, the government sponsored settlers, which is untrue in the case of British rule of Ireland. However, it is true in the case of The Americas. Funny, I am not even sure "colonised" is the correct word to describe what the British Empire did to control India, since that process was more similar to "conquest" than "colonisation". But maybe my interpretation of what's written in the dictionary is untrue. While it may just be semantics, it's important to use the correct terminology when applicable.
@FMJIRISH 3 anos atrás
@@thomkinrade9314 The Plantations of Ireland were literally colonisation of the island by English and Scottish settlers on confiscated land. You just displayed complete ignorance of Irish history.
@MichaelQuinnPresents 3 anos atrás
Thom Kinrade if you don’t think Britain colonized India clearly you have a seriously flawed understanding of history
@thomkinrade9314 3 anos atrás
@@MichaelQuinnPresents not flawed, I am using the dictionary to look at what the correct word is. Conquered seems to fit better, for both cases of Ireland and India. Am I not correct or are you going to argue without purpose ? I'm basing my whole debate off of semantics
@FMJIRISH 3 anos atrás
@@thomkinrade9314 ... Colonisation involves setting up colonies; settlement of your own people on land that was not previously yours. Your semantic argument has the weight of a wet fart historically.
@lumine1111 3 anos atrás
Very informative, although the narration was too fast for me to follow it well as an American (of a large degree of British Isles ancestry) to follow, and I do have some experience with the Scottish accent. I would be willing to listen to a longer, more slowly narrated version. Thanks for researching, writing and posting this!
@sarahbrennan1342 3 anos atrás
Same hard to listen to
@NicholasMcClintock1 3 anos atrás
Yeh same here, when it finished I was still confused about what's going on over there, I'm from New Zealand but living in Australia now if that helps explain my confusion over this issue.
@GS-xt8fu 3 anos atrás
I’m excited to go to Scotland and Ireland next year. I am eight generations of American with my grandfather and uncle both coming to the colonies from Scotland. My last name is Williamson and my grandfather who was the first of our family in America, was Samuel Williamson. We have cousins in Fife and Glasgow. I watched this and I can play it safe while in either country. My mother’s maiden name is McCort and her family came from Ireland. mother’s family was Catholic and my fathers Protestant. Very interesting video and I never understood, northern Ireland and...Ireland. That helped.
@ShubhamMishrabro 3 anos atrás
Well one reason your ancestors came to America must be because of irish famine. Do you know about it? Which man made
@ShubhamMishrabro 2 anos atrás
@TJ Bell ok😤😱
@adammacgreagoir4924 2 anos atrás
@TJ Bell wtf, lad you just made fun of a genocide, you know that right?
@archieblanco2399 2 anos atrás
@@ShubhamMishrabro I think I have a very surface 🏄‍♂️ deep, understanding of the famine...? Was it basically the “powers that be” ensured that farmers couldn’t produce or distribute crops to the people??
@ShubhamMishrabro 2 anos atrás
@@archieblanco2399 i don't know too. I remember one point that during famine companies were exporting potatoes as there were no laws to ban exports during a crisis
@jameskarg3240 3 dias atrás
were those walls ever removed or have BOTH governments essentially forgotten them?
@owenzey 3 anos atrás
Brilliant. Great summary. The best I have ever heard
@rosieleaverton 3 meses atrás
My grandmother immigrated from Belfast in the 70s after marrying my grandfather (who was a missionary from the US). She had an exceptional memory and was born a few years after WWII when there was all the bombings across the UK, so she had a lot of trauma. I never formally met her (she died when I was a baby), but she went through a lot and I wish I could've learned a thing or two from her. I do hope to travel to NI someday and meet her family who still lives there and learn more about their personal history.
@JeffisWinning 5 anos atrás
Well, that was confusing.
@roofieandraggy16 4 anos atrás
And I thought the south was petty for not getting over a war that was 200 years ago😅
@LeSethX 4 anos atrás
That's European history in general. Make that most history. One thing leads to another which has unexpected consequences and simple matters are now complex.
@Rosa-xk1xs 4 anos atrás
It’s not got better No government for over 2 years It’s a world record
@noifurze6397 4 anos atrás
Most people in the UK and Ireland find it extremely confusing imagine if you come from a different country
@stephenwright8824 4 anos atrás
@@Rosa-xk1xs The pols would be better off to forget both native languages ever existed. But rationality prevents them from choosing such an exit.
