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#mentalhealth #youtube #burnout

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2 Dez 2022



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@colinfurze Anos atrás
Wish you all the best, the whole team. The internet is a strange beast thats ever changing, it can lift you up and drop you down. Keep your heads up and hopefully james will be back strong as ever.
@doctorsketch7476 Anos atrás
@tw1zzl3rs92 Anos atrás
Couldn't have said it better
@91JLovesDisney Anos atrás
Agreed :) love your stuff as well Colin, Yorkshire Gold for life.
@immelesse Anos atrás
well said, Collin!
@chipanyanh8979 Anos atrás
I really love the new idea that they create.
@wasabifish1246 Anos atrás
Hey James I’m sad to see you go but I understand completely. I’ve been watching you since I was just a kid when you only had a few hundred thousand subs and now you have over ten million. You are the reason I’m enrolled as a freshman mechanical engineering major dreaming I could work with you guys on your first iron man flight projects. I’ll miss you and thank you for everything.
@colejackson3136 Anos atrás
I've been following you guys for years, I feel like I was just a kid when I subscribed and now I'm a full grown man, seeing this hurts because James has been an inspiration to me for years, I know it'll take some time but when you have good people like you guys everything works out eventually, Good luck guys I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.
@Hamook Anos atrás
aw aw aw awsome :))
@name36154 10 meses atrás
Bro the comment with a donation didn't get a heart but the basic stories do?
@UnderShadowKing 10 meses atrás
This guy needs a heart or at least a comment from him
@soisaus564 10 meses atrás
@@name36154 plus the green color is a big plus
@davidle1700 9 meses atrás
I just so happy
@harrywolf825 Anos atrás
There are 17k comments at the time of writing this but I know James is sitting there reading these so I hope he comes across this one. I started watching yall back in about 2015-2016 and you, colin furze, and william osman quickly became some of my favorite channels. I was pretty young at the time, maybe 12-13 but I was enticed by your abilities and was happy I found people who thought how I did, I wanted to make cool shit. I started working on transforming my room into a workshop and built a desk where I could store all of my electroinics and tools. A desk turned into a becnch, my pc to a CAD machine, and I even moved my turtle habitat into the hallway so I could fit another bench and more large tool setups. I now have a shop that I happen to also sleep in. Ive built dozens of very impressive projects using a wide asortment of methods, all because of things I saw in the shops of creators just like you. I'm now 19, in college for electrical engineering, all because of creators like you. I can and do build whatever my heart desires because people like you showed me that the only limitations were literally science itself. I owe all of my success to creators like you. All of my friends (and parents) think my room and the things I did as a kid were crazy, but everyone always loved what I came up with. I got to do what I loved from a young age because I had mentors like you, who didnt even know I existed, showing me it was possible. The skills, knowledge, and heart I grew for the wonderful field we call engineering all came frome my favorite people on youtube. Often times it felt like I was alone, Id get stuck and no one I knew had any idea how to fix the problems I was trying to overcome in my projects and in life itself, but I had people like you to look up to from a young age, and it got me to where I am today. I know shit gets hard, and It will not get easier, but the next time you are looking at your bank account thinking youve failed as a creator or entreprenuer, think about the impact youve had instead, because there are thousands just like me who owe it to people like you for being someone to look up to when life got too hard, when the projects hit a fault, or when things seemed impossible. Thank you for following your dreams, and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people just like me. Your contribution to us could one day change the face of science forever, and personally I think that means more than any amount of sucess anyone could have ever earned.
@solar9137 Anos atrás
i agree
@prgica8050 Anos atrás
I too agree
Damn. Couldn’t have said it better
@pedroj3432 Anos atrás
"... i think that means more than any amount of success anyone could have ever earned." Spot on mate, spot on.
@bentleyv1233 Anos atrás
Thank you for taking the time to comment this that was really sweet and he saw it
@odonnell116 Anos atrás
Engineering professional here and this is one of my all time favorite channels. I've done a handful of my own fun side projects and no-one ever really sees how much work goes into making those a reality. Take all the time you need James and we'll be here eager to see what you come up with next once you're healthy.
