Why I Never Talk About My Record Label That Failed

Rick Beato
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In this episode I tell the story of my record label Ten Star Records and my late friend friend and co-founder Johnny Diamond (1980-2011).

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-(800)-273-8255







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20 Jul 2020



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Comentários 5 227
Rick Beato
Rick Beato 2 anos atrás
Here is the Spotify link for Crowfield “Cardinal Motion”
Stephen Bissett
Stephen Bissett 2 anos atrás
You know, Rick, I gotta be honest. Around a year ago I wondered for how long you'd be able to keep coming up with video ideas and churning out quality content. It's amazing that you continue to do so and in many ways your channel gets even better with age. Please never stop making videos for us. It's so great to see the channel going from strength to strength. BRvid at its very best.
Duh Duh Duh
Duh Duh Duh Anos atrás
The bassist in my band died by suicide in March of 2011, I never did pick up the pieces and put another band together. He was an extraordinary person. Talented, friendly, but very chaotic. I don’t know if I’ll ever try again but watching this video helped.
JP Miller
JP Miller 2 anos atrás
Dear mister Beato, first of all I'm sorry for your loss of a great friend. Some stars appear to shine so short and bright, their light leaves an imprint of Shadows seen (heard) long after they're gone. You talking about him nearly 10 years after is one of those shadows. Thank you for your story!
digitizedlight 2 anos atrás
Rick, I had a feeling where this was going about half way through, and I was in tears by the end. My deepest condolences on the passing of your friend, even after all this time. I know how hard this can still be to think and talk about.
Jordan Tanner
Jordan Tanner 2 anos atrás
Rick, I can't believe I hadn't seen this video before. Johnny is the reason I met and worked with you and the reason I had many amazing opportunities in the music biz back the (London, The Working Title). He is missed every day. Cool that you shared this on your channel. Love ya man!
Hurdy Gurdy Men
Hurdy Gurdy Men 2 anos atrás
Wow… this channel is a gift on BRvid. Rick’s ability to tell a story with no bs, infuse empathy, humor, and self-reflection, and then do it all with such a thorough analysis/breakdown of the musical components really is special. This episode is a powerful/moving tribute to his friend/business partner Johnny Diamond.
Dare Angel Music
Dare Angel Music 2 anos atrás
So sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my daughter to suicide 5 years ago. I understand a lot about it as well as there is so much we can never understand. That sometimes we just have to say I don't know and be content with that. Music continues to be part of my therapy and I am happy to say thankfully that your channel is a part of that. Love and healing. - Rob Agnello
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official 2 anos atrás
Rest In Peace, Johnny. I can see you are still emotional when you talk about this subject. That’s okay. This is one of the best BRvid videos I’ve ever seen, Rick. It touches me in the heart.
Cheryl Hurst
Amazing story. So sorry about Johnny, he sounds like a Diamond, one in a million. What a blessing he was to all who knew him.
The It Factory
The It Factory 2 anos atrás
As a Music Citizen I truly appreciate your Story & love for your guy. 🙏🏽RIP J DIAMOND ❤️
Joshua Hyman
Joshua Hyman Anos atrás
What a beautiful tribute to Jonny. I am so sorry for your loss. We all obviously lost an amazing talent.
Rick Crawley
Rick Crawley 2 anos atrás
Rick, I lost my dad almost three weeks ago. I watched this video and you transitioned to your solo on Crowfield's Cardinal Motion. The tone, the melody, the feeling of the solo, the lyrics as your guitar comes in... they reached me. "Yes all our goodbyes/Are movements of water/From the cardinal motion..." This song, these lyrics, this solo... they are what I needed to hear. Johnny Diamond sounds like he had a great soul. Thank you for the video.
gioknows 2 anos atrás
There isn't another BRvid channel dedicated to music like this channel. Rick has so many topics and areas of experience and expertise to draw from which makes his channel truly unique. Every video is a joy to watch. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.
Shakespeare1599 2 anos atrás
I thought that was a very moving tribute. The A&R people don’t always get a lot of attention but they’re absolutely part of the heartbeat of any music scene. I’m glad I’ve heard about Johnny Diamond and what he achieved. Rick, you did your friend proud. A hat tip / fist bump 👊 / whatever / to you.
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar. Anos atrás
Depression😓 so bloody difficult to live with but it's work like yours Rick that keeps the demons at bay for me. Keep it up brother. RIP Johnny
Kelli Bryant
Kelli Bryant 2 anos atrás
Johnny "JD" Diamond was a great human. He was smart, oh so smart. He was funny. He was caring. He was loyal. He was amazing at spotting new talent and amazing songs. I could go on and on. He knew how to make you feel special and needed. He was my friend, and he is missed so dearly! RIP JD!!
D.J. HAMON 2 anos atrás
You honor your friend well, Rick. Thanks for continuous quality content. You are a great teacher, but you’re at your best when you’re honoring people and music who have inspired you.
brian mcgibney
brian mcgibney 2 anos atrás
Sitting here in tears. Depression is such a beast. Seriously Rick you are a pillar of sanity and wisdom in this year of 2020. May you be blessed and continue to spread goodness and intelligence to our existence.
Lx Xl
Lx Xl 2 anos atrás
Man, Rick. That made me cry. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. That’s heartbreaking.
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