@hrvojegrgic5111 4 anos atrás
This was very well made and informative.
@mtdmca 3 anos atrás
As a modern Irish person and after reading the horror of this comment section I just want to say now in days in the Republic practically most people don’t hate the British people, the Government and history yes, but as the old saying is ‘ Sons are not guilty of there Fathers sins ‘. There is also a growing amount of Irish people who don’t want Northern Ireland back even if they did vote to rejoin the rest of the Republic.
@mtdmca 2 anos atrás
@Servus Domini In what sense ?
@jamesiii502 2 anos atrás
@Servus Domini Southern Ireland has become a corrupt capitalist puppet state run by multinationals and vulture funds. We have very much lost the ways of our 1916 socialist rebellion brothers and sisters, many Irish in the south have been corrupted and have been drawn into capitalist propaganda that we must leave our forgotten and discarded brothers and sisters who were discarded post treaty when partition came in because it will “cost too much money” which is an unfounded claim. The oppressed Irish of old would be ashamed of how this land has turned out a century later. I fear the account that made the initial comment claiming more and more southerners don’t want the north is another person who fallen into capitalist delusion. Any Irish person who still holds the values of the oppressed Irish and the Irish who rebelled vehemently want this island united.
@jimbojones1252 2 anos atrás
@@mtdmca it would be a bad economic move for Ireland. Northern Ireland aren't doing too well. England doesn't even want the area anymore. Plus it would spark a lot of violence from angry loyalists and protestants. It would would cause a lot of harm for nothing.
@SteveDorrans Anos atrás
@Servus Domini I'm from Northern Ireland and can totally understand it. I wouldn't wish the DUP and their supporters on anyone, especially not out neighbours.
@spirit4607 Anos atrás
"Sons are not guilty of there Fathers sins" Okay, what if sons giving justifications of their father's cruelty? Many Brits try to justify colonization and sometimes even slavery.
So informal thank you so much ❤
@Xavi_ball 3 anos atrás
Brilliant summary of Irish History!!
@MichaelDelaware 2 anos atrás
It would be interesting to see an update on this video now that it is 2021. Have they been removing the walls?
@Stephno86 2 anos atrás
nope!...nor will they for years to come sadly :(
@pecadodeorgullo5963 2 anos atrás
@@Stephno86 I think Fermanagh is the only place where you don't see much signs of them.
@jo--jw7hv 5 anos atrás
U explained this better than 2 documentaries, each 1,5 h long, which we watched with my english teacher Thanks mate
@Socman-fu1gs 4 anos atrás
Shame on you
@Cora-ck1du 4 anos atrás
Sam O'Connor ..?
@blackoak4978 4 anos atrás
Now we need another one just to follow what happens with Brexit, lol
@seanbanez 3 anos atrás
I have honestly listened to this video like 9 times now just because of the irish music in the background and the narrrators voice lol. Great stuff.
Not Irish music, but medieval European music. If you want to hear old Irish music, look up links for Irish harp.
@GibbonsTalksBoxing 4 anos atrás
A good brief introduction to the division of Ireland.
@Marcusjnmc 4 anos atrás
@lincolnsgirl8831 7 meses atrás
this is excellent ~ i appreciate the ton of info jammed into a short vid -- but as an American, i find it a little difficult to understand. i'm watching it again with the speed adjusted to 0.75 -- that, along with Closed Captioning -- makes it easier to catch every word and retain the info. fascinating stuff!!
@jamiecarroll1627 4 anos atrás
Impressive video. One slight correction though. Ireland became fully independent in 1949 following the passing of the government of ireland act. We became a Republic as a result. Despite having 2 constitutions(a smaller less detailed one was passed in 1922) we remained part of the British empire until 1949. Irish history, albeit confusing at times, is very interesting.
@at_brunch3852 8 meses atrás
The last words you said are the best words I’ve heard in decades. Thank you. 🕊
@knockshinnoch1950 8 anos atrás
Just discovered your channel. Short informative & entertaining videos. You should be applauded for taking often complex subjects, breaking them down, simplifying them and making them accessible for all. Simple text/narrative & relevant visuals. You are an excellent communicator and I guess a teacher by profession?