@tsunamifoxy Anos atrás
James, you're an amazing, brilliant scientist who inspired thousands of people and kept us entertained with your content like no else's. You made us believe that crazy fictional technology can be achieved if we really put our minds and heart into it. But most importantly, you showed us that it's okay to follow your dreams, and that you *can* succeed in that quest, even though the price of success can be high. I believe I'm speaking for everyone when I say it's a good idea to take a break. You deserve it. Your health, both mental and physical, is more important than making videos. You've been there for us. And now it's time for us to be there for you. You mean a world to us, James. Stay strong mate 💙
@amongcat9995 11 meses atrás
Listen Tbh James losing friends and replacing as workers is actually like the worst thing that I have ever heard
@Hassan-zt8et 11 meses atrás
Man Well Said. This has so much meaning bro.
@ElectroBOOM Anos atrás
Hey James, I'm sorry to hear about your real struggles. Of course your happiness always comes first and whatever you like to do we are here to support. I'm sure you will resolve them all, let me know if I can help!
Informative comment, thank you.
@lxzer9633 Anos atrás
@brotschuh Anos atrás
A man of Honor and heart ❤️
@spidunno Anos atrás
@@lxzer9633 thanks for that contribution to the message it really helped get the point across
@lxzer9633 Anos atrás
@@spidunno what are you talking about?
@StevenNorth-1 Anos atrás
I'm happy to see Hacksmith coming together to support James through this. Burnout and depression is a problem I have faced in my engineering career and it's reassuring to see his team rally in his time of need. Can't wait to see the future of Hacksmith.
I just also wanted, to say thank you for what your doing and I can imagine all the work these projects, the business and youtube as a whole takes. I hope your new strategy works! please keep pushing. I can see this becoming even greater and bigger then it already is! We are all deeply grateful for all the content you have been producing!
Just take as much time you need. I’m 14 and these videos sparked my interest in engineering. I am taking engineering classes and I love it. I don’t care how much time you need just take it. thank you James
@alexviardo253 Anos atrás
Save your calc notes and pay attention in calculus. I study at Purdue university. Trust bro
@Voxellet Anos atrás
This comment literally im 14 too and this sparked mine also
15, same interest dude!
@ShareTheLean Anos atrás
@@justarandomdude.9285 16 not same interest yet😟
@warlock2286 Anos atrás
same, im 12 and you inspired me to do a disinge and modling class and it is my favoirite, you are the reson i may become a engineer instead of a doctor
@jordandrake8695 Anos atrás
The battle with mental health is a hard one. It took a lot of pushing from others around me before I finally got the help I needed and though I'm not quite where I want to be, I'm happier now, than I was before. The fact that you're taking this step is a pretty big thing. You got this. Seriously excited to see all of the great things that are coming.
@colbystevens4950 Anos atrás
I hope things get better in time and i can't say I know what your going threw but I hope it gets better I know the donation is small but I hope it helps.
@JLaservideo Anos atrás
James, you're an inspiration to myself and so many others. Mental health is no joke and I hope you get well soon. We're all here for you!
@HalfWolf2 Anos atrás
It's great to see fellow creators here supporting each other, props to you jlaser, let's all hope things get better for our friend here, mental health means more to me for the friends I care about than the videos they produce, I've learned this message before
Well said brother
@pckid Anos atrás
omg hi jake im a big fan of u y'know
@HalfWolf2 Anos atrás
@@pckid not the time..
@krishnakarma6166 Anos atrás
Hey jake ! Big fan man
@Roman_ark Anos atrás
I remember watching back in 2016 when all the civil war hype was at its peak. Can’t believe it’s been so long. One of the best channels for sure. Hope it all works out.
@ewandewar3667 Anos atrás
Yeah, me too, I just realized how long it has been
@ComradMando Anos atrás
Take however long you need James, were all here for you.
@Brabled Anos atrás
@abbyrenner4924 Anos atrás
This channel has been so influential for me, and I’m glad that James is getting help and is taking the time he needs. Don’t down yourselves because you truly made many of us want to join the engineering field! Me personally, I’m in Highschool, but have fully planned my chosen courses around becoming an Aerospace Engineer now. Thank you so much for the great content and I can’t wait to see the upcoming projects!
@fluffyvader9821 Anos atrás
Man this channel has been my favorite thing since high school, I was so invested in the iron man project and even had a conversation with James on BRvid. Hacksmith is one of the reasons why I got into engineering (aerospace) and I just want to throw out a massive thank you ❤️ All the support to you guys, absolutely obsessed and I love you all
@Tristan14177 Anos atrás
For the last seven years of my life I’ve grown up with this channel and you have pumped out some of the greatest content I’ve ever seen. Inspiring kids and adults around the world to create things that people thought to be impossible and I can speak for everyone when we say thank you. You’ve changed my life and you have changed so many others ,my gratitude is infinite. Even though this information is sad to the viewers it is an understandable change.
@BrainfooTV Anos atrás
As a creator that suffers from depression I can sympathise 100%. Make the content you want to and find sponsorship that you are happy with. If you keep it real your adopted family (genuine supporters viewers) will follow. You can't live you life to please others, there has to be a balance.
@Anonymous-sh2qu Anos atrás
@freakemighty Anos atrás
@@Anonymous-sh2qu bro, don’t put pressure on the dude
@handysute1124 Anos atrás
I hope you get better and take as long as you need to recover
@Anonymous-sh2qu Anos atrás
@@freakemighty i love him bro he's the best
@PilotTurtle Anos atrás
@@Anonymous-sh2qu shhhh go to sleep
@cmdrparasite 4 meses atrás
I'm 10 months late but I really hope he's starting to feel better. Always remember to look after yourselves guys. And keep making cool shit
I James gets better and I hope he takes all the time he needs to get better.
@JoshuaHenry123 Anos atrás
Depression is a Very horrible thing to experience. Get better soon. And god bless.
@josi3551 9 meses atrás
Thank you for making my childhood
The title of this video has changed several times in the last day.
@EmeliaHartford Anos atrás
“Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about” as one BRvidr to another we are here for you. Mental and Physical Health comes first.
@liv_b Anos atrás
@EAJ97 Anos atrás
Both you and Hacksmith are amazing to watch as you guys push the boundaries of engineering in two different styles. I wish the best for both you and James because I love watching people get to fulfill their goals
@tedjones450 Anos atrás
You may not see this but here is a suggestion, instead of having a video of a finished device or product, do videos on the progression of what you guys are doing. This way you would have constant content for your viewers and would not be stressed as much. It would be a more detailed channel and your viewers would learn more too.
@vladvulcan Anos atrás
Surprised to see you here. Although... not really.
@matthew_8506 Anos atrás
It's okay to not be okay!
@bradywilliams4948 Anos atrás
Merry Christmas! Hope this helps! The content is incredible
@JamesMBC Anos atrás
My best wishes for James. He's made the world a better place, inspiring many currrent and future engineers. Nothing will ever take that away. Focusing on his health is the right choice. Stay strong, you legend!
@KadenAxo Anos atrás
Hi guys, we've become members because of this video, we really love the work you do, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other and endure! All the best to all the team!
As a man who walked away from his dream job due to alcoholism and depression I understand all too well of what James is going through. Watching something you love go up in flames or not finding joy in doing the things you use to enjoy. Its heartbreaking and difficult to see the light. I just hope that you James can find that light and cure that disease. You've accomplished things we all thought were physically and theoretically impossible.
@SinQueenSix Anos atrás
as someone whos always wanted to be an engineer and do this kind of stuff, you've always been an inspiration to me. i have depression too and completely understand, i hope you can recover, but take as long as you need
@SimplyChris Anos atrás
Thank you for this video, shedding light on mental health issues and healthy ways of dealing with them is an inspiration to many people. James you made the perfect call to prioritze your health over anything else and I am so happy that you are blessed with such an amazing team and friend. We will keep you in our prayers buddy, here is to a great recovery in your own time. Thank you for building something future generations will continue to be inspired by.
@superpheonix131 Anos atrás
Hi chris say hi to ctop for me
@NoctisAtra Anos atrás
Dude, the sadness is James's voice, damn dude, I'm sorry for what you're going through, and I hope things can get better. Here's to a brighter future guys.
@cerrid42 Anos atrás
To the Hacksmith team, happy to hear we are going to get to see more of you guys doing awesome things. To James, thank you for all the inspiring and awesome things you've made and done over the years. May you find your way back to enjoying life and what you do sooner rather than later.
You guys are the reason I became passionate about engineering, I hope the future of Hacksmith Industries will be even better!
@DorianPhQ Anos atrás
I've only started to watch this channel, but watching James was like looking into a mirror. I get the depression and the lack of motivation. I'm sure many of us do. James, from one Canadian to another, you're going to be alright. You're already on the right path to getting better. And you have some kick-ass friends.
@garethpearson3157 Anos atrás
You have been an inspiration to thousands. You make dreams a reality. I hope you are able to rest and destress from the hamster wheel.