@WonderWhy 8 anos atrás
knockshinnoch1950 Wow, thanks very much for the comment. No, I have absolutely no teaching experience whatsoever. I'm just a guy who had a lot of free time and decided to start making BRvid videos!
@knockshinnoch1950 8 anos atrás
Well keep going Mr. Are you from Glasgow? I'm also a Scot- nice to hear our accent online.
@WonderWhy 8 anos atrás
Well... pretty near Glasgow. It's definitely the closest city to where I'm from.
@knockshinnoch1950 8 anos atrás
Same her Mr. Keep up the excellent work!
@Adrian-ju7cm 7 anos atrás
+Rico Suave not the same mate dutch are Germanic people, Scottish are mostly Celtic like the Irish
@189Blake 2 anos atrás
Well, with what's happening right now, it seems like the "Peace walls" will remain way after 2023.
@DankReaper420 2 anos atrás
Peace walls lol sounds so Orwellian.
Belfast is essentially just a mini Berlin separated on the basis of religion instead of economic ideology.
@tangonevada6249 2 anos atrás
Sounds a lot like calling a Bomb Crater in Iraq a Freedom Hole.
@@irrationalreasoning6368 as someone who actually lives in the north, the conflict is not because of religion at all, i know protestants who consider themselves irish and even one of the founders of the inla, was ronnie bunting who was a protestant. The conflict here is about politics and nationality and with the way things are going these peace walls don’t separate religion, they separate 2 people of different political ideologies
@@darnellbiggumsthe9th658 political ideologies that have their roots in religious segregation and sectarianism.
@jeffreymaclean83 2 anos atrás
It’s a case of growing up to realise that some so called grown ups don’t have your best interest at heart and it’s your tomorrow in your hands that will change your future.
@watdafuk21 2 anos atrás
Been living in Ireland for 20 years, such humble and lovely people. Always love their guinness as I do too 🙌
@saxglend9439 2 anos atrás
Have you met every Irish person?
@tangonevada6249 2 anos atrás
Northern Ireland or Southern and is Northern Ireland actually Ireland? I have no clue at this point. They're all on he same Island. Just call the whole thing Ireland regardless of religion. You know, like how the US is so peaceful being the "United States". No problems here. It's not like anyone is trying to overthrow the Government or anything.
@saxglend9439 2 anos atrás
@@tangonevada6249 All countries are part of the same globe.
@tangonevada6249 2 anos atrás
@@saxglend9439 You actually think the Earth is a Globe and not Flat? /s
@saxglend9439 2 anos atrás
@@tangonevada6249 I've been brainwashed to believe that.
@chouten5942 3 anos atrás
Very well done. Most information here is not biased. I am Irish and Catholic, and in school we learn so much on these topics. Although he left out a bit. I agree both sides done wrong, especially Ireland with the troubles (although the Black and Tans and RUC weren't fair to any Catholics) Unfortunately, there is a lot of tension between these 2 religions even now. Orange day parades, still make a lot of Catholics feel unsafe. Back during the troubles the IRA shot 2 English Protestant children. The song Zombie by Dolores O' Riordan reffers to not just that insident but many others. Things the IRA done And the feared Black and Tans. It's 2020 and there is still Racism, Culturalism, and tension between so many people and religions. Is it more important to be right, or to be honest and fair. We all done wrong, not just in Irish and English history, but all over the world. We need to stand up and admit our wrong doings and put the hate behind us. We can't take back our history. It's part of who we are, but we can come together as one, no matter the religion, race or culture.
@sidisting1381 2 anos atrás
It is very hard for me to understand the accent, What accent is this? I can't find a good video explaining the topic with a good American accent.
@AliciaNyblade 5 anos atrás
As an American who grew up in the '90s, I remember first learning about The Troubles in segments on the news as the buildup to the Good Friday Agreement was unfolding. Being quite young--I was 10 in '98--I didn't fully understand the conflict at the time, but it broke my heart to hear about people suffering in such a vicious cycle of violence. This video seemed very insightful and explained a lot. Thanks for sharing. May everyone in Ireland find and strive for healing, peace, and love. Blessed be. )O(
@Normalguy1690 4 anos atrás
Alicia Nyblade from Belfast a loyal Ulster man and I thank you for your kind words.
@wor53lg50 Anos atrás
@@Normalguy1690 well said, something tells me she didnt have the loyalist irish people in mind, i bet she didnt even know they existed, she just thinking those poor irish getting bullied by them nasty british..GSTK brother...
@somebody9232 7 meses atrás
​@@Normalguy1690the red right hand
@debratansey6074 Anos atrás
Just wondering what people on both sides think about the film The Wind That Blows the Barley, it was that film that made me look into everything I thought I knew about Ireland
@lawrencedillard9938 2 anos atrás
Thank you. This is a complicated history, that you managed to distill down to it's constituent parts very very well. I commend you sir. Thank you.
@jimrubadue358 2 anos atrás
uk and Ireland are the same thing
@eireball 2 anos atrás
@@jimrubadue358 okay. What does that have to do with the comment though.
@robynbaptiste2956 2 anos atrás
Are there any original inhabitants of these islands, or are all descendents of Saxons, Romans and Normans etc?
@SweeterThanFiction. 2 anos atrás
Celts were on all the British isles then the Anglo Saxons took over England and wales
@robynbaptiste2956 2 anos atrás
@@SweeterThanFiction. of course!! Cornwal, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are still very connected to their original roots. Some of England like Avery (where the stones are) are still keeping the old faith thank god. But I think it were the Romans prior to the Saxons et al. Hence the heavy Christian influence.
@ciaran3207 2 anos atrás
Very nice video, just one point I would add at the very start. The Normans in England were encouraged into Ireland by the then King of Leinster, Dermot McMurrough in 1170. What an eejit!!!
@kevinc1218 2 anos atrás
Is there a TLDR version of this?
@thndr_5468 5 anos atrás
I know this is supposed to be a simplified version but I am not even half way through and I'm totally lost.
@MikeGreenwood51 4 anos atrás
He covers a thousand years in 11:48 minutes. So unless it is already your history or in your blood then he is covering a lot at speed.
@reb-xu9di 4 anos atrás
You probably took a wrong turn around Dundalk, about turn & retrace your steps until you find somewhere you recognise.
@MikeGreenwood51 4 anos atrás
@@reb-xu9di Dundalk is likely a lot bigger since Year 1066-1087. That's not the hour but the year. But to some one not of the Nations directly evolved it can seem complicated I am sure as the video uses expressions such as 'The King of England. Where as he was about as much the King of England as Adolf Hitler was the French Fuhrer. So whilst the video says 'King of England' The English were aware they already had a King and their King was not William the Bastard as some call him. Duke of Normandy. But that is how some historians refer to him. With out mentioning the Normans were not actual English but claimants by axe, sword and bloody conquest and the murder of King Harold Godwinson who was the King of England. Before he, Harold deceased suddenly in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. So even the Irish may have been scratching their heads when Henry II Beauclerc 1154-1189 landed in Ireland in 1171 claiming he was the King of England when in fact he was the son of William the Bastard Norman who had murdered the King of England in Battle. Edgar Atheling the rightful King was not up to the challenge of turning the Normans away and so William the Bastard crowned himself on Christmas Day 1066. So if there were thousands of Norman's running around Ireland 105 years later claiming they were English then it is understandable from the English point of view that there may be a lot of good seriously bloody reasons why some people even at that time got a bit lost. Especially if the Normans showed the Irish their piece of paper saying they were rightfully there by authorisation of the Papacy (Pope Adrian 4th) to strengthen the hold of the Papacy over the Irish Catholic Church. So there it is. The Pope authorising a Norman to invade Ireland claiming he was the King or England whilst the real King of England was in a secret location not objecting as vigorously as needed if he wanted to turn away the conquest. But obviously Henry II Anjou Curtmantle was not in parley with the King of England who was not crowned as William the bastard had taken the crown and so Henry the II was in parley with the Pope. So whilst a supposed invasion by the King of England was occurring the English were likely not even aware they were apparently supposed to be invading on behalf of the bloody Pope. As it was not an English invasion but a Norman Anjou Invasion claiming they were English. But regardless of the fact the invaders were Papist Normans and Anjou Angevins claiming they were the King of England. The real English people were not likely to complain or stress the point over enthusiastically as they were aware that any argument with the Normans could result in their head laying on the ground not able to stand as the head had been parted f rom its legs and shoulders. Likely a few Irish ceased any ideas of any further argument with the Norman Bates King Henry II when they saw their fellow heads laying silently in the mud. Well they may have said (Not the severed heads) but the remaining. 