@Thomasfrank Anos atrás
I’ve been in a similar place; the pressure of supporting a team, a fanbase, and your own vision for so long is tough and you’ve been doing it (incredibly well) for so long. You and your team have been a huge inspiration to me and proof that you can do absolutely astounding things on BRvid. Take all the time you need James. I’m confident your team will be able to grow to meet this challenge.
@Atrav7 Anos atrás
Ur so nice giving $50
@zzzzzz69420 Anos atrás
Thank you❤
@jesuschrist1494 Anos atrás
Wow such generous donation
@uzayrmoosa8377 Anos atrás
Give me 500 dollars
@zayin7905 Anos atrás
@@uzayrmoosa8377 bro💀
@guts5529 Anos atrás
I'm so glad that James made this decision! As much as it hurts to not see him in videos, it makes me happy that he was able to make this decision for himself! I've loved watching this channel become an internet house name and really truly make it.
@BadAtParties 4 meses atrás
Glad you have each other as friends. It's the rarest commodity in today's world.
@beanerwiener100 Anos atrás
It's a lengthy road. Finances get in the way a lot. Craving stability is an obstacle too. Group therapy helped me to realize I'm not the only one who struggles and it can be helpful to listen as well as talk. Hope the healing process is good to you
@marcorosales5098 Anos atrás
Thank you for everything you've done for the past couple years I think it's pretty important now that you get to have a little bit of time to help yourself but you got a whole community supporting you
@The_Flying_Yeti Anos atrás
We love you guys! James, The team, all of you. Thank you for the time and energy!
@WarpedPerception Anos atrás
You have summed it up for every engineering channel on BRvid, this stuff is hard. I connect with you on a deep level, BRvid can go from Fun to Daily Grind real quick if you are not careful, BRvid is really tough and it's hard to stay motivated sometimes. Just take a break and refocus on why you started in the first place, what you love to do, and what drives you. We engineers always start a project for fun and quickly become obsessed because we are trying to achieve perfection, trying to get it to work perfectly, and can't take no for an answer. As a Single dad for the last 3 years with almost no help, trying to run my Channel full-time while Engineering, Designing, and Building projects, I am still struggling with keeping my mental heth in order. I can attest that If I didn't have my little girl to motivate me I would be in a bad place right now. hang in there bro and you got my number, I will try and pay you a visit when I go up north next ❤ (If I share my Tesla story with you I think that will Cheer You Up!)
@asia_g1 Anos atrás
@brandonmartin7779 Anos atrás
You'll be deeply missed, but I 100% understand as someone who struggles with MH issues. Run your own race! As a random aside, I cited a video of yours in my PhD thesis. You perfectly showcased the difficulty of exoskeletons and it really helped me get the ELI5-level I needed. As a full-fledged PhD now, THANK YOU!
@jamiemercer5221 Anos atrás
I SUFFERED FROM CHRONIC ANXIETY FOR 18 YEARS I HAVE to say your videos and content helped me. find interest in doing more to eventually get better not over it but taking on projects with others and doing what i want to do in my spare time instead of fearing doing anything is the power you gave me i hope you find the same power in yourself to overcome this your a great person and make a great team i want you all to flourish . excuse the cap loc sorry.
@leoskip7368 Anos atrás
This man is iron man in every way
Honestly, I’ve always been worried about James in the videos he gets hurt a lot during the videos and I’m happy he’s getting the help he needs. Fight on James👍
@_zorp2768 Anos atrás
I’m glad to be a channel member
@TheKingofRandom Anos atrás
We are sending you all of our love James and Hack Smith Team! You all constantly inspire but mental health always comes first! Thank you for being vulnerable, open and real in this video. Mental health is more important than anything, we are always in your corner cheering you on! - Grace and team
@karma.2781 Anos atrás
@ohbaldheaddude Anos atrás
Thank you James 😊
@Cxryptonic 11 meses atrás
@jef_6987 9 meses atrás
Dang i remember this channel i forgot it even existed miss grant Also the channel is dying
@elenamaksym8481 Anos atrás
stay safe, all of y'all, and i hope it gets easier/better!
@jamespike5161 11 meses atrás
To my fellow James: I have also dealt with depression. It’s a horrible, terrible beast. I can’t pretend to know your personal experience, but I know something LIKE it, and for that I can truly say I’m sorry you’re going through it, whatever it is. Everything you’ve built here is inspiring. I hope that you find as much success in your recovery as your BRvid channel has found. I’m rooting for you.