'If the Pope wants to reform the control of the Irish Church with the King of England who is really the Son of William the bastard then maybe as with the King of England we should just let him get on with it'. So very easy to get lost! There are further complications or reasons why some got lost as many did lose or get lost. The Invasion by Henry was an invasion after the Invasion by 'Strongbow' the Earl of Penbroke and Diarmait Mac Murchada King of Leinster to Conquer Dublin (Dyvlin) which had been a Viking settlement. So whilst some may have considered the invasions to be invasions of Ireland they may have in fact been invasions of the Vikings slavery tyrants who had invaded Ireland and operated rape and pillage for slaves against the English Welsh and Scottish for more than a century from Ireland. So in fact Ireland fell to the King of England (Henry II - The Norman) by agreement with an arrangement with the deposed King of Leinster who had sought Henry the seconds assistance to regain his Leinster Kingdom. So the so called Anglo Norman Henry II was invading with the Irish (Leinster Kingdom Irish) to retake his Kingdom and defeat the invader Vikings. So whilst it is often referred to as an Invasion of Ireland by the King of England. It was more an organised co-operation posy who entered from Wales and England with the Leinster Irish to oust their enemies the Viking piratical rapist murderers. So it was a bit more comparable with the joint task force posy entering the Viking Norman Bates mansion to oust the aggressor Norman Bates who was not Irish but an invader from the Norse Viking raiders. So the house may have been on Irish soil on Ireland. The targets were not Irish as they were Vikings who may have claimed to be the King of Ireland. They had settled in Dublin (Darkpool) as early as the year 841. So they had been there for nigh 300 years.
@noifurze6397 4 anos atrás
the full in-depth history would leave you totally baffled
@Miarosepetals 4 anos atrás
Noi Furze I mean..... not really... It’s not that complicated. It’s just justice against Money and Power over and over again. Take out the prods and it’s just chief and clans who owned the land, (I am technically apart of one of them, the O’Cahans) and everything else is simple. For anyone who isn’t irish it may not necessarily be hard for them, it just depends on the person.
@markmayonnaise1163 3 anos atrás
8:39 Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are still dominions of the Commonwealth, independent of course of the government of the UK but all are Kingdoms under Elizabeth II. I don't know what 1953 is supposed to symbolize here, nothing happened constitutionally that year here in Canada to my knowledge.
@rickster5120 3 anos atrás
I'm living in Ireland for 25 years married to Irish woman and kids regard themselves Irish...I often had to drive up to the North with work...some spectacularly beautiful places up there but driving into certain areas like Derry ..the mood is horrible and obvious segregation brings it home that this hasn't gone away but bubbling away under the surface..hopefully the peace will hold long enough for the hatred to be bred out of people and Ireland is simply Ireland again...but I don't see that happening for a very very long time
@davidtrask4099 2 anos atrás
The oft repeated view that Henry VIII established the "Church of England" is not true. Henry considered himself to be a Catholic. The C of E was not established until 1559 by an act of parliament during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I who followed the Catholic Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary").
@spiffy7019 2 anos atrás
My great granduncle was actually the captain of the main military leader of the anti treaty side during the war of independence, but then fought against him in the civil war.
@5888max Anos atrás
Rubbish there was no ''anti treaty side '' in the war of Independence due to there being at that time no treaty ! The civil war did have a anti treaty side .God knows what side your granduncle was on you are confused
@mrtwinky2007 Anos atrás
your thumbnail doesn't show the flag of Northern Ireland
@dylanbrownie 8 anos atrás
WonderWhy, have you quit BRvid?
@WonderWhy 8 anos atrás
No, I'm still here. Next video is in the works but still a lot to be done. Haven't had much time lately.
@circle275 8 anos atrás
WonderWhy, You're a great youtuber. I always enjoy your videos, and I'm anticipating for the next!
@RyesChannel1 8 anos atrás
+Pedro. Jr These videos are very well done. I'm not surprised it takes as long as it does, especially if his real life is also very busy.
@MolotovBurner100 8 anos atrás
Can you give a link to your profile pic Dylan?
@dylanbrownie 8 anos atrás
I made it myself. But you can go onto my Google+ and copy and paste it if you want.
@thanatckr9470 3 anos atrás
what is the unusual feature of the flag of northern ireland?
@fxdify8254 2 anos atrás
that it doesn't fucking exist lmao
@easytiger2912 4 anos atrás
Fascinating! It goes back so far and will apparently never be satisfactorily resolved
@rajaraji5134 2 anos atrás
Subtitle is disturb the video
Thanks for posting this informative video 👍
@hisambenar 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the video!
@therandomhat_ 6 anos atrás
I wonder what kind of intellectual, meaningful conversations are going on in the comment section... *Oh*
@raya.estevez3354 6 anos atrás
Irish and british clashing it out. (Im on no side)
@Hela03 5 anos atrás
@petarmitkov1056 5 anos atrás
*_O H_*
@jacquiewalton1355 4 anos atrás
@BigBlackBootyDaddy Good job you know your place micky .....While you're down there ...!
@Exotic3000 4 anos atrás
As an Irish Catholic Canadian, let me say........"well done". This was very informative.
@lylaclark3977 4 anos atrás
From a British point of view, Irish history is worth your time as the Irishman/Canadian that you are hope you make time for the details of the famine etc etc that shaped the Irish coz of British Politics, indifference and, their spin on history through the centuries
@Supreme_321 3 anos atrás
An Irish Catholic Canadian? Whats one of them when it's at home? 🏡?
@Supreme_321 3 anos atrás
@@lylaclark3977 Shaped them? In to what?
@nattyc7711 3 anos atrás
I never knew the rift had been for so long.such a shame all the lives lost:(
@lorenzero Anos atrás
Just wondering what type of accent it is, hard to follow even with sub
@zzzz5449 7 meses atrás
Correct me if i’m wrong. The majority of nothern Ireland wants to stay in the union but the majority in nothern Ireland aren’t actually of irish ethnicity? Some people in the comment section stated that a lot of scots and brits settled in nothern Ireland. I think that the people who can vote on irish independence should be the irish themselves and not brits. Please correct me, i’m just an ignorant swede:)
@johnnysaint5042 2 anos atrás
I needed a subtitle for this but still I am having a hard time understanding.
@JunaidKhalid23 2 anos atrás
Hahaha yeah he has a pathetic Scottish accent 😂
@hariesen1177 5 anos atrás
Word of advice: play this video at 0.75 speed
@dmkuchins6646 4 anos atrás
because narrator talks way too fast and has a weird accent.
@psyke1391 4 anos atrás
@@dmkuchins6646 i really dont know what your talking about, his speech is really clear!
4 anos atrás
@Baller390 4 anos atrás
Final Tuned damm are you triggered?
@holliebrooke7327 4 anos atrás
it doesn't sound scottish anymore woah
@sarahnicole45 4 anos atrás
This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!!
@davidalancarroll2456 2 anos atrás
I appreciate your generous boundary markings.
@elizaengen4141 2 anos atrás
This is a good overview.
@Logangil515 2 anos atrás
I’m from the US and I think this is so interesting
@maxyi2672 2 anos atrás
What accent is this? So cool!!
@mat7279 5 anos atrás
The terms Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland don't work because the most northern point on the island of Ireland is in "southern Ireland"
@MikeGreenwood51 4 anos atrás
No no no. Northern Ireland is the part of Ireland north of the south. The geographics are related to compass bearings so even in the south there is a north. Even Fastnet rock has a northern side.
@carpetslime 4 anos atrás
@@MikeGreenwood51 The northernmost point on the island of Ireland is in Donegal - a county in Ireland, not in Northern Ireland. So part of "the south" is actually more northern than "the north".
@Miarosepetals 4 anos atrás
Hmmm, so what about North West and North East, South West and South East?
@kierancrowne3478 4 anos atrás
Should be called the 6 counties because 1/3 of the North is in the Republic.