“How many times will we change the title?” “Yes”
@knarf247 10 meses atrás
love you guys, James, and the whole team. as someone who struggles with depression i understand drowning yourself in work to distract from the problem. James i hope you get the help you need and i wish you all the best and wonderful success this year.
@bingbongap5558 Anos atrás
True Tony stark timeline. Considering Tony stopped development of weapons and took a break
@JoJosWorld Anos atrás
as a smaller content creator I truly appreciate your transparency during this process. Mental health is HUGE, and as creators it's important to take priority in it, as much as the content we to strive to make. I hope the best for all of you :)
@mr.knightsai7987 Anos atrás
Who are you
@Flymonster0953 Anos atrás
bro got 544k subs and calls himself smaller content creator
@kingrexy1291 Anos atrás
@@Flymonster0953 in 2022 yeah that's small people gain subs to quickly now
@John.solo. Anos atrás
@@kingrexy1291500k but 10-15k average view count. Seems really Sus
@hullinstruments Anos atrás
Really sorry for the situation and I know exactly where you're coming from. Honestly it's hard to explain to family and loved ones and can get even worse when it feels like we have the support of all of those around us. I don't know how to explain that clearly but having a loving and supporting group of folks and Friends can somehow intensify the depression and loathsome anxiety For engineering folks it can be even more debilitating and frustrating. When you have the skills and mental fortitude to design / build / fix just about anything no matter how complex... But you can't figure out the chemicals and s*** and your own mind... It's so disheartening and I'm really sorry for your situation
Hope you get better quickly James, very glad your choosing yourself first, you really deserve it
@ianhamlett5340 Anos atrás
Thank you James for everything you've done. I am 18 and you've been one of my biggest inspirations for pursuing my passion of physics. Its even more inspiring to hear this side, because even with my little experience, I understand the feeling of being burnt out. Thank you for sharing this with us, we will only continue to support the channel with whatever decisions you make for it! Every new chapter comes with a new set of challenges, the fun part is figuring out your way of dealing with them. I love you and the rest of the team, feel better James!
@EraserNinja 6 meses atrás
Seems like I am a little late to this video. Been watching you since a long time. This channel is partially the reason I am a physics major today. Hope you are doing well James ✨
@morganripple3500 Anos atrás
Hope you feel better!
@seanpassant3174 Anos atrás
You are not a 'shitty entrepreneur' you have inspired my son to be an engineer, to study & love science, engineering & robotics. As a parent I can't possibly thank you enough.
@lorddio4280 Anos atrás
If you think about it running a Business is succesfull failure managent.
@alunsinus_prime Anos atrás
Best of wishes for your son!^^
@sepg5084 Anos atrás
It seems that they bit more than they can chew. That H.E.R.C. facility seems too expensive. He seems to be a good inspirational youtuber, but entrepreneurship is a different story.
@Spartan_Jackal Anos atrás
@@TheWayManREAL I wish the power of christ would compel people like you to just not open your mouths like this for once.
@KareBri Anos atrás
@@TheWayManREAL I agree with you 100%
Hey! you've made some of the coolest things I've ever seen. Thanks for being so dedicated. I really hope you start feeling better.
I just wanna say I appreciate you guys for being able to put this out there. As someone both in engineering who feels burn out daily and someone who has struggled with depression I know that this was not easy to do. Thank you for sharing and showing that people are not alone. We are with you James and I hope everything gets better.
@The_Jackaboy Anos atrás
poor guy, he sounds so tired. I feel what you're going through brother, you're not alone. Keep pushing, keep trying, keep going, itll all be worth it, take all the time you need bro, all of us got your back, and thank you for being such a big part of my life in the entertainment youve provided.
There are a lot of people taking care of their mental health, and I'm glad you are one of them!
@PlexusSkIllz Anos atrás
This is overwhelming. It's sad to hear that James was and still is suffering from depression and that he lost his passion for doing projects. He inspired me to study engineering and honestly thank you. I hope he gets better soon.
@eben4reel934 Anos atrás
@ShortL. Anos atrás
Whys there only 1 comment here?? And theres like 5k likes and 1 comment????
@amoeb81 Anos atrás
This really doesn't seem to be depression to me... and honestly I don't think he lost passion. It's just that he wanted to escape the deadlines, the stress the corporate world and so on, and invested a lot of energy into the escape, which didn't pay off in the end, he ended up being more stressed and maybe betrayed by the system/world? Maybe I'm wrong, but it really looks like a burnout to me. I hope he gets professional help!
@mistamaog Anos atrás
@@amoeb81 Depression can make you lose your passion for things
I love seeing BRvidrs failing themselfs
@Stoneopolis Anos atrás
We are here for you James, good job on the hacksmith team for keeping things going while James takes some time for self care.
@patricknothen4635 Anos atrás
Wish you all the best! Having suffered for burnout and depression myself, I know: It’s a bitch, but it will get better, only needs time and work. And most of all: patience. Watch out for yourself and take care. To hacksmith industries: stay safe and take care to you all too.
@mememan2293 Anos atrás
this channel has inspired me since i was a kid, ive gotten into programming and mechanics since and i wouldnt be where i am without it, thank you for all the years of fun and content that brightened so many days and inspired so many people to do what they love and persue the future, im so glad james can take that step down to focus on himself and although we will miss him for the time hes gone im so happy hes getting the help he deserves and needs, be strong guys and i hope there are many fun years to come.
@Storlocktroll Anos atrás
as someone working with depression myself, it's a horrible thing. Best of luck James, for what it's worth, your videos have made me smile and enjoy an evening here and there, which is all anyone can ask. To Ian and the team, best of luck. Thank you for making this video. Don't fall into the trap of putting all the pressure on everyone else and burning them out as well. It's going to be hard, James was the face of hacksmith, and so to replace him, even temporarily will be hard and will hit profits, but build it up slowly and sustainably rather than trying to get straight back to the previous levels. It will come, the concept is great, and everyone appreciates the work you do. Thanks for being honest and open about this.
@jae_reezy9827 Anos atrás
As someone who just got excepted into the school of mines I found your engineering videos and creating things sooooooo inspiring and honestly helped me decide that I want to become an engineer
@Fixthisbuildthat Anos atrás
Thank you for this. Taking on tough conversations head on is such a great example for the BRvid community in general and especially for us Makers who people think can fix absolutely everything, including ourselves. James, you've given so much to this community, I hope you can take the time to work on yourself and come back when it feels right. Until then I can't wait to see what the rest of the team is up to every month. We're all rooting for you!
@ItsTeegan Anos atrás
i know u
@hullinstruments Anos atrás
Really sorry for the struggles and understand them completely. Been in a very similar situation over the last decade or so.. with my own business and lab but constantly struggling with mental issues and debilitating depression. I don't know how you function that way as well at such a high level for as long as you did. My hat's off to you and hope your path becomes clearer along the way.
@zacharyfalcon2646 Anos atrás
Just know you’re not alone James and it will get better. It takes a brave and smart person to ask for help when they need it . All the love to you and the hacksmith team ❤
Get well soon James
@JosStrange Anos atrás
Ian has the longest neck I’ve ever seen.
@Harris-jl1jz Anos atrás
James, I came across your channel by chance at least four years ago, since then, I have been in love with all the crazy stuff that you made. From the Bond car, the Mando armor, the exo suit, and all the lightsabers. I hope you and the channel grows and recovers soon
@kathakasher Anos atrás
James is one of the main reasons I finished my engineering degree. Spend most of my time writing these days but nothing comes close to the meditative calm of hacking away metal with an angle grinder for hours on end.
I dont know why nobodey liked ur comment but i think that u are right.
@lewisglennie Anos atrás
@@TheWayManREAL you picked the wrong comment section to get all preachy 😂 go away
@TigerClaw1551 Anos atrás
@@lewisglennie that is pretty rude I don't know if you meant to be rude but to me that was pretty rude
@charlesdoyle3630 Anos atrás
No it is not rude. If the video was about would make sense to say that. Even Jesus would want to chew that person out. He is being pushy with it
@lukasmyth6634 Anos atrás
@@TheWayManREAL I’m an atheist and I’m proud of it.
@brycegalbraith6375 4 meses atrás
Like other millions out here, love you guys. This marks a new chapter. Scary, but exciting…
Scrolling through the comments and seeing all the donations and kind words made my day. A lot of people know what its like to be in a dark place, and i really hope everything works out. All the best.
@Norwolf259 Anos atrás
Very sorry to hear this guys but wishing James the absolute best. My family and I love this channel and your incredible work. Stay safe and we will always continue to support in your way forward. Cheers from Alberta!
@tacticalmack6385 Anos atrás
Get better, and focus on your mental health journey. We’ll still be here when you get back. Everything… all this… what you’ve all built… took a lot of courage that most don’t have. Much respect for all you guys have done. You def deserve some down time.
@TefenCa Anos atrás
Thank you for everything that you have done! Wishing you all the best!
@polymathkim 7 meses atrás
I'm a long time fan! I am just updated by what happened. Thank you for sharing your story. It is part of the arts, the peeling off feeling. What I love most about your show is the engineering tenacity. As a fellow technician, I am humbled by your growth.
@kpcomments 6 meses atrás
Thanks for your transparency. Honesty is not corporate.
@Project129 Anos atrás
Thank you for your honesty James, and I wish you nothing but the best.
@ashpjangde Anos atrás
One of the first videos I watched about engineering is from hacksmith industries. They still excites me. We all grew stronger. Thanks Hacksmith Industries. I'm really excited to see the next chapter.
@bricerobison9239 Anos atrás
I started watching y’all back in about 2018-19 and y’all inspired me to become interested in technology and especially James. He made me want to get involved in crazy inventions. He made me want to come up with crazy ideas. We love you James and the rest of hacksmith industries. Take the time you need. We will be ready for you when you come back. Love you man❤
@Enderia01 Anos atrás
We're always here for you, James! You always need to put your mental health first!
@Samuel-7418 Anos atrás
You haven't even watched 1/4 of the video. Not even half of it at 2x speed. 💀
@Kosovo_ball Anos atrás
@Beedostudios3721 Anos atrás
Yep! Mental health is much more important!
@ultimatechad8738 Anos atrás
Bruh, vid is out from 4 mins ago, you replied 3 mins ago Just straight up stfu and stop seeking likes through what supposedly James may be going through
Salute for hacksmith
@mihaisnap8316 Anos atrás
Love what you guys did troughout the years, your projects and how you bring to reality some things that human mind didn't think about creating in real life.. From lightsaber, to Iron Man face mask, to anything you did, brings some amazement to us because we can see some real engineers that create some awesome stuff and brings cool jokes with it. Until seeing some of your videos I thinked that engineering was boring, after watching what you did, I got so in to it.. Love your work, hope James will get better (awesome choice for a break) and hope to see more awesome projects from you.
@harneetg8776 Anos atrás
We are here for you James! Thank you for all the content you all created and shared!
@frankboneno1614 Anos atrás
Thanks for the honesty. Mental health is important. Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.
@ElliottIgglesden Anos atrás
I love what you guys stand for, hopefully the new year is good for you! I believe that you'll eventually invent something revolutionary! Maybe think about releasing certain products that you invent via your store :)
@jasonegay7447 Anos atrás
Praying for you James! You guys are all amazing and you'll always have our support, all the best to you all
Fellow engineer here. I understand how the amount of work that goes into seemingly simple applications can be immense in complexity. I couldn’t imagine a project a WEEK!! I gotta say thats a lot of work going into what you guys love doing. I can also confidently say, your work is making a difference. You guys are inspiring the next generation of true engineers. People that will go into the profession, not for the money, but for curiosity and their passion for creating.
how do you say your last name?
@jookles Anos atrás
@@internetprotectiveservices4599 probably hodge-son
@JaidenTheBest Anos atrás
I am also curious how your last name is pronounced
@tamedfrfr Anos atrás
@@JaidenTheBest is yours pronounced sim-mins or sigh-mons
@tamedfrfr Anos atrás
@@TheWayManREAL bro why does everyone w weird lastnames commenting here
@imsenseij Anos atrás
I can’t believe that I’ve been watching him since 2014-2015 from making EXO suits from advanced warfare to making the captain America shield. Hope you get better soon!!
@bryansiepert9222 Anos atrás
Thank you for being open and candid about mental health. It would have been easy to not mention it and reference "taking a well-earned vacation" or somesuch, but instead you used your platform to bring awareness to and de-stigmatize the reality of mental health challenges. This is more valuable to me (you should see my pill box, lol) than any video would ever be.
@gamingkid5467 Anos atrás
Im so sorry to hear that I hope he recovers well and takes as much time as he needs off
james this message is to you, you have inspired to reach higher then i ever thought i could because of you ive forged a life that i can be proud of, although its still new and will take some time, you are still to thank for that. i really hope that you get beetter with your health and you have my undying prayers for it. thank you- alex
@brandonspeirs8188 Anos atrás
Im really glad you made this video so we could understand whats going on and i honestly think it will be a good change for the channel
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