I never hear anyone say southern ireland. Its either northern or republic
@drscopeify4582 3 anos atrás
I think the real change is that people are allot more secular today than ever before so the issues which caused much of the turmoil in the first place are fading away fast. With the UK out of the EU, I think the EU will try to put their hands deeper in to Ireland as their foothold in the British Isles. It will be interesting to see how the future plays out.
@newforestpixie5297 3 anos atrás
Bloody Heck ! All I can ask after that is Does Bob Geldolf and Bono get on ? Love from the GALES of Wessex 🏴😇❤️
@jamunaIS Anos atrás
Aloha. @5:49. The Acts of Union. It united Scotland the England to form Great Britain. What about Wales in all of this?
@FSCforal 2 anos atrás
why can't we all just get along ,spread peace and love ,not hate
@jonas59529 Anos atrás
It‘s now 2023. How many peace walls are left?
@RookieCook 6 anos atrás
I realise it's difficult to reduce the entire history into 12 minutes but brushing past the extreme brutality of the Black and Tans does a huge disservice to the Irish people of the time.
@briandooley49 6 anos atrás
Its British, ignore bad stuff and talk about queens and kings and knight and battles till it appears like an episode of Game of Thrones. Not burning a city centres down and removing Irish people of their land and replacing them with ''irish'' protestants from Britain.
@keithgray4905 5 anos atrás
I think that declaring that the troubles occurred solely as a result of Catholics wishing to join Ireland is incredibly over simplified too. Glosses over the lack of civil rights for Northern Irish catholics at the time
@jimholloway615 5 anos atrás
I think the Famine might have deserved a mention, but it's a decent attempt to get beyond stereotypes.
@galaxyred7 4 anos atrás
Jim Holloway A reaaon i think Ireland rebelled against britain was because of how unresponsive Britain were against the famine in Ireland. Our population at that time was 8 million and rising quickly until The Famine came along.
@@briandooley49 cope
@darthonian8857 2 anos atrás
Very nice explaination the whole subject has baffled me for years, Now I'm at .least a little clearer :)
@djonfonsteen6331 4 anos atrás
Apart from the obvious religious issues, has the few (wealthy) gold mines in Northern Ireland have anything to do with why England is so interested in the politics over there? some knowledge and feedback would appreciated. Cheers folks
@wor53lg50 Anos atrás
No the leprechauns had it all, idiot....
@trifectakush 7 meses atrás
It's now 2023, are the walls still up ?
@ChuckHickl 4 anos atrás
Looks interesting. Wish I could have followed it for how fast he talked.
@1ruisu 4 anos atrás
Mysterious Stranger lmao he’s talking painfully slow
@seeingdragons4319 2 anos atrás
I didn't understand half of that ... was that English?
@MrDragon1968 7 anos atrás
Who'd've thunk a vid on the history of NI and Ireland would bring up angry disagreements and insults by Nationalists and Unionists in the comment section!!!??? :-O
@Willy-nu3oc 6 anos atrás
@thomasodonoghue3239 6 anos atrás
MrDragon1968 thunk isn't a word
@siZeDcuBe 6 anos atrás
MrDragon1968 I don't see any unionists
@albertrogers8537 6 anos atrás
Don't be silly, MrDragon, of course it would. But have you seen the video in which a Scots comedian, Frankie Boyle I think, although Billy Connolly has another, scoffs at the idea of an Islamic terrorist bringing a religious quarrel to Glasgow when he hasn't even a football team?
@metalviking974 6 anos atrás
Ever seen a video or post about the Irish partition without any Irish Republican comments?^^
@andyw1g386 3 anos atrás
I do like how informative this is - many think the whole Irish situation was just a big war that ended in Irish independence, I'm glad this video shows what actually happened and that it wasn't or still isn't just as cut and dry as 'Ireland fought for independence and got it' lol
@antianglo-saxon8664 3 anos atrás
fuck uk and queen 🖕🇬🇧🖕
@poankiyu7664 3 anos atrás
@@antianglo-saxon8664 That was kinda random.
@grimreaper649 3 anos atrás
@@antianglo-saxon8664 what did the queen do to you?
@johnmccarthy6775 9 meses atrás
​@@poankiyu7664they still don't have it in the north.
@davidjohn9006 3 anos atrás
Very informative... appreciated 👍🏽👍🏼
@andrigeogiou8420 Anos atrás
Well.. Why Cyprus is split